Friday, April 28, 2017

Two Years of Blogging

Hello everyone!  Today I have some very important news to share with you.  In fact, you've probably already guessed from the title what that news is.

Uh, yeah.  Because that was like so obvious, my dear.

(Oh no.  Not him again.  Did Mr. Smart Aleck have to show up today of all days?)

('Hem.  I heard that.)  And yes, of course I had to show up!  You wouldn't expect me to miss out on something so unutterably dull as this, would you?

Dull?  DULL?  Did you just say the two-year anniversary of Sunshiny Corner was dull?

Well, isn't it?  I mean you don't even know what to say about it.

That's beside the point.

Ha.  And that was a most pathetic dodge.

I do know what to say about it.  I'm going to talk about what a good year it's been.  How many new friends I've made.  How thankful I am for all my old friends.  How much more at ease I am with blogging.  And how I never worry about my posts being bad like I used to.

Fib number one! Fib number one!! Caught you red-handed!  You most certainly do still worry about your posts being bad.

Okay, fine.  But not so much as I used to.

That I'll grant you.  You definitely are getting better at that.  Very nice.  *pats Miss March on the head*

Well, you needn't be so condescending.

Condescending?  ME?  My dear little chap, I would never dream of being condescending to you.  What an idea!

Forget I mentioned it.

Good as done.

Well!  You certainly are obliging today.  (Surprising, but not unappreciated.)

And you, have nothing to say.  That's clear enough.  Do you know what a point is?

Of course I do. 

Well, why don't you get to it then?

Wow.  Even though that was intended as an insult, I have to hand it to you, you're making a lot of sense today.  I really should get to the point, shouldn't I?

That's what I just said.

Right.  (But what's the point?  I mean, what should I say?)

You really are a mess today, aren't you?  Here.  I'm officially taking over this post.

You can't do that!

Watch me.

Hello there!  To all you poor abused people who have somehow gotten sucked into reading the writings of our sadly deranged authoress, greetings.  To those of you who have stuck with her from the beginning I have only one thing to say,


To those of you who are new, and perhaps yet unaware of what you've gotten yourself into, I have a more profound word...


Now.  Quick.  Before it's too late!!"

Hey! Wait a second!  You can't say that to my readers!  YOU CAN'T DO THAT!!

It was a joke, Siegfried, a JOKE. 

Not a very good one.  (Humph.  Some joke.)

Well let's start again then, shall we?  How's this?

Dear readers, what Miss March would really like me to say is THANK YOU!  Thank you to all of you for reading these insignificant little ramblings, and for being such all around great friends!!  It's the friendships that make blogging really worthwhile.  And she wants you all to know that she's really, really grateful for all the kindness and encouragement you've shown to her over the past couple of years.  She has friends now, which she couldn't claim to have had before, and you're those friends!  So thank you all so much!  *lots of hugs*

(Alright.  That wasn't too bad.)

(Thank you.  *bows*)  And now comes the second part.  The part where Miss March gives us an illustration of the ups and downs of her blogging career.  Basically a behind the scenes look at what too often happens when she publishes a new post.

What?  I'm going to do thatNow?

Yes.  Roll 'em.

*deep breath*   Okay...

Working feverishly to finish a post before dawn. (Slight exaggeration.)
Finally done.  Whew.  That's a load off my mind.
I do hope I didn't say anything too awfully ridiculous, though.
That's not likely, is it?
Unfortunately, no.  Ooooh!  What am I trying to do, embarrass myself for life?  I'm sure that post was horrible.
My readers are probably all giving me this expression right now...and why shouldn't they?
That was a confusing, embarrassing post.  I know it was.

I wrote that?  What was I thinking??
I haven't had any comments for days.  It's official.  Nobody liked my post.  I've failed.
I'm so disgusted with myself right now.
I think it's about time I gave myself a talking to...
From now on, I shall be sensible.
I JUST GOT SOME COMMENTS!  Eeee!  All's right with the world...
Perhaps, after all, the next post may be allowed a little bit of silliness...just a little.
When will she learn?  Oh, when will she learn?
I realize that was like, totally random.    But I had some good pictures and I wanted to use them.  And I had a sudden burst of inspiration so...there you have it.   That's that. 
And now let's move on.  Because we still have one more thing to talk about.
Blogging stats.  
I don't think your readers care to hear about that.
Well, maybe not, but I would like to include them for my own sake then.  Because it's fun to look back on them later. 
True enough.  Proceed.
Wow.  I'm a little worried.  Where are all your insults today?
I have a cough.
Oh.  And that makes a difference?
No, but I thought I'd mention it. 
O-kaaay.  I'm confused.
I don't mind.  You can be confused if you want to.
Right.  *shakes head to clear brain*  What was I talking about?  Oh, yes!  The stats.  Well, here they are...
Pageviews:  24,991 
Number of Posts Published: 111 (counting this one)
Number of Posts in Drafts:  24 
Followers: 42

This post feels rather scattered and not so polished as it ought to be, but I find I'm pressed for time so...this is it. 
This is the end.
"The end."  Ah!  The sweetest words I ever heard. 
(Humph.  Good-BYE!)
And "good-bye" is even better.  You're making me so happy right now. 
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  1. Happy birthday Sunshiny Corner!!! Two years old!! Congrats!!! :D *throws confetti* :D

  2. HAPPY BLOGOVERSARY!!! I don't recall commenting here very often (or at all...*hides*), but rest assured, I LOVE EVERY POST I READ. You are a hilarious gem, and I'm terribly grateful to know you. :D

    (Btw, this post made me laugh so hard. XD I'm a HUGE proponent of snark and sarcasm, so this post is a huge winner in my book.)

    1. *grins profusely* Aww, thank you so much, Mary!! I was quite surprised (and happy) to see a comment from you pop up on my dashboard! It kind of made my day. :)

      (You like sarcasm?? I NEVER would have guessed that! (HAHA. Just kidding.) No seriously, I knew that. In fact, sometimes I read your posts and am just a little amazed by how similar our sense of humor is. Like you'll say things and I'll be like, "woah! that sounds like something I would say!" Haha. ;) Sarcasm is the best!! :)

  3. Oh, I forgot to mention! I tagged you for the Sunshine Blogger Award, which is perfectly suited for your Sunshiny Corner, methinks. ^_^ No pressure to do it, obviously. I know what a slippery thing time is.

    1. Yay! Thank you. It's always fun to be tagged. I'll see if I can fit it in sometime. :)

  4. Happy blogoversary!!!! This post was just what the doctor ordered, a good dose of sarcastic fun!!!


  5. CONGRATS!!!!! *throws confetti* I am so glad you started!!!

    I love your posts with Mr. Smart Aleck! You make me smile! :D

    YOU INCLUDED P&P '95 PICTURES!!!!! And they were all so perfect with what you wrote for them! But, they were a little bit wrong...I love all your posts!!!!! :D :D :D :D

    I am so glad you started this blog two years ago Miss March! Happy Birthday Sunshiny Corner! You always bring some sunshine into my day!!!!! :D :D :D :D :D

    1. Oh my word, MovieCritic!! Your comment made me so happy!! :D :D Thank you for your kind words. I'm just...I don't even know what to say. *blushes and smiles and looks ridiculously happy*

      I'm just so glad my posts make you smile. That's enormously encouraging to hear. ( you think it's unnecessary for me to go through my typical "this is a horrible post" thing this time?? Haha. ;))

      Thanks again, so much!! *hugs*



    1. Yup. It just wouldn't be complete with P&P pictures! Haha. :P

      Awww. THANK YOU, NAOMI! I'm so glad I stuck around, too. :)

  7. MISS MARCH!!!! YAY FOR YOU!!! This post was terrific! I was smiling and laughing through it all. I think your Mr. Smart Aleck would get right along with the voice in my head. I have a love hate relationship with mine because the sarcasm that ensues is fairly entertaining. :) But anyway--this post.

    The Pride and Prejudice pictures were so well chosen but I still don't know why you worry about your posts so much. I've only ever had a good time here in your little section of the blogging world. So for Pete's sake, REMEMBER THAT CORDY LIKES YOUR POSTS!! Hahaha. I'm kidding, I have the same struggles every time I post. There is always some lingering theory that I will somehow miss the mark so completely with a post that I will lose what followers I have. But, I ought to say, your stats speak for themselves. You have been read at least, 24,991 times at least! :D It seems some people like you... hehehe.



    1. THANK YOU, CORDY!!! I'm so glad you enjoyed it. :D Ha! He probably would at that. Someday our second voices must meet up. Then they can give us a hard time together. ;P

      I don't know why I do either! It's pathetic, really. Especially as I've never had anything but encouragement from all of you. :P Aww. You're the sweetest! I will try to remember! Thank you, my friend. :D But yes!! Exactly. It's like there's always that one lingering fear that one of these days I'm going to say something that's going to offend all my readers and, POOF! It'll all be over. Or that sometime I really will go too far in the ridiculous category and make a fool of myself for life. Haha. ;) (Maybe it's simply a problem of my being a little too focused on myself. Could be. ;))

      Thank you so much, my friend!! :D

      ~Miss March

    2. I'm all for our voices meeting up!! Haha!! :D While 'they' had a battle of the wits you and I could watch Emma or something. Doesn't that sound delightful?!

    3. Most delightful indeed!! Someday we must make that happen! :)

      P.S. YOUR NEW PROFILE PICTURE! Is that like a real picture of YOU? I love it!! :D

    4. P.S. Uh-huh, that's me. :)

    5. Aww. You have such a beautiful smile!! :D

  8. Happy birthday Sunshiny Corner!!! Two years!! :)

    Lovely pictures.

  9. Aww, yay!! CONGRATULATIONS MISS MARCH!!! I'm so glad you have continued to post, even though you waver in confidence when you click at the publish button. ;) You're a very unique blogger and I love the quirk and wit you bring!! And just you in general. <3 *hugs*

    Also, those P&P photos were HILARIOUS. :D (ESPECIALLY the "give myself a talking to" one, HAHAHA.)

    ~Miss Meg

    1. Aww, thank you so much, Miss Meg!! You're such a sweet friend. *returns hugs*

      (Heehee. I liked the "give myself a talking to" one, too. ;))

      ~Miss March

  10. Oh congratulations, Miss March!!! Sorry, I'm late!:)

    Loved the P&P pics!

    1. Thank you, Elanor!! And goodness, you don't need to apologize! I was actually kind of late myself in getting this post published. Didn't finish it till late in the afternoon so I wasn't really expecting anyone to comment on the actual anniversary day. :)

      Aren't they great? I love it when I can find so many good pictures. ;)

  11. Miss Maaaarccchh!!! You, you are one of the reasons I keep trying to blog! It can be so tricky sometimes, as you well know, trying to engage your readers but still be yourself and then remember to have FUN! Your posts are so breezy and refreshing and engaging and *eek* wonderful! You are an inspiration!

    Sorry, a little off topic, but I sincerely mean every word, dear :) Congratulations!!! I can't wait to see what you do in the next two years and beyond!


    1. Awww, Emma. Really? I had no idea I was one of the reasons that you keep trying to blog. That kind of blows me away. Thank you, though. It's really sweet to know that. :) And about blogging being tricky sometimes. Ha, yes. I definitely do know about that! :P Don't give up though. Your blog is uniquely your own, and there are people out there who are looking for just the sort of things you write about. I'm planning to become better acquainted with your little space myself in the forthcoming days. :)

      Again, THANK YOU SO MUCH!! Your comment brightened my day. :)

      ~Miss March

  12. I'm still following & reading & smiling, Miss Meg March (I forget which sister we decided you are. I think really we settled on Jo since Meg got married & Jo is the next natural miss?)

    Happy two years. Thank you for spreading general good feelings and Beatrix Potter. xx

    1. JILLIAN??!! Is that you?? Wow. It's been such a long time. I've missed you, friend. *hugs* (Haha. I can't remember who we decided on either. Let's just go with Jo. She suits me fine. ;P)

      Aw, you're welcome! Thank YOU for reading! :D xx

    2. HUGS!! Okay. Jo works for me too. But, uh. I'll probably forget. HA HA! x

    3. Well, if you forget I shall just have to remind you, I guess. ;) Haha. <3

  13. Happy blogoversary!!! Two years is great. :D

  14. HIIIIIIII!! Should you feel like doing it... I tagged you for this:

    It's a Hobbit tag! ;)

    1. A Hobbit tag? Sounds intriguing! I'll be checking it out. Thanks for thinking of me. :)

  15. Oh Miss March, CONGRATULATIONS, my dear! 2 years! My, you're really someone to look up to. You're practically a blogging veteran! ;) To what you said about friendship: I'll drink to that! :) And I love your use of P+P pictures and the little muse in your head, although he is most condescending, isn't he? ;)

    1. A veteran? *chuckle* I don't know. Somehow I still feel too new to be a veteran. But, well, if you say so. ;) "TO FRIENDSHIP!" ;) Oh, he IS! Most condescending indeed. I don't know what I'm going to do with him. :P

      Thank you so much for your sweet comment, Abby!! :D

  16. Congratulations with your two-year blog! This was such a great post!
    I loved the conversation you had on the post, I serously sometimes had to shove a giggle down my throat again. If I let it go, my family members in the room will look at me like Mr Collins in picture 6(loved all the pictures of your feelings writing posts) Keep on writing admirable and good to read posts! Did that sound too formal? It did, didn't it? Well, keep on writing on your wonderful ,and even inspiring sometimes, blog! Much better! Congrats again!

    1. Thank you, Ruth! :) And oh my yes. Do keep those giggles inside. You certainly don't want your family giving you THAT look! Haha. ;)

      Thank you so much for your comment! And I don't think it was too formal. I think it was great! Really. So good to hear from you! :D

  17. Enjoyed your post (as always!). You have such a knack for writing captions - love it! Thanks for all the chuckles. I can't stop smiling right now. :)

    Congrats on reaching the two-year mark. Here's to a long and illustrious career in the blogosphere! ;)

    1. Eeek! Thank you so much, Crista! It always makes me happy when you enjoy my posts. :D

  18. Congratulations on the blogoversary, Miss March! [...You too, Mr Smart Alec. I'm sure you can take a little of the credit. ;) ] Excellent use of P+P pictures, too - I particularly like the talking-to one (poor Bingley!)

    Mr Smart Alec, I strongly dislike running. I'll have to just stick around and watch myself go crazy. Sorry. (but it would be a shame if you didn't have an audience, so you should be pleased!) ;)

    Jem Jones

    1. Thank you, Jem Jones! (Mr. Smart Aleck thanks you, too. And says he is quite willing to take ALL the credit. Heehee. ;)) Yes, that one of Bingley! I love it. It just worked so perfectly.

      Mr. Smart Aleck replies: It's your funeral. :P (Oh, but about my audience. That very true. If Miss March's readers leave, my readers will leave, too. And that would be a shame. Still, I would rather do without an audience than jeopardize the health and sanity of all you good people. (Because I'm just that noble.) So again I say, "RUN! (Or walk if you must. That'll work, too.)" ;)

  19. I like Mr. Smart Aleck! More specifically, you and him make a witty pair. I like how you put the "Singin' in the Rain" quote, "Roll 'em." I also loved the Pride and Prejudice photos. They fitted perfectly with the post and dialogue.

    Will we be seeing Mr. Smart Aleck again in future posts?

    1. Aww, thanks. I kind of like him, too. ;) You know what? I don't think I was even trying to quote "Singin' in the Rain" when I said that. I guess quotes just pour out of me without even thinking. Haha. ;) Glad you liked the Pride and Prejudice pictures. I kind of had a lot of fun with those.

      Oh, more than likely, I'd say. This is about his fifth or sixth appearance already, so I'm sure he'll be around again. ;)

    2. Haha! That has happened to me too. I'll say a quote or say something in a character's tone of voice, and I won't even notice it. Sometimes my mom catches it, or I catch that I've been referencing a movie. The most annoying thing is when I can't figure out which movie I was referencing. Has that ever happened to you?

    3. Oh, yes! Many times. And it definitely is frustrating. One good thing about having so many siblings is that there's usually someone who can figure it out. :)

  20. I know I'm a few days late, but HAPPY BLOGOVERSARY, MISS MARCH! I'm so glad I stumbled upon your blog, because I truly do enjoy reading your posts. And this one was no exception! I especially loved the Pride and Prejudice photos you included. ;)

    1. Awww. THANK YOU SO MUCH, MOLLY!! :)

  21. Hold All Creatures Great and Small reference! I thought I was the only person who quoted that. Good to see I'm not alone, then.
    And yes, I did a small dance (Not the tango, because "Blast it, I can't tango") when I saw the reference.

    1. YOU RECOGNIZED THAT QUOTE?!! Oh my goodness! I didn't expect anyone to recognize that! THIS IS SO COOL!! *grins profusely*

      It's so much fun to meet another fan of All Creatures Great and Small! Because I love that show! It's so good. :D (At least, I love the first three seasons. I don't actually like what I've seen of the fourth season so far. It's just not the same. And I miss the original Helen. :( How much of the show have you seen?)

      Thank you so much for stopping by, Miss Elizabeth! I loved hearing from you! :)


  23. When I first saw this, I thought, "wait! didn't this JUST happen a little while back???" But that was your HUNDREDTH POST post. Whoops!

    Yayyyyyyy!!! You have been blogging for two whole years!! That is fabulous!!

    I wish I could say I was here from day one, but alas, I was not... I need to go back and read all the posts I missed, sometime...

    Also the pictures from Pride and Prejudice fit PERFECTLY!

    Random side note: Bingley in the 1995 version looks a lot like Tumnus from The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe??? Does he happen to be played by James Macavoy???

    1. Haha. Those two posts are rather similar, aren't they? ;)

      Thank you! *grins*

      Yeah, that's too bad. It would have been fun to have had you around from the beginning. :( Still, I think you've made up for lost time. With all the talking we've done over the past year you feel like a LONG-time follower. ;)

      Thanks. *bows*

      No, actually. The actor is Crispin Bonham-Carter. I've never seen him in anything but Pride and Prejudice. There is a slight resemblance between him and James Macavoy though, isn't there?

      Thank you so much for your comment, Kate!! I'm terribly sorry it took me this long to respond to it. :P

    2. Well, they both celebrated a milestone and featured Mr. Smart Aleck so. Yes. Rather. ;)

      Actually I went back and read some of your old posts the other day and it was so fun! I need to comment on them but #procrastination

      Aw! Yes, I get rather chatty when I feel like I connect well with someone! :D

      Hmmm. I think I must have known that because the name sounds familiar. But yes, they do look very similar! In that picture, anyway.

      Ha! You're fine. You know better than anyone how long it can take me to get around to commenting/replying!

    3. Heehee. ;)

      Awwww. Really? You're so sweet. I don't know why, but it just makes me really happy that you'd actually want to go back and read some of my old posts. <3 And don't worry. If you never get around to commenting on them that's okay. (Though I'd love to hear from you of course! :D) But just knowing you enjoyed them is great, too! :)

      Aww. <3 I'm so glad you feel like you connect with me because I feel the same with you...and I love our little chats!! :D

      Well and they both have really blue eyes. That's one obvious similarity right there! :)

      Yeah, because we're just two old procrastinators that's all. Heehee. ;)

    4. I am totally going to leave lengthy comments on aaaaaaalll of them someday!! Just... have patience with my lazy soul, okay??? I know it's horrible!! :)

      Yay, so do I!!!

      They do!!!

      Indeed... *sigh* *at me, not you* *of course*

    5. Oh my word! THAT WOULD BE AMAZING!! It'll just be a lot of fun to see what you have to say on those old posts. :D (You're right though. I shall try to be patient. ;))

      Haha. You can sigh at me, too. I deserve it. :P

  24. Congrats on your two yearversary!

  25. WAIT REALLY?!?! Two years?!?! That means I've been reading your blog for over a year, cause I remember your one year post. Whoa.
    BUT REALLY MISS MARCH CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I'm so happy that you've been blogging, because I ADORE your blog and I'm SO happy to have made such a dear friend in its authouress!!!
    And truly, the P&P faces are TOO accurate in describing blogging!! I quite agree.

    1. YES!! I've known you for over a year now. Isn't that cool?
      Aww. You're too kind. Really. But thank you! It means a lot to me that you enjoy my blog so much. And I'm glad to have made such a dear friend in you, too!! :)
      Aren't they though? I thought they fit rather well.
      THANK YOU SO MUCH, DEAR!! *hugs*

  26. If you'd like to do it, I tagged you for the Sunshine Blogger over here.

    1. Yay! I love being tagged! Thank you so much, Jem! :D I'm a little behind on blogging stuff right now, but I definitely want to try and fill out the tag. Hopefully sooner rather than later. ;)

  27. Miss March!! Just finished with finals ... and popping in to say, whenever I read a post of yours it makes me feel quite happy and jolly. College work is SUPER hard so I don't always have the time to comment, BUT I still love what you do. Keep it up!!

    1. Awww. My dear friend! THANK YOU!! *hugs* I'm always so happy to hear from you, but I totally understand about how busy your life must be! College is no piece of cake, I'm sure. :P Congratulations on making it through finals!! :D

  28. (Wow, I feel late to the party. 60 comments already. Eek.)

    YAY hello again, Mr. Smart Aleck! *waves*

    But ohhhh--congratulations and HAPPY TWO YEAR BIRTHDAY, SUNSHINY CORNER! *throws confetti* :D I'm so glad you came to the blogging world, Miss March. SO glad. :D Here's to many more years! *toast* (But with iced tea or apple juice or something, you know. Something non-alcoholic. ;))

    Heehee, those photos you used for the blog post process are perfect! And OH! The one of Colonel Fitzwilliam at the end!! His expression IS Mr. Smart Aleck. Wow. That's perfect. :D

    This was splendid. Happy two years, my friend!!! *hugs*

    PS. I'm hope Mr. Smart Aleck is over his cough. :(

    1. (Yeah, I do believe this is the most comments I've ever gotten a post. But you're not late, my dear. Not at all. You're comments are welcome anytime! :))

      "HELLO! (Glad someone appreciates me around here.)" *waves back*

      THANK YOU SO MUCH MY FRIEND! And oh, me too!! I'm so, SO glad I started blogging. :D (Heehee. Yes indeed. Alcoholic stuff? Bleh. Give me apple juice!!)

      YES! Didn't that one just fit perfectly? :)

      Aww. Thank you again! *HUGS*

      PS. Haha. You're a dear. :) Mr. Smark Aleck says thank you for your concern, and yes his cough is pretty much all gone now. :)

    2. (Awww, good. :))

      Heehee. Don't worry, Mr. Smart Aleck! I'll always appreciate you. *protectively hugs you and shield you from Miss March's annoyance* haha I have the feeling you're not the huggy type, though? In that case, I apologize. *let's you go* *waits for Mr. Smart Aleck to regain his dignity*

      (Apple juice sounds good. :D)

      PS. Aww, I'm glad!

    3. "*waits for Mr. Smart Aleck to regain his dignity*" Mwahaha! You're too much, Natalie. Seriously, this comment was the best. Totally made me chuckle to myself. :D You know what though? I'd never thought of it before but you're probably right about Mr. Smart Aleck not being the huggy type. (I think you must know him better than I do! Heehee.)

    4. Haha! I'm glad. :D (Aww, really? Well I'm happy to have helped shed more light on his character. But I'm sure that's not true; you definitely know him better. ;))

    5. Well, maybe so. It does make sense that I would know him better considering that he came out of my brain, but you know how other people can notice things about you that you barely even knew about yourself? This must have been one of those situations. ;)