Thursday, March 24, 2016

What I've Been Doing Lately // A Disastrously Random Post by Miss March

And now it's time for random posts with Miss March.  The part of the show where Miss March comes out and sings a silly song writes a random post.

What ho, people!  I have this feeling you've all been extremely curious to know what I've been up to lately.  (Okay, so I'm sure you probably haven't been curious, but please allow me the fun of laboring under that delusion. Ha!)   I won't waste time with lengthy introductions but cut straight to the point (if there is a point) and prepare to bombard you with a whole bunch of something...or nothing...or everything in between.  In order to give some semblance of order to my scattered thoughts I'm going to categorize each activity by an emotion or feeling connected with it.  (I do hope that makes sense.)

~for a busy, but delightful day spent with my family. 
1)  Going to the park in the morning and watching my siblings get all hot and sweaty as they played tag around the playground, while I sat on the bench cool, calm, and comfortable. 
2) Going out for lunch with my three older sisters, my mom, and my sister-in-law and having a good time of girlish conversation...complete with lots of delicious food. 
3)  Going to the Christian theatre where two of my sisters work in order to watch the evening premier of their latest production.  Fun times!
~over politics and the state of our nation.  We've been saturated by politics ever since the Republican primaries began--watching debates, reading loads of news articles, keeping up with the candidates' standings in the polls--and to say the whole process hasn't been enormously frustrating from beginning to end would be the understatement of the year! 
But don't worry, I'm not here to have a political discussion.  That would be boring and depressing.  I just want to give you an idea of what things are like around our house, by saying:  You know you've been thoroughly steeped in political jargon when you have a conversation like this at the lunch table: (I can't remember the exact words we used, but this is the gist of the conversation.)
It began with an innocent remark about lettuce.
22-year-old Brother:  "You know, iceberg lettuce seems to be really popular these days.  At least, we've been selling a lot of it at market lately, and I've noticed that people ask for it specifically more than they used to."
18-year-old brother:  "Ah!  You mean it's been surging in the polls!"
Me [laughing]:  "Yes. Exactly! But the question now is, does it or the Salad Bowl lettuce have a better chance of winning in the general election?"
22-year-old Brother:  "Hmmm.  Well, it's obvious the Salad Bowl lettuce doesn't stand a chance against homegrown strawberries."
14-year-old brother:  "Does any lettuce?"
Yeah, we're nutty.  Which is probably why this conversation amused us so very much.  ;)
~by a week of Spring weather in March!!  It was lovely!  I even went so far as to go outside and...get this...take a WALK!  I mean it, the weather was that inspiring! 
~by certain ladies in certain TV shows.  Primarily, Donna Stone (The Donna Reed Show) and Elizabeth Thatcher (When Calls the Heart).  After seeing these ladies in action, I have come to the conclusion that there is a large majority of women portrayed in film who are manipulative, unreasonable, easily offended, and annoying.  And the worst part is that nine times out of ten they get the last word, and the apology (when they should be the one giving the apology), and come off has having been in the right when clearly they were in the wrong!!!  Women!  In cases such as these I stand adamantly on the side of the men.
~with my recent purchase of the first three seasons of the Donna Reed Show.  Yes, I know I just finished saying that Donna Stone annoys me (she's the mother in this series, in case you wanted to know), but despite her, I really do like this show.    It's one of those simple, family shows, and it makes me very happy--when Donna isn't being her normal aggravating self, that is.  ;)


~by my inability to express myself in writing.  Every time I sit down to write my mind goes blank, and I get nowhere.  The words seem determined to elude me. 


~by this passage in Great Expectations (I told you this was going to be random). 

In a word, I was too cowardly to do what I knew to be right, as I had been too cowardly to avoid doing what I knew to be wrong.  I had had no intercourse with the world at the time, and I imitated none of its many inhabitants who act in this manner.  Quite an untaught genius, I made the discovery of the line of action for myself.
It was the last line especially that impressed me.  I'm currently reading this book aloud to my brother (or perhaps I should say one of my brothers, for I have several) and when I came to this part I just had to read it twice.  Why?  Well, because.  I thought it was clever.  That's all.

~with the scarf I received from my parents for my birthday.  I've been wanting a pretty scarf for a while, but I didn't actually ask for it specifically, so that made it all the more fun as I had no idea what I was getting. 

Isn't it pretty?

~also with the birthday present my seven-year-old brother gave me.  He drew it himself with the intention of giving it to one of his sisters when the right occasion presented itself, and when my birthday rolled around he decided that was the opportune time.  He's such a sweetheart.


~to see my sister drive off to work after being at home for the past few months.  (She works at a theatre, but has a couple months off during the winter when the theatre is preparing for the next show.)  It's been so nice having her home that the sight of her car pulling out of the driveway, on her first official day back at work, made my heart sink.  


~by my twelve-year-old sister's comment, "I feel it in my bones that you guys are going to watch a movie tonight."  (This is my adopted sister who's only known English for about two years, so the choice of words was doubly amusing coming from her.)  Honestly, though, where did she ever get such an idea as that?  It's not as if her older siblings have a reputation for watching movies after the younger kids go to bed!  Really!
I must say, though.  Either my little sister has very perceptive bones or she just knows her siblings too well, because she was entirely correct in her assumption.  That very soon as the little kids were in bed...the rest of us were in the living room watching Jeeves and Wooster.  (Lucky guess.) 

~No, shocked isn't the right word--horrified more like--when my sixteen-year-old brother pointed out to me that Jeeves plays the Master of Lake Town in The Desolation of Smaug!  Wha-wha-WHHAAAATT?   You're kidding!  Not Jeeves!  That just can't be true!! 

Yeah, and I just about had a fit the next day when we looked up the cast and saw beyond a doubt that it was so!  Jeeves?  The Master of Lake Town?  No, oh no, oh no!!  It's enough to make me lose my faith in human nature!  (Just kidding.  But it did take me a little while to get over the shock of how far Jeeves had fallen!  Haha!) 

~that we've come to the end of the second season of "When Calls the Heart" and now I, my mom, and my older sisters, no longer have an excuse to indulge in a "girls' night" multiple times throughout the week.  We are all very sad about this, of course...though looking on the bright side of things at least we've made our brothers happy.  They'd been growing somewhat tired of being shut out of the living room so frequently, and had begun to make remarks such as, "You're not  going to have 'girls' night' again, are you?"  "If I hear 'girls' night' one more time..."  "I have some advice for you.  Next time When Calls the Heart, hang up."   Yeah, needless to say, they were quite thrilled when we informed them that the season was over and there were no more episodes to watch.  (That is, until the third season comes out on DVD.  Then...look out!  Hahaha.  *evil laugh of triumph*)
~reading David Copperfield again.  Oh, that book!  I just love it!  This is, I believe, the fourth time I've read it, and I think I can safely say that it is my absolute favorite Dickens' book!  I won't go into ecstasies over all the lovely characters, and all the wonderful, heart-breaking/heart-warming moments, because I may want to do a review on it and then I'd have nothing left to say.   Or perhaps I'm simply unable to put my love for this book into words and so what's the use of trying?

Here's the book itself.  The actual, literal volume which I've lovingly perused multiple times.  It's a little bit worn, as you can see.  My dad probably never suspected when he bought it that it would come to such a pass, but at least it hasn't sat idle upon the shelf.  ;)
This has been random posts with Miss March.  Join us next time to hear Miss March say, "I broke an ankle once skiing.  NOT!  I've never skied in my life.  That was a movie quote."  (Talk about random.)
What have you all been up to?
Is there anything that's made you particularly happy lately?


  1. *smiles all over* This was just splendiferous!! I could say so much, but *coughs* being somewhat pressed for time ;p I'll just say I LOVED that Great Expectations quote, your "Amused" and "Disappointed" headings made me smile, and David Copperfield is like my favorite Dickens EVER... hence, I'm quite entirely thrilled.

    So there, how's that for a quick comment? ;D

    1. Thank you, Heidi!! :D I'm SO glad you enjoyed this! And David Copperfield is your favorite Dickens book, too? Oh!! Hurrah! Then you UNDERSTAND!! I'm so glad to find someone else who shares my enthusiasm for that story! :D

      Oh, it was great for a quick comment! And it made me very happy. Thanks so much, Heidi. :)

  2. Hahahahaha!!! Thanks so much for an amusing post, Miss March. It was lovely. And random, yes. Sometimes I feel like writing posts like this, but honestly, it's harder for me because it's all over the place. :p You did a wonderful job, however, and I enjoyed it!

    1. Aww. Thank you, Rae! I'm so glad this amused you. :) And I know, random posts are definitely tricky, especially if you're an extremely organized person like me who wants everything to be written out in an orderly fashion. Trying to organize randomness is just...difficult. Haha! ;)

      I'm glad you think it turned it out all right, though, and I'm REALLY happy that you enjoyed it. That makes it all worth it! Thank you so much for your comment!! :D

  3. I am with about Jeeves! I had NO idea he played that role in the Hobbit! I am so shocked! Thank you for turning my world upside down! ;) Thank you for a very amusing post!

    1. Oh, I know!! It's terribly shocking, isn't it? Heehee. You're welcome. ;) That's about how I felt when my brother told me. Like, "thanks, brother, you just ruined my day." Ha! :D I'm so glad you understand my feelings on this subject. :P

      Aww. I'm delighted this post amused you. :) Thank you so much for leaving a comment. It's always fun to hear from someone new. Also, thank you TONS for following my blog! That made my day!! It really did! :D

  4. LOVED IT. :-) Disastrously random posts by Miss March are my favourite kinds. :-D

    I'm ALWAYS the sibling who stays comfortable rather than sweaty. Well no, not always - but it often is the case. I prefer reading to football, you see. :-/

    Politics is frustrating. I try to avoid it at all means, but I have An Older Brother who is Nineteen and you KNOW how those are. :-P (All that is to say; the American election going on sounds terribly... annoying. Especially the Donald-guy.)

    Oh yes. Some Women in movies... *shakes head* (We are NOT all like that, movie-viewers!!! Not!)
    I KNOW the writing feeling. You are not alone.

    Ohhhh, When was your birthday?!! If it was recently - HAPPY BIRTHDAY! The scarf is very pretty. I hope you had a wonderful day!
    HAHA. "I feel it in my bones." :-P Thats funny. And Jeeves and Wooster! Always makes for jolly good fun, right-ho?
    What is the skiing quote from?

    Loved this... thank you for writing it!
    ~ Naomi

    1. Haha, oh wow, Naomi... sorry I'm pushing in here, but I couldn't resist saying something, because you made me laugh so much, girl. ;) I have a brother who's in his early twenties, and you KNOW how THOSE are. ;P Not to mention my parents... man, some of the political conversations at dinner have me yawning. (And the Donald-guy. HAHAHA. Ahem. I'm sorry, but I've heard exactly the same. Except he's generally dubbed, 'the guy blowing his own trumpet' quite a bit. :P)

      ~Miss Meg

    2. Naomi: THANK YOU!! :D It makes me so happy to know that you enjoyed this!

      In that regard we are very much alike, I think. Because, really? Football? I'd infinitely prefer a book! ;)

      It is. It is!!! I don't try to avoid it totally, but there's only so much I can stomach at a time. :/ Haha! The thing about older brothers! YES! I totally know how those are! ;) (The Donald-guy! Oh, Naomi! That guy drives me NUTS! If you think of us, please pray for a good outcome to this election, because it's looking pretty bad so far...and no matter how much we hate politics we can't deny that it is rather important.)

      I'm so glad you can relate to the whole writing thing (though I'm sorry you have to deal with it as well). It's not fun getting stuck on writing projects, but I guess that's probably something every writer struggles with at times.

      Aww. Thank you so much for the birthday wishes!! :D My birthday was on the 3rd of this month. As to having a good day...well, birthdays are kind of weird things for me. I won't go into detail but I always seem to be overly emotional and irritable when that day comes around. Looking back on it, it was good, though. :)

      The skiing quote is from The Happiest Millionaire. One of my very favorite movies. :)

      Oh, THANK YOU! It means a lot to me that you liked it. :)

      Miss Meg: I know you addressed your comment to Naomi, but...I'm going to hop in on this, too. ;) Haha! Love it that you can relate to the older brother thing, as well! :) It's funny how it's usually the boys who like to talk about politics (though I must admit I do my fair share of it, too.) And oh dear. "The Donald-guy" again. It's just so wrong that he's the leading face in this election. "Blowing his own trumpet." Ha! Exactly. That is a totally accurate description. And totally what we don't need as our next president. :P

      ~Miss March

    3. Ugh. The Donald guy. Annoying is right, Naomi :P

  5. Well, in my humble and friendly opinion, there is nothing 'disastrous' about this post. (Other than the mention of the political mumbo-jumbo that I entirely agree with. ;P But the political status of our nation is not your fault. :D)

    A few of my thoughts on your fun post. :D

    Invigorated--the weather was that inspiring! :D Haha. Don't you love the word invigorated?! It's a good von!

    The entire Annoyed bit! While I haven't seen the Donna Reed show I have seen When Calls the Heart (funny comments made by your brothers by the way about your girls night ;)) and I agree with you 100%!!! So obnoxious! Women, indeed! ;P Haha.

    The scarf is so lovely! What a darling shade of blue. :)

    Amused: you weren't by any chance quoting Mr. Knightley there at the end, were you? I know it's a small line, and probably has been said 20 million times...but I had to ask.

    I love when you do these kinds of posts, Miss March! I hope you enjoy the rest of your day!!


    1. Aww. You're sweet, Cordy. :) And...haha...exactly! The political mumbo-jumbo. Totally disastrous! :P

      Oh, indeed. Invigorated is a lovely word. :) And it would certainly be a good thing if it was word which could apply to me on a more regular basis, because (haha!) I'm afraid I'm rather a lazy person in general. ;)

      Aren't they, though? I get so sick of those kind of women. I think it's a bit of a problem particularly in TV shows. I'd love to see someone do an entirely new twist sometime, where either the women are reasonable and sweet, or where the men get the upper hand when the women are clearly being obnoxious. I really think the men are downplayed in favor of the women most of the time. (Though I will say it was highly satisfactory in the second season of WCTH when Lee's plan for making Rosemary jealous actually worked perfectly! ;) She deserved that!!)

      Haha. I certainly was quoting Mr. Knightly. ;) Lucky guess, Cordy. Oh, but that's right, there was nothing lucky about it. "Just talent and intuition." Haha! You've certainly got the talent, my dear! ;)

      Thank you so much for your sweet comment! :) Have a lovely day, too, my friend!

      ~Miss March

    2. Yup, agreed. Yes, still agreeing. :) I too want to see a shake-up in these storylines because it really weakens both the women and the men, character wise. There are no winners because you come out with controlling obnoxious women that no one wants to 'be like' and then you have weak men. :P Therefore, stop these obnoxious 'strong' women, it's not the 'strength' I want to be known for.I LOVED THAT! My sister totally thought that Lee was being serious and I was like nooo, and sure enough! That was fantastic! I thought it showed that Lee really was a good match for Rosemary. :D Oh! It made me so happy and I don't know enough WCTH watchers to actually rejoice with me, so yea! I should have known that Miss March would have understood!


    3. I know! That was like the best part ever! GO LEE! I was a little confused at first as to whether he was leading the other lady on, but then I said to myself "he can't be doing that. She must be in on it with him." And she was! And that was AWESOME! Yes, Rosemary and Lee are a very good match for each other. :) Glad you enjoyed that part, too! :D (Oh, and wasn't it great when Rosemary and Lee worked together to foil Mr. Gowan's plans for winning that card game? That was SO satisfying!)

    4. Haha, yesss! Very satisfying!!

  6. Oh I loved this, Miss March! :)

    I'm exactly the same - if I ever have a blog, and wanted to do this kind of post I'd HAVE to put them in sections. Lists, everything in it's order, everything in it's place... hehe. ;)

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading all of this, but I'll just comment on some of the things. :)

    HAHAHA. Your conversation about lettuce and politics... your family sounds like so much fun. ;D

    Great Expectations IS a good book. :) It's certainly not my favourite of Dickens, but that doesn't mean it's still not a good book. ;D

    Oh, was your birthday recently?! If it was, then HAPPY BIRTHDAY MISS MARCH! :) I hope you had a perfectly lovely birthday! (And that scarf is very pretty!)

    Aww, your brother's drawing... <3 That's actually very good for a seven year old, hehe. ;) (Aren't little brothers the cutest?! When my little brother was about 3 or 4, he was trying to get past me and one of my sisters so he held out his arms and literally said, oh-so-politely, "Excuse me, ladies!" O_O Where did he get THAT from?! :D Ha! It was SO adorable.)

    Hehe, your sister's comment about 'I can feel it in my bones' amused me muchly. ;) Can't say I use that expression much...

    OOOHHH NOOOOOO. Not AGAIN! You know, I've never seen Jeeves and Wooster or read it, but I've seen lots of pictures/heard about it. I am VERY familiar with Stephen Fry, however, and he has been rather 'ruined' in my mind, by two other roles he's played besides the original I've always known him as: Winnie the Pooh. We have listened to a few audiobooks for as long as I can remember, that have the BEST voices EVER. He's Winnie the Pooh, Judi Dench is the narrator and Kanga, Finty Williams is Roo, and there's heaps others! So when I found out he was the Master of Laketown. *grimaces* And THEN I watched a movie of Sherlock Holmes (the second one, I think it was, with Robert Downey Junior and Jude Law) and he was Mycroft... but he was the WORST Mycroft I've EVER seen. *shudder*

    Haha, your brothers remarks on your 'girls' night'. ;) Sounds very typical of boys... *chuckles*

    David Copperfield! Ah, I love that book! That's one of my top 3 favourite Dickens books! It's just SO good... I've only read it once, several years ago (pretty sure I was 12). It was the first Dickens book I read, and it was the one that got me started on my love for Dickens... I've seen the movie countless times, and I know the story very well indeed. I definitely want to re-read it, once I can! There's just ssooo many books I want to read... *sigh*

    What have I been up to? Um... biology, Latin, geometry, history, logic, English, cooking, cleaning, piano playing, seeing friends, trying to read my book, writing, writing, writing... my younger sister and I also just wrote up a play and performed it (and also took charge of all the sets and props and costumes) and put on our show for my parents and younger brother last night. That was fun. :) I think we could still do it better, but the look on my little brother's face the whole time made it TOTALLY worth it!! Seriously, when I left the 'stage' after the first act, he was clapping as loud as he could, giggling and saying, "This is going to be so goood!!" I was playing the part of an actress, and for the first scene I was narrating "The Highway Man", and his eyes were SO wide and excited and happy and amazed and gah... it just made me SO happy. :)

    But anyway, I should've gone to bed an hour ago! I must be going. :) One of the things that has made me happy lately, is this post. :D

    ~Miss Meg

    1. SQUEEEEAL!!! Oh, what a deliciously long comment! Miss Meg, you've made my day!! :D

      Exactly so. Things must be kept organized. I'd go crazy otherwise. :P (Speaking of you think you ever will have your own blog? Because that would be simply wonderful! I'd love to be able to read your blog someday.)

      Yeah, I wouldn't consider Great Expectations my favorite Dickens book either, but it does have some good parts in it. Like all his books. :)

      Yes, it was on the 3rd of March. And thank you for the birthday wishes. That means a lot to me. :)

      Oh my goodness! I LOVE that story about your little brother! Thank you so much for sharing it! Yes, little brothers are SO cute! It's crazy the things they say sometimes. :)

      Oh, no. Really? That's so annoying. I know it's to be expected that actors will play in all sorts of different roles, but still it's disappointing to see an actor you like playing a bad character. I'd never heard of Stephen Fry talking Winnie the Pooh before, but dear me, going from Winnie the Pooh to The Master of Lake Town is REALLY bad. ;) I've also never heard of the Sherlock Holmes movie you mentioned, but thanks for telling me about it. Now I know to steer clear of it. Haha! ;)

      You like David Copperfield, too? Oh, how splendid! And that's cool that it was the first Dickens book you read, because I think it was the first one for me, too...if I remember correctly. You said David Copperfield is one of your top 3 favorites. May I ask what the other two are?

      Wow!! You've been busy! All that school work. Whew! I'm so glad I'm done with school. ;) How is Latin? I've always thought of that as an extremely hard subject, but then I've never tried learning it so I really don't know what it's like.

      You did a play with your sister? How fun! And you wrote it yourselves, and made all the costumes and props? Okay, I'm thoroughly impressed. :) That is awesome. (We used to try to do plays when we were younger, but they never turned out too well. I remember we had plans to do David Copperfield once, and Little Women, but both of them came to nothing.) Aww. I love that your brother enjoyed your play so much. Your description of his wide open eyes and his excitement and enjoyment of it is just so sweet. Sounds like you all had a lot of fun! :D

      Tsk. tsk. An hour past your bedtime? Really, Miss Meg. Naughty, naughty. Haha! No, but thank you so much for your comment!!! :D It made me very happy. And...aww...seriously? This post made you happy? I'm so glad to hear that. :) And now you just made my day for the second time. ;D

      ~Miss March

    2. Oh, I'm so honoured to have made your day twice! ;D

      Well, that question is slightly more complicated than it may seem, but for the moment, I won't be getting a blog. Thank you so much for those flattering remarks, I don't really deserve them. :) But they mean a lot! <3 I DO hope, in the future I may be able to have one! I'd really like one, but my mother said I should wait until I'm older. :)

      Your birthday officially went on my calendar. :D (Yes, I'm being honest. I LOVE keeping track of everybody's birthday, if I can. I'm a bit of a secretary, really. I often plan the whole family's social events, and I love doing it. Hehe.)

      Oh, the tape with Stephen Fry voicing Winnie the Pooh is the BEST I've EVER heard! We grew up on them, and they're AMAZING. They're ssooo hilarious. And also very sentimental. (And I actually quite enjoyed that Sherlock Holmes, I just was very disgusted with Mycroft. ;) However, I'd much sooner recommend the series of Sherlock. They're so... WOW.)

      Yes, I've always liked David Copperfield! :D Hmm, well, my top 3 favourites are David Copperfield, Little Dorrit is in a tie with Bleak House, and Our Mutual Friend. I have this horrible feeling I'm forgetting one I really like... but I thiiink that's my top 3. ;) I just know that David Copperfield is in my top 3, hehe.

      Latin is really good! I've studied Ancient Greek, but Latin is such a breath of fresh air after that - I MUCH preferred Latin to Greek. It's not extremely hard, in my opinion, but languages have always been my strong point, so I guess I couldn't say exactly... I started off with the smallest basics, and worked my way up from there, so it's been pretty smooth. However, I've decided I won't continue with it for much longer -even though I'm enjoying it- because I am not sure how it will really benefit much anymore, now that I'm getting into the nitty gritty part of it. ;)

      Haha, it was quite a bit of hard work, but it was very fun. :) We just work with what we've got. Although it's very hard doing it with only two as cast and set/prop/script writers/costume department. Hehe. ;) It was very fun!

      I know, shame on me. ;) I'm glad you enjoyed my comment, though. It makes it worth it. I REALLY loved yours, too!! :)

      ~Miss Meg

    3. Oh, I totally understand. :) I never thought about having a blog when I was fifteen, but if I had I'm pretty sure my mom would have told me to wait, too. ;) Ah well. Someday...

      Aww. That's so sweet of you. :) (And I know your birthday, too, because of Naomi and Emma's posts!!) Interesting what you said about being a bit of a secretary. I like secretarial type work, too. Organizing things is the BEST. That's cool that you can be the social events planner for your family. I'm sure they appreciate that. :)

      Ah, yes. Sentimental. I love things that have happy, childhood memories attached to them. :) Hmmm...I guess I'm not super keen on Sherlock Holmes movies in general, simply because we watched some several years ago and they rather freaked me out, but maybe someday I'll give them a second try. (When I'm old enough and able to handle scary stuff. Haha!) :)

      Little Dorrit and Bleak House are two Dickens books which I have never read. I started Little Dorrit once but I was comparing it too much to the movie, so it disappointed me and I didn't finish it. (I love John Chivery in the movie, but didn't care for him so much in the book. That was one of the main points.) I should read both of those books sometime, though, because people keep saying how good they are and I feel rather out of the loop. :P

      Greek, too? Oh my! I'm really not a language person. Sounds like WAY too much work to me. :P I'm glad you enjoy it, though. Do you enjoy all of your school work, or are there some subjects which you dread?

      I'll say. That's a lot of work for just two people to do! But I'm sure it was very rewarding in the end. :D

      Haha. Actually, I'm the last person who should be talking to you about getting to bed on time, because I'm ALWAYS staying up late myself. :P Last night was a little earlier than usual. I THINK I was in bed before 11:00. Haha. (What's your regular time for going to bed?)

      Yes, indeed. I'd say it was totally worth it, because I LOVE your comments! And...aww...I'm glad you enjoyed mine, too. :)

      Have a lovely day, Miss Meg!!

      ~Miss March

    4. Thank you, that makes me feel better, hehe. ;) I know she's probably right that I should wait, but sometimes it's really hard, because I love writing. And I just think it'd be amazing.

      Haha! Funny you mention that... I think they DO appreciate it, but sometimes they get so sick of me coming into their rooms and asking, "Are you planning on doing anything this day?" or "Keep this day free!" that they 'have had enough' of it sometimes. ;)

      Well, Sherlock Holmes doesn't suit everybody, and that's a fact. It's okay if you don't. ;) I'm not very easily scared, unless it's a horror movie... not that I've seen one, but there have been parts in movies that feel like horror movies. *shudder* THEY'RE SCARY.

      I read Little Dorrit before I saw the movie, so maybe that's one reason for it. ;) Same with every Dickens story, except for Oliver Twist and David Copperfield - I watched those movies first. I didn't mind John Chivery in the book, he was till very pitiful, (and I think I remember really liking him, because I pictured him a lot like the movie one!) but the actor portrayed him perfectly in the movie. :) (As a matter of fact, the actor for John Chivery is in one of the Sherlock episodes. He plays a very timid character in that movie, as well! And exactly the same voice...) Bleak House is good, though! I *think* you'd enjoy it. :) (The movie on that was very good. I was quite happy with it.) Have you seen the Our Mutual Friend miniseries? (You implied you'd read the book... did you like it?)

      Haha, that's a tough question... I am OKAY with doing all my subjects, but there are some I certainly don't like half as much as the others... namely, maths. I enjoy algebra, but NOT geometry. Ugh. No. (Also not crazy about history, logic, and science. But I'm enjoying them more than I used to, and I think I'll only appreciate them more and more. Especially history.)

      Well, it's different, really... since I do school and Mum wants me to not sleep in (although, *cough* I do, a bit too often) I generally TRY to turn the lights out at 11. ;) Weekends can be anything from 10:30 to midnight... but really, overall, 11. *looks anxious* Is that very terrible? :P

      Thank you! I love talking to you. :)
      Have a great weekend!!
      ~Miss Meg

    5. Don't worry! Years go by really fast. You'll be blogging before you know it. :D

      Haha. Yeah, I suppose there is such a thing as being TOO least when it comes to other people's schedules. :P I have a tendency at times to think that I'm the only one who notices that a certain thing needs to be done, and so I have to remind everyone else so they don't forget. The problem is sometimes it's simply a matter of me being one step ahead of them and they would have remembered just fine without my input...if I'd only given them a few more minutes. Haha. :P

      Oh, yes. Horror movies. I've never seen any of those, either, but some of the Sherlock Holmes movies came pretty close to a horror film in my opinion. There are so many humorous and interesting parts in the books, but filmmakers always seem to like to exaggerate the frightening parts of the story rather than the fun parts. :( Very annoying. (Of course, there are so many different versions of Sherlock Holmes, that there are probably some that are better than the ones we watched.)

      Oh, which Oliver Twist have you seen? We own the musical version and a 5 1/2 hour BBC production which was made in 1985. (I like the longer one best, of course. ;)) John Chivery plays in a Sherlock episode? Cool. I hadn't heard of any other movies that that actor plays in, so...hmmm...very interesting. I'd like to see him in something else sometime so long as he plays a good character. It would be mortifying to see John Chivery in a bad role. :/ I've heard about the movie Bleak House. That's another one I'd like to see sometime, but I probably should read the book first. As to Our Mutual Friend, my dad read it aloud to us quite a few years ago. I did like it (except for all the boring society parts. Haha!) and I've been wanting to see the miniseries for awhile. Would you recommend that movie?

      Yeah, history can be super boring or super interesting. You have to learn it from the right books. I don't think I was crazy about any of my subjects in school, though some were better than others. Writing and grammar were probably two of the worst (believe it or not) because when I HAVE to write something it's just not fun anymore. :/

      Really? 11:00? Well! You've just succeeded in making me feel that my bedtime isn't so ridiculously late after least for someone who's no longer in school. Thank you, my dear. Haha. ;) (The "regular", "decent" hour for retiring in our house has always been 9:30. So that's why I feel like 11:00 is late, even though it's now a pretty common bedtime around here for the older kids.) Seriously, though, I don't think it's at all terrible for you to go to bed at 11:00. As long as you can still get up in the morning and do what you need to do, that's what matters. :)

      Aww. Thanks! I love talking to you, too! Blog conversations are so much fun.

      Same to you!

      ~Miss March

    6. (This might be a quicker comment from me. It's past 11, I've had a really big day, and it's school tomorrow. I just wanted to write back to your lovely comment. ;D)

      Haha, YES, I have that quite a bit. ;) I guess I plan ahead a bit TOO much sometimes, hehe. But there's got to be at least ONE super organized person in the family, right? (I certainly take that after my mother.)

      The books of Sherlock Holmes can be quite different to the movies in some ways... I've seen LOTS of different adaptions of Sherlock Holmes movies, all very different (I can easily think of four off the top of my head, perhaps more)... they're a little like horror until some simple explanation unravels it all, and then you're like, "Oh, well, if ONLY I had known that in the beginning, I wouldn't have been scared!" Heh. ;P

      Um... I've seen three Oliver Twist movies off the top of my head. (The one you mentioned as the the really long BBC one I've seen the cover of, but I've not actually watched... we meant to, but it went too long. ;)) I've seen the musical, which is my favourite. I grew up with it, and I still love it to pieces. :D I've also seen a more modern one that I didn't enjoy, (made in 2007, I think it was), and another one, with the little prince from The Scarlet Pimpernel movie as Oliver (made in 1982). I think those are all the ones I've seen. Nothing beats musicals, for me. ;)
      The actor for John Chivery played a good role in Sherlock, he was just a rather pathetically sad and pitiful character. (It was the Hound of the Baskervilles in the Sherlock series, which is one of the scariest, IMO. But it wasn't a horror scary, it was more THRILLING. Just to make you feel better. ;P)
      I read the book of Bleak House before watching the book, and I'm glad I did. :) (I normally am. Haha.) And yeah, the parts about society in OMF were ssooo boring. :P I don't see why Dickens feels the need to put all the stuff in that. *sigh* I would definitely recommend the miniseries on Our Mutual Friend - I enjoyed it a lot. :) It's a little old, but it's still recommendable. The first part is rather weird a bit, but it gets better. I love the ending on that story - I found it way more uplifting than most of the other endings, but maybe that's just me. ;D

      I love English in school (although I'm not concentrating on it greatly, because I finished the essentials years ago, and now I'm just doing 'extra' to fill in time on some occasions), and I also love literature and writing. But I can still understand not enjoying it, in a sense. It can be difficult writing when you HAVE to. But I like to choose topics I'm interested in, if possible. For one of my writing assignments, I was asked to write a 5 paragraph proper essay on spoons. NO joke! It was to help me with creativity! And I did it. It's one of the best I've written yet. :P

      I do get told off a little for going to bed late, sometimes. But I honestly get up at the same time as my siblings, so it's really not too bad. ;) I do TRY not to go to bed too late, though, as I honestly don't find it HELPING with my sleeping schedule.

      I must be going... cheerio for now!

      ~Miss Meg

    7. A quick comment? Really, Miss Meg. If this is the way you write quick comments I'd LOVE to see the way you write long ones. ;) Heehee. (Your comments are seriously a delight! Thank you so much! :D)

      Indeed, yes. How could a family survive without at least ONE organized person? It would be chaos! :) That's neat that you take after your mom in that regard, because it's the same for me. My mom is an extremely organized person...but then, again, so is my dad so maybe I take after both of them! :)

      I know, right? The suspense is horrible and then you get to the end and find that it was all so "absurdly simple" (as Watson says). That's why spoilers can be a good thing. If you know the ending you can keep sane through all the suspense leading up to it. Haha! :P (Do you like spoilers? Or do they ruin the story for you?)

      My goodness! There are SO many Oliver Twist movies! I haven't seen the other two you mentioned, but I believe I've heard of them. It's cool to watch different versions of the same story, isn't it?
      I'm glad to hear that Our Mutual Friend has an uplifting ending. That's always a good thing to have in a story. ;) I really should watch it sometime.

      An essay on spoons? Wow. That IS creative. I vaguely remember having to write a paper on the subject of pencils when I was in school. *ahem* I'm pretty sure it didn't turn out too well. :P

      Yes. For some reason going to bed late doesn't seem to help with getting a proper night's sleep. Sad, isn't it? Honestly, I THINK about going to bed early sometimes, but I can't say that I actually TRY to. :P heehee.

      Yeah, I'd better be going, too. So long, Miss Meg! Thank you for another lovely comment!! :D

      ~Miss March

    8. Haha, I know, that was a quick comment. ;P (This one will probably be shorter. But knowing me, I can't promise you anything.)

      Some things I can stand spoilers with, and others I can't. If I know I'll be watching/reading it relatively soon, I won't read/watch any spoilers. If I don't think I'll be watching/reading it soon, I normally read them if they're there. ;P I prefer the suspense, though, in all honestly, even though I don't greatly dislike spoilers.

      Haha, yeah, spoons! I was like, "Hem... is this a JOKE?!" But nope, a five paragraph essay on spoons (a FACTUAL thing, too!) was correct. It was actually rather fun. ;)

      I've heard that the best and deepest hours of your sleep are before 10 PM... which would mean... ahem. :P Yeah, I've been like, "Oh, if I go to bed now, I could get up at six!" *doesn't go to bed till 12, gets up at 8*

      Thanks for your lovely reply. :D

      ~Miss Meg

    9. Heehee. You're such a dear, Miss Meg. :)

      Oh yes, that makes sense. If you're going to be watching/reading it soon then staying away from spoilers is probably a good idea. I like the suspense, too, but I'm afraid if I have the option to find out what happens sooner rather than later I usually go for the sooner option. (Like if we're watching a TV show and it's going to take a while to find out what happens, sometimes I'll look it up on Amazon and read all the reviews trying to find out what I want to know. heehee.)

      Haha. That's so funny. Spoons, indeed. Who would have thought? ;) But then I suppose there are a lot of unique things one could write about if one only thought outside the box a little. I'm glad it turned out to be a fun assignment for you. :)

      Uh, yup. I've heard that, too. Another sad fact of life. :( Haha. All those grand plans we make. "I'm going to get up at 6:00 tomorrow!" Next morning: "6:00? What an impossible idea!" ;)

      Thank YOU for all your lovely comments. I've greatly enjoyed this little chat. :D

      ~Miss March

  7. Heehee, well why didn't you sing a silly song? That would have been fun! ;)

    You took a walk!! -applause- So proud of you! ;)

    I do love WCTH, but I agree. Elizabeth is waaayy over the top sometimes. And yes!! Why does she get the last word AND the apology? I can hardly think of any time that Jack should apologize..but I can think of many times for Elizabeth.:P
    But oh! What do you think of Jack? I love him. He's one of my absolute favorite heroes. :)

    I'm sorry writing isn't going well. :( I hope you can get your inspiration back soon! But wrote a blog post! That's something! :D

    I have never read Great Expectations, but that's a neat line. :)
    Hahaha..."I have several". I hate to say it, but that reminded me of Mr. Collins in Pride and Prejudice where he says, "Perhaps I should say ONE of her ladyship's carriages, for she has several!" Heehee. Sorry for comparing the number of your brothers to the number of Lady Catherine's carriages!

    Awww! Both of your birthday gifts are so sweet! The scarf is so pretty and I love that drawing. :)

    Haha! I love your adopted sister's comment; that's too funny!

    Oh my word...your brothers. My dad teases my mom and I about our period dramas too! Sometimes my brother will sit through certain period dramas, but he hates WCTH. :P
    And oh my..."next time When Calls the Heart hang up." I laughed aloud at that! reached the end of season 2. Was that not the most horrible ending ever??? I was so angry when I watched it the first time! Poor Jaaaaaccckkkk. :'(

    About your skiing... "Did you get right back up and try it again?"

    This was such a fun post, Miss March! I loved it. :D

    1. Well, because. 'Tis hard to sing in writing. I can't seem to do it. And besides, I don't think you'd want to hear me sing a silly song. That could be rather obnoxious. ;) Haha.

      *bows* Thank you. It really is quite an accomplishment. ;)

      Yes, yes. Exactly. Jack is SO nice. I can't understand why Elizabeth gets mad at him. All she has to do is kindly ask him to explain himself and there would be no problems whatever. COMMUNICATE, people!!! Oh but, yes! I do love Jack! (I'm so glad you like him, too!) He's the best part of the show! I like that he doesn't allow Elizabeth to trample on him, but actually comes back with very fitting retorts to her unreasonable remarks; for the most part, anyway. There are, of course, those times when I feel like Elizabeth gets the best of the argument when she SO shouldn't have. (Sometimes I think whoever's writing the script favors the women over the men.) :P

      Thanks, Natalie. You're right, I guess I did write a blog post, didn't I? That's something. And I am feeling slightly better about writing at the present moment. Though that's not to say the feeling is going to last for the entire day. Ups and downs, you know. Haha! ;)

      Isn't it, though? Dickens has such a way with words.
      Haha! DON'T be sorry! Actually, I'm positively thrilled that you recognized the quote, because that was EXACTLY what I was quoting!!! *chuckle* Yeah, I even quote Mr. Collins sometimes. :P

      My brothers enjoy period dramas for the most part. They like P&P, Emma, and Little Dorrit, but when it comes to things like Love Comes Softly and WCTH they are rather adamantly opposed. That is to say, they might be willing to watch them but they would only laugh and make annoying comments through the whole thing so we banish them. (Haha! Not that I don't laugh and make annoying comments myself, but I can take it from me. ;))

      YES! That was a horrible ending! It didn't take me by surprise because I obtained spoilers ahead of time from a girl at work, but still...! That is NO way to end a season!!! And yes. Poor, poor Jack!!! :( I don't like Charles AT ALL! He's so boring. And he looks so fake (I very much dislike his hair)! And there's just NO comparison between him and Jack! AT ALL.

      "No." "Well you should have." "But the bone was kind of sticking out." "Oh." Haha! It may be silly, but the fact that you continued the quote thrilled me to no end! I love that movie! And it's so much fun to be able to quote with someone. ;)

      Thank you ever so much, Natalie! Your comment made me VERY happy. I mean, really! I had this silly grin plastered all over my face, and was literally squealing with delight at a lot of the things you said. :D

    2. Hahaha. ;)

      I am SO glad that you love Jack too! He's honestly one of my favorite heroes. :) I agree with everything you said. Communication is definitely something Elizabeth needs to work on...and her pride! It's that flaw that usually hinders her from explaining things to Jack and thus avoiding their quarrels! I know! The script is so over-the-top feminist sometimes. It can be quite annoying. :P

      I completely understand ups and downs. I hope your writing-and everything else!- is at an up right now! :)

      Really? Haha, I'm so glad I recognized the quote, then! :D

      Same! My brother really liked Little Dorrit, Bleak House (have you seen the 2005 version? It's really good!), and I think he tolerably liked the Emma 1997 version. He hasn't seen P&P in its entirety, but he finds Mr. Collins hilarious. ;) He's also seen Cranford, Return to Cranford, North and South...quite a lot, actually. Haha! Basically, it sounds like my brother and your brothers share the view of period dramas. ;)

      Charles is utterly annoying and I'm so glad you dislike him too. haha Jack is utterly amazing and Charles.....he doesn't even come close!

      I LOVE that quote so much! Especially how Angie says that part about the bone. haha Never fails to make me laugh. ;) If you had to pick 3 favorite songs from that movie, which would you choose? (A hard question, I know!)

      Awwww!! I am SO glad! :D -hugs-

    3. Yes indeed! Her pride is probably one of her biggest problems. That and jumping to the conclusion that Jack is forever trying to insult her by his innocent remarks. Heehee. Ugh, yes. Over-the-top feminist stuff is SO aggravating.

      Aww. Thanks, Natalie. It's so sweet of you to care about my endless ups an downs. Happily, I'm in a pretty good frame of mind today, which is something to be grateful for. :D

      That's cool that your brother enjoys watching period dramas, too. It just proves once again that period dramas are not confined to being enjoyed merely by the female population. :) They're excellent movies for the whole family.

      Good-oh! I'm so glad you feel the same. Now we can dislike Charles together!! *triumphant smirk at Charles' expense.* Exactly. I don't know why Elizabeth would even care to talk to Charles when Jack is in the room. :) (She's a puzzle to me. An absolute puzzle. Heehee.)

      Isn't it hilarious? That entire scene always has us laughing. "I thought this is one house where a man could get a fair fight." "Angie, have you gone crazy?" "Yes, I think I have Cordy. And I feel RIGHT at home." Hahaha. My favorite songs? Oh dear, that is a hard question. Hmmm...maybe "Fortuosity" "Watch Your Footwork" and "Let's have a Drink on It." Except...well, then there's "What's Wrong with That" and "Bye-Yum Pum Pum" and "Detroit"...okay, there's WAY too many good ones. ;) Do you have three favorites?

      -Hugs back- You're such a dear friend, Natalie. :)

    4. Aw, I'm happy that you're in a good mood! Or, at least, you were when you wrote the comment. :) I hope you still are!

      Yes, exactly so!

      *Joins in with the smirk at Charles*. There's only a few (very few) moment where I feel sort of bad for him. But then, he makes himself absolutely irritating by following her out west and...argh. AND PROPOSING WHEN JACK WAS ABOUT TO. Goodness, I'll never forgive him for that. :P Jack's FACE. -sob-
      Yes, really. How could you even LOOK at Charles when Jack is within a 5 mile radius? :P haha

      Overall, I just hate how "soap opera-y" they made season 2. Season 1 had more wholesome "family problems" where season 2 was all "Jack likes Elizabeth!" but "Charles likes her too!" "Who does Elizabeth like?" "Oh no, that nurse likes Jack!" "Does Jack like the nurse back?" "Oh, look at that, Charles proposed." "Yup, let's end the season there. Perfection."
      And then the continuous Abigail-Bill drama. haha I actually did love Rosemary and Lee's story though. They're so perfect for each other. :)

      Heehee, I have the same problem. I love "Fortuosity", "Detroit", "Watch Your Footwork", "Are We Dancing"....yup, you're right. It's impossible to choose 3 favorites. :D It's so fun that you love that movie, too! Old Disney moves are just the best. (Well, most of them. ;)) Do you have other favorite Disney classics?

      Aww, thank you. You are, too! :D

    5. Yeah, it's pretty amazing, isn't it? ;) And believe it or not I'm in a good mood today, too! (Haha. I know. Shock of the century, right?)

      Exactly. That was totally inconsiderate of Charles. :P Actually, I find it rather strange that he would have proposed to Elizabeth at all, given that she had made it pretty clear before she left that she was committed to her relationship with Jack. It makes sense that Charles needed to tell her how he felt about her, but I think he would have done that without purchasing a ring and doing an official proposal, as he should have known that his chances of success in that area were not very high. (But of, course, we needed a dramatic ending to the season, so *Charles must propose* Haha.) Yes, Jack's FACE! He walks up on the porch so happy and hopeful, and then he has to see THAT? Argggh. Charles, your timing is AWFUL!!!

      I agree, season 2 was definitely soap opera-y. The whole nurse thing was just pointless. And Elizabeth is so unfair. Why must she get upset at Jack for having dinner with a young lady, when she's hanging out with Charles ALL THE TIME? Clearly, she's allowed to do whatever she wants, but if Jack puts a foot wrong...Oh! He's a terrible person!!! :P

      Oh, yes, I like Rosemary and Lee, too. They're so sweet together. Rosemary was pretty annoying when she first came into the series, but she's rather likable now. Silly, but likable. ;) (The thing that bugs me the most about this series is the script, some of the acting, and the painfully modern clothing and hairstyles. It's hard to know what time period you're watching when you keep getting jerked into the 21st century. Haha! Have you noticed that?)

      I'm so excited that you're familiar with The Happiest Millionaire, too! It's not the most well known Disney, so naturally I'm always thrilled when I find someone else who knows about it...and can quote it with me! ;) Yes, there are so many good Disney movies! What are some of my other favorites? Hmmm...well, one of my absolute favorites is The Fighting Prince of Donegal. Have you ever seen that one? It's really good. And then there's Robin Hood, and Pollyanna, and Old Yeller, and yeah...lots. ;) What about you, do you have favorites among the Disney classics?

    6. Yes, exactly!! Charles. -shakes head- He can't take a direct "no" much less a hint.
      Poor Jack. I still get all upset inside when I think about his face! I know it wasn't Elizabeth's fault that Charles proposed then but...I don't know. I get a little angry at her too. ;)

      YES! That's another reason why I get made at Elizabeth! (haha) She has such different standards for herself compared to the ones she places on other people, especially Jack. She's just...much too unreasonably sometimes. :P

      Haha, she was indeed. I was ready to throttle her every time she came on screen during the first season! But, once she gave up on Jack and Lee came into the picture...I started liking her very much. :)
      Oh my, yes!! The clothes and the hair...I complain about that a lot while watching. So much that I finally have to tell my mom "Okay. I'm just not going to say ANYTHING about her hair." heeee Or the makeup!! They wear so much! They don't even try to look old-fashioned. I mean, I'm pretty sure pioneer women didn't wear mascara and foundation and eye liner...or is it just me? :P

      -sigh- I'm glad you can understand the mix of love and annoyance I have for this show. :D

      It should be more well known! It's so much fun. I have never heard or see of that "The Fighting Prince of Donegal." I will have to look it up! I've seen all the others you mentioned. :) I love Pollyanna! I also enjoy "The Barefoot Executive", "The Ugly Dachshund", and "Summer Magic". Oh, and "The Swiss Family Robinson." I pretty much grew up on that one! ;)
      There's so many more I could mention....!
      Back to "The Happiest Millionaire"-have you ever read the book it was based on? It was pretty good, although not as sweet and "happily-ever-after" as the movie. I'm not sure if I'd recommend it, only because it might ruin the movie for you. :/ It hasn't for me, though--probably because I've watched the movie so many times that the "fictional" story is set in my brain more than the real one! :)

    7. Oh, I know! Poor Jack. Poor Jaaaaacckkk! He's the sweetest person ever. Why do these things have to happen to him??!! :( And about's true, it wasn't her fault that Charles proposed to her at that particular moment, but on the other hand if she hadn't given him so much encouragement while she was in Hamilton he might not have proposed to her at I think a little anger toward her is justifiable. She deserves it. ;) Heehee.

      Exactly. So unreasonable. :P

      Haha. Yes, she was very annoying at first. Same here, though. I like her much better now. She has improved on further acquaintance. :)
      Yup. That's what I'm talking about. They totally weren't even trying to be period correct. (I complain about it throughout the movie, too. *chuckle*) I hadn't really noticed the makeup particularly, but I know what you mean. All the ladies seem a little too "dressed up" for their style of living. I'm sure they probably had makeup back then, but it's pretty hard to believe that a pioneer women would be wearing it with such liberality. ;) Mascara? Really? I don't think so. :P

      Likewise. :D It's so nice to be able to talk about the good and the bad of it without feeling that you're ruining it for the other person.

      Oh! "The Ugly Dachshund"! I like that one, too. I really want to re-watch it because it's been awhile since I saw it. I'm not familiar with "The Barefoot Executive". I'll have to look it up. As to "Summer Magic" we watched that one years ago but didn't really like it. And now I can't quite remember why we didn't like it, so I think I need to watch it again and give it a second chance. ;)
      Exactly. Too many to choose from. :)
      I never read the book straight through, but I skimmed parts of it. The part that was the most disappointing to me was that Angie and Cordy got divorced. That made me sad. :( But it hasn't ruined the movie for me because I can't remember it that well. And like you said, "I've seen the movie so many times that the "fictional" story is set in my brain more than the real one!" Precisely. :)

    8. Haha, glad we agree! :D

      Yes, exactly! Haha, and the clothes. I can see Elizabeth dressing fancy (she is from the East, after all), but slowly everyone starts being fancy too--and then their clothes don't even look old-fashioned anymore!...sigh.

      I hope you can re-watch those soon! There's at least one scene in "Summer Magic" that I think was completely unnecessary (there's an old painting of a scantily clothed woman) but on the whole I found it really sweet and fun. And, if I must admit, I think at least half of my love for the movie comes from the costumes. The heroine, Nancy, has some REALLY pretty dresses!!
      And "The Barefoot Executive" is really cute. If you try it, I hope you like it! It's quite hilarious. :)

      Oh, good! I'm so glad it didn't ruin it for you! And yes. That was one of the most disappointing things to me, too. :( -sigh- Why can't real life be as "happily ever after" as fictional life is? ;)

    9. Yes, exactly. The clothes definitely get more modern looking as the show progresses.

      Oh, yes. I remember that scene. So unnecessary. :/ I really should watch it again, though. Sometimes your second impression turns out to be totally different from your first impression. :)

      I know. It's so sad. I guess that's one reason why we like fictional stories so much, because they can be made to end happily where real life would have been much more confusing and contrary. :)

    10. I'll look forward to your thoughts if you re-watch it!

      Exactly so. :)

  8. This was awesome!

    "...The part of the show where Ear-a-corn comes out and sings a song." *enter Elvish impersonator*

    Hehe ;) Oh! WCTH can be excessively irritating, I have to say. I like it a lot, but MY WORD. Elizabeth, well...she just, frankly, fulfills like every stereotype of women EVER, and it is sooooo annoying. But she also has her good moments :)

    (For the record, I hardly believe there's such a thing as too much J&W.)

    I know! Wasn't it shocking and appalling to see that Stephen Fry played Laketown-dude?! Just...NO.

    Lovely post, m'dear :)

    P. S. We have a habit of watching movies at night, too! It gets a bit excessive at times...

    1. Haha! I was wondering if anyone would get the VeggieTales reference. ;)

      My thoughts exactly. I enjoy the show, but it can be irritating at times, and Elizabeth certainly is very stereotypical. But, you're right, too, she definitely has her good moments. She and Jack are really sweet together...when they're not arguing. ;)

      Yes! It TOTALLY was! Absolutely shocking! I couldn't believe it at first, and then even when I was secure of the facts, it took me a little while to accept it. Heehee. :P

      Aww. Thanks, Olivia! And thank YOU for your lovely comment. It made me very happy. :D

      ~Miss March

      P.S. *chuckle* Yeah, excessive. I know all about that. ;) Glad you can relate, because it's a relief to know I'm not the only one. :P

  9. I loved this post so much! It was funny and random and afforded me a bit of peek inside your adorable life. (Which I'm becoming rather curious about... Your brother works at a MARKET?????? I am the confused...)

    And your little sister's "perceptive bones"! And " next time When calls The Heart, hang up!" Your family is cute. Methinks I would like them. :)

    1. Aww. Thanks. I'm glad you liked it. :) (Yes, he does. I do, too, actually. On Saturdays. I take it you're not too familiar with markets? Well...let's shall I explain it? Basically the market is similar to a grocery store except there are multiple stands selling a variety of different things. There are two vegetable/fruit stands (we work at the larger one), a donut stand, a meat stand, a candy name it. Each stand is a different business so the customers have to purchase things at each stand individually. Like you can't pile up everything in your cart and then pay for it all at once. You have to pay for the vegetables at the vegetable stand; the candy at the candy stand and so forth. It's an indoor market so it's opened all year round. Hope that alleviates some of the confusion??)

      Awww. Well, thanks. I think they're pretty cool. :)

    2. I loved it! It was awesome (but all your posts are, so...) Aw! You work there, too? That is so cool!

      I guess I know what a market is... sort of (your explanation helped) but I wasn't aware that people still did that every day, as their job. I thought markets were kind of a one-day-a-week, special event, only-at-fairs-and-things sort of thing.

      Anyway. I think it's awesome. Your life sounds so unique and romantic (I am using that word too much. Oh, well. It fits!)

    3. Yes. It's not my favorite job really, but it works for now. :)

      I'm sure there are a lot of different kinds of markets. But yes, this one is open all year round. Only three days a week, but since the days are long days it can actually add up to a forty-hour work week if you're employed fulltime.

      Aww. I'm flattered you think my life sounds unique and romantic. :) It seems pretty normal to me, but then I suppose that's because I'm the one living it. And we never see the romance in our own lives quite as easily as we see it in other people's lives, do we? :)

    4. No, our own lives never seem romantic... but let me assure you, Miss March, yours is very much so. I predict a storybook ending to this story! :)

    5. Aww. Well, thanks. I like that prediction. :)