Saturday, July 8, 2017

Followers, Vacations, Cars, and Work

This post is going to be a bullet point post because I feel like stating things matter-of-factly without my usual complicated turn of phrase.  (Also, it's late and I have a feeling this will be quicker.)  (I just said I had a feeling.  I didn't say my feelings are always correct.) 
    • yesterday
    • first car ever
    • drove it to work twice already
    • "smooth as silk"  (extra points to anyone who knows that quote)
    • trying to think of a name for it
    • hoping to write a more detailed post about it sometime in the not too distant future (famous last words)
Hurray for me!  I did it!  I bought a car!  I made a decision! 
(Natalie, you can be proud.  ;))
    • WHAT?
    • Eeeeee!
    • (That means I'm happy about it)
    • Well, it is kind of a milestone.  You have to admit that.
    • Just thank you all so much!  You're all so kind and I can't tell you how encouraging it is to know that people actually enjoy reading my writing. :)  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!  :D
    • Learning a lot of new things
    • Shadowing other Front Desk Representatives and observing their routine of checking in guests, entering information into the computer system, answering all the random questions guests bring to them, collecting payments and so on and so forth.
    • Still a lot to learn
    • August schedule has me starting regular shifts which include staying overnight for a night or two at a time. 
    • (Will I be ready for it?  *gulp*  Let us hope so.)
Why what a question!  Of course I'll be ready. 
Things like that don't scare me none.  I'm brave.
    • Sunday morning early we leave for Illinois to visit my grandparents for a week
    • We'll all be going--married siblings and their families included--22 people in all
    • I won't be taking my computer with me so you probably won't be hearing from again until sometime after Sunday the 16th.  (Come now.  There's no need to get all that excited about it.)
(Actually this is the sensible side of me celebrating at the prospect of being without internet for a week.) 
(Because the sensible side of me knows I need it.)
    • Thanks to Natalie who started me on The Blue Castle back in June (I had so much fun reading that!)...
    • ...and then recommended (no, insisted) that I read Mara Daughter of the Nile which I decided I'd better do, especially as she wasn't the first to recommend it to me.    (Enjoyed that one a lot, too!)
    • And now I'm reading Daddy-Long-Legs.  And it's such a great feeling to have a book which keeps telling me to pick it up and read it!  And which I'm quite happy to oblige!  :)  (I even read in bed with a  flashlight a couple nights this week, and I haven't done that in a long time!)
  • I guess that's it.
    • Yup
    • Can't think of anything else
    • Nothing left to say
    • So
    • So, so, so
    • I will show you another good trick that I know
    • Actually, I'll just say good-bye
    • Good-bye
    • Farewell 
    • PIP NOW!
P.S.  Speaking of Pip, I've taken up reading Great Expectations to my brother again.  We started it...oh, I don't know...over a year ago I guess, and have been neglecting it shamefully ever since.  But we're getting back into it, and are enjoying it very much.  We came across some excellent quotes the other day but I'm afraid I can't share them with you just now.  That will have to wait until another time.
Good-bye again!


  1. Aww, Winnie the Pooh is so perfect! And YOU BOUGHT A CAR!! Congratulations! :D

    I'm glad your job is going well AND I'm glad you're reading Great Expectations! I just finished it and the end nearly made me cry. It was so good.

    And YAY, 50 followers! Well done, you! :) :) :) Have an excellent vacation--it sounds like it shall be great fun! What a merry party you shall be on the journey! :D

    1. I love the old Winnie the Pooh pictures! :) And thanks. It was certainly a great relief to finally find one.

      Ohhhh. I can't wait to get to the end then. It's been such a long time since I've read it.

      Thank you! :) And we had a really good vacation. It was lots of fun. (Haha. Is that a Pride and Prejudice quote I see? ;))

  2. Wow! A car!? Fancy!

    Have fun on your vacation!

    (Great Expectations!!!!!)

    1. Yup. About time too. I was getting really tired of searching for one. :P

      Thank you! I did. :D


  3. Eeeeeeeeeep!!!! (This is me being excited for you.)

    Your very own car how exciting!!!! (I can't even drive, wah.)

    And I'm SO glad you like your job so far!!!! It's tough when you don't.

    And HUZZAH for getting back into reading!!!! I'm... trying... Sort of... I'm in the middle of like twelve books??? It's a leeeeetle overwhelming, to tell you the truth. Just finished reading Jack And Jill by Louisa May Alcott (!!!!!) to my little brother. Isn't reading aloud LOVELY??? Especially when you have a nice interested audience. Sometimes I even catch my OLDER brother listening in! ;)

    I've never read the REAL Great Expectations... Shameful, I know. Mara, Daughter of the Nile is on my TBR (fondly named Thedrick).

    Also CONGRATULATIONS on fifty followers!! I adored your style from the moment I stumbled upon this lovely little corner of cyberspace so I'm not in the LEASST surprised that other people feel the same way!! *sniffs in superiority at having found you first* *sort of first*

    Oooooh!!! Vacation!!! And WHOA twenty two people?!?!?! Sounds like an awesome time!!!! BUT WHAT SHALL I DO WITHOUT YOU??!??!????

    *distant sobbing*

    1. *big huge grin* (This is me appreciating your excitement.)

      (Well, considering that shopping for cars is not exactly the most fun way to spend one's time, I'd say you're pretty lucky at this point. ;))

      TWELVE BOOKS AT ONCE??!! Yikes! I don't envy you that! I'm sure I would be more than a "leeeetle" overwhelmed if I had that many books going at the same time. ;P Did you like Jack and Jill? I remember not liking that one as much as her other books, but it's been a long time since I've read it. Oh yes. It certainly IS lovely reading aloud. I really enjoy it. And I think it's so fun that you enjoy it, too. :D

      You named your TBR list Thedrick? Girl, you're awesome! :D

      Awwwww. Kate. You're so sweet. Really. Thank you so much. <3 *hugs*

      Yeah, we're quite a crowd. It's amazing our grandparents still allow us to invade their home every few years. ;)

      Oh, poor Kate. I have no idea how you ever survived without me. But cheer up! I'm back now!! ;D (Haha.)

    2. :)))))

      Really?? I guess I'm not hugely into cars either...??? But I'd be so excited about HAVING MY OWN CAR that I'd enjoy shopping, I think...

      I knooooooow. *groans* I hate when I do this to myself!!!

      I used to consider Jack and Jill one of my favorites, second only to Little Women and Eight Cousins... but she DOES do a LOT of sermonizing, so I don't know. We still enjoyed it quite a bit.

      I did. He is a grumpy little dwarf. ;)

      Ha! I'm sure they love having you.


    3. Well, you might enjoy it at that! My experience was just a bit discouraging because I'm such a bad decision maker. So I wasn't sure if I was being too picky or if the car really wasn't worth spending all that money on or...or what? You know what I mean?

      Aww. Poor Kate. :(

      I need to read Jack and Jill again.

      A grumpy little dwarf? Awww! That is too cute! :)

      I think they enjoyed it. Everyone survived anyway. Heehee. ;)

      I HAVE NO IDEA!!!!

    4. I see what you mean - I'm pretty thrifty myself so maybe I would be having a breakdown about trying to save money but get a quality car, too... Very good point.

      ;) It's a little better now. I've caught up or given up on most of them and am focusing solely on school reading so at least I feel productive.


      Well, that's always a plus!!!


    5. Yeah, sometimes you just have to do that. Cut out some things and take expectations off yourself so that you aren't constantly feeling behind. That's good. I'm glad it's helping you to feel more productive. :)

  4. (I really wish you could use bullet points in comments. I love bullet points. I even used to use them in my emails. ;P)

    Wahooo!!! So naturally, I will ask the most important question (the one I ALWAYS ask) - what colour is it? ;D

    Congratulations! For! Miss! March! Well done. <3 (And just know in the back of your mind, you really have 51 followers. ;))

    It actually sounds a lot like my Business course, hehe. :D I'm so glad, though! I'm sure you're amazing at it. <3 (By these bullet points I can already see you that you are a thorough, organized person, and that makes me happy. Hehe. :D)

    (We never use the word vacation. It's HOLIDAY. :P) It sounds lovely! Have fun!!

    That's always such a fabulous thing. :D I haven't read any of those books yet, myself. I'm currently re-reading Little Dorrit, but I'm lucky if I get in one chapter a day. I find it hard, finding time to read. :/

    (Also, that picture/quote of Winnie the Pooh saying how asking what's for breakfast is the same as asking what exciting things are going to happen is gold. XD I always loved that quote. <3)

    Great Expectations IS a good book. I mean, it's Dickens... ;)

    Goodbye! *blows kiss*

    ~Miss Meg

    1. (That would be helpful, wouldn't it?)

      1. Silver. BECAUSE I THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX! Not. (Haha.)

      2. Awww. That's true!!!! :D

      3. Yes, I certainly like to be organized.

      4. I like that you say holiday instead of vacation. That's just cool. :)

      5. I need to read Little Dorrit sometime. I've read parts of it before, but never the whole thing. It is really hard to find time to read though, isn't it? Or maybe it's not the time so much as just getting myself to concentrate on it and not be distracted by everything else.

      (Yeah. I thought that quote was really cute so I just had to include it. :))

      Exactly. It's Dickens. How could it not be good? ;)

      Good-bye! And thank you so much for your comment! :D

  5. Agh! Girl! You know how to find the right pictures!! The original Winnie the Pooh sketches have such a soft spot in my heart!

    I'll miss your posts so much. :(

    I was wondering if you've ever read any George MacDonald books? He is a wonderful Christian author, and his books are just amazing! Like super riveting! Anywho, I know you'd want to know more about them before you just read them, but I totally reccommend them!!!

    Will miss you dreadfully. :(

    1. Thank you! I'm glad you like my choice of pictures. The Winnie the Pooh illustrations are just too adorable. I can't resist them. :)

      Awww. That's really sweet of you to say. I'm hoping to get back to posting more regularly soon.

      HAVE I EVER READ ANY GEORGE MACDONALD BOOKS??!! Ohmygoodnessyes!! And I'm so excited to know that you've read them too. They're wonderful books, and it's too bad they're not more well known. Do you have a favorite of his books? My favorites are probably The Fisherman's Lady and The Marquis' Secret, but I've read quite a few others as well. Just read The Curate's Awakening and The Lady's Confession for the first time this year. They were really good. Have you ever read any of those?

      Thank you so much for your comment! :D

    2. Ahahahahaha!!!! You have read George Macdonald!!! I'm so ridiculously happy right now!!!
      Yes! I've read both the Fisherman's Lady and the Marquis Secret. Ohhh! They are SO good!!! They might be my favorites...
      I know we have the Curates Awakening and the Lady's Confession on our bookshelf... but I don't know if I've read them yet.
      Have you read the Baronet's Song and the Shepherd's Castle? They are both AMAZING! I know you'd love em.
      So happy to see you back. :) :) :)

    3. Eeeeeek! I know!!! I'm so happy to find another George MacDonald fan, too! I hardly know anyone who has read his books outside of my own family.

      Yeah, it's hard to beat those two. They're just SO good. I love Malcolm! :) Ahhhh! I need to read them again.

      I didn't read The Curate's Awakening and The Lady's Confession for the longest time. I think I had this idea in my head that they were going to be more on the boring side. But they were actually really interesting. And had some really good spiritual lessons, too.

      Yes! I've read both The Baronet's Song and The Shepherd's Castle! It's been quite a while now, but I liked both of them. Have you ever read The Maiden's Bequest or the Peasant Girl's Dream? Those two are really good, too. :)

      Thank you! It's good to be back.

    4. Well, then, you may have just inspired me to read them! :)

      I haven't!!!!! I shall need to look em up... They sound pretty great!

    5. Do! They're so good! :)

      Can't wait to hear your thoughts on them. :)

  6. You have a own car??!! That is cool!

    I am really happy to be your follower, your posts make me laugh and cry at the same time. :) You're talented girl!

    Going on a vacation! How excited! How fun! With 22 people?! How lovely!
    You must tell us all about your vacation, love to hear your thoughts about it. *not forcing anything*

    Well, cheero for now! Have a good vacation with your family and enjoy it!

    1. Yes. It is rather nice. :)

      Awwww, Rachel. Thank you!! That's really sweet to hear. I'm so glad to have you as one of my followers. :)

      I'd love to tell you all about our vacation! Unfortunately I'm dreadfully behind on blog posts right now, so I can't promise anything, but I'll see what I can do. Thanks so much for asking. :)

  7. So exciting! You're a big, brave grown-up now, Miss March! ;D I hope your vacation is awesome.

    I LOVE that you used pictures from the original Winnie-the-Pooh! (The writing is just so good - as evidenced by the quote you used!) And you quoted Dr Seuss! (I think I appreciate both of these more now than when I was a kid?? and I'm pleased to meet another adult who appreciates them ;)

    Jem Jones

    1. Ha. Big yes. Grown-up yes. Brave...I don't know. Getting there. (Maybe.) Haha. ;) Vacation was great!!!

      Yes, I think the best kind of children's books are those that can be enjoyed by children and adults alike, and Winnie-the-Pooh and Dr. Seuss certainly fit into that category! :)

  8. Hey congrats on getting a new car and fifty followers! And enjoy your trip to Illinois!!

    1. Thank you, Brittany! (A very special thank you, considering that you were my fiftieth follower! *grins*)

      Thanks for stopping by. It's so good to meet you. :D

  9. You own a car! That is SO cool. :-) AND YOU'RE READING THE BLUE CASTLE! That's even cooler, haha. :-)

    This post was so much fun to read. :-) Hope your vacation is amazing!

    1. Yes! The Blue Castle was sooooo good!! :D

      Thank you! Vacation was great.

  10. I'm always proud of you, Miss March. Decision or no decision. Hahaha. ;) But yay again!!! I'm so glad you found one. Especially a silver one. Because you can't break tradition. ;P

    *confetti explosion* YAY fifty followers!! You deserve everyone of them. :D

    I can't wait to hear more about how work has been. But I'm super happy to hear it's been going well! (I'll be praying for your overnight shifts. But I'm not too worried. As you said, you're brave. ;))

    I'm still so happy you read TBC and Mara (and that you liked it!!) (we need to talk about Mara, too) and yay for Daddy Long Legs!! :D That's such a fun, sweet book.

    PS. Read Dear Enemy once you finish DDL. It's the sequel and I actually like it even better than DDL. :)

    That Pooh quote about breakfast is so cute. <3

    1. Haha. Thanks. ;) Indeed not. One must never break tradition! :P

      Aww, thank you!

      Oh, Natalie. You're the best. Thank you so much for your prayers. I really, really appreciate them. *hugs* (About being brave though...)

      And we did talk about it! What do you know? (Sorry this comment is so late.)

      I didn't even know there was a sequel. Thanks for telling me. I shall certainly be looking it up one of these days.

      Isn't it though? I thought so, too. :)