Monday, July 11, 2016

Random Observations on Sense and Sensibility '95

(I love the word random.  It's such a perfect excuse for writing anything that borders on jumbled and disorganized.  Just tack random on the title of your post and you're free to make it a completely muddled conglomeration of thoughts which fit together--or don't fit together--as the fancy strikes you.  Yes, it really is a very convenient word.)
Anyhow, that's what I'm here for today, to throw some very random thoughts in your direction; and as I have no clear idea where I'm going with this, be prepared for a barrage of confused babbling.  Just so you know, this is not the first time I've seen this version of Sense and Sensibility.  However, it had been quite a few years since the last time I watched it, so there actually were a few new things which stood out to me this time around.  This post therefore will be a collection of old and new thoughts inspired from our recent viewing of this film. 
Shall we begin?
~ [Opening scene: John Dashwood talking to his father.]  Hold it a second!  Isn't that Uncle Frederick from Little Dorrit??  It IS!  It really IS!  John Dashwood is Uncle Frederick!  Goodness.  And he's so much younger!  And oh my!  That means Uncle Frederick's married to Mrs. Gowan.  Dear, dear.  Poor Uncle Frederick.  I do pity him.  To be married to such a lady as Mrs. Gowan!  :(
~ *sigh*  Edward is so stiff.  As always.  Do you think perhaps his collar is too tight?  And he does have such trouble saying what he wants to say.  I do wish he could talk without a mile long pause between each and every word.
~ There goes Colonel Brandon, talking in a monotone again.  Couldn't he, please, just put a little bit of feeling into his words?  His blankness is driving me nuts.   And he talks too slow, too.  It's giving me anxiety attacks.  (Haha.  Just kidding.  But I do wish they could get their words out a little more quickly.  If you're going to talk, talk!)
~ Mwhahaha! Willoughby is so ridiculously charming when he comes in with that bouquet!  Typical rat-like behavior.  You'd think someone would catch on to the fact that he's too good to be true. 
~ Oh look!  It's Beeeertie!!  Talk Bertie, talk!  We want to hear you taaalk!  Haha!  Thank you.  You're so funny when you talk so seriously!!  Okay, you don't even have to talk.  We're cracking up just looking at you.  Bertie with that solemn, grumpy face...oh! it's too much.   It's just too much!!  
(By the way, have any of you ever imagined what would happen if Mr. Palmer and Bertie Wooster were to meet?  Because, honestly, I think it would be a riot.  Mr. Palmer fixing Bertie with one of his  death-threatening stares, and Bertie returning the look with one of his innocent, goofy little smiles.  I just know Bertie would drive Mr. Palmer berserk.  And that's why it's so totally hilarious to think that they really are very closely connected.  ;))

*Ahem* Getting back to Sense and Sensibility...
~ Wow.  Willoughby really is a RAT!  I'd forgotten how very bad he is, and now I find that I don't pity him nearly much as I thought I did!  Not even in that last scene when he looks so pitifully down over the hill.  (Actually, I've never pitied him in that scene.  That was pathetic.  You brought it on yourself, buster!  Now get over it.) (Ahem.  I admit, though, I do still pity Willoughby somewhat in the book.  However, my reasons for doing so are too complicated to go into at the present moment, so that's all I'm going to say on the subject just now.) 
~ Oh my goodness!  That scene where Edward walks into the room and addresses himself to Elinor, failing to notice that Lucy is standing right behind him!  And then Elinor kindly makes him aware of his situation and...oh!   AWKWARDNESS!  Poor Edward. 
Wake me up, someone, please.  This has got to be a nightmare!
~ Okay, Fanny.  You're reaction to Lucy Steele's confidence was just a bit over the top.  Seriously?  Dragging her out through the window?  I find that hard to believe.  (Yes, that was a very uncomfortable, groan-worthy scene, in my opinion.)
~ Well, Marianne certainly knows the secret to finding herself a man.  Just walk outside in the rain and whichever man carries you home, he's the one!  Wala!
~ Look at that!  It's Mr. Wickfield!  (From David Copperfield 1999)  I'd forgotten he'd gone into the medical profession.  Nice to see you, Mr. Wickfield.
~ Someone please tell me.  Why does Marianne fall in love with Colonel Brandon?  I don't get it.  I mean, he's awfully nice, and a real gentleman and all that...but he has NO expression when he talks.  If she couldn't bear listening to Edward read without expression, how is she going to bear living with a  husband who can't even talk with the teeniest bit of feeling in his voice?

~ Lucy, I dislike you very much.  You're an obnoxious, creepy person.  But I do love how you make things so nice and convenient at the end.  First we hear that you and Edward are married.  And oh! poor Elinor!  But then we hear, what?  You and Edward are not married?  You went and married his brother instead?  Oh, nice.  That was an easy fix.
~ One final thing.  Colonel Brandon, why are throwing money into the air? I mean, I know you're super happy since you just got married, and I can't deny it is a cool camera shot, but honestly  isn't that an awful waste of one's resources?  And if you meant for it to be a gift of charity to the poor, then why didn't you just hand it to them straight?  That way they wouldn't have to go breaking their backs looking for it all over the ground?  Just a thought.
See?  I told you this was going to be a random post.  You were fairly warned.  And now I just hope you made it safely through this whole confused mess.   Sorry.  I'm afraid I just wasted several minutes of your life.

(Just so you know, I don't dislike this movie.  It's not a perfect adaption of Sense and Sensibility, but it's still highly entertaining.  And in case you were wondering, I've seen the '08 version, too; and while I liked some things about it, I still maintain there's a lot of room for improvement.  They haven't hit on a perfect Sense and Sensibility yet, in my opinion.)
Have you ever seen this movie? 
What are some of your random thoughts about it?
Do you agree with me that we could still use a better version of S&S? 


  1. 2008 S&S for the win!! That, in my 'umble opinion, is a beautiful adaptation ;) (And--wonder of wonders--Brandon actually HAS A PERSONALITY.) Hehe ;D

    Lucy Steele and Fanny are both awful :P

    If Mr. Palmer and Bertie ever met...*cracks up at the thought*

    What a fun post!!

    1. I really need to watch the '08 movie again. It's been several years and I've only ever seen it once. I know I really liked Edward and Elinor in that version. :)

      Haha. They are indeed. ;)

      I know! Wouldn't that be hilarious?!

      Thanks, Olivia. I'm glad you enjoyed it. I enjoyed writing it. :D

  2. While I don't dislike this version either, I prefer the 2008 version. But I find it funny that after meeting on this movie set, Emma Thompson and Greg Wise married.

    1. Yes, there were definitely some things about the 2008 movie that I liked better than this one. It's longer, too, so you get a bit more of the story, which is nice. :)

      Oh, I know! I just read about that recently. That is so funny! Willoughby marrying Elinor? Haha!

  3. Ha, this is my kind of post.
    Haha, YES, Colonel Brandon's lack of personality annoys me to BIIITS. And although I do like Hugh Grant's Edward, Dan Steven's Edwards has captured me in my heart. Kate Winslet makes the best Marianne though. Her MARRIANNE-NESS.
    Haha, funny, I watched Little Dorrit after this one, so I went, 'OHHH HE'S IN S&S!!' :-)
    BERTIE AND MR PALMER. Ugh, Hugh Laurie is a genius. :-D

    1. Yay! I'm so glad you enjoyed it! :D

      Oh, good. You understand my feelings about Colonel Brandon. I think that's why he's the one Jane Austen hero that I don't care that much about. He just never "comes alive" to me...probably because of how he's portrayed in the movie. ;) Oh, I like Hugh Grant's Edward, too, and that's who I usually think of when I think of Edward! However, I think I may have liked Dan Steven's Edward even better. :D Yup. Kate Winslet is the best Marianne. I really like most of the cast in the '95 movie. It just would have been even better if the movie had been longer, and they'd been able to delve into the characters a bit more. :)

      Oh, so it worked the opposite way for you. That's so funny. :)

      Yes, indeed! To play such vastly different characters. It's amazing what some actors can do. :D

  4. Random is a very nice word;) That and "ramblings" are some of my favourite words to use in blog titles;)

    This is one of my favourite movies! I've seen it too many times to count.

    As I adore both Hugh Grant's and Alan Rickman's performances I will not comment on your opinions of them;)

    Mr. Palmer is the best! Though, when I saw him I exclaimed "look, it's Dr House, and he's just as rude and taciturn as always". So imagine my surprise when I discovered that he played Berite Wooster as well - I guess good actors can play diametrically opposed personalities.
    And the fun imagining a meeting between the two...

    I don't know about the movie, but in the book they made it a point that Marianne wasn't actually in love with Brandon when she married him, and that she only grew to love him later.

    A great post, Miss March, as always:)

    1. It is indeed. And yes! I love the word "ramblings", too. Both are excellent words when it comes to blogging. ;)

      Oh, I don't dislike Hugh Grant's performance. Really, I don't. I just can't help laughing sometimes at how stiff and awkward he is. ;) As to Alan Rickman, however...sorry, Rose. I just have a super hard time getting into his character. I wish I could like him better. (I'm not even that impressed with the Colonel Brandon of the book, and that irks me because he's such a good guy, and I should like him. I just can't get over the fact that he's rather boring. :/ By the way, do you have a favorite Jane Austen hero? Just curious.)

      Oh my goodness! That really would be a surprise to see Hugh Laurie as Bertie Wooster after seeing him in those other two roles first. What a difference. It really is amazing how actors can play such vastly different characters. :)

      Hmm...yes. Marianne's ideas of love and romance certainly go through a HUGE adjustment over the course of the story. That's for sure.

      Aww. Thank you, Rose! *grin* And thank you for your comment! It just about made my day!! :D

    2. But him being all awkward is what I like the most, as I feel it underlines the character so well:)

      A favourite Austen hero? Tough choice, as I enjoy most of them. But my favourite is without a doubt Henry Tilney. I mean, he's sweet, humorous and knows muslin - what more can anyone ask for. (Oh, and him being played by JJ Feild doesn't hurt in the least)
      What about you? Do you have a favourite?

    3. That's true. Awkwardness is just a part of Edward's personality, isn't it? Poor guy. I can totally relate to that. :P

      HENRY TILNEY! YES! I love Henry Tilney. :D His humor is right down my alley. And he's so sweet and caring, too. It's really hard for me to choose an actual favorite, but it's probably tied between Mr. Darcy, Mr. Knightley, and Henry. But honestly, I like ALL Jane Austen's heroes. :)

  5. What a fun post! Loved it, Miss March! :D

    You had me in stitches throughout the entire thing ;)

    1. Aww. Thank you, Blessing!

      Haha. I'm delighted to hear it amused you. ;) And thank you for your comment! It brightened up my day! :D

  6. This is my almost favorite movie of all time. :) I loved this movie long before I loved Austen or had ever read Austen or heard of her other stories. (My favorite of all time is the '94 Little Women.) :-)

    Um, I think there is no room for improvement, but I'm jaded, as detailed above. I also can't see the Brandon/Marianne thing. Ha ha about throwing Colonel Brandon's money. A fine point...

    1. Oh! It really is a good movie, though I do find things to laugh at about it. I can totally see why it'd be one of your favorites. :) And Little Women, too. That's a fun one, though I still think they could do a better one. (I must be a book purist or something...*wink*)

      Haha. Yeah, it just strikes me funny that Marianne ends up marrying someone so opposite from what she always liked. And yes, the money thing. My siblings and I were commenting about that when we watched it. "Whatever did he do that for?" We just couldn't understand it. ;) Heehee.

    2. Ha ha ha! I get all swept up in the music at the end of the movie, so I'd never noticed the money throwing. I mean I noticed, but I NEVER QUESTIONED IT. So I'm obviously not a critic. I just like to swoon. :P

      But that's definitely odd. Keep that cash for a rainy day! Or hand it out politely. I shall laugh next time. ;-)

    3. Haha! I like to swoon, too, but I'm afraid deep down I'm much more of a critic. I just have too much fun picking things apart. It's a bit of a problem, actually. :P

      Ha! Exactly. I'll join you in that laugh. ;)

  7. This was quite amusing. I kept starting to get offended at your insulting people I liked in the book, thinking, "but that was only in the movie!" and then of course I reminded myself--CALM DOWN, Rae, she's only talking about the movie. I actually quite agree with most of what you said. The 1995 movie was good, quite good, but not as good (as far as accuracy goes) as the 2008 one and neither one is perfect. I agree with you that we have yet to see a perfect adaptation. :)

    1. Haha. Sorry, Rae. Didn't mean to get you worked up over this. ;) But you're right. Yes. I was only talking about the movie. The characters in the book are great!! (And for the record, I don't really dislike the characters in the movie...I just find a lot to be nitpicky about. It's a bad habit, probably.)

      You've summed up my feelings almost exactly. Yes, indeed. The 1995 movie IS good, but not quite as accurate (in many respects, at least) as the 2008 film, and neither of them are quite perfect. I'm glad you agree. ;)

      And oh! I do hope someone decides to make a REALLY good one sometime, because it's such a good story and I'd love to have a movie of S&S that I like as much as Pride and Prejudice '95 and Emma 2009. That would be awesome!

      Thanks for your comment! :)

    2. (Don't worry, I didn't get too worked up, I just started to get offended. :)
      I tagged you on my L. M. Montgomery blog!

    3. (Haha. That's a relief. ;))
      Ohh! How lovely. I'll have to check it out. Thanks, Rae!

  8. Wonderful post! :)

    I like this version, but I LOVE '08 version. I could just watch it over and over and over.... (you get the picture.)


    1. Thanks, Monica!! :)

      I really need to watch the '08 version again. I've only ever seen it once.

  9. I THINK the "throwing the coins" thing is an English custom of some sort, but don't quote me on that . . .

    I absolutely adore the '08 Sense and Sensibility. I think it's the best Jane Austen adaptation I've ever seen, to be honest :-) You should definitely watch it again, and tell us all what you think of it! :-)

    1. That sounds plausible. Leave it to me to talk smart over something I know nothing about. :P Haha.

      Ah, yes. I knew you liked that one. ;) I really must watch it again, because it's been such a long time, and I find I'm quite curious to know what my opinion would be a second time through. :)

      Thanks for commenting, Jessica! :D

  10. I adore Brandon in this (probably cause I adore Alan Rickman) but that's the way he speaks.. all...slow...and...drawn...out.. :P But yes I agree. Throwing the coins I read/heard somewhere is a custom where someone rich such as the patron of a village or so would throw some money for the villagers.. I think?

    1. So that's what the coin throwing was all about! Now it's making sense. Thanks, Evie! ;)

  11. Heehee, isn't "random" just SUCH a handy word? ;)

    I did realize that those two actors from LD were in this version of Sense and Sensibility but your pointing out that Frederick Dorrit is married to Mrs. Gowan certainly made it seem even more funny! haha :D

    Edward's stiffness....and Colonel Brandon's odd way of talking...yes. -sigh-

    OH MY! I want a Bertie Wooster/Mr. Palmer movie now! With Hugh Laurie as both characters, "Parent Trap" style, of course. ;)

    Heehee. Explaining love/hate feelings for Willoughby indeed does take time. :D


    Haha, your points about the coin-throwing made me smile. :D

    Delightful post, as usual, Miss March!

    1. It really is! ;)

      Haha. Yeah, it puts it in a whole a new prospective, doesn't it? Poor Uncle Frederick. :(

      You noticed that, too? Oh, good. I was beginning to think I was rather heartless for feeling that Edward is a bit too stiff and Colonel Brandon a bit too lacking in expression. :P Glad I'm not the only one who thought about that.

      Oh my goodness, yes!! Someone should SO do a movie like that. That would be HILARIOUS!! :D

      You said it. It truly is a very time-consuming effort. :P Why must Willoughby be such a complicated character? It makes things so difficult. Haha. Actually, no, I think it's really cool that he is, because that's realistic. People are complicated creatures, every one of them.

      YEEEES. I feel so bad for him in that scene.

      Haha. Thanks. :)

    2. I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks that about Edward and Colonel Brandon, too. :D

      Yes! You're so right! Stories with complicated characters are always so much more interesting. As you said, it's realistic because real people are complicated. :)