Friday, September 30, 2016

Inkling Explorations: The Wind in the Willows

The topic for this month is: 
A picnic scene in literature or film

I've chosen to highlight a scene from an animated version of The Wind in the Willows.  (My siblings and I grew up on this movie--watched it all the time at our grandparents' house--and so it has a lot of fond memories attached to it. Watching it again recently, I noticed how very unique and whimsical the animation is. It really is quite something.  I wish I had more pictures to share with you but, unfortunately, there are very few to be found.)  Anyway, moving on...

The Scene

Ratty and Mole take a short row down the river, ending up at a sequestered spot alongside the riverbank where they proceed to enjoy a picnic lunch together.  It's a perfect place for a picnic--so quiet and peaceful; with dragon flies humming near the water's edge; the warm spring air rustling in the long green grasses; and the sparkling river rippling on past.  (I should like to have a picnic there myself, I think.)  The two friends laze about in calm tranquility, doing full justice to their meal while chatting about this and that, and greeting some of Ratty's old friends who happen to pass by.
[This picture is not quite accurate, I'm sorry to say, as Badger did not stay to join Ratty and Mole for lunch. He came by at one point, but was, I believe, more annoyed than anything to find that someone else had discovered his picnic spot--and so left them again directly.]

When they've eaten all they care to, and their friends have gone on their merry (or not so merry) way, Ratty and Mole get back into their boat and set out for home.  A perfect end to a perfect day.  -Ahem-  That is, it would have been a perfect end if Moley hadn't taken it into his head to want to row the boat himself...and then continued to insist upon doing so despite all of Ratty's firm refusals.  A struggle ensues for the oars and all of a sudden the boat flips over, spilling Ratty and Mole, the picnic basket, and all the delicious, leftover-food, over the side and into the water.  And a loan pie, with as yet only once piece missing from it, is seen to go spinning down, down, down to the bottom of the river.  (That's the point where my siblings and I groan in dismay, for we cannot abide to see good dessert wasted.  ;))

But fear not.  The day ends much better than one might, for the moment, have expected. For Moley, being indeed a very good hearted mole, is highly ashamed of his thoughtless behavior, and Ratty, so kind and thoughtful, is very forgiving of him.  And so the two of them finish out their day sitting in friendly companionship in front of Ratty's cozy, crackling fire.  (And now I think I want a home like Ratty's.  For coziness is the word for it, and coziness is what I particularly like in a home.)  

What say you, should you like to live by a river, do you think?
And aren't picnics the best when one's food is packed in a wicker basket, and laid out upon a checked blanket?  (I confess, I've never actually experienced such a picnic myself.  But it's always struck me as the proper way to do things.  Don't you agree?)

Check out Heidi's blog, Sharing the Journey for more posts on the subject of picnics.  :)

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Things that make me happy


~Sharing amused and knowing looks with my siblings.

~Watching All Creatures Great and Small and laughing heartily over all the hilarious and lovable characters. (Seriously that show is SO good.  And we just bought all seven seasons so...lots of happiness to look forward to!! :))

~Quoting movies with my siblings, and one brother in particular.  "You go into the kitchen and prepare me a chicken dinner."  "Super stuff."   -big huge grins-

~Listening to The Happiest Millionaire soundtrack while driving to pick my siblings up at school.  Honestly, people, that music makes me SO happy!  The first sound of it and I'm filled with these enormous feelings of inward delight.  Don't ask me why.  It's just the way it is.  (On a side note, something that makes me sad:  When my siblings start watching The Happiest Millionaire without me, and I'm forced to listen to the opening song while stuck in the dining room, wiping the table after dinner.  Yes.  This actually happened.  And yes. It was terribly, TERRIBLY sad.  My poor little heart was crying, "NO!  That's my movie! You can't watch it without me."  I missed some of my favorite songs and...*sob*) 

~Receiving letters emails from my friends.  Puts a smile on my face every single time. :D

~Finally wearing the new dress I bought earlier in the summer.  It's knee length, flared skirt makes me feel like a girl from the 50's or something. 

~When I realize that clothing stores do sometimes have some very nice clothes, and that it is actually possible for me to find something that fits, and that I like, and...yeah.  Wonder of wonders!  Shopping isn't always a tedious waste of an afternoon.  ;)

~Watching The Donna Reed Show.  Over and over again.  It's sort of my happy place, you might say.  And oh!  How I wish the sixth, seventh, and eighth seasons were available!  (That's another thing that makes me sad, you know.   :(  Ahem.  But enough of that.  This is supposed to be a happy post, right? Right.  -Miss March hears the cue and bursts into song, "Well, well, well, let's have a..." NO.  We're not going down that bunny trail.  Pull yourself together, Miss March.)

~The cute things my preschoolers say.  "I'm never going to scribble again.  You know that?"  Says Girl no. 1 to Girl no. 2, after finally learning how to color properly under Girl no. 2's professional tutelage.  ;)

~Crying out my woes upon my mother's shoulder, and feeling her arms around me. (Yes, you can be happy even in the midst of being miserable.)

~Watching Angier Duke grin at Cordelia Biddle and waltz her away across the dance floor.  Ohhh! Such happiness!  (And yeah, in case you were wondering, that's another reference to The Happiest Millionaire.  Sometimes I get the feeling that I rather like that movie...) 

~Eating a big heaping spoonful of oatmeal cookie dough.  Or perhaps two.  (Okay, three or four.)

~Having the energy to rush about from one chore to another, feeling thoroughly industrious.

~Writing.  (Sometimes. Heh.)


~Ironing clothes while listening to music. 

~Seeing my little Rolls Royce Silver Ghost car sitting on the wooden shelf in my room.  

My brother gave it to me and it's especially dear to my heart because (are you sure you want to hear this?) it's my Happiest Millionaire car.  (Yes, clearly I have that movie on the brain.  But you needn't laugh.  Just because I mentioned it three times in one post, doesn't mean I'm obsessed over it or anything.  I mean, how could it be called an obsession?  I'm not even a real fan yet!)  But, anyway, about my car.  I call it my Happiest Millionaire car because THM happens to have a Rolls Royce Silver Ghost in it. Yes, it does.  And that's how I know it's such a great car.  Because after all, it's a "masterpiece of engineering."  "Practically sewn together."  And all that. 

~Evening discussions with my family on varying topics, silly or serious.
~When we decide to order pizza instead of making supper ourselves.  And when we buy potato chips to go with it.  (Or sour cream and onion chips.  That's even better.)
~When my little brother informs me that it makes him feel "homey" to see me knitting.  (Awww.)
~My nephew's adorable little grin.
~My family.  (We have so much fun together!)

~Good music.  Such as this for example...

~Those moments when I experience a more tangible sense of God's presence, and a deep thankfulness for who He is, and for all that He's given me, wells up inside me.  
"Every good thing given and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights, with whom there is not variation or shifting shadow."  James 1:17
God is so good to us!  All the time.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Random Summer Reflections // And a Very Random Game

I figured it was about time for me to give you an update on what's been going on in my life as I'm sure you've all been dying to know.  (How do I reckon that, you ask?  Well, it stands to reason.  When one lives the sort of extraordinary and exciting life I live,  people are bound to want to hear about it.   Common sense, folks.) (And no, that bit about my life being exciting was not a lie.  It was sarcasm.)

Right.  So I shall be dividing this post into sections as I did with another such post back in March.  Only this time each section shall be headed by a movie quote.  (Don't ask me why.  I just get weird ideas sometimes.)  And since we're going to have movie quotes sprinkled throughout this post, I thought to myself, why not turn this into a quote game as well?  Good idea, right? 

So, if you feel inclined to play just leave a comment guessing where the quote comes from and who said it.  (10 points for every correct guess.)  Then if you wish to comment on this post in general (you know, like comment on all the witty and wonderful things I say) please leave that as a separate comment so I can publish and reply to your regular comments right away, instead of waiting until the answers to the game are announced.  Does that make sense? 

Anyway, I hope it does because I can't say it again.  Ain't nobody got time for that. 

[P.S. The title does not lie.  This truly is a very random post.   You have been warned!]
"Knittin', Zeb?"

As a matter of fact, I have been doing quite a bit of  knitting this summer.  Much more than I've done the past couple of years.  And it's been quite fun.  I hadn't realized how much I'd missed having a handwork project to work on.  Usually I make doilies, dishcloths, or potholders, but being rather tired of that (and already having way more of those things than any sensible person needs!) I decided I'd make a blanket this time.  Which was a very wise decision considering that I had a lot of cotton yarn cluttering up my hope chest, and it was about time I cleaned it out.

Here's a picture of the finished blanket.  It's a conglomeration of different colors because...
well, that's the reason I buy cotton yarn, for the colors!!  And the more the merrier, right?

Like I said, it was a wise decision, making a blanket.  However, being the orderly person I am, the colors had to go well together, and since I had some colors that just didn't mesh, and not enough of the ones that did...well, you get the picture.  I had to make a trip to the store to buy more yarn.  And my blanket, though being made to my satisfaction, did not quite fulfill the purpose of cleaning out my hope chest, as I ended up having leftovers of some of the newly purchased yarn.  So yeah, I think I have just about as much yarn cluttering up the place as I did before.  *sigh* 

"You speak as though it was something to eat."

(This quote is actually referring to babies, and I plan to talk about babies later...but for now I'm going to use this quote to continue talking about yarn.  You follow me?)

Because you see, when I was at the store looking for cotton yarn I came across this delicious, mouth-watering, scrumptiously soft, baby yarn.  And I said to myself, "I need to make a blanket out of that someday."  So when I had finished my first blanket and was beginning to feel rather lost, not having a project to work on, I remembered that yarn and made straightway to the store to purchase some. I am now working on my second blanket, and here's a picture of my progress so far.

Actually, I'm farther along now than when this picture was taken, but at least
this gives you an idea of what it looks like.

As I said to my twenty-one-year-old brother, "Isn't it yummy?"  (And my brother's reply: "Yeah.  Let's just skip the pizza and have yarn for supper instead."  Har, har.) 

"Madness in this weather.  Insane!" 

So it's been summer, right?  And summer's hot, correct?  And when summer's hot, you're hot (or I'm very much mistaken).  

Now, tell me.  When you're feeling hot do you go out looking for ways to make yourself feel hotter?  Of course not!  That would be silly, right?  

I think so. 

Which is why I'm so terribly confused as to why, on one of the hottest days of the year--when I was already as listless, and dull, and lazy, and hot as ever I could wish to be--I actually agreed to play badminton with my fourteen-year-old brother?  I don't get it. 

Sure, I protested to begin with.  Of course I did.  But in the end I said yes, and  I don't know why.  For I am not the kind of girl to do that sort of thing.  It really should have been the death of me considering the condition I was in at the time (I mean, I could barely walk, let alone run), but funnily enough, it didn't kill me!  No seriously.  I survived, and actually felt invigorated.  (Crazy, what?)  But that's not all.  I even won the game!  ME!  MYSELF! (Yes, you're right, this story is becoming quite bizarre.) But I assure you, it's true.  It was England versus the United States. Olympic level badminton.  (We sort of had Olympics on the brain.  Go figure, since we were watching it every single evening.)  And England won!  I won! I beat them all!  I was an Olympic gold medalist!  I WAS THE BEST!  I   (Let's go inside, shall we?) 

"My advice to you is get yourself a job and look after your kids."  "They're not my kids!"

Right.  So I have gotten myself a job  and I am looking after kids...though "they're not my children."  ("But they're somebody's children, Mr. Potter.") (Am I in a movie-quoting mood, or what?  How do I turn me off?)   To speak plainly, I have now begun working at a preschool, three mornings a week.  I just finished my second week and boy! am I tired.  Having to get up at 6:15 every morning is no piece of cake, especially considering that I have yet to learn the art of going to bed early the night before.  It's been good for me, though.  I know it has.

"I do wonder he did not remember the book."

I would like to announce that unlike the gentleman featured in the above quote, I have been a good lad lassie and not forgotten to check out some of the books which my blogging friends have recommended to me.  Thus far I have checked out three from the library and finished reading two of them.  (Okay, so that's not very impressive.  But it's something.) Those books were:

Mary Barton by Elizabeth Gaskell.  It was Olivia's review that sparked my interest in this book and I'm very glad I read it.  It's not a favorite or anything but I enjoyed it. Elizabeth Gaskell is an excellent author.  She really understands people and knows how to write about feelings that are common to all of us.   If you like classic books and have never read any of hers I'd definitely recommend that you do so.

Random Elizabeth Gaskell quote

With Every Letter by Sarah Sundin.  Natalie wrote a lovely review for this book here, and after reading her thoughts on it I decided I'd better read the book myself.  I must say, it was quite good.  There were a few boring spots every now and then (didn't care for all the technical war stuff), but overall it was a sweet story.  I liked Mellie and Tom's relationship a lot.  The way they fell in love was quite refreshing coming from a Christian romance novel.  (Ahem.  The sequels were not nearly as good, though.  Sadly, I couldn't even manage to read them the whole way through.)

Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell.  I'm afraid this is the one I didn't finish. (Sooory, Jillian.)  I assure you, I had the best intentions in the world, but I quickly found that I had picked a bad time for it.  My mind just wasn't in the right frame for tackling such a large book.  So I sent it back to the library and it will have to remain on my to-read list for a while longer. 

"My father taught me that victory goes to him who takes the greatest risk."

(I told you this post was going to be random, right?)

This quote always reminds me of playing Farkel with my siblings because it happens to be my twenty-three-year-old brother's favorite line whenever we play that game.  It's his motto, and his most common explanation for why he's choosing to roll the dice one more time, when it really would be advisable for him to refrain.  (By the way, have you ever played Farkel?  It's a dice game.  5's and 1's count as  points and also any combinations you get like 3 of a kind, 4 of a kind, and stuff like that.  It's fun.  You should try it sometime.)  

So anyway, I played a few very good games of Farkel recently--one in which my older sister got the first ever 6 of kind, to my brother's and my deep chagrin.  She was super lucky that night.  And I was about as bad as I could be.  We were even playing with my dice--which was adding insult to injury.  (Traitorous dice.)  However, we had our usual witty remarks flying back and forth throughout the game, so it was quite fun and entertaining...despite my epic loss.

The traitors themselves.  Oooh! You, naughty dice! Shame for shame!
I brought up the subject of Farkel because...well, I don't know.  Why did I bring it up?  ("Because you wanted to use that quote. "  Oh.  Well...maybe.)

"I do not enjoy dancing and I'm not good at it."

That's not strictly true in my case, since I'm sure I could enjoy dancing if I would let myself, but you see, I don't let myself.  We attended my cousin's wedding earlier this month and I had the opportunity to dance, but I didn't take it.  Why?  Well, because.  '"Tis not my way or my nature" to be obliging about these sorts of things.  Puts me too much out of my element.  In the end, I confess, I almost wished I had danced, just because it did look rather fun.  But I comforted myself with the thought that there were already too many people dancing.  (Which was actually true.  I did not make that up just to ease my conscience.)

"I always wanted to be a June bride.  And have a baby right off.  In the Spring maybe."

Dreams can come true!!  Guess what, people?  I'M GETTING MARRIED!  IN JUNE!



That was just a joke.  I don't even have a boyfriend yet. ("No boyfriend?"  Miss March bursts into tears at the remembrance of her lonely, unhappy state.)  ('Hem.  Not really.) 

Anyway, where was I going with this?  Oh, yeah!  What I was meaning to say--before I so rudely interrupted myself with that poor attempt at a joke-- was that MY SISTER'S GOING TO HAVE A BABY!  Yaaaaaay! We are all very, very excited about it.  Indeed, how could we not be? BABIES ARE THE BEST!
"I fear you have long been desiring my absence.  I shall leave you now."
Whew.  Thank goodness.  I'm happy to inform you that this post is now coming to an end.  I hope you managed to get something out of all this mumbo jumbo, but if not...well, I'm sorry.  There's nothing I can do about it now.  I'll just leave you with a short poem by Mr. Ogden Nash.  (Because after all this rambling I feel a great need for some real, deep thoughts.)
The Egg
By Ogden Nash
Let's think of eggs.
They have no legs.
Chickens come from eggs,
But they have legs.
The plot thickens;
Eggs come from chickens,
But have not legs under 'em.
What a conundrum!
I hope you all had a lovely summer! 
What's one activity you indulged in a lot this past season? 
How about an activity that you associate with summer, but never actually got around to doing this year?  (For example I didn't go swimming at all, which isn't actually unheard for me, but which still seems like it ought to be a regular part of the season.) 
And for those of you who are just heading into the summer, what's one thing you're very much looking forward to doing over the next few months?
Thanks for plowing through this long and rambling epistle.  If you wish to take a crack at guessing the quotes in this post, please do!  I've included them down here for quicker reference.  Answers will be up next week sometime.  (Also, just so you know, some of the quotes come from the same movie.  'Cause I'm so creative.  ;))

1. "Knittin', Zeb?"
2. "You speak as though it was something to eat."
3. "Madness in this weather.  Insane!" 
4. "My advice to you is get yourself a job and look after your kids."  "They're not my kids!"
5. "I do wonder he did not remember the book."
6. "My father taught me that victory goes to him who takes the greatest risk."
7. "I do not enjoy dancing and I'm not good at it."
8. "I always wanted to be a June bride.  And have a baby right off.  In the Spring maybe."
9. "I fear you have long been desiring my absence.  I shall leave you now."
(P.S.  If I misquoted any of the quotes, I apologize.  It's hard to remember them word for word sometimes.)

Friday, September 16, 2016

Just a couple little notes

Note to Friends:
Since publishing last night's post, I've been thinking.  I really am doing a bad job at blogging.  It feels like every other post I write I'm saying something about how I can't write, and in my estimation that is not a proper sort of post.  And it's getting old.  And quite frankly, I'm disgusted with myself for falling into this rut.  I must sound like a broken record--always harping on the same old theme.  I'm tired of it.  And I think you must be, too.
So I apologize for being such a horribly repetitive person.  And I assure you, I fully intend to do better in future.
Note to Self:
1. Posts about not being able to write are strictly off limits.  Don't even go there.
2. Don't post just to post.  Post when you have something to say.
3. If you don't end up posting every week (as was your goal formerly) it's okay.  Better to write a good post less often, then a lame post every single day.
4. Stop stressing out!  (Oh, and do try and relax a bit if you can.)
Random Winnie-the-Pooh picture, because for some
reason when I said 'relax' it made me think of Pooh Bear.
 So you may not be hearing from me quite as often as you used to (we shall see), but hopefully when you do it will be something worth hearing. 
Thank you so much for your patience with me.  You girls are the best!  :)

Thursday, September 15, 2016

It's a Snail's Life

(Don't ask me how I come up with such crazy titles.)

Not that there isn't anything going on around here.  Or that life isn't as busy as ever.  Or that the days aren't going by at their typical breakneck speed. 
Life is busy.
Life is going by far too quickly.
The problem is, I'm not keeping pace with it. 
I'm just slow, slow, slooooow...
I sit down to write a blog post.  I get two paragraphs in and my brain shuts off.  So I send it to the drafts where it joins the mighty throng of other unfinished posts (now amounting to over twenty...yikes!) and I begin to think I've lost my touch.  Where was that inspiration I was supposed to have gained during the month of August?  I feel as devoid of that necessary spark as I did back then.  (Or rather, devoid of the ability to bring that spark to realization.  I've got ideas.  Plenty of ideas.  I just don't know how to put any substance to them.)

My mind feels so lazy.  I feel so lazy.  There are so many things I should be doing, so many things I could be writing, and yet...*yawn*...all I want to do is close my eyes, take a nap, and forget that household chores and creative uses of the ABC's ever existed!  (I think perhaps I haven't been getting quite enough sleep lately?)  (Ha! That was a brainwave!  When--in the past couple of years--have I ever gotten enough sleep?)

So my thinking powers are currently traveling at the rate of four miles per hour...
and then I remember those emails which I have yet to respond to, and I cringe inwardly.  Not because I don't wish to write.  No!  I do!  I want to write to my friends!  (Especially so since I'm missing them very much right now.)  But I just can't.  Because, simply put, there are days when the merest thought of stringing words together is enough to make my head explode.   (Poor wittle head.) 
So then I cry.  And I grump.  And I feel sorry for myself because I can't write.  And I slowly, slowly, sloooowly fall into a regular old pity party.  (Actually, not that slowly.  I'm experienced enough now that I'm able to get to that point right quick.)
But it doesn't matter how fast or how slow I get there.  It has got to stop! 

Because I cannot allow my writing to dictate my moods like this!  And I mustn't get all frustrated simply because I'm not getting things done as quickly as I would like.  And I must not allow myself to live within myself, forgetting to look about me and enjoy all the people who make my life the wonderful thing it is! 
So now! 
*Miss March walks away, feeling a good deal better for having delivered that much needed lecture to herself--and also feeling quite relieved that she managed to post something this week, even though it did turn out to be a mighty poor excuse for a post.*
The End.

P.S.  To my poor neglected friends: I am going to respond to your emails soon.  I am!

P.P.S.  To ALL my friends and readers:  How are you all doing?  How's school?  How's life?  Anything new and exciting going on with you lately?  PLEASE tell me about it!  'Cause I miss you.  And I'm in the mood to be chatty.  :D

P.P.P.S.  And, uh, sorry for dumping another of my "I CAN'T WRITE!" posts on you.  It really is very inconsiderate of me and I apologize.  (Thanks for putting up with me, though.  You all are so kind.)
P.P.P.P.S.  (I'm sure this isn't the proper way to do post scripts, but I'm on a roll here so...)  One last thing.  Have any of you ever read the Frog and Toad books?   Just curious.  ;)
Good-night, everyone!

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Inkling Explorations//Little Women

I'm coming in late for the August Inkling Explorations, but as Heidi gave us permission to do so, I am determined that I shall not react in my typical fashion and apologize for my tardiness.  No apologies this time folks.  I am NOT sorry.  ('Cause after all, why should I be?  There's no reason I should be sorry, is there?  Is there?  Well, if there is, then I suppose I could...)  (We'll, continue on while the over-thinking half of my brain tries to figure out whether I should be sorry or not. *wink*)

Anyhow, here's the link to Heidi's blog for more details on this monthly event!  Don't hesitate to join if you have a mind to.  (If I can be late, so can you!  Please.  Keep me company. :P)

The subject for this month is:  The description of a lady's dress in literature.


So I racked my brain for an extraordinarily long time trying to come up with an impressive and detailed description of a lady's dress, but sadly (which is just my luck) I couldn't think of one.   So finally I fell back on my old stand-by and chose a passage from Little Women.  It's actually describing two women's/girl's dresses, so I hope that's not bending the rules too far.  :P  And if it is, well...

I'll just give you my most charming grin in hopes that it will charm away all responsibility regarding this matter, and let me comfortably off the hook.

Now to get back to my story... (or, rather, Louisa May Alcott's story, but you know what I mean.)


After various lesser mishaps, Meg was finished at last, and by the united exertions of the family Jo's hair was got up and her dress on.  They looked very well in their simple suits, -- Meg in silvery drab, with a blue velvet snood, lace frills, and the pearl pin; Jo in maroon, with a stiff, gentlemanly collar, and a white chrysanthemum or two for her only ornament.  Each put on one nice light glove, and carried one soiled one, and all pronounced the effect "quite easy and fine."  Meg's high-heeled slippers were very tight, and hurt her, though she would not own it, and Jo's nineteen hair-pins all seemed stuck  straight into her head, which was not exactly comfortable; but, dear me, let us be elegant or die!

Isn't Louisa May Alcott's writing splendid?
Assuming that you've read some of her books, which one would you consider your favorite?

Friday, September 2, 2016

I'm back...

I think.  Well, at least part of me is back.  The rest of me is in some sort of daze--not thinking too clearly and all that...but hey!  My break is officially over and I must write something.

I guess what I'm trying to say is, I'm not exactly sure where to start.  It's been such a long time since I've posted anything, and such a long time since I've had the pleasure of conversing with all my blogging friends.  (I've missed you!)

What I would really like to do is go back and comment on all the posts I missed during my absence, but I'm afraid I'm going to stress myself out if I put those kind of expectations on myself, so instead I thought I'd highlight a few of my favorite posts from this month.  How's that sound?

The Blue Castle~L.M.Montgomery  [Book Review by Natalie]
This was an awesome post.  (Natalie's book reviews always are.  She has such a way of bringing the stories to life, with pictures and everything!  It's really quite something.)  Unfortunately, this post came in just after my break began (horrible timing, I know) so I wasn't able to say all I wanted to say about it.  But, Natalie, I just want you to know that after reading your review I was ready to go to the library right then and there and check the book out.  (Unfortunately our library didn't have it!  Grrr.  So it's still on my to-read list.)
I loved this post!!  YES, YES, YES!  Harriet Smith and Robert Martin are an adorable couple.  (And I just have to say, Robert is a much better influence on Harriet than Emma is.  No question.) Thanks for this post, Rae.  It was a delight to read.  :)
Another post that came in RIGHT after my break began.  (Is this some sort of conspiracy, people?)  I love Cordy's forgotten scenes posts.  And this one in particular...gahhh!  I'd forgotten how sweet that scene was. 
People  [By Naomi]
This was utter adorableness! Such a sweet idea for a post.  And it made me happy!  (Partly because, I admit, a few of the characteristics mentioned sounded a lot like a character from one of my stories, and so it felt like Naomi was liking my character even though she'd never met him!  Haha.  Odd, right?)  But aside from that, it's just so neat to consider how unique and different people are.  And to appreciate that uniqueness!  (Thanks for the reminder, Naomi!)

I know there are more posts I could include--because there were SO many good ones this past month--but I have to stop somewhere.  You understand...
Anyway, I'm so happy to be back with you all!! And I'm very much looking forward to hearing from you again.  Cheerio, my friends!
Yours Sincerely,
Miss March

P.S. What do you think of the new blog look?  I was starting to feel the need for a change, and seeing so many of my friends redoing their blogs, I figured now was as good a time as any for me to do so, too.  (Must keep up with the Joneses, you know.  ;))