Wednesday, November 30, 2016

It's Tomorrow!!

Hello, dear people!  Just popping in real quick to announce an upcoming event which is being hosted by my friend, Abby, over at her blog Lavender Spring.  It's an Advent Calendar Blog Party!! It begins tomorrow and will be going  all the way through December 25th.  Which means we'll have a new Christmas themed post to read every single day until Christmas!  Isn't that awesome? 

Check out Abby's announcement post for further details about this event. 

And then join the fun!

Monday, November 7, 2016

"Miss March, you are not a quitter!"

"Would you care to bet on that?"

"You have a talent for writing."
"Is that so?  Well, I should like to know where it runs off to then, every time I need it."
"And writing a novel is really not that difficult, if you will but work at it."
"Pardon me, but wherever did you get such a ridiculous notion?" 
"It is entirely possible for you to complete your word count each day." 
"Do NOT speak to me of word counts. You poison my tea with such talk." 
"All you have to do is set aside one half hour--or even an hour--each day to devote to this task, and you will be a winner."
"You're kidding, right?  ME?  Write a thousand and more words in the space of an hour?  What utter nonsense!  It simply can't be done!!"
"It can be done.  All it requires is a bit of strength and determination.
"Which you know quite well I haven't got..."
"You must see this thing through."
"Why must I, Jeeves?"
 The world needs your novel!"
"Oh, I say!  Is that all?  Well then, the world may just have to learn to do without it...and not be so selfish."
Do any of you get the feeling that my novel isn't coming along so well right now, and that I'm looking for ways to distract myself from seriously thinking about it?  Well, if so, you are entirely correct.  My novel is giving me grief, people.  Enormous amounts of grief. 
But let us not end on that note.  Let us be positive!!  Tomorrow is a new day, my friends! A new beginning!  And I am positive...
That my novel will be giving me grief tomorrow, too...