Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Why I Would Never be Chosen to be the Heroine in a Romance Novel

Quite frankly, because I do not follow the rules.  From my own experience with reading romance novels (and this is not all-comprehensive because of course I haven't read every romance novel that is out there) I have come to my own conclusions as to what constitutes a typical heroine, and--in my opinion--I simply do not fit the criteria.  

1. To begin with, I am NOT drop-dead gorgeous.  This is highly unacceptable for a heroine, and is therefore a pretty heavy mark in my disfavor.

Yeah.  This is not me.  (By the way, I'm not necessarily saying that Mary Crawley is drop-dead gorgeous...but apparently the gentlemen in her life seem to think she is, so I guess she's a pretty good example.)

2.  I can cook, believe it or not.  I am not a great cook, but, sadly, I can make food that is fit to eat...which is not heroine-like at all.

3.  I am a bit sassy, which is good.  But unfortunately, I do not make a habit of being sassy to complete strangers, so I'm afraid that leaves me little to no hope of ever attracting a true hero.

4.  I have a horrible habit of thinking before I speak.  This makes conversations and their outcomes very lame indeed, and allows no room for misunderstandings with the hero.

5.  Also, I seem to have been very misinformed as a child, and have grown up thinking that if a misunderstanding does happen to arise between me and the-man-of-my-dreams, the proper way to fix the situation is simply to talk to him about it.  I see now that, that is a very juvenile--not to mention irregular--idea.  Talking through one's problems is not proper behavior for a heroine.  AT ALL.  (I'm sorry.  I guess I'm just a mess.)

6.  I like to read, but I am not an excessive reader, which fact is a plain mark against me, for every heroine MUST have her nose stuck in a book at all's just the right way to be.  And on top of that I am not a huge fan of poetry, which is totally unromantic.

(Anne would never approve.)

7.  I am a very sensible person.  I do not get overly excited about things and am not the dreamy type who's always got her head stuck in the clouds.  This is a failing indeed.  It makes me much too level headed and hinders me from making those kind of silly mistakes which every heroine ought to make in order to further the suspense of the story.

8.  I am not prone to argue with men I have just met, which makes it impossible for me to get acquainted with the hero in the proper and accepted fashion.

9. I do not like men with big muscles.  Oh, I do like men who are strong--of course--but I would much prefer their muscles to be quiet about it and not shout from the roof tops how amazingly strong and powerful they are. 

10. Here's another thing.  Would you believe it?  I have never in my life been asked out on a date by anyone!  This is a glaring representation of my lack of heroine qualities, for everyone knows that a heroine must be proposed to at least ten times throughout the course of the story.  (Alright, so that's a slight exaggeration.  But she must at least have two or three gentlemen vying for her attention at the same time...that's a fact.  And me?  Well, I haven't even got one.)

11.  I also have this problem with listening to people when they're trying to explain their side of an issue.  I know.  It's terrible.  It doesn't help at all with making a  complicated plot.  But, somehow--I don't know--I just can't seem to help it.  That's just the way I am.
So you see?  I would be an author's worst nightmare. 
First she would try to get me and the hero together by expounding upon my unimaginable beauty.  But as that is just what it is...unimaginable...the hero himself would never fall for it.
Secondly, she would throw us together into a perfect situation where I would easily be able to display my  independent spirit (which is always so attractive to a hero), my brilliant wit, and my charming sassiness.  But I would be too overcome with habits of politeness and decorum, that the whole scenario would end with him thinking me a most commonplace individual, indeed.
Thirdly, the author would try the old argument trick.  Get the hero and heroine into a fight upon their first meeting, and you'll be guaranteed a wedding by the end of the book.  However...I don't argue--not with gentlemen I have just met.  So I'm afraid that would be a failure, too.
Finally, the poor author would have to fall back on the old childhood friend/turned lover scenario.  But...
...I haven't got a childhood friend.  (Oops.)
Yep, no Mr. Knightly.  :(
So there you have it.
 A perfectly hopeless candidate for the position of a romantic heroine.  :D


  1. Haha! This post was great. :-)

    1. I'm not that stunningly beautiful like Mary Crawley either - although I AM happy with the looks God gave me, of course. :-)
    3. Yes, to so many of your points. (Although I'm afraid I CAN be a bit sassy to strangers sometimes. Although not haaaalf as sassy as some heroines. SNOOORRRT. And also, I am incredibly bookish. ;-P)

    But I do think there are LOADS of different heroines, and I betcha there are several just like you. :-D

    Great post, Miss March!
    ~ Naomi

    1. Thanks, Naomi!

      ~Oh, yes! I'm happy with my looks, too. I don't think I'd want to be stunningly beautiful.
      ~And muscles! Yeah! 'Ugh' is right! :) I have nothing against muscles, really...I just don't care to hear descriptions of them as if muscles are the most important and attractive thing about a man (and consequently the thing every girl swoons over).
      ~Oh, yes, there's definitely lots of different heroines. These are just the types that I seem to come across quite frequently, and which start to sound rather cliché and typical after awhile.

      Thank you so much for your comment, Naomi! I'm glad you enjoyed this post! Oh, and try not to be too sassy to strangers or you might find yourself attracting a hero before you're quite ready for him. :D Ha ha!

      Have a lovely day!

      ~Miss March

  2. Oh my...Miss March, this was such an adorable and funny post!!! I smiled and laughed throughout it.
    1. Heehee. I used to wish I was a lot prettier than I am...but over time God has helped me see that I am beautiful JUST the way He has created me. :) I've learned not to compare myself to other people and be happy with my own looks. It certainly makes my outlook on life much happier and easier.
    2. HAHA! That's so true...I can't think of many heroines that cook. A few, but not many. :P
    3. Oh my, we are so alike! I can be quite sassy sometimes...something I need to guard against when conversing with my family, haha. But then, like you, I never act that way with strangers. We're such a hopeless lot.
    4. Haha, me again, as well. Except, when I do speak before thinking, it's usually something lame---nothing that would truly create a misunderstanding between me and a Hero. ;)
    5. Oh my!!!! But-but-I grew up thinking this, too!! Everything I thought right is being turned upside down...... (haha, I'm just teasing, of course ;))
    6. Well, I do read quite a lot, but I'm not a big fan of poetry, either.
    7. I tend to be sensible too, although I do get VERY excited about things. :)
    8. -raises hand in agreement-
    9. Haha, I agree. Strong, handsome men are nice...but obnoxious men conceited with how they look? No. Please, no."I would much prefer their muscles to be quiet about it and not shout from the roof tops how amazingly strong and powerful they are. " -HAHA that made me laugh!! :D
    10. "a heroine must be proposed to at least ten times throughout the course of the story." hahaha, so true!
    11. Yes, this is me as well. Sometimes I don't listen as well as I should, but I do try.

    Well, this was just about my favorite of all your posts so far. It was SO good!!! :D
    Hahaha, I've always loved childhood friends-turned romance stories, but I could never hope of that for me. I've never really had a friend who was a boy.
    Ahhh, your Mr. Knightley pictures were perfection!
    Well, we'll all be hopeless non-heroines together.
    But wait....if there are non-heroines....aren't there some non-heroes? ;)

    1. OH MY GOODNESS!! I don't know how to convey my excitement in words, but your comment made me SO happy! It was so long...and you went through all the points!!!! :D Oh, I'm so delighted!!!
      1. Oh my, yes! Everyone of us is beautiful just the way God made us. We don't have to be movie-star pretty in order to be beautiful. (Actually, I think the movie-star look is highly overrated.)
      2. You noticed that, too? Yeah, I don't know what it is with the lack of culinary skills on the part of most heroines. It doesn't seem that hard to make a decent meal. Though, if it's an historical novel perhaps cooking really was more difficult back then and easier to mess up on. I don't know.
      3. Oh yes! Being sassy to members of your family is quite easy! I'm very good at that (though you're right, one has to be careful not to overdo it). But being sassy to strangers? Nope, couldn't do it.
      5. I had to go check what number 5 was! Hahaha! I know, right? How could we have been so misinformed?
      7. I can get very excited about things, too. But I think my typical reaction is more calm outwardly. But then, I don't know, I guess it depends on what it is I'm excited about.

      Oh, I'm SO glad you liked this post! That means a lot! It's cool to have someone who really 'gets' what I'm babbling on about. :)
      I've never had a personal friend who was a boy, either. There was one family with two sons, that I and my siblings were very good friends with growing up, but they're not really a part of our lives anymore. I wouldn't have married either of them anyway. :)
      Aww, thank you! I was rather happy with how the Mr. Knightly pictures fit in! Don't you just love his facial expressions?
      Hey! Very good point! And you're right! There ought to be some non-heroes out there! That is very good! Then we hopeless non-heroines shall not have to end up old maids. Haha!

      Thanks so much, Natalie! Ooooh! Your comment made me so happy! :D

    2. Awwww, I'm SO glad! Your comment on my Henry post gave me the same excitement, so I'm glad I could do the same for you! :)
      And I really did love this post. I didn't make my comment long just to "pay you back." heehee :D
      Yes! I think the flawless, magazine cover movie star look is overrated too. I think movie stars were usually prettier back then in the 40's and 50's and such. :)
      Haha, yes, we never knew a family with a boy near my age long enough to become friends or otherwise with him either! I think sometimes growing up without a lot of guy acquaintances makes me a little more unsure of myself around guys compared to girls who have had guy friends throughout life. I have a friend with two older brothers, so she is "used" to guys. ;) I'm not, so while I'm not "scared" of guys or's just different. haha I do have a younger brother, though. :)

      Do you have any siblings? (if you'd rather keep that private, I'd understand. :))

      Yes! I loved his facial expressions! They fit the post PERFECTLY. :D
      I'm so glad!! :)

    3. Aww, Natalie! Your comment couldn't have come at a better time! :) I was just starting to feel slightly down in the dumps because of some things going on here at home. (Nothing major, just normal stuff one deals with when living in a big family with so many people who all have their own opinions and unique ways of looking at things. My family is very close, but it's not perfection, and we definitely have our moments of disquiet.) Anyway, I just really wanted something to cheer me up, so I checked my blog and there was your comment! :) Thank you ever so much!

      Haha! ...About the "paying me back" thing. Yeah, I hope you never feel pressured to comment simply because I commented on your post. I love getting comments but I certainly don't want to be a source of stress to anyone. :) (I'm so glad you liked this post. That's such an encouragement for me to keep writing.)

      Yeah, I'm not too good around guys either. I'm better than I used to be and I can carry on a conversation now without feeling terribly awkward, but I don't usually start conversations with guys. And I don't really know what's it's like to have an actual guy friend. I'm used to guys when it comes to brothers...but boys outside my family are a bit different.

      Do I have siblings? Yes, quite a few! Actually there's sixteen of us altogether, counting me. Twelve biological and four adopted. Seven girls and nine boys. I'm the fifth, so I get to be a younger sibling and an older sibling. Though, mostly I feel like an older sibling. It can be a pretty crazy life sometimes, especially as everyone is getting older and starting to do different things--there are so many schedules to work around--but it's fun. I love being part of a big family! Are you and your brother pretty close in age? I know for myself I'm really glad to have siblings close to my age, because we've always been eachothers best friends.

    4. Oh, wow! I'm so glad it came at the "right" time for you. :D That's perfect because when I first saw you had replied to my previous comment, I decided to save MY reply for later-I'm now glad I did, if it helped brighten your day a bit! :)
      Haha, I understand. My family is very close, as well. But, of course, every family has its "moments." ;) I hope everything's going better for you!!

      Oh, yes, don't worry on that account! I truly did (and do) love our little comment conversations. :D And yes!! Do keep writing! You are definitely talented at it, so please don't stop! :)

      Haha, you sound SO much like me! I have definitely grown more "relaxed" in the area of talking with guys (e.g. I don't get completely awkward and tongue tied) but I almost NEVER initiate a conversation with a guy. We've been going to our church for almost a year now, and there are 3 older guys that I almost never speak to because A) I don't actually have anything to talk to them about! and B) I don't want them to think I'm trying to flirt with them! :D haha
      I'd personally love to get to know more guys my age as just friends, but I'd prefer they start the conversation. :P
      Unfortunately they never do. heehee

      Oh my!! 16 siblings! I think big families are awesome-although I personally can't even begin to imagine having 15 siblings--since I only have one. :) And that's so cool that some are adopted! While I really dream of having my own children someda, I also think I'd like to consider adopting some too! It just really appeals to me. :)
      Aww, yes! I totally can relate about siblings-being-best-friends. My brother is 2 and half years younger than me and I could not imagine life without him. We of course have our arguments and such (more than I'd like to admit...) but I'd never wish it otherwise. I feel like my life would be so boring without him! We have so much fun together. :D

    5. Oh, Natalie! You're so sweet! I love getting your comments! And thank you! Everything is really okay. :)

      I know, right? Why go and talk to a guy if you don't have anything to say to him? Oh, and that old flirting worry! That was always one of my concerns, too. :) Exactly. I'd like to be friends with guys, too, but I would certainly prefer them to start the conversation. And, you're right, they never do. (They're probably thinking the same thing, "If only the girls would start the conversation!" Ha ha!)

      Oh, adoption! It is such a good thing, and yet so hard! Having experienced it firsthand, I hardly know how to talk about it anymore. I don't want to discourage anyone else from doing it, but I can't say "Wow, adoption! It's the best!" because I'm living out the nitty gritty part of it right now and it's certainly not all fun. And orphans, you know, they're people just like the rest of us! They're not all Oliver Twists! Haha! :) But I know if God told me to adopt I would, because...well, I wouldn't really have much choice! When God says "go" you'd better "go."

      And speaking of going... We're going on a picnic with some friends this afternoon, so I really need to get off this computer! So long!

    6. Miss March~
      Aww, I'm so glad! :) I will keep you and your family in my prayers, though. I know how "life" can be sometimes. ;)

      Heehee, that's what I sometimes wonder! But, it seems more natural for the girl to be "shy" than the guy, so I try not to let it worry me. ;) If a guy wants to talk to me, then great. But I'm not going to press it. Even if it means I'll never have a guy friend till I (hopefully) get married. haha

      I totally understand what you said about adoption! And, I got your comments in my email about hoping you weren't discouraging me in my hope of adopting. I think you must have deleted the comments, because I don't see them here, but do be assured I know exactly what you were trying to say. And you didn't discourage me at all! I think it is good being aware of the pros AND cons before you go into something.

      But I did appreciate your "amendment" comment. I REALLY liked how you compared it to marriage! I can be very romantic at times, but, as I've told my mom, I by no means think marriage is a perfect fantasy where as long as you have "true love" everything will work out great. That's simply SO not true, and, as you said, EVERYTHING in life can hard or hurtful sometimes. But that doesn't mean it doesn't have its beautiful and near perfect times too. :) It's so comforting knowing that with God ALL things are possible....over the past year or two, I've had some rough spots in life, but looking back I can see God's hand with us and I'm just amazed how anyone can get through life without Him!

      Anyways, I'm kind of going off topic, but I just wanted to let you know that I DO understand. :) And please don't feel bad or anything about "worrying" that you may have been too negative. I completely understand where you're coming from! I too worry sometimes that things I've said or emailed or commented were taken the wrong way....lately I've learned that that's usually not the case. :) So don't think that you're alone in that! haha :)

      Sorry if this was a sort of rambly comment....I have so much to say and I start typing and lose my train of thought...then I gain another one and it goes around in an endless cycle, heehee. :D

      I hope you had fun on your picnic! That sounds SO grand. :D

    7. Hey, Natalie. I just wanted to add a bit to my above comment, because reading it over, I'm afraid I came off sounding very cynical about adoption. I didn't mean to do that. Sometimes in trying to be honest and realistic I can tend to make adoption sound like it's all bad. But it's not. Really. It's been very good for our family. And even being in the midst of adjusting to life as an adoptive family--with all the struggles and tears that come along with it--I think I can honestly say that I would still like to adopt children myself someday. Of course it's not all fun and easy, but life itself is not all fun and easy. And nobody should expect it to be.

      Haha! It reminds me of those people who when you tell them "I really want to get married!" respond by saying, "Oh! Marriage is hard. It's not all fun and games." I can get so annoyed when I get that kind of response, because I KNOW that! Of course marriage isn't all fun and games! But marriage is good too, and I still want to get married...and I do wish people could be a little more positive about it! Heehee! :) That's what I need to work on, positivity!

      I'm so glad you've thought about adopting someday! Always stay open to that possibility because you never know what adventure God will take you on! Oh, and yes, having some of your own children would be simply wonderful! I'm really looking forward to the day when I'm a mom and can stay home and take care of all my little children. How many kids do you think you'd like to have? Do you have a perfect number? :)

      ~Miss March

    8. Wait! What? My comments go to your e-mail? Oh bother! And here I thought I was getting rid of them before anyone could read them! :) Haha! Okay, that's too funny! Now you know how painstakingly I worked at writing it JUST right. This would be so embarrassing if your comment wasn't so awfully nice. Heehee! (How does this blog thing work, anyway? I thought you could only get notifications for the comments left on your own blog.)

      Thank you so much for understanding about the adoption thing. I'm so glad I didn't discourage you. I really don't want to be that kind of person who's always putting a dampening 'realism' on everything. (It's good to be realistic, but realistic doesn't always have to be negative.) As for adoption, each adoption is totally unique, so you can never be sure what you're getting into until you do it. While our experience has been a lot harder in many ways than we expected, at the same time we can see how it could have been a whole lot worse! We're making progress and slowly but surely we're becoming more of a family unit.

      Yes. Yes. Yes. With God ALL things are possible! It truly is amazing and wonderful how He gives you the strength and wisdom you need to meet each new day. He doesn't leave you to do it all on your own. Being able to look back and see his hand at work is invaluable. And yes, I don't know how people can go on living without Him.

      Popping up to your second paragraph... I agree. It does seem more natural for the guy to take the first step towards talking. But having so many brothers I also know that guys often need a little encouragement from the girls...don't ask me how we're supposed to encourage them when we're trying not draw attention to ourselves and flirt and all that jazz. Haha! But anyway, in many cases I think the boys are as awkward as we are. So in the end, I think it's a bit of a stale mate. The boys are too scared and the girls are too scared, and until something unusual happens to throw them together in a place where they HAVE to talk, they just probably won't. It's a hopeless business, really. I have come to one conclusion, though, it's easier to make friends with guys if you work with them, rather than just going to church with them. In my experience church is one of the most awkward places to make conversation. Have you ever noticed that?

      Thank you, Natalie! It's really good to know that I'm not the only one who worries about people taking things I've written the wrong way. And it's good, too, to know that that's not usually the case!

      No worries about your comment getting rambly or off topic. My comments do that, too! In fact, we're WAY off topic from where this conversation originally started! (Except. No. I guess we still have a small thread. We're still talking about how to get to know guys so we can meet a non-hero sometime. Sadly, I don't think we've come up with any answers yet.) Oh, but this whole conversation has been a lot of fun! You are so encouraging, and I love chatting with you. Is this a little irregular to practically be writing short e-mails in the comment section? Haha! :D

      ~Miss March (yep, me again!)

    9. Miss March,
      Hahahaha, yes, unfortunately I was privy to all your attempts at wording the perfect comment. ;) But don't worry! I thought each of them were very good!
      Well yes, you see, underneath the comment box there is a little check box that says "notify me". If you click it (which I always do if I leave a comment somewhere) it will send all new comments on that post to your inbox. It saves checking the blog again and again for new comments. :)

      Oh my! I loved how you put that "It's good to be realistic, but realistic doesn't always have to be negative." That is SO true. I'll probably quote you on that one. ;)

      That's true too-about each adoption being unique. I'm sorry your family has has a tough time with it-I'll keep you in my prayers that everything smooths out in time! :) I've heard some stories of different adoptions and just how hard it can be-for the adoptee and the new family!- so I can imagine a little of what you must be going through. I know God will help (and is helping!) you through it.

      Yes! It IS truly amazing how He gives us strength for each individual day-it adds more meaning to the verse "do not worry about tomorrow. Today has enough trouble of its own. " :)

      Hahaha, that's good to know-but yes! HOW are we supposed to encourage them without being thought of as flirting? Such a dilemma...
      But then, I think that if two people were truly ready for marriage, they might be more "brave" in speaking to someone and trying to get to know them more.....does that make sense?

      Oh, yes! That's a good point that working with guys leads to better conversations than church does. Well, we've been attending our church for a year now. It's a very small church and there are two families with kids around my age-mostly older. They've known each other for a long time and tend to talk a lot together.
      Thankfully the girls have included me most readily into their group and conversations--which I'm so thankful for! I've attended many churches that, while the people were nice, I just never fit in.

      But, while I'll sometimes join in on a conversation the girls AND guys are having the guys don't usually address me-haha! Although they will address the other girls since they're such old friends with them.

      So, hopefully they just don't want to give me the wrong impression and aren't actually disliking me or something. :P haha

      Anyways, long story short, I agree. I think getting to know people in church can be very awkward sometimes. :P

      And, just to let you know, I retyped the above paragraphs at LEAST 10 times, because I couldn't get it to sound right. :D hahaha

      Yes!! I've enjoyed this conversation a lot, too! Heehee, you're right, they are pretty much short emails. On that note, would you like to exchange emails? I would fine with that-if you'd rather not I'd be fine with that, too. :) I completely understand about privacy and such!!
      Hope you're having a lovely! day!

    10. Oh! I'm soooo embarrassed!!! Why do things like this always happen to me?!!! Haha! :D (Just kidding!) Aww. Thank you. It's such a relief to know that my first attempts were not as bad as I thought they were. And thank you, too, for letting me know about the e-mail notifications thingy. That is a very good thing to know. (And from now on, I'm going to make sure I'm satisfied with my comment before I publish it!) heehee! :)

      I wrote something quotable?!!! Really? Oh I'm glad! Actually, I was laboring over that very sentence, and in the end thought it was rather blah. Just goes to show you, one is not always the best judge of ones own writing. (Actually we're probably our own worst critics!)

      Thank you so much for your prayers, Natalie! You're so sweet to be concerned about me and my family. That kind of blows me away, actually! But I guess it shouldn't because as Christians we're all family. And we should all be concerned about one another whether we've ever met in person or not! :) Isn't cool? We've got hundreds and hundreds of brothers and sisters all over the world! It's wonderful to be part of God's family.

      Yep. Certainly. Being ready for marriage would have to give you more incentive for being "brave" and taking a risk to get to know someone. That makes perfect sense.

      Breaking into the group! Oh, I hear you. That is so difficult sometimes. I've been to churches, too, where I never managed to fit in. I'm glad the girls at your church are including you in their conversations. That's always encouraging.

      As to the say they don't usually address you? My, but that is SO familiar. Yep. That's pretty much been my experience, too. I guess I just blend in too much! :)

      Oh! I'm sure the guys aren't disliking you. It's probably just awkward all around. You know, in our society, I think we've kind of lost the art of being sociable and friendly. Oh, we can still mange it sometimes, of course! But on a whole, we're pretty bad at it. I mean how many times do we walk past people and look at the ground (or at the sky, or at anything) rather than meet their eye and start a conversation? It's really quite ridiculous. And I have to admit, I'm as guilty of it as anyone else.

      You retyped your paragraphs at LEAST 10 times? Haha! We're so hopeless!

      I think your comment was the longest one yet!! And yes, we'd better exchange e-mails or we're going to end up writing an entire book on this blog! :)

      Thank you! I'm having a very good day so far! I hope you're having a good one, too!

  3. This is gold. Really, Miss March, this is really funny:D

    Hehe, we're together in the never-been-asked-out boat. I guess I'm just not the romance heroine type either;-P

    I just…every point is so spot-on. I'm blanking on how to remark on them all, but this was an excessively diverting post, and I thoroughly enjoyed it! Thanks a bunch for posting it:D

    1. Aww! Thank you so much, Olivia! You girls are all so encouraging! :)

      Yeah, the "never-been-asked-out-boat." It can be a little discouraging sometimes, but at the same time I think it's a blessing in disguise. At least then you never have to say "no" to anybody! ;) And hopefully the first man who asks you out will be the one you end up marrying! That would be the best.

      Oh, you're welcome! I had fun on this post. I'm so glad it was enjoyable for others as well as myself. :)

  4. I tagged you! Don't worry if you don't want to, of course. :-)

  5. You tagged ME?!!!!! Oh thank you ever so much, Naomi! You don't know what a boost this has given me! I've been a little discouraged lately, wondering why I'm even blogging, because sometimes it seems rather pointless. But it is so encouraging to know that someone wants to hear from me, and so, yes! Absolutely! I really want to do this tag and I will try to complete it soon.


    ~Miss March

    1. Miss March, I LOVE your blog posts! Of course I want to hear from you! :-)

    2. Aww! Thank you, Naomi. That's so encouraging! :)

  6. Wow..this was so funny!!!

    I just stumbled upon your blog, and I gotta say I love your writings!

    1. Hello, Rose! Thanks so much for your comment. I'm happy to have met you! I checked out your blog last night and it looks like one I will very much enjoy reading. :) I found your Ultimate Jane Austen Adaptions post and was thrilled to find that our opinions on those movies are pretty much identical! I agree with all the ones you choose for your favorites...though, I haven't actually seen any of the Mansfield Park versions or Northanger Abbey. I just have a hunch, from what I've heard about them, that I would come to pretty much the same conclusions as you did. :)

      Thank you for your encouraging words. I'm glad you found my writing enjoyable to read. :)

      Have a lovely day!

      ~Miss March

    2. Why, I'm glad to have met you too. It is always lovely to meet someone with shared interests, especially if our opinions seems to be the same.
      Thank you so much for taking the time to visit my blog as well.

  7. Hi!
    I just stumbled upon your blog, and so I'm a little late to the game. But, I have really enjoyed reading what you have had to say. I particularly liked this post. I am much like you if I am to compare myself with the same measuring stick. 1,6,9,10...are the most accurate for me. It made for a fun read and a fun idea for a post! :)
    Have a delightful day!

    1. Hello, Cordy!

      It's so nice to meet you! And thanks awfully much for your comment. I'm so glad you enjoyed this post! :)

      You have a delightful day, too! :)

      ~Miss March

  8. Excellent, excellent post!! Btw, I'm in my middle twenties and can relate to every. single. point. you made. ;D Seriously, I feel like highlighting each and every one, and I was grinning about 3, 5, 6, and 8 particularly. Most excellent, indeed. :D It's SO refreshing to just step back and have a jolly good laugh about the whole thing sometimes -- it helps keep one sane in all the ups and downs. ;P

    1. Thank you so much, Heidi! I'm glad you enjoyed it! This is probably one of my favorite posts so far. It was a lot of fun to write. (Because it's a lot of sarcasm, and I love sarcasm--you probably hadn't noticed that! Ha!)

      Oh yes! One must laugh! Do you ever get discouraged being in your mid-twenties and not being married yet? Because I know for myself there are times when I'd just really like to get married, and it's kind of hard never being noticed by anyone. (Like my mom says, "What's wrong with guys these days?" Haha!) Still, I feel like (overall) I'm pretty content with where I'm at. I wouldn't want scores of suitors because then I'd have to say no to some and that's not fun. And really, I know God is in control of it and will bring the right man along at the right time. :)

      Thank you for your sweet comment, Heidi! It made me very happy! I'm so glad you found my blog! :)

      ~Miss March

  9. Oh, you made me laugh so hard! Especially numbers 3, 4, 5, and 9!!! You like men's muscles to " be quiet about it"??? Ha! You are too cute, dear! And, I'm afraid, not a STEREOTYPICAL heroine in the slightest! (Forgive me for being unconventional, but I happen to think thatsy a very good thing!)

    1. Yay! I'm so happy you got a laugh out of this! :D And THANK YOU. I take that as a huge compliment that you think I'm not a stereotypical heroine. Because, yeah. I think that's a very good thing, too. ;P

  10. Oh, I love this. Hahaha. I can so relate. To most of these...I'm afraid I'm not *quite* as good as you are. :)
    1. Sigh. Same. I used to be a little self-conscious about my looks, because I knew I wasn't pretty, but I came to the point where I accepted how I looked and decided it was beautiful. I mean, being a daughter of God, all of us are beautiful (us daughters I mean :). As far as looks, though, I can relate--but here's the thing! I'm sure you're far prettier than you think you are, and I'm also sure that some guy someday is going to find you perfectly beautiful.
    (Okay, so all my answers can't be this long or I'll be typing here all day. :)
    2. Same here!!! Dreadful, isn't it? :p
    3. I am...very impertinent as well. And...sometimes to strangers, which, dear Miss March, is NOT GOOD. :D
    4. Oh dearie me, that is dreadful. But seriously, be thankful. You have no idea how many things I regret saying simply because I didn't think.
    5. Oh, yes, I was taught that to. Simply won't do, will it?
    6. Yes, same here. I used to read all the time, but not anymore. :/
    7. I wish I could relate to that!! Head in the clouds has gotten me in trouble. Good for you...But sigh, true, that's quite a failing as a heroine. :/
    8. Okay, I CAN agree to that...but I HAVE disagreed with men I've just met, we just didn't ARGUE...
    9. Oh, yes, I agree.
    10. Me neither...but I'm still quite young to date. I've only been "old enough to date" for about...9 months. And I haven't been asked out. But...that's partly my fault, and partly due to the fact that I simply don't know any "dateable" young
    11. Dear, dear, what a failing for a heroine. I have the same problem.

    Well, Miss March, this was highly entertaining. Perhaps you wouldn't make a good Jane Austen heroine ('re rather like Jane and Anne and Fanny in some ways...the good ways :) but the fact is, you're a perfectly lovely heroine in your own story. And that story is being written by the best Author there is, God. :)

    (But seriously, as Naomi likes to say, #relatable :)

    1. 1. Aww, Rae. I'm sure you ARE pretty! Sure, neither of us would probably be considered "movie star" pretty...but then, who cares about that? There's all sorts of pretty, and most often what "the world" says is beautiful isn't the real thing anyway. :) YES! Same to you, dear friend. One day a wonderful young man's going to come along and he's going to think you're the most beautiful girl in the whole world! :D
      2. Totally. Such a failing. ;P
      3. You? Impertinent? No! You're too sweet to be impertinent. :)
      4. Haha. I'll take your word for it then. And be grateful. ;)
      5. Indeed. I don't know how I've survived with such misinformation.
      6. It's a shame. It really is. I guess life just gets to busy when you get older.
      7. Haha. You're a darling. Head in the clouds...impertinent...some guy is going to fall hard for you, girl!! (And I'm not just teasing you, either. I do seriously believe a guy is going to fall for you one day. Because you're such a wonderful person. How could he not?)
      8. Oh, yes. I can totally do the disagreement thing. That's easy. Opening my mouth to argue about it, though. That's quite another matter. Heehee.
      9. :D
      10. Well, I've got you well beat there, I guess. I've been "old enough to date" for like 6 YEARS, so yeah. I'm getting really good at this avoiding potential dates things. ;P (Actually, I'm not avoiding them, there just aren't any. Haha.)
      11. You, too? Wow. We're hopeless. ;P

      (Aww. You compared me to Jane and Anne and Fanny. I feel so honored. :)) "And that story is being written by the best Author there is, God." YES, YES, YES!! You said it!!

      Thank you SO much for your comment, Rae. It was really neat to hear your thoughts on this post. :D