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Lovely Blog Party // Mr. Rochester and Jane Eyre

Hello all!  I'm participating in Cordy's Lovely Blog Party which is being held at Every Merry Little Thought for the entire month of February!  (Click here for details.)   
The goal for this month is to dedicate at least one post to a favorite fictional couple.  I've chosen Mr. Rochester and Jane because I just recently re-watched the 1983 movie version of this classic novel and I came away from it with a renewed feeling of appreciation for these two characters.  Seriously, if you want a study in character this is your story!  Charlotte Bronte certainly didn't go for one dimensional, cardboard people. 
After my recent viewing of the film I had plans to write a post specifically about Mr. Rochester, but when Cordy mentioned the idea of this blog party I rethought it and decided a post about both of them would work just as well.  (Maybe better.) 
So here we are.  And I'm going to jump right in and see where this goes.  Hopefully as I write, this post will organize itself into something cohesive because at this point I'm not really sure where it's headed.  (I'm so on top of this.)

Warning:  I'm not going to try and avoid spoilers, so if you're not familiar with this story and have plans for reading the book someday you probably don't want to read this post.  YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

*sigh*  There's something so special about Jane and Mr. Rochester's love story.  There's a depth of understanding and a oneness between them that you don't often see in other fictional couples, at least not to the extent you do here.  They simply "speak each other's language."  They come from entirely different backgrounds, are about twenty years different in age, and yet for some reason they're able to connect with one another like no one else has ever connected with them.  They really, truly understand the workings of the other.  (As far as anyone can understand another human being that is, since of course there will always be some mystery.  No person can be fully known by anyone except God Himself.  Just puttin' that out there.) 

In some ways Jane and Mr. Rochester seem vastly different from each other.  Jane is quiet and proper and to all appearances submissive.  Mr. Rochester is demanding and can often be harsh and overbearing.  But in thinking about this I realized that there are some real similarities between them as well.  They both have a protective streak in them that makes them reach out and take care of those who are in need.  They don't concern themselves overly much with what other people think of them.  And they are both extremely passionate. 

Jane while seeming to be one who could be easily trod upon is anything but that.  She holds her own with a vengeance.  And Mr. Rochester, while almost cruel at times, really has a far more tender heart than most people probably give him credit for.  And Jane sees that in him.

In other words, they're a great match for each other. 

And now.  A few points about them as individuals. 


Okay, wow.  Jane is such an amazing character, I'm not even quite sure where to begin.  But I think I'm going to have to use bullet points and just rattle off some things I love about her.
  • First off, have you ever realized what a forgiving person Jane is?  She's had a lot of hardship in her life.  A lot of ill-treatment.  I'm thinking particularly of her growing up years, with her aunt and cousins.  Her aunt was cruel to her and cast her off, and yet years later when her aunt is on the point of dying Jane is there forgiving her and asking for her forgiveness, and trying to reach out to her. 

"If you could but be persuaded to think no more of it, aunt, and to regard me with kindness and forgiveness-" 

"Many a time, as a little child, I should have been glad to love you if you would have let me; and I long earnestly to be reconciled to you now;" 

"Love me, then, or hate me, as you will.  You have my full and free forgiveness: ask now for God's , and be at peace." 

Wow.  I don't think I have to add anymore to that, do I? 
  • The way she cares for Adelle.  And how she treats her even more tenderly after hearing her history and finding out that she is illegitimate.

  • I love how she's not afraid of Mr. Rochester (since he can be rather frightening at times) but how she genuinely cares about him.  Also how she's able to meet him at his own games and tease him and give him a hard time just as he does to her.
"...can't you give me a charm, or a philter, or something of that sort, to make me a handsome man?"
     "It would be past the power of magic, sir."  :)

  • Jane loves Mr. Rochester.  Despite his past.  Despite all his present faults and failings.  She loves him.  But when that twist of all twists comes and she realizes he has a wife still living (a wife who is mad, yes, but still his wife) she immediately pulls back.  She doesn't love him any less (indeed, it's breaking her heart to be separated from him as much as it's breaking his) but she will not go against her conscience.  She will do what's right no matter how hard it is.  And I find that truly inspiring.  In other cases I feel like the heroine would either 1. give in to him or 2. hate him, and yet Jane doesn't do either of those things.  She loves him, and she leaves him, knowing that it's the right thing for both of them.

~Mr. Rochester~

Mr. Complicated, right?  I can see how some people might really dislike Mr. Rochester.  I mean, he's not exactly your typical, moral hero.  However, if you like Jane I really don't see how you can hate Mr. Rochester.  Because Jane likes Mr. Rochester.  And she ought to be the best judge of character in this case, right?
Mr. Rochester is indeed a complicated character.  He's not perfect.  (Far from it!)  He makes some pretty awful decisions.  He is in many respects selfish and harsh, and unkind to people, but at the same time...
Okay, let me just tell you some things I've noticed about Mr. Rochester that are super cool.
  • First, can we just get a little understanding of what a hard life he's had, and how those hardships have played a role in shaping him into the complicated person he is?  Thinking about some of the main events in his past I realized he's been betrayed an awful lot.  First by his father and brother in arranging his marriage to Bertha Mason while purposefully withholding from him the fact of her mental condition.  Secondly by his friend, Richard Mason, who also withheld this information from him.  (And it hadn't hit me so before but Richard was his friend.  Someone he should have been able to trust.)  And thirdly, he was betrayed by Adelle's mother.  Made to believe that she loved him, he showered her with all sorts of things and gave himself up to her, only to find out there was another man in the picture as well.  Ouch.  Ouch.  And triple ouch.  (Granted, his own decisions play into these betrayals as well.  He did make bad choices.  The fact that he realizes this later in life and regrets it, says a lot for his character though.  He definitely has a desire to be a better person.)

And despite all his faults, he does have some good qualities which persist in showing themselves.
  • He takes care of Adelle.  He doesn't believe that she's his child (or won't believe it at any rate) but when she's left with no mother he takes her in and provides for her even though she has no legal claim on him.  (And this, too, after the treatment he'd received from her mother.  Like wow.)   I won't say he's extremely nice to Adelle, he does have a sort of begrudging attitude toward her much of the time, but the fact remains...he took care of her even though it may not have been what he wanted to do.
  • He cares about Richard Mason.  They were friends after all.  And when Richard gets hurt he does all he can toward helping with his recovery.
     "Take care of him," said Mr. Rochester to the latter [the doctor], "and keep him at your house till he is quite well: I shall ride over in a day or two to see how he gets on.  Richard, how is it with you?"
     "The fresh air revives me, Fairfax."
     "Leave the window open on his side, Carter; there is no wind--goodbye, Dick."
    He called him 'Dick'.  Okay, don't ask me why, but I like that.  And I think it's really significant, because you usually only call people you're close to by nicknames.  And thus it emphasizes the fact again that they're more than just casual acquaintances.  Which I think is important because we can get the idea of Mr. Rochester sometimes that he doesn't care about anyone.  And granted he is rather harsh to Richard at times because he fears what Richard might do to expose his secret.  But I think underneath all that he really does care about him.  (And other people as well.)
  • Okay, this one is a huge point.  The way Mr. Rochester cares for his wife.  First off he doesn't love her.  And honestly it's hard to love someone who've you never really known...and one who in fact hates you.  (Which she does. )  Also one whom you can never hope to have a real relationship with.  But he provides for her.  He does what he can.  And to clap the climax he risks his own life at the end to save hers.  I mean we talk about people risking their lives to save those they love.  How about a person who risks their life for someone they don't love?  Someone who has in fact attempted to kill them on more than one occasion?  Such a person either has a very strong sense of duty or a far more compassionate heart than they let on.
  • Mr. Rochester's kindness to Jane.  He treats her as an equal and for one of the first times in her life she has the comfort of feeling valued and not put down by another human being.  I love that about him.  (And sorry, but I'm just going to have to quote another part from the book because it's simply too good to pass up.)
Mr. Rochester had sometimes read my unspoken thoughts with an acumen to me incomprehensible: in the present instance he took no notice of my abrupt vocal response; but he smiled at me with a certain smile he had of his own, and which he used but on rare occasions.  He seemed to think it too good for common purposes: it was the real sunshine of feeling - he shed it over me now.
     'Pass, Janet," said he, making room for me to cross the stile: "go up home, and stay your weary little wandering feet at a friend's threshold."
     All I had now to do was to obey him in silence: no need for me to colloquies further.  I got over the stile without a word, and meant to leave him calmly.  An impulse held me fast - a force turned me round.  I said - or something in me said for me, and in spite of me - "Thank you, Mr. Rochester, for your great kindness.  I am strangely glad to get back again to you: and wherever you are is my home - my only home."
Seriously.  Aren't they so sweet?
Okay, so judging from the all that I've had to say about Mr. Rochester I guess it's pretty obvious that I'm highly sympathetic toward him.  As I said before he's not a model hero-- not by any stretch of the imagination--and he's not really a man to be emulated--at least not at the beginning.  But by the end, wow.  What a powerful picture of redemption. 
"I thank my Maker, that, in the midst of judgement, he has remembered mercy.  I humbly entreat my Redeemer to give me strength to lead henceforth a purer life than I have done hitherto!" 
Mr. Rochester
Isn't that an awesome conclusion?  And it really hits home, too, because that's us, people.  Everyone of us.  Sinners redeemed by Christ's unfailing love and mercy.  Just wow.
(Okay, did that get sort of deep or what?  Sorry I'm afraid I have a tendency to overthink things.  This was supposed to be just a simple post about a favorite fictional couple and here I ended up sermonizing.  Or something close to it anyway.  Pardon me.  I think I'll leave now before I thoroughly convince you that I'm a nut when it comes to studying fictional characters.)
This was written for Cordy's Lovely Blog Party.  Don't forget to head over to her blog and check out some more of this month's posts!
Tell me, do you get a kick out of delving into the intricacies of fictional characters?  What is your opinion of Jane and Mr. Rochester?  
Let's talk about it!

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Guess what, guys?!!


Alright so it will only be news to those of you who haven't already heard it.  The rest of you will just have to join Emma in saying...
"That is hardly news!"
But news or not it's still worth talking about because...CORDY IS HOSTING A BLOG PARTY, PEOPLE!  And it's going to be great fun!  In fact, it's already started, but don't worry!  You have plenty of time to participate because this party isn't your typical week long thing.  This party lasts for the entire month of February!  And it's all about favorite fictional couples.  What could be better than that?
So yeah, head on over to Cordy's blog and join the fun! 

Here's a couple posts to get you started.
~Cordy's original post where she explains how the party works, and where you can see the list of posts people are planning to write for the event. 
~And then if you're interested in tags, click here for the official tag post.  Which by the by is what I'm here for today.  'Cause no party is complete without a tag, right?  And this tag looks exceptionally fun!  (So I'm gonna do it.)  (Any objections?  No? Well, good then, because I wouldn't have listened to your objections anyway.  Haha.)
Without further ado, the...

~Couples for Couples, Lovely Blog Party Tag~ 


Using the prompts below, answer the following questions as creatively as you please

None of the questions require you to answer with a favorite in the category, only to find a fitting answer. They can be old, they can be new, they can be borrowed or they can be blue... they can be known or they can be unknown. You can explain your answer once you've given one.

Name a couple that should have been together
Diana Barry and Gilbert Blythe.  They would have been so perfect together, don't you think?!  And Diana liked Gilbert.  It should have happened!  *cries*

Name a couple that should have stayed friends...or did stay friends...
ANNE AND GILBERT OF COURSE!   Because like I said, Gilbert and Diana should have ended up together.  Anne and Gilbert were great as friends, but as a couple?  No, that was just wrong! 
Wait!  NO!  Don't shoot, don't shoot!  I'm only kidding.  Really.  You didn't honestly believe that was my real opinion, did you?  Seriously, I WAS JOKING!!!!  (Wow.  I think I almost lost my head on that one.)  
Okay.  Let's begin again.  I'll try and be serious this time.  (If I can.  'Hem.)
Name a couple that should have been together
John Chivery and Amy Dorritt.  (Miss March. You're doing it again.)  *gasp*  I am?  Oh, pardon me.  I don't know what's gotten into me today. (And now I mentioned John.  Why did I do that?  Poor Jooooohn!!! *sobs*)
Alright.  Hold on a moment.  Let me think.  I'll come up with something.  I will.
*think, think, think*
Ah!  I've got one!  (With the help of my brother because I honestly couldn't think of anyone but he reminded me and I'm forever grateful.)  Tristan and Alice from All Creatures Great and Small (second season). 
Okay, technically Tristan isn't fictional but from what I heard a lot of his storylines were made up in the series so...it can count right?  And he and Alice so should have ended up together.   Really!  She was perfect for him.  So sweet and caring, and she called out the best in him.  (Which is quite a tricky thing to do with Tristan, you know.  Haha.)  And plus, THEY WERE JUST SO SWEET TOGETHER!  I was really annoyed that Alice was only in like two episodes.  Like why?  (That wasn't nice, filmmakers.)
Name a couple that should have stayed friends...or did stay friends...
I agree with Cordy!  JO AND LAURIE ALL THE WAY!  They were meant to be friends.  Totally and completely.  And brother-in-law and sister-in-law?  EVEN BETTER! 
Name a couple that looked like the chances of a happily ever after were next to none!
Paula and Smithy from Random Harvest.  My heart, the things that couple went through! 

Name a couple that is just sooo happy!

Lizzy and Mr. Darcy.  Especially in this scene here.  You can literally feel their happiness.

Name your favorite fairytale couple
Now wait a minute, Cordy!  I thought you said there weren't any "favorites" in this game. This isn't fair.  I'll have you know you've just made this extremely difficult for me.   *pouts*
Okay fine.  I'm going to be boring and go with Kit and Ella because I can't think of any others I like better.  (This was not a nice question.  Why couldn't Cordy have simply said, "Name a fairytale couple"?  Why did it have to be "a favorite fairytale couple"?  Ohhh, that wasn't nice...not nice at all, precious...  *goes off mumbling*) 

Name a couple where the woman is basically ignored by the suitor until the end of the story (frustration at it's finest!! :P :P)
Max and 99 from Get Smart.  I mean, "Come on, Max.  Get your act together!  Can't you see 99 loves you?"
Thankfully by the fourth season he finally gets the message.  :)
Isn't this an adorable picture?

Name a couple that found love later in life
Mr. Chips and Katherine.
I don't know how old "later in life" is supposed to be so they may not quite fit, but at any rate I know Mr. Chips wasn't super young when they met, and even if Katherine was still in her twenties, well.  As an old maid of twenty-five years myself, I'd say that's quite late enough.  :P

Name a couple from a musical
Maria and Captain Von Trapp
Name a couple that didn't start out on the right foot

That would be like every single fictional couple ever right?  I mean, there is a law against fictional couples starting out on the right foot, isn't there?  (Hahaha.)

I'm going with Dusty and Donavan.  Because yeah.  Those first few moments of their marriage?  Very promising indeed.  (Not.)
Name a couple with the sweetest love story

Right.  I know these two aren't fictional (neither were Maria and Captain Von Trapp for that matter) but can I include them anyway?  Please?  Because their story is so sweet and I just can't think of a better one right now.

I realize these two didn't have a happy ending but aside from that their whole relationship is just so adorable, I had to mention it.  After all, they're one couple that was on the right foot from the beginning, and that's quite surprising (and refreshing).  (Oh, but that's right.  They were real people.  Not fictional.  Do you think that's the difference?  Can it be possible that people in real life are often more sensible than people in fiction?  ;))

Well, I guess that's it!  Tell me, which of the couples mentioned in this post are you familiar with, and which ones have you never heard of before?  Who's your favorite fairytale couple?

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Another Period Drama Tag

My friend Molly at A Ramble Through the Woods tagged me here for this delightful tag created by Elanor of Musings of a Jane Austen Wannabe.   Ain't that fun?
And so...so, so, so...I'm here today to--you guessed it!--answer all the questions!  Are you ready for this?
The rules of the game:
#1. Answer the questions
#2. Link back to the person who tagged you
#3. Tag at least one other blogger to do the tag
Sounds good!  Let's get started.

1.  What was the most recent period drama you watched?  Share what you thought of it.
Oh.  Good one.  *rubs hands together gleefully* 


I watched the 2017 Little Women on youtube!  (Yes, I found it on youtbue.  And no, it probably wasn't supposed to be there.  An infringement of copyright no doubt, but hey!  It was there, just begging to be watched.  How could I resist?) 

What did I think of it?  Ah me.  "I laughed.  I cried.  It moved me, Bob."  Actually I didn't cry, but if I had it would have been from frustration.  Guys!  (Or girls.  Whatever.)  I'm telling you, IT WAS  PAINFUL!  Like so painful.  I really haven't the words to express how much I disliked it.

Okay, so some of you know that I have yet to see a Little Women movie that I really like, (even the 1994 version gets my hackles up sometimes though so many people love it) so yeah, maybe I'm not the perfect judge, but that being said my opinion is still my opinion.  And I have to say that in that most humble (cough) opinion of mine, this movie was A-W-F-U-L.  (That spells awful.)  (Awfully, awfully, awful.)  I don't have time to go into all the details but let me just say, my brother and I were literally shouting with vexation and disbelief at some points.  Like WHY?  Why can't they ever get it right???

Enough said.
2.  Do you generally prefer period dramas in the form of a movie or a TV series/mini-series?  Why?
It depends on how long the book is.  Some books can actually be done quite well in movie form.  But generally speaking mini-series are preferable, just because you can get more of the story that way.  (And when you're dealing with Dickens or Austen it's essential.)
3.  What is your favorite musical period drama?
Oh goodness.  That's a hard one.  How about Mary Poppins?  That counts as a period drama, right?  I like that one!  :)
4.  Read the book first or watch the movie first?
I don't really have a rule for this one.  Generally I like the idea of reading the book first just because it's the original and I'd prefer that my loyalties lie with the original rather than the copy, but if I do happen to see the movie first it's not a big deal.
5.  What is a valuable life lesson you learned from a period drama?
'Bye-Yum Pum Pum'.  It's the only way to go, girls.  The most effective way to find true love and snag yourself a man.  (Obviously I have yet to apply it to my own life.  *eye roll*)
(And yes, of course that was a sarcastic answer.  Sorry, but I just can't help myself.  Apparently I can't be serious to save my life.)
6.  Which period drama hero would you be likely to fall in love with in real life?
Wow. We're getting awfully personal here.  (Haha.)

This is actually a really hard question.  Because there are tons of period drama heroes I love, and yet when I think about them being real-life guys and me actually falling in love with them...well, it's just odd, you know?   But let's go with Gilbert.  I'm sure if he were a real person I'd probably like him a whole lot more than I'd want to admit to.  ;) 

7.  Do you ever like to binge-watch a period drama series?
Yes of course! Nothing specific is coming to mind at the moment, but I'd pretty much binge-watch any good show if I had the chance.  
8.  What things go best with watching a period drama?
Siblings who happen to have the same thought processes as yourself.  Because it's just so much fun to watch a movie with someone else who feels exactly the same way about it as you do.  Who laughs when you laugh, cries when you cry, and scoffs when you scoff.  Oh yeah.  Better than a cup of tea.  (I don't know what tea has to do with it, but it just popped into my head to say that.  So I did.  That's all.)
9.  Which period drama do you think you would fit into best?
Little Women.  I can do the March family thing because they're such a real family...like my own.  I know and understand them.
10. If you could have any period drama character for a best friend, who would it be?  And why?
Please, please, can I have Henry Tilney (from the book)?  Aside from the fact that he's another hero I might consider falling in love with, I just think he would be an awesome friend and I would have a lot of fun with him. 
11. Show us a picture of a period drama costume you wish you could wear in real life.

This one!  This one!!  Seriously, people, I long for this dress!  I lie awake at night thinking how blissfully happy I would be if only it could be mine!  Truly it would be a dream come true for me.

(A dream, yes.  And one definitely of nightmarish proportions.)

Okay, so yeah, I was kidding about that.  I don't really like that dress.  It's frightful.  (Like that wasn't perfectly obvious, Miss March.  Honestly. Your jokes are so lame.  I know.  But you love me anyway.  I never said anything about loving you.  *grimace*  Okay, forget it.  Change the subject.)   

Now I'm being serious.  This dress would of course be out of style for today  but if we had some sort of dress-up ball or something I could totally go for wearing it.

Isn't it so pretty?  I love the sleeves!

12. Are there any period dramas you like to watch during a particular season or holiday?
Not really.  Any time will do. ;)
13. Which period drama has your favorite soundtrack?
As you all probably know by this point I'm not very good at picking favorites.  So I'm afraid I don't have a real answer for this one.  But...oh, wait!  I just thought of one!  The soundtrack for All Creatures Great and Small.  That one is AMAZING and I love it and I wish there was some way to get it on CD. 
14. Dream cast your favorite actor and actress in a period drama of your choosing; tell which parts they would play and why.
Sorry.  I'm afraid I don't a favorite actor or actress either.  (I'm just that boring.)  But I'll cast these two as Edmund and Fanny in Mansfield Park because...why not?  I think they'd be great for those roles.

15. Are there any period dramas you like more than one version of?
Well, I like some things about both the 1949 and the 1994 versions of Little Women...but then I also dislike things about them so...can that count as actually liking them?   I also like some things about Sense and Sensibility 1995 and S&S 2008 but there are things I strongly dislike as well so...I don't know.  I think I've just thoroughly confused myself. 

Next question.
16. What are the top three period dramas that you haven't seen on your to-watch list?
Well, I don't have an official list so of course my mind is blanking out.  Let me think a moment.

Okay.  Three period dramas I'd like to see sometime.  In no particular order.

1. Our Mutual Friend
2. The next season of When Calls the Heart because we're currently watching season 4 and I'm just sort of "into" it right now (if you know what I mean). 
3. And last but not least... *total blank out*  O-kay.  That fell sort of flat. Let's just say, whatever else happens to be available and convenient when the period drama mood strikes me.  How's that?

(That is such a boring answer, you goof.  *shrugs*  Sorry, but that's how it goes.  Goofy is as goofy does, and boring goofy certainly was.  What's that supposed to mean?  I don't know.  It just sounded cool so I said it.  Compliments of the goof (as you so considerately christened me).  Alright, alright.  Don't wear it out.  Good grief.  And some people think they have a sense of humor.)
17. Show a picture of your favorite period drama hairstyle.
*blank out*

I don't knooooooow!

Okay, whatever.  Here's a nice one for you.

*scrambles off to find one*

*finally strikes gold*

There you are!  Beautiful, ain't it? 

(Okay, so I can't be serious about hairstyles either.  Whatever.)
18. What was your favorite wedding in a period drama?
PRIDE AND PREJUDICE 1995!  (Only because I can't think of any others I really like at the moment...though there's probably one out there that I like better that I just can't remember right now in which case this would be a false answer so perhaps I really ought say P&P is one of my favorite weddings or...)  (Please.  For once in your life, stop over analyzingOh.  Right.  Sorry.) 

Moving on...
19. What is your favorite biographical period drama?
Amazing Grace!!!  (Also Miss Potter.)  
20. Which historical novel will you forever recommend to anyone and everyone?
Well, I don't know about anyone and everyone, but I shall always recommend Little Women as an excellent book.  Because it is.  The end.

And now I tag...

And anyone else who wants to do this!  Consider yourself tagged!

Here's a link to Elanor's blog and the original list of questions for your copying ease.  Have fun!! 

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Ten things you may or may not have known...

First off, hello everybody!  How are you all this fine January day?  I hope each and every one of you is doing well and having a marvelous week.
How was your Christmas?  Mine was quite nice.  I stayed home all day and had a fun and relaxing time with my family.  Just right.  <3
And now, I just have a few things to say.  And I've decided to conquer my inexcusable habit of taking far too long to write a post so this one is going to be a quicky.  Ready.  Set.  Go.
1.  It's a new year people!  If you are yet unaware of that fact, I suggest you "get aware"--and right quick, too--because if you want to get any sort of a good look at 2018 you need to take advantage of every single moment.  Judging from past experience it's not going to stick around long.
2.  It's cold here.  I think maybe it's wintertime?
3.  Going to work in the cold is not my cup of tea. 
A day off?  Maybe? 

Note:  Actually, to be honest, I've had quite a few days off lately because work at the motel has been slowing down of late.  (It's not the season for traveling apparently?)  So yeah, I really have nothing to complain of.  Still it's an awkward fact that the less you work the less you want to work.  And I confess I've been suffering from that malady a good deal lately. 
4.  I changed my blog look.  (Like no!  Never would have guessed that!)  ("Thank you for pointing that out, my dear.") 
What do you think?

5.  I got some really sweet presents for Christmas this year.  Two sets of super cute birthday cards (one from my parents and one from my sister), a lunch bag (with a beautiful floral design), earrings, and lots of candy!  How about you?  What did you get for Christmas?

6.  I bought a set of Jane Austen books last month and I'm super happy about them.   I finally own all of them!  That is to say, all except Pride and Prejudice.  That one wasn't included but I figured I'd be able to find a matching copy another time and the price was good for the other five books so...yeah.  HAPPY!  :D
7. Believe it or not, there is actually a point at which one's stomach can not handle being stuffed with any more candy.  (Sad, but true.)
Trust me.  I know.  It happened to me
just the other day.
8. However!  There's also a point at which one's stomach comes to it's senses and gets back to the normal routine.  (Oh, happy day!!!)  ("More sudar, marmer.")
9.  What do you know?  I can't think of anything for number 9.
10.  Or number 10 either.
BUT GUESS WHAT?!!  I wrote this post almost in the space of an hour.  (And that's really something for me, so yay!  I'm so proud of myself right now.  ;)) 
Well, that's it!  So long everyone!  See you next time!
Yours truly,
Miss March

Monday, December 18, 2017

Winter Wonderland Tag

I've been tagged!!  Cordy tagged me for the Winter Wonderland Tag which was created by Amaris of The Storybook Journal.  Thank you so much, Cordy!!!  I was quite in the mood for a good tag!  :D
The Rules:
1)  Link back to The Storybook Journal 
2) Answer the questions; think Winter-y thoughts! Include pictures, if you like.
3) Tag at least 3 other bloggers, or more if you're feeling ambitious. :)
1. Name a few things you love about Winter, and a few things you don't love so much about it.
Things I love:
~Beautiful snowfalls.
~Cold nights when you get to pile extra blankets on your bed and be enormously cozy and snug.
~The "necessity" of sitting in front of a heater and soaking up tons of heat.
Things I don't love:
~Freezing my hands off while dusting snow off my car.  (Okay, so I wasn't wearing gloves.  My fault.  :P)
~The hassle of having to put shoes and a coat on every time you go outside.
~The sad, sad feeling when the heater decides the room is hot enough and turns off on you before you've entirely finished roasting yourself!  I mean, how is one to survive such a tragedy?  (Waaaaah.  You can't do this to me!  Come back on, you heater!  Do you want me to freeeeeeeeze?)

2. When you were a child, did you "believe" in Santa Claus?

Oh, no indeed.  Perish the thought.  In fact, my siblings and I were those obnoxious kids who made it our business to convince other kids that believing in Santa Claus was utterly ridiculous.  (Because we were just sweet like that, ya know?  Always thinking of others and looking out for their best interests.)
3. Is there a book or movie that you really love to read in the Winter as opposed to other times of year?
I actually can't think of any particular one at the moment.  Sorry.

4. Is there a particular Christmas movie that you watch EVERY year as tradition?

It's a Wonderful Life.  Love that movie! 
5. Do you usually get a real tree or a fake tree for Christmas?  Who's in charge of decorating it at your house?

A real tree.

As to who's the official decorator...I don't really know.  Probably my mom.  She usually does the majority of the decorating, though we're so laid back about the whole thing that there's never much of a system to it really.  Kind of a slap-happy sort of thing.  Different ones of us do different things depending on who's in the mood for it.  Like for instance, this year my mom and one of my brothers strung the lights on the tree, then two other brothers hung lights in the kitchen one random evening when they were at home, and a few days later more lights went up in the dining room when my sister finally managed to convince some of my other siblings to help her.  (I confess I dodged on that one.  Made myself scarce, you know?  I just didn't feel like hanging lights.  I did put a couple of my ornaments on the tree though.  That was impressive.  Ha.)
6. Does your family usually stay home or go visiting (relatives, friends, etc.) on Christmas Day?

We stay home and the family comes to us.  Namely my two married siblings and their families.  We used to get together with my dad's side of the family (always went to my grandparents house for supper), but my grandpa passed away a couple years ago and the tradition has pretty much ended now.  It's sad, but that's kind of what happens once the grandkids start growing up and moving out.  It's so much harder to get everyone together.
Our stocking display.  We've almost run out of steps.

 7. What does your family usually do on New Years Eve?  Any traditions?  Do you ever stay up till midnight?

Nothing really.  It's pretty much like a normal day.  And no, we don't have any special New Years traditions.  As to staying up till midnight, we don't make a point of it.  We do that often enough on regular days, that doing it on New Years Eve just isn't all that special. 
8. Do you get snow where you live?  If so, have you ever built a snowman and named him Olaf?

Yep, we get snow.  Some years not so much, but we usually have at least one or two good snowfalls in the year.  I'm sure I made a snowman at one time or another when I was a kid, but that was many long years ago (and before Olaf's time), so no, I've never named a snowman Olaf.  :)

Isn't this a darling picture?  I love the little boy's face, and how gingerly he's working to place the carrot nose just right on the snowman's face.  Also the little girl's polka-dotted hat.  Isn't it adorable?!  (I rather love polka-dots.)

9. If it's snowing outside, would you prefer to go outside and build a snowman and enjoy it, or would you rather stay inside with a  blanket and something hot to drink and maybe a movie or a book?
I opt for staying inside.  The snow is very enjoyable that way, too, you know.  And a blanket, with a warm drink, and a movie or a book sounds delightful!!  :D

10.  When do you start looking forward to or getting excited about Spring?

When I start to catch those early whiffs of the changing season.  That's when I really get excited.  :)

And now, I'm going to be very naughty and not tag anyone.  *ducks head*  Sorry.  But this post has already taken me far too long to write and...and...and...

(Okay so maybe I don't have a good excuse.  What do you think of that?  ;))

Hope you're all having a marvelous December, my friends!!
Christmas is only one week away!! Can you believe it?