Thursday, August 24, 2017

Summer Rambles

Originally I meant to give this post a much more extreme title, like "Aaaaaaaah!  HELP ME!"  or something along those lines.  But you all know how I hate to over-dramatize things so obviously I decided against that.  (And you all know I hate sarcasm, too, right?)
To cut to the chase, this is going to be a rambly, I-don't-know-what-to-call-it post, all about my crazy ridiculous summer and anything else that happens to blabber it's way onto the page.  Usually I like my posts to be well-thought out and organized, but considering that they take me such an enormously long time to write, I'm going to try to be a little more slap-dash about this one because...well because.  I do have things to do, people.   (Seriously. It's not like I sit in front of my computer all day long, you know.)

Oh dear.  Now I'm not even sure where to begin. 

Basically this summer has been super fun but super stressful, too.  You all know I got a new job, right?  Well...I actually got two new jobs.   How did that come about?  Well allow me to explain. 

So I started the first job (working as a front desk representative at a Christian retreat center), in June after I got back from the most exciting part of my summer (a visit to this girl here...which was an amazing time, friends, let me tell you!  :)).  The job was going along swimmingly for the first month or so, until we went away on vacation for a week to visit my grandparents.  (This happened in early July.)  Returning to work the day after we got home while being extremely sleep deprived, was not a good combination.  I was so sleepy the whole time I was at work and everything suddenly became extremely overwhelming, and I just knew, right then and there, that I wouldn't be able to do this.  This job just wasn't for me.  I went home with retirement plans formulating in my head.  (Retirement?  Ha.  More like plans for skedaddling as quickly as possible.)

There was another job I had applied for several months previously.  A job at a small café in a nearby town.  I hadn't gotten the job when I originally applied because they'd already hired all the help they needed at the time, but while we were on vacation they contacted me saying they were now hiring again and would be interested in considering me for a position.

So in the heat of discouragement over the one job, I decided to apply for the second job, thinking if I got it I could then work both jobs for a little bit, decide which I liked better, and drop the one I didn't like. 

Well, I got the second job.  I started working.  I recovered somewhat from my sleep deprivation and the first job somehow didn't look so bad anymore.  The second job however was stressing me out!!  It was too much.  It was all too much!  I was so sick of working jobs that were all new to me.  I was so tired of not knowing what to do and having to ask so many questions.  I was quitting.  One day more and then I was going to tell my boss that working two jobs was too much for me.  The café job would have to go.

I was a basket case, a complete basket case that one Saturday night when I got home from a four hour evening shift.  So tired and worn out and stressed, I cried hysterically (but as silently as I could) into my pillow that night, going over and over in my mind how I was going to tell my boss that I was quitting and whether quitting was even the right thing to do or whether I was giving up too soon.  I finally fell asleep feeling that I truly did have legitimate reasons to quit.  That I literally could not handle this much pressure.

The weeping and pity-partying continued into the next day.  I was working Sunday and I was sick of working Sundays!!  I wanted to go to church with my family.  I was feeling lonely and cut off from everyone and I'm afraid I gave my mom a time of it being so moody and dispirited.  Well, I went to work.  Because I had to.  And low and behold, I came home with a completely different perspective.

Had to admit to my mom that she was right all along.  I simply hadn't given it enough time.  It's not that I suddenly loved my job, but due to one thing and another it did suddenly became a whole lot more bearable.  And now I've adjusted my schedule to make sure I have Sundays and Mondays off most weeks and just knowing that I have a weekend is such a relief.  :)

So yeah.  I'm working two jobs.  I'm still in the learning process for both of them which has it's levels of stress.  And I still want to quit just about every other day (because I'm a wimp), but overall I think I'm going to survive it.  It's a matter of getting used to a new normal.  Accepting the fact that I do have less time at home, but that, that's how life goes.  It's a new phase of life and one that I need to embrace and work with, instead of pining for the way things used to be.   I know God opened these doors for me and I need to walk through them with a grateful heart and an attitude of anticipation for how He plans to use and grow me through this.  (There now.  There's your lecture for today, Miss March.  Put that in your pipe and smoke it.)  (But I don't smoke.)  (Details.)

Anyway, enough on that subject.  I'm sure you didn't come here to hear a bunch of boring details all about my working life, now did you?  (For that matter, what did you come here for?  Oh! you stumbled upon this blog by accident.  Well, I'm sorry.  You have my deepest condolences.) 


Summer, summer, summer.  It's almost over.  Did you realize that?  My siblings started back to school this week already.   (And now I will say an original thing.  Like Uncle Benjamin.)  "How time does fly!"

I called this post Summer Rambles, so now I feel I must ramble about something.  But dear me, now that I've gotten all that work nonsense off my chest I'm really not sure what there is left to talk about. 

Give me a minute.  I'll think of something. 

~ Oh yes!  After over a year's length of time I've finally finished reading Great Expectations to my brother.  It's a marvelous book.  Really.  I could find you some excellent quotes from that book, but I won't just now because unfortunately I don't have the time.  We started reading The Blue Castle just today.  It's great having a brother who lets me read aloud to him!  (Because I do love to read aloud.)

~ I also started reading Little Women aloud to two of my younger sisters.  That's been fun so far, though I guess we won't have as much time for it now that they're back in school.  Do any of you dear people like to read aloud? 

~ I cut my finger at work the other day.  That was ouch.  But mostly just annoying know.  :P

~ I'm currently reading Christy to myself, and it's such a good book!  Catherine Marshall has a really lovely style of writing.

~ Watched The Parent Trap (1961) about three times last week.  And ohh, what is it about some movies?  I've seen this one dozens of times before, but IT WAS SO GOOD THIS TIME!  I really, really liked it.  It's a comedy, but even in the midst of the comedy there's so much real, human emotion.  Like when the dad sees both of the twins together for the first time in years...he gets all teary eyed and oh! it's just so sweet!!  (And Sharon's conversation with Vickie?  Haha.  That was priceless.  "Surely you don't think I'd want to marry your father just for his money?"  "If the shoe fits wear it!"  ;))

~ Wow.  I am getting very nice and rambly now, aren't I?  I guess I'd better wrap this thing up before I put you entirely to sleep. 

So long my friends!  I hope you're all have a very lovely Summer! 
Any special plans for the Fall? 
Until next time...

I remain yours very truly,
Miss March

P.S.  Please overlook any errors in this post.  I'm afraid I'm in too much of a hurry to read it over as thoroughly as I usually do.  I have to be at work by 5:00 and I still need to get ready.  Yikes!  Must be off!

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

What do you think?

Hello, hello!
I'm afraid I've been rather neglecting my blog lately.  Well, not exactly neglecting it.  I have been working on posts periodically.  It's just that I have nothing much to show for it because...I haven't finished any posts lately.  It's the same old story.  I just can't seem to master the art of throwing a post together quickly. 
Ah well.
Anyway, this one should be quick enough because all I'm really hear to say is...I changed my blog look!   (Like you didn't already notice that.  ;P)
What do you think of it?  I rather like it.  Though at the same time I think it needs a little tweaking.  Not sure what it is, but for some reason I'm not entirely satisfied with it.  Oh well.  I haven't time to mess with it anymore so I guess it'll just have to stay as it is for now. 

Gotta run!  It's time for lunch and I need to leave for work in less than an hour!  Hope you all are having a great week!  Talk to you later!  :)

Thursday, August 3, 2017

The Long Awaited, Largely Forgotten, Ask Me Anything Answer Post // Part 2

*Peeks furtively around the corner to see if anyone is looking*  *Creeps out slowly and timidly*  *Ducks head and shuffles feet nervously, trying to figure out where to begin* 

Okay.  So.

Do remember that "Ask Me Anything Answer" post which was supposed to be coming out in three installments??  The one that had it's beginning in this post here, and it's first installment here...and nothing else since then?? 

Yeah.  That one.

If you've forgotten all about it, I don't blame you.  It's only natural, really, considering how long it's been since the first installment came out.  (April 18th, guys!! Like WHAT?!  Where has the time gone?)  I just want to say I'm very sorry it's taken me this long to get back to answering all your questions.  It was very irresponsible of me.  It was indeed.   Unfortunately I haven't any sort of good excuse to give you so...

Let's just forget about it, shall we?  And move on.  Because dwelling on such sad neglectfulness is really no way to spend one's time.  Really.  It isn't.  (And besides it puts me in a most uncomfortable position, and I don't like that.  'Hem.) 

In this post I shall be tackling Morgan LuaAnn'sRachel's, Rae's , and Molly Rebekah's questions.   Thank you so much, girls!  And if I give you a hard time for the questions you asked me, rest assured it's all in fun.  I really did enjoy answering them.  :)


1. Tea or coffee? (or neither?)

Let's just say I'd choose quite a few beverages over both of those, but if I had to choose one I'd choose tea.  I've never actually tried coffee and I don't mean to.  It's just...ew! *shivers*  No like.  (Yeah.  I'm one of those talented people who can decide they don't like something simply by looking at it.  My mom always loved that about me.)  (In my defense though, I wasn't the only one.  My siblings were really good at it, too.)  (Our poor mom.)
2. Current favorite movie?

Well, I just watched a whole bunch of new movies while visiting Natalie (see a complete list here) and they were all really good so I guess I'll just choose one of them.  Of course I'm not saying this is actually my favorite movie at the moment (because honestly guys, picking favorites is WAY too hard for me!) but I really enjoyed North and South.  

Mr. Thornton though.  Goodness gracious.  I feel soooo sorry for him!!  If he would just stop being so extremely pitiable.  PLEASE, Mr. Thornton.  Just STOP.

3. Is there a food you dislike?

Why of course there is!!  I've always been very good at disliking food.  In fact, my siblings and I were notorious for it growing up.  (In other words we were a mom's worst nightmare.  Picky as all get out!)  Thankfully, I've overcome a lot of my pickiness as I've grown older, but still, there are some things I could very well do without.  Like asparagus for instance, or lima beans. (I take after my grandpa in that respect.  He hated lima beans, too.)  I guess vegetables in general I'm not enthused about. 

4. Do you prefer baking or cooking?

Probably baking.  (Cookies anyone?)

5. Is there a genre of music you dislike?

Oh probably.  Unfortunately I couldn't tell you what it is because I'm sort of, um, ignorant when it comes to different types of music.  I just like it or I don't and I rarely give much thought to what genre it is.  Oh, but I guess there is one I could mention!  Contemporary Christian music.  The kind one normally sings in church, you know?  Ooooh!  *shivers*  Drives me crazy sometimes.   Not that I dislike all the songs of course (some of them are really good) but in general I'd just like to say...does anyone know what a tune is anymore?  And how about some more creative lyrics?  I mean, anyone could have come up with that!  And uh, did no one ever tell you that there is such a thing as being too repetitive?  (Oh and one more thing.  Could we please stop sounding like we're singing a dirge, and perhaps actually sing as if we're happy about it?  Songs that drone on and one are just, bleh.)

Yeah.  Moving on.
6. Who is your favorite actor or actress?
(There's that "favorite" word again.  Morgan, please!  Why must you ask such difficult questions?)
Okay, here's what I'll do.  I'll just give you one of my favorite old-time actresses and one of my favorite old-time actors.  How's that?
Greer Garson

Jimmy Stewart

7. What is your favorite dessert?

Favorite dessert?  Did you say favorite dessert?!  Nooooo!!   WHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO DO?  DRIVE ME INSANE?!!  Seriously, Morgan.  I'm not that picky about desserts.  If it's sweet and yummy I'll take it. 


8. Do you have any animals? If so, how many?

Just two little goldfish.  We used to have five, but three of them died.

9. What is your favorite Bible verse?

John 15: 16 
You did not choose me but I chose you, and appointed you that you would go and bear fruit, and that your fruit would remain, so that whatever you ask of the Father in My name He may give to you.  This I command you, that you love one another. 

This one has been a favorite of mine for a while.  Especially the beginning part of it.  It's just really encouraging to me to remember that I never could have chosen God if He hadn't chosen me first.  That all my longing after Him comes directly from His longing after me.  That though I falter and mess up, the desire to follow Him remains strong within me because His choosing me is the essence of that desire and He never changes.  I can rest in the knowledge that this relationship was His idea first and that He knows how to keep His own.
10. How tall are you?

Five feet four and a half inches.  Or according to my driver's license, five feet five inches.   

11. Do you have a favorite series?

Not sure if this is referring to movies or books but I'll just go with books and say the Little Women series.  Which of course includes, Little Women, Little Men, and Jo's Boys

12. Did you ever play in a musical?

Well, twice we did Christmas plays at our church which had singing in them.  Does that count?  That was back when I was around eight or nine, but even at that tender age I was a top-notch actor.  I totally would have made it big on Broadway if I'd decided to pursue that career.  However I didn't.  Why didn't I, you ask? Well, because.  I just couldn't bear the thought of outshining everyone so completely and making them all feel bad.  You know.  That just wouldn't be nice.

*oh, the lies!*

13. Favorite actress?

*Sighs deeply*  No one's getting the message here.  Guys!  I DON'T DO FAVORITES!! Oh very well.  One of my favorite actresses (and I'm going with a  modern actress since I just mentioned an old-time actress under Morgan's question) is Romola Garai.

(Because Emma, you know.)

14. Favorite actor?

Ioan Gruffudd, because--you'll never guess--because he's William Wilberforce!!

And that ought to be enough for anyone.

15. Five brothers or five sisters?

I'm assuming this means if I had to choose between having five brothers or five sisters which would I choose.  My, but that's a tough one!  I guess I'd have to go with five sisters because, as Mrs. Weston would say, "A woman needs the companionship of another woman."  And I definitely wouldn't want to do without the companionship of my sisters.  But then...ohhhhh!...I love my brothers too!!  And life would be so much duller without them.

On second thought, can I just say, "I don't know"?  ;)
16. Your favorite food?

This is hopeless.  I see now I ought to have added a few rules before allowing you girls to ask me any question you wanted!  I should have banned any question with the word "favorite" in it.

Fine.  I'll give you two favorites.  Lasagna and chicken divan.  And actually, it's pretty hilarious that those are two of my favorite meals because as  a kid they were the most dreaded, horrific, I'm-gonna-die-if-I-have-to-eat-that kind of meals ever.  Indeed, my siblings and I quaked at the sight of them, and spent long hours at the table trying to empty our plates. 

Now I find them absolutely delicious.

Age does strange things to you, that's all I can say.
17. Are there any countries you're dying to see?
Well, I wouldn't say there's any I'm "dying" to see (I don't particularly long for travel or think about it overly much) but if I had the chance to go to another country I'd choose England, Scotland, or Ireland.  They're definitely the countries that interest me the most.
18. How many languages do you speak?

Just English.  I know.  I'm so boring.  ;P

19. What's your favorite book?

*bangs head on desk in despair* 


Ahem. Sorry.  I'm afraid I got a little carried away there.  I really must learn to control myself, mustn't I?  

*takes a deep breath*  

Alright.  I don't have an absolute favorite, so I'll just give you a new favorite of mine.  One that I read for the first time this year.  And that would be The Blue Castle.  Guys, that is such a sweet story!  I love Barney.  He's the best!  And he and Valancy are so perfect together! 

20. Is there any Period Drama you dislike?

Oh yes!  Lots.  But here's one in particular.

(This does count as a period drama, right?)

We watched this movie several months ago and--sorry to all those who like this movie--but it was awful!  "Captivating and enchanting"?  I. Don't. Think. So.  Not in my opinion anyway.  In fact, it was one of those movies that seriously made me want to go into the movie-making industry.  And when Miss March starts talking about being a filmmaker you can be downright sure she just saw a movie that was way below her standard of excellence.  

21. Do you listen to music a lot? How much? What genre?

Mostly I listen to music while driving in the car and sometimes when I'm working alone in the kitchen or something.  Other than that, not a whole lot.  As to a specific genre, I mostly listen to Christian music from the 70's/80's.  (Andrew Culverwell anyone?  Someone please tell me you know who that is.)

22. If you could choose any career/job, what would it be?

None.  I prefer not to work.  I have more fun that way.  ;)

Just kidding.  But seriously, there really isn't a career that particularly appeals to me.  Unless of course it's being a real published author.  I could go for that!  (Though I have a feeling I'm kind of waiting for it to happen of it's own accord, and something tells me I'm not going to get very far with that kind of an attitude.)  What I most want to do though is be a wife and a mother--just staying home, raising a family, and taking care of my house.  So if that's all the "career" I ever have, that will be quite enough for me! 

23. What does your ideal man look like? Looks, yes, but also things like personality, values, sense of humour, etc.

Oh dear me!  How does one even begin to describe such perfection? 

Random picture of me staring off into the distance, waiting for my man to come and find me. 
(Actually that's not really me.  But you know what I mean.)

He's short--not that I actually object to his being tall of course, but...I don't know...I just kind of like the idea of a short husband right now (don't ask me why)--with thick hair that has a bit of a wave or curl to it.  He has a very expressive and open countenance; kind and thoughtful eyes that light up profusely whenever he smiles.  He's not overly talkative, but he's definitely more relaxed and outgoing with people than I am.  He's a bit of a tease and likes to give me a hard time (but I give it right back to him so we're even).  He's also really good at playing the piano.  (I mean really good!)  And he can sing.  And he likes the simple old-fashioned things best.  And he doesn't care much for cellphones and social media and all that, because dear me!  What a waste of time! 

He loves Jesus with all his heart and that shows plainly in the way he lives his life.  He's really in-tune and sensitive to what other people are feeling.  He can tell when someone's having a bad day and he cares enough to listen to them and encourage them.  He laughs a lot and can be quite goofy sometimes, but he's also very practical and realistic.  He gets really passionate about the truth and what he believes, and would make a really great preacher.  (In fact, he might be a pastor, but I haven't quite decided on that yet.  Haha.)  

I could go on, but I don't want to overwhelm you with how wonderful he is, so I'll refrain. 

(Tell me, what are some specific qualities you'd like to find in a husband?  What does your ideal man look like?  I must know.  ;))
24. Tell some things you're good at. Things you normally don't like to talk about because it feels like you're bragging. You're not, we understand. :)

Oh no, Rae.  Please.  Not that.

You mean you actually expect me to answer this?

You do realize that once I start talking about how great I am we could be here all day, right? 
You do realize that?

Seriously, Rae.  I don't know what to say to this. 

But fine.  I'll try to think of something.

I'm really good at letting people know how things ought to be done.  (And they love me for it.  Oh yes they do.)

Also I flatter myself I'm rather good at convincing my siblings that I don't want the last piece of dessert (when I really do).  Because you know I'm just so nice and I don't want them to feel guilty for taking what I wanted so I put a brave face on it and smile, smile away.

(And then feel down of course because I didn't get the dessert, but also proud because I was so noble as to give it up.)

(Wow.  Talk abut self-conceit.  I'm afraid I really am a selfish, rotten little creature at heart.)

Let's not talk any more about what I'm good at.  I don't think it's doing me any credit.
25. How early do you normally get up? How late do you normally go to bed? Or do you not have a "normally"?

Anywhere from 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m I guess?  It depends if I have anything I really need to get up for.  If not I kind of tend to sleep in.  As to going to bed.  Well.  That doesn't usually happen until sometime around midnight.  Sad, but true.
26. Have you ever been to a formal dance of any sort?
I don't believe I have.  It's okay though.  Nobody missed much by my absence.  Me and dancing, well...we're not exactly on intimate terms you might say.

27. Who is your favorite March sister from Little Women?

I'm done!  This is the last straw! If someone says favorite one more time I'm going to SCREAM!


Oh Molly, Molly.  Why? 

*stares forlornly off into the distance*

I can't answer this question.  I just can't.  I like all of them.  The end.

28. Are you an early bird or a night owl?

Night owl I guess.  As I just said, I'm rarely in bed before midnight and I very often stay up later than that.  However, I do like to get up early, too.  (You know, if I can manage to pull myself out of bed.)  So...maybe a little of both?

29. Which do you prefer, cats or dogs?

I LOVE THEM BOTH!!...from a proper distance of course.  Get them too close to me, though, and things aren't quite so chummy.  (They're awfully nice as pictures in books.  I'll give them that.  :P)

30. What's your favorite Bible story?


(That's me screaming.  Because you said it.  You said the dreaded word.)  (This "favorite" stuff is going to be the death of me, I just know it is.)

Okay, I'm sorry.  But I really don't know what my favorite Bible story is.  There are so many good ones.  As a kid my favorite story was Ruth (probably because I had a Ruth doll and therefore always thought of Ruth as "my" Bible character) but honestly now that I'm older I don't tend to pick favorites. 

31. Favorite name for a girl? For a boy?

I like Nancy.  And I like Tristan. 

32. Do you play any instruments?

I play the piano.  That's about it.

33. What's your favorite time of year?

Whatever time of year we're not currently in probably.  You know.  Like when it's summer, I want fall, and when it's winter I want spring.   The grass is always greener...

I did it!  I made it through this post!  Hip-hip-HURRRAH!

Aren't you glad that's over?  I certainly am.

And now I'm going to be very bold and say, please leave a comment!  You don't have to say much, even just a simple "hello" would be nice.  It's just that it feels like such a long time since we've talked, and I miss you!!  And I need to know you're all still alive out there!   ;D  Please come talk to me.