Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Someone had a birthday yesterday...


Can you guess whose it was?
Of course you can.
It was Natalie!!

Bring on the cake and let's celebrate!!

Oh but first I must explain why I'm writing a birthday post for Natalie the day after her birthday.
That was not the original plan, folks, I assure you.
Naturally I meant to have this post written much, much sooner.
But (naturally again) that didn't happen.   (You know me.  Always on time for everything.)

Yes, well.  Mark that down to lack of time, procrastination, or whatever you wish.  I won't argue with you.  In my defense though, I did start this post last night, hoping to have it done before midnight.  I failed.  Obviously.  But hey!  It's the thought that counts!  Aren't people always saying that?  
Anyway, enough about my tardiness.  Let's move on from this sorry subject, shall we?  After all,  I didn't come here to talk about myself, I came here to talk about Natalie.  (So stop giving me grief about being late, okay?  Great.  Thank you.)
Since Natalie is now nineteen years old, I've decided to share with you...

Nineteen Facts About Natalie

(Because that just sounded like a good idea, so why not?)

1) Natalie is not a late night person.  At least, not generally.  Which is why it was very surprising that she survived a recent visit from a friend who kept her up till all hours of the night.  And even then she went so far as to say that she wasn't feeling all that worn out.  Well!  I guess we all have hidden strengths which come to our aid when dire circumstances arise.  ;)

2) She loves good books.  Books by authors such as Jane Austen, L.M. Montgomery, J.R.R. Tolkien...only the best.  And she reads quite a lot, too.   
I can totally see her enjoying a good story in this little nook here...or perhaps writing her own story--oh! but that should go under point number 3.
3)  Natalie is a writer.  She actually--and I'm not kidding--writes her own stories!  And they're good, too.  Her characters are lovely.  And her dialogue is splendid.  I remember saying to myself one of the first times I read a sample of her writing, "This is just the sort of dialogue that I like!"  She's shared snippets before on her blog, so click here and see for yourself.  :)
It's not like you're going to regret it or anything.
You have Henry's word for it.
4)   She enjoys photography and is quite good at it.  I would steal one of her pictures to prove it to you but...I don't steal.  That's naughty.  (Actually, I guess technically I stole all the pictures in this post but, well...that's different.  Nobody told me not to...)
5)  Natalie and her family have two "outside" dogs.  That is to say, they were outside dogs but apparently things change???  (Sorry, Natalie, I couldn't resist.  ;))  (And they're nice dogs.  Of course they are.  I did not say anything derogatory about the dogs.)
6)  She's very good at making decisions.  (Well, better than some people anyway.)
7)  She loves period drama films.  And I'm quite happy to say that while Emma 2009 didn't impress her too much the first time she watched it, it has grown on her considerably since then.  Which is just as it should be.

8)  While we're on the subject of period dramas...long movies...and all that jazz--I found this quote on Natalie's Pinterest.  I'd say it's pretty accurate.  :)

Haha.  She would totally do that.  Don't ever doubt it.
9)  Speaking of drinks, Natalie very much enjoys a nice cup of tea and/or coffee.  (I don't pretend to understand about the coffee but, 'hem, one must make allowances for a friend's peculiar tastes.)  

So.  A cup of tea for you, Natalie!  Enjoy.  (Enjoy looking at it anyway.)
I took this off of Natalie's Pinterest, too.  ;)
10)  Natalie is an introvert.  She doesn't relish being the center of attention and having to think of things to say and all that...but get this!  She actually went and auditioned for a play this year!  Stood up in front of people and sang a song all by herself.  Don't ever let her tell you she's not a brave person, because she is!!  (And then of course there was that incident with the bridge...but 'hem.  We won't go into that.) 
11)  Natalie is one of the sweetest most caring people ever.  Proof?  This is the last paragraph of the first comment she ever left on my blog, before she even knew me. 

I'm so sorry for the hard time you've been going through. I can keep you and your family in my prayers, if you'd like! :) And I love your blog's so happy and puts me in mind of a quiet garden corner, maybe with a bench and a leafy tree, with the sun shining on it. :)
Welcome to the blogging world, Miss March!
I can't tell you how much that comment meant to me as a new blogger.  It was just so kind.  And she's been the same kind person ever since.
12)  She's so understanding, too.  Like so understanding.  I worry sometimes that I've said something the wrong way and it's going to offend her but then it never does.  Somehow she always manages to see through my bumbling explanations to the heart of what I'm trying to say. 
13)  Natalie loves her home and her family.  She's a bit of a homebody.  But at the same time she loves to be going and doing things and she definitely has an adventurous streak in her. 
14)  She loves fairy tales and castles and good old-fashioned romance. 
15)  She enjoys playing the piano, and has a collection of song books from some of her favorite movies.  (Newsies, Fiddler on the Roof, Jane Austen films...) 
(She also collects pretty pictures like this on her Pinterest page which I then take and put in a post about her.  Convenient, what?)
16)  Natalie's a country girl.  She would far rather live in the country than in the city.
17)  And she'd love to travel sometime.  Just about anywhere.  I think she would travel to every country in the world if she could. 
18)  Another quote that describes Natalie pretty accurately--which I also took from her Pinterest page, because obviously that's what I was doing last night, snooping on Pinterest...
Ahem.  I can relate to that.  Just a little.  Maybe that's why we get along so well.  ;)
19)  And last but certainly not least, Natalie has a very tender heart toward God.  She's the kind of friend you can talk to about the deep things in life because those are the things she most values.  Her greatest desire is to live for God and fulfill His purpose for her life, even when life is hard and painfully confusing.

She's just an all around great person, and I'm so glad to be able to call her friend. 

Happy Birthday, Natalie!! 
Thank you for being such a faithful and encouraging friend.  You're a joy and a blessing to so many people!  
This is you all over!!  *hugs*
I hope your birthday was wonderful!  I would tell you to save me a piece of cake, but it's kind of late for that now and besides you'd probably just tell me to get my own cake.  And on further thought I guess the cake probably wouldn't be any good to eat by the time I got to it so...never mind.  Forget I mentioned it. 
Sorry this post was a day late.  I guess I'll just have make up for it by wishing you a very merry un-birthday as well.  And a splendid birthday week.  And...
A wonderful, wonderful year ahead!
Love you, friend.
P.S.  I noticed after starting this post yesterday that two other blogging friends had written birthday posts for Natalie as well.  Way to go Heidi and Eowyn!   We'll drown her in birthday wishes.  (A good kind of drowning of course. ;)) 

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Followers, Vacations, Cars, and Work

This post is going to be a bullet point post because I feel like stating things matter-of-factly without my usual complicated turn of phrase.  (Also, it's late and I have a feeling this will be quicker.)  (I just said I had a feeling.  I didn't say my feelings are always correct.) 
    • yesterday
    • first car ever
    • drove it to work twice already
    • "smooth as silk"  (extra points to anyone who knows that quote)
    • trying to think of a name for it
    • hoping to write a more detailed post about it sometime in the not too distant future (famous last words)
Hurray for me!  I did it!  I bought a car!  I made a decision! 
(Natalie, you can be proud.  ;))
    • WHAT?
    • Eeeeee!
    • (That means I'm happy about it)
    • Well, it is kind of a milestone.  You have to admit that.
    • Just thank you all so much!  You're all so kind and I can't tell you how encouraging it is to know that people actually enjoy reading my writing. :)  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!  :D
    • Learning a lot of new things
    • Shadowing other Front Desk Representatives and observing their routine of checking in guests, entering information into the computer system, answering all the random questions guests bring to them, collecting payments and so on and so forth.
    • Still a lot to learn
    • August schedule has me starting regular shifts which include staying overnight for a night or two at a time. 
    • (Will I be ready for it?  *gulp*  Let us hope so.)
Why what a question!  Of course I'll be ready. 
Things like that don't scare me none.  I'm brave.
    • Sunday morning early we leave for Illinois to visit my grandparents for a week
    • We'll all be going--married siblings and their families included--22 people in all
    • I won't be taking my computer with me so you probably won't be hearing from again until sometime after Sunday the 16th.  (Come now.  There's no need to get all that excited about it.)
(Actually this is the sensible side of me celebrating at the prospect of being without internet for a week.) 
(Because the sensible side of me knows I need it.)
    • Thanks to Natalie who started me on The Blue Castle back in June (I had so much fun reading that!)...
    • ...and then recommended (no, insisted) that I read Mara Daughter of the Nile which I decided I'd better do, especially as she wasn't the first to recommend it to me.    (Enjoyed that one a lot, too!)
    • And now I'm reading Daddy-Long-Legs.  And it's such a great feeling to have a book which keeps telling me to pick it up and read it!  And which I'm quite happy to oblige!  :)  (I even read in bed with a  flashlight a couple nights this week, and I haven't done that in a long time!)
  • I guess that's it.
    • Yup
    • Can't think of anything else
    • Nothing left to say
    • So
    • So, so, so
    • I will show you another good trick that I know
    • Actually, I'll just say good-bye
    • Good-bye
    • Farewell 
    • PIP NOW!
P.S.  Speaking of Pip, I've taken up reading Great Expectations to my brother again.  We started it...oh, I don't know...over a year ago I guess, and have been neglecting it shamefully ever since.  But we're getting back into it, and are enjoying it very much.  We came across some excellent quotes the other day but I'm afraid I can't share them with you just now.  That will have to wait until another time.
Good-bye again!