Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Blog Parties!

I'm here to announce that there are two...yes, TWO...blog parties coming up this next month!  And of course this is a huge surprise to all of my readers because none of you happen to read the same blogs I do!  (Right.  There's no need to tell you that comment was laced with sarcasm.)  Anyhow, I just wanted to announce these upcoming events officially, and tell you all something you already knew!! 
So, first we have...
Legends of Western Cinema Week!
This is being hosted for the second year in a row by Emma and Olivia, and is bound to be a lot of fun, even if you aren't a huge fan of the West.  (And who knows?  You may be a fan by the time the week is over...in fact, I'm sure you will if Emma and Olivia have anything to say about it.  ;))  The party starts on August 1st and will be going through the 5th.  Check out Emma's blog (A Lantern In Her Hand) and Olivia's (Meanwhile, in Rivendell... ), and join the fun!!
Downton Abbey Week!
Hosted by Naomi Sarah at Wonderland Creek.  Naomi hosted a highly enjoyable Jane Austen week last year, with loads of interesting posts, so I'm very much looking forward to seeing what she has to say about Downton!  It starts the 21st and goes through the 27th.
Good luck with your preparations, girls!!


  1. Aw thanks, Miss March! It's going to be fun! :-)

  2. Hee. We picked the same Western button. :D

  3. If *I* have anything to say about it....mwuahahahahahaha. Thanks for the shoutout!