Tuesday, April 18, 2017

The Long Awaited, Greatly Anticipated, Ask Me Anything Answer Post // Part 1

About a month ago (wow!  Has it really been that long?  That's crazy!)   Ahem.  As I was saying, about a month ago I published this post which was a general invitation to my readers to ask me any questions about myself that they desired to know the answers to.  Obviously this follow up post has been a long time in coming, but I'm finally here with the first batch of answers.

And yes, I've decided (per the advice of several of my blogging friends) to divide this post into sections, and deliver it to you in doses.  Quite as one would give a child a bit of medicine, you know?  Because such irksome stuff taken in large amounts might very well prove fatal to those who receive it, and we wouldn't want to risk that, now would we? 

Without further ado then, let us begin.

Warning:  I had a lot of fun with these questions so beware of crazy waters ahead.  And if you happen to get hit by a wave of ridiculousness, don't say I didn't warn you.  Proceed at your own risk.

1. Why are you so awesome?

I say, old chum!  What an appropriate way to begin.  I like that.  Thank you very much.  *bows* 

I'm so awesome because...

Sink me!  I've forgotten!  Well, it was probably too complicated to explain anyway.  And besides such awesomeness really would require an entire post to do it justice.   And we haven't time for that right now.  :P

2. Oh yes, how old are you? I have always wondered.

*GASP*  You never ask a woman how old she is!  (Especially one so old as I!)  Really, Naomi, I'm surprised at you! 

(Oh.  What?  I said you could ask?  Dear me, so I did.  How silly of me to forget.)  *chuckles*  Seriously, I was totally kidding about being shocked.  I don't mind this question at all and will gladly tell you.  :)  I am 3 times 3, times 12, divided by 2, minus 4, plus 10, divided by 3, plus 5.  Got that?  (Boy!  I'm so glad I learned math when I was a kid, otherwise I'd never be able to figure out how old I am!)  What's that?  You'd like me to put that into simpler terms for you?  Oh, sure.  I can do that.  I am in point of fact, one year older than Robert Martin, 5 years older than Lizzy Bennet, two years younger than Anne Elliot...fine.  I'm twenty-five.  (But I was having such a good time dragging this thing out.) 

3. How many siblings do you have?

Oh, such tough questions.  You're already making my brain work far too much. 

*holds up hands and begins counting off on my fingers* 


*runs out of fingers*  *starts over*


*switches to counting on my toes*  *can't find my toes for my socks*  *gets confused*  *sits and stares dumbly at the opposite wall*

Okay, new tactic.  I know there were twelve of us before we adopted.  And we adopted four kids so...twelve plus four equals...no, no, don't tell me.  I know this.   Twelve plus four equals...SIXTEEN!  (See.  I told you I was good at math.) 

Oh, but then I have to subtract myself from that because you asked how many siblings I have and I'm not my own sibling so...

*puts on the old math thinking cap again*  Sixteen minus 1 is...

...wait, wait. Don't talk! Let me concentrate.  Sixteen minus 1 is...

FIFTEEN!! *fist pump*  (YES.  I got it!  I'm so good at this.)

So yeah.  All that to say, I have fifteen siblings.  (And yes.  This was indeed the most ridiculously complicated answer to a simple question EVER.  It's my highly intelligent brain, people.  The price to pay for being smart.  That's all.)

My pitiful attempt at illustrating.  Clip art + my poor computer drawing skills = very weird picture.
I'm the fifth little person up there, by the way.  I was the baby girl until we adopted my three younger sisters. 
('Cause you all really needed to know that, right?)
We have a very strong family resemblance, don't you think so?  (That was a joke.  You can laugh.)

4. Do you live in the countryside/city?

Well, we're definitely not in the city.  But we're not in the country either.  We're sort of in a well developed town which is sprinkled here and there with corn fields left over from when it was the country.  :)

5. What do you wear more skirts or pants? (Or do you wear pants at all?)

Pants.  Though I still hold with the tradition of wearing skirts or dresses to church.  Just because.  When else does a girl get a chance to dress up a little?

6. What song have you been listening to a lot recently?

Son of David by Andrew Culverwell.  I listened to it a while ago and it didn't make much of a an impression on me, but listening to it more recently...ooooh!  I love it.  It makes my heart sing and my feet tap, and it's just super spunky and fun.  (And Andrew Culverwell is one of my absolute favorite singers, so...)

The sound quality isn't the best on this version, but it's the best youtube had to offer so that's what we're getting.  It's not a very lengthy song, so go ahead.  Listen to it! And then tell me what you think of it.  (If you don't like it that's okay.  I understand.  Not everyone has as refined a taste in music as I have.  Mwahaha.  :P)

7. Favourite character from Lark Rise to Candleford? (MINNIE AMIRITE.)

Actually, my absolute favorite character is Alf, but Minnie runs a fairly close second, I'd say.  And I also really like Twister.  'Cause he's hilarious.  (However, this isn't taking into account the fourth season, as I was highly unimpressed by most of the characters in those last six episodes.  They all fell a little flat, in my opinion.)


8. What is your favorite book?

Hold on a minute!  You can't ask me that!  That's not a legitimate question.  I mean that's totally and completely outside the bounds of fair play.  I CAN'T ANSWER A QUESTION LIKE THAT!!  *gasps and falls into a faint*

Okay, fine.  I'll just give you one of my favorite books.  And for the sake of being creative and original it's gonna have to be Little Women.   (See how original I am?  ;))

9. Who or what got you into blogging?

Well, that's kind of a long story.  Are you sure you have the time for it? 

Very well, if you insist.  (Hint:  Now's the time to pull out your tape measure, Catherine.  'Cause this is gonna be a big one.) 

Well to start off, there was this frog, see?  That lived in a bog.  And being friends the two of us would often go "bogging" together, as we called it, which was basically the two of us slogging through the said bog.  One day, however, not being able to see real well because of a heavy fog, I tripped and fell right over a log.  Froggy tried to help me up, but it was too late.  I was a soggy, boggy mess.  Friend Frog hated to see me in this condition and so he took up his new position.  "NO MORE BOGGING!" cried he quite firmly.  (He did it for my good, on account of that piece of wood.)  And so we said good-bye.  And boy did we weep and cry.  Friendship lost forever.  Never to be had again.  Never. 

*insert choking sobs*

Well but some time later there came a day when I heard by chance a person say a most peculiar word.  And that word was "blogging".  My heart leapt within me for it reminded me so strongly of the old days of "bogging."  I felt deep down that here was something I must do.  And so I did it.  I created my very own blog, in memory of my good friend Frog, and the fun we used to have in his home-sweet bog, (in spite of the fog and that troublesome log). 

That's it.  That's the end.  (Boy am I a NUT tonight.  Sheesh!)  (I'm also a horrible poet, and now you know it.)
"Yes, yes.  But this is all very vexing.  Let's have the real story, Miss March.

Oh of course!  The real story.  How silly of me.  I warn you, it's pretty boring, but perhaps you'll find it rather refreshing after all the above nonsense.  Who knows?

Basically, I'd been reading and enjoying blogs for some time and began to wish that I myself could become a part of the blogging community.  It seemed possible that I might be able to make some real friendships through blogging, and frankly I wanted friends, so that was one driving force.  Also I love to write and it felt like a good opportunity to grow in that area.  So yeah.  I got my own email, set up my own blog, and the rest is history.  (And I was right about the friends part.  I truly have made SO many wonderful friends through blogging.  And I appreciate you all SO much!)

(Another long answer to a simple question.  *sigh*) 
(Oh, and if you want more details about how I started blogging, I gave a more detailed account of it in this post here.)

10. Do you write (besides your blog)

Yeah, you might say that.  Nothing too spectacular though.  I  dabble in writing stories, but I'm not as serious about it as I should be.  I've also been the editor for our family newspaper for several years, but unfortunately it's starting to take a downturn since I've been neglecting it sadly of late.  (Still haven't printed out the September and October issues and the November issue is barely even started.  Ahhh!  I'm so behind!  *runs off and hides in a corner*)


11. How old are you?

Somehow I get the feeling I already answered this question.  Well, whatever.  I like to hear myself talk, so I'll answer it again.  ;)  I'm twenty-five.  More colorfully put, I'm a quarter of a century.  (If that doesn't make a person feel old, I don't know what does.  Haha.)

12. What is your favorite movie?

My dear Kate, I like so many movies.  I do not have a favorite But since you asked I shall give you one that I like very much indeedPride and Prejudice 1995.  (Yes, I knew you'd like that answer.  You're welcome. ;))

13. Why do you always stay up so late?

Ooh.  What a good question.  Wherever did you come up with such a good question?  (Hahaha.)  Okay, to the point.  There are actually a variety of reasons for my keeping such late hours, but the biggest reason in recent weeks has been due to the fact that I've become heavily involved in an underground organization which makes it it's business to conduct sabotage missions during the late hours of the night.  We do a number of things such as blowing up enemy bridges or cracking safes in order to retrieve top secret information.  It's quite an adventurous life I lead.  (In other words, you might say I've had a rather heavy diet of Hogan's Heroes lately.)

Yeah, I'm a little concerned about me, too, Carter.

P.S.  The real--deep down--reason for why I stay up so late though, is because I'm writing blog posts like this.  Or simply because another member of my family is still up and I can't get myself to go to sleep so long as there is the possibility of something fun going on.  I don't like to miss out on things, you see.

14. Why did you turn down that nice boy who asked you out?

First off I want to make one thing perfectly clear.  I am not a picky person when it comes to going on dates.  Not in the least.  It's just that with so many eligible young men vying for my attention I do have to be somewhat selective--if only for the sake of time, you know, and my own sanity. 

That being said, with regards to this particular young gentleman--despite the fact that he was very nice--there were simply a few objections too great for even my complying nature to overcome.  Here's the list for you.

1.  He was too tall.  I prefer shorter guys. 

2. He drinks coffee.  And I'm sorry to say it, but that goes against all my firmly held principles.  My husband must not be a coffee drinker.  That is final.  (Yes, I'm already jumping to matrimony in my mind.  I can't help it.  As Mr. Darcy says, "A lady's imagination is very rapid; it jumps from admiration to love, from love to matrimony, in a moment."  How did he know us so well??)

3. Speaking of matrimony leads me to my third point.  Before I gave my answer as to whether or not I would go out with him I made sure to ask that most important question, "What are your intentions?"  (Meaning, of course, "are you thinking marriage, or are you just wanting to date for the fun of it?")  (Because, duh.  That's a question that has be asked before you ever go out on a date with a guy.  It's essential.)  Do you know what he replied though?  Why, that poor fellow did nothing but stammer out some paltry excuse about simply wanting to get to know me--or some such rot--and that's where I drew the line.  (I mean really, man, I have to know now.  Are you thinking marriage, or are you not?)

"I am horrified and affronted by your callousness!"

You see?  I had to say no.  It would never have worked. 

Note:  Rest assured this entire answer was a complete fabrication.  I have in fact never been asked out on date.  Ever.  And while I do sort of--at this moment in my life--prefer a shorter man (and one who does not drink coffee...heehee) those are by no means "make it or break" points for me.  And as to the whole "what are your intentions?" thing.  Ugh!  I am adamantly opposed to a girl putting such pressure on a guy right from the start, and have made it my intention that if ever a guy should ask me out I'm going to try and use my brain and see if I can't figure out his intentions for myself.  (It might work, you know.  I do have a brain.  At least, last time I checked I did...though I'm beginning to wonder about it now...)

15. What is your middle name (obviously don't answer this if you don't want to!)?

*thinks about this for moment*  (Well, what do you think, Miss March?  Do you want to?)  Eh, sure.  Why not?  My middle name is...

Jean.  (Wa-la!  Smashing bit of news there, what?)

16. Do you have any unusual talents?

A talent in me would certainly be unusual, yes.    (Does making a fool of myself count as a talent?  I seem to be pretty good at that.)

17. What color is your hair?


18. What color are your eyes?


19. What is your favorite book?

A favorite book (note the emphasis on "A") is Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen.

Insert picture of me as a kid.  Just because.


20. What is your favorite genre to read from?

Are classics considered a genre?  If so, that.  More specifically probably romance.  (But it's got to be a good romance.  Because really, who wants to waste their time on a bad romance?)

21. Three favorite movies

Random Harvest

Amazing Grace


22. Would you rather time travel in the past as often as you choose or jump to some random time in the future once?

Oh, oh!  I LOVE THIS QUESTION!  I would definitely travel to the past, because that would be so much fun!  Just think of the possibilities!  I could watch myself growing up, relive all the good times I had as a kid, and observe myself through the eyes of an adult.  (I bet ya my younger self would drive my older self crazy!  Ha.)  Also I think it would be cool to watch my parents growing up...and even my grandparents!  I would just love to see first hand what they were like when they were kids and what sort of things they used to do.   Ach.  I wish this was possible!!

23. Sunshine or rain?

Hmmm...it probably depends a lot on my mood.  Rain can be lovely when I'm in the mood for being thoughtful and cozy, and curling up in a blanket with a good book or something, but it can also be depressing if I'm already feeling slightly down in the dumps.  So yeah, I might like sunshine better...but I don't dislike rain.    Let's just make this easy and call it a tie.  ;)

24. Tell us what your dream 'date' would be... (I'm not really referring to the person but if you have a reference picture that could be nice. Hahaha)

Eek.  This is actually a really hard question, because I've never really considered what my dream date would be.  Let me think about it a moment.  Hmmm...maybe he could take me out to Cici's for lunch or something.  That would be yummy.  Of course, that's a buffet.  He would then see what a pig I'm capable of being, and uh, that would be awkward.  Not to mention detrimental to the good impression  I would be trying to make.  So no.  Scratch that idea. 

I've got a better one anyhow.  First he'll take me out to a cozy little coffee shop in a town nearby to where I live (but we won't order coffee because...we don't drink coffee, remember?) and we'll just sit there and talk and talk and talk (*cue romantic music*), until we're tired of sitting; whereat we'll go outside and walk around the town--which is a sweet old-fashioned little town--and while we're walking we'll talk some more, and yeah, I like that.  That sounds like a nice date.  (At any rate, it's the best I can come up with at the moment.)  What do you think?

25. Phrase/s you find yourself using A LOT...

Well, these wouldn't really be considered phrases (more like words I use a lot), but for what it's worth.  Basically, (and I notice this mostly in my writing) I say  "seriously" and "honestly" far too much.  And probably "oh my word" and "my goodness" (I've got a lot of goodness, folks!  Haha).  And yeah.  I can't really think of anything else at the moment, and I am now going to feel very awkward whenever I use those words.  (So thanks a lot, Cordy.)

26. Your hair color

This is like a really complicated question that's too hard to answer twice, so please see my answer to question no. 17.  JUST KIDDING.  This is actually a very simple question, so don't bother scrolling up.  My hair is brown.  (At least I think it is...better check that quick.  *runs to look at self in mirror*  Oh whew.  What a relief.  It's still brown.  I thought maybe with how long this post was taking to write it might have turned gray by now.  :P)

27. Dream job

This.  Really.  I'm not kidding.  I want to be the mother in that picture so bad!!  To be bustling about in my kitchen, surrounded by my children.  Can it get any better than that?  (I'm totally serious.  This picture warms the cockles of my home-loving old heart.)


28. Do you have any pets/livestock? (Their names and species, if you please :))

Nope.  We rent our home and aren't allowed to have pets.  My brother has goldfish, though.  And we once had a Siamese cat named Princess that our neighbors left us when they moved to a  new home, but that was when we lived in another state.  (And for the record, Princess was a boy.  We found that out after we named him.  Go figure.)

29. What is your favorite historical time period?

Well, going off of some of my favorite movies, I'd have to say the Regency era, but then I'm really not that set on any time period in particular, so I guess I don't have any definite answer for you.  (Sorry.  I realize I am a very decisive person.)

30. What timezone do you live in?

Can you believe it?  I actually had to go look it up to make sure.  (Goodness gracious, I'm such a smart person.)  I'm in the Eastern Time Zone. 

31. If you could be a fiction character, whom would you choose to be?

Hmm.  I could probably come up with a  lot of different answers to this question but for today I'm going to say Jo March.  Because, why not?  I'd be a published author then, with a house full of kids; and while I would prefer a husband who's closer to my own age, still Professor Bhaer is an awfully nice person.  I'd really have nothing to complain of. 


32. Which Jane Austen heroine inspires you?

Hmm...they probably all do to some degree, but the one that's coming to mind right now is Anne Elliot.  The way she cares for others and cheerfully serves people without looking for personal recognition is admirable.  I love how she's so trusted by everyone, too.  That's a character quality worth owning.

33. What is your favorite color? (hehe had to ask that)

My favorite color.  Man.  The questions keep getting harder and harder.  Well, if you had asked me this one when I was a kid I would have said brown.  (Hey, it's a good color.  Besides my sisters took pink, purple, and yellow, and my brothers took blue and green. What was I left with?  Haha.)  However, my favorite color now (or colors rather) are mint green, sky blue, pale yellow, and light pink. 

Something along these lines.  Aren't those "delicious" colors though?  :)

34. Which person in your life do you look up to the most?

This is actually two, but probably my mom and my dad.  Because they're awesome!  And they've been such an amazing example to me--all my life--of what it means to walk with God.  Surrendered to His will and living for others rather than yourself.  (I kind of love them.  <3)
Well, looks like we've come to the end of the first installment.  (Are you glad or what?)  Not sure how much real information you were able to glean through all the jibber-jabber, but I hope this post proved somewhat entertaining and informative.  And if you know me a little better than you did before, that's great.  For then I can say with confidence that this post "ain't been in vain for nothing."  (Movie quote:  Singin' in the Rain)
Be prepared, there's more to come.  Part 2 and Part 3 will be appearing at some time (hopefully) in the not too distant future, so be on the lookout for them.   And I may even try to be more sensible in the next post, and more to the point, and less wordy and...yeah.  Are there any other impossibilities I can aim for??
Thank you to Naomi, Farm Lassie (Catherine), Kayla Marie, Cordy, Emma, and Lia for all the fun questions!!  :D
Until next time.
I remain yours very truly,
Miss March


  1. Oh Miss March, that was very entertaining indeed!

    *now where is that silly measuring tape....*


    1. Aw, thank you! So glad to hear that. I was a tad worried that I might have been a bit too ridiculous in this post. ;P

      Heehee. Yeah. Better find that thing. ;)

      ~Miss March

  2. First, love the warning.

    Hmm...25. I had always wondered about your age, too. Really, I never would have guessed.

    Yes, the resemblance between you and your siblings is remarkable! ;)

    (The picture of Lady Catherine -- YES.)

    I like your idea of a dream date. It sounds just delightful!:)

    What an entertaining post, indeed! Looking forward to part 2.

    1. *chuckle* Thanks. ;)

      Just out of curiosity, around what age did you think I was? :)

      Isn't it though? ;D

      Heehee. Lady Catherine really is quite helpful in supplying good illustrations for posts. (Not to mention good quotes. :))

      Thank you so much, Elanor!! Glad you're still looking forward to part two. I guess that means this post wasn't a disaster after all. ;)

    2. Honestly, I always supposed you were about 19 or 20. I wasn't horribly far off:)

    3. No, that's not horribly far off at all. Good guess. (Thanks for satisfying my curiosity. ;))

  3. Very entertaining, Miss March, and don't you DARE try to be more sensible in the next post!! xD As for less wordy - I didn't even notice the length; I was too busy being entertained. ;)

    (I thought I'd like the Regency period, but now I think more about it I probably just like Mr Darcy. So. xD)

    1. Haha. Your comment totally made me smile, Jem. Thank you so much! :D

      (It's true. Mr. Darcy certainly is a strong mark in favor of the Regency era, that's for sure. ;))

  4. Wow, what a long and delicious post! I wish I could comment on everything but that's really just not practical. It made me giggle a lot, too. ;D I'll just quickly jot down some of the things that made me giggle or think the MOST (and these numbers don't coincide with yours, I'm afraid):

    1. This was one of the most delicious medicines I've ever tasted. Much obliged. I feel better already.
    2. Haha... aww, I'm sorry if that wasn't meant to be funny but your 'family picture' is really quite hilarious. It's kind of cute, in a way, though. :D
    3. "Son of David" was great! It made me want to dance and be glad.
    4. LITTLE WOMEN FOR THE WIN!!! (And I'm just as original as you in that area, clearly.)
    5. Wow... that was a most interesting story, about how you got started in blogging. (Oh, and I know this is a little off topic, but have you ever considered trying poetry writing? ;D)
    6. Wait, your family has a newspaper?!! TELL ME MORE. Is it sort of like the idea that the March girls had - THEIR newspaper? I've ALWAYS wanted to do something like that but none of my siblings ever wanted to join me. *whimpers*
    8. Aww, Jean. I always thought that name sounded so vintage-y. :)
    9. AWW YOU AS A LITTLE GIRL!!!! <3 <3 <3 That cheeky grin, haha! I was a rather odd looking thing when I was little. :P I should show you a photo of me when I was little - I had the oddest taste in outfits - I was wearing bold, bright colours, carrying an umbrella and -wait for it- wearing a monkey mask! It was GHASTLY.
    10. Ohh, I'd LOVE to see MY parents grow up! And to see them meet each other, and when they fell in love... ohhh.
    11. My opinion on sunshine vs. rain is identical. :)
    12. Aww, that's sad you can't have pets! We're not allowed dogs or cats here. :( (And HAHA! It was a boy and you called him Princess... yeah, that's happened to us before, in similar circumstances. Whoops. :P)
    13. Oh, those colours are beautiful! They're quite pastel-y.
    14. Wonderful, wonderful post!! :D (I may have only partly added it there, because to end on the number 13 felt... wrong.)

    ~Miss Meg

    1. 1. Awww. You're way too sweet. But thank you! :)
      2. Funny is totally the word for it. (Maybe freaky, too. Haha. :P) You have my permission to laugh at it as much as you like! ;)
      3. Yay! Thanks for listening to it. I'm so glad you liked it!! :D
      4. Yes, we're both just SO original. Haha. :P Original or unoriginal though, Little Women is still the best!!
      5. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I can't write poetry! Didn't I just prove that? :O
      6. Yes actually. The March girls' newspaper was definitely the inspiration for it. And we all have our own Dickens' characters, too. :) My oldest sister started it back in 2004. And we've kept it going sort of sporadically since then. We have almost 100 issues now! And they're full of so many fun memories. :)
      7. Shocking isn't it? But true all the same. I do not like coffee. (Actually, I've never really tried it. *sheepish grin* But even from a young age I showed an expert knack for only having to look at the food to determine whether or not it was any good. Haha. ;))
      8. Really? I'd never actually thought of it as vintage-y, but that makes it sound really special. Thanks. :)
      9. "Cheeky" was just the word I had in mind to describe that picture. :) Ohhh. Do send me a picture of you when you were little! I'd love to see it. You sound adorable! :)
      10. Yes! I didn't specifically mention that, but that was definitely another thing I was thinking of. To see my parents when they met and fell in love would be so cool! Also to watch them as young parents, just starting their family. I'd love that. <3
      11. *high five*
      12. I don't actually mind the "no pets" thing because I'm not a huge fan of pets in general. Maybe that's because we've never really had pets so it's not a normal part of life for me. I'm sorry you can't have pets, though. :( Did you used to have pets?
      13. Aren't they though? I love pastels. :)
      14. Miss Meg, you're hilarious! :) But I have to agree, ending on 14 is much better than ending on 13. ;)

      Thank you so much for your comment! It was awesome, as always. :)

      ~Miss March

    2. Wooow... I'm very jealous about your newspaper then. That sounds AWESOME!!!

      What?! Miss March! You must promise me you will at least TRY coffee at some point. Especially iced coffees. :D

      Oh, we are allowed pets - just not dogs and cats. I have a guinea pig! I had one other before now, as well (she lived for 8 years - very old for a guinea pig ;)) but I've never had any other kind of pet.

      You're welcome, dear! Goodnight! Or good morning perhaps... (what with all our smart math skills and working out our time difference, I've still cleaned forgotten how much we are apart in time. :P)

      ~Miss Meg

    3. It is pretty cool. It's like a glorified journal in a way. :)

      Sorry, but I can make no promise. I'm afraid my prejudice against that beverage is too firmly rooted to be done away with that easily. Haha. ;) (I have tried coffee flavored ice cream, though. Does that count? I didn't like too much. ;))

      Aww, that's cool that you have a guinea! We could probably have guinea pigs, too. I think it's mostly the "no dogs and cats" thing in our case, as well.

      Yes, our great math skills!! Haha. I'm pretty sure we're fifteen hours difference, but really it's too much work trying to figure that out every time, so just say goodnight or good morning according to your time! That works!! ;D

      ~Miss March

  5. Thanks for a great read, Miss March! It's so much fun reading your posts--you always make me chuckle. :) I particularly enjoyed the demonstration of your mathematical skills (you WOULD find a way to include Jane Austen heroines, lol!!!). And the Emma picture is hilarious...

    Looking forward to the next installment very much indeed!

    1. Awww. THANK YOU SO MUCH, CRISTA!! I'm so glad you enjoyed it!! :D (Of course! Why a post just wouldn't be complete with a reference to Jane Austen!! ;))

  6. Wooow, NOW I know why this took you such a long time to write - you answer everything with such detail and thought-out wit! THIS WAS EXCELLENT FUN TO READ. I really thought you were being serious with the 'why did you refuse the boy' question, hahaha. :-P
    You're twenty-five - that's cool! BUT WOAH QUARTER OF A CENTURY SOUNDS SO OLD. :-D
    I wear trousers normally too - and I dress up to Church as well. :-)
    Hahaha, the how-many-siblings-do-you-have answer is LONG AND COMPLICATED. But, phew, you got there in the end. :-) Thanks for the beautiful picture of your family. It is surprising how much your adopted siblings look like your biological ones. :-P
    The picture of little you is ADORBBBBS.

    Looking forward to the next segment! Thanks for such precise answers. :-)

    1. Yeah, I'm afraid I have a tendency to overdo it a little. :P I'M SO GLAD YOU ENJOYED IT THOUGH!! Thank you! :D

      HAHAHA. It's so true. People just can't believe we aren't all biological siblings! We look SO much alike. *snort*

      Aww, thank you. I've always liked that picture. :)

      My pleasure!! I love giving precise answers. ;)

  7. Eek! Here it is! The first post! :D

    Fatal indeed. :P Miss March, your posts are delightful! (Heehee, I love the picture you used and how you captioned it the "first dose", though. :))

    You're awesome because you're you. :)

    Haha! Emma's face!
    But okay....I'm a little worried. Either my skills at math are atrocious (and I even tried using a calculator) or your "math problem" for your age is entirely wrong. :P Let me try it again...
    Nope. It comes out to 20.5 every time. Hm.

    "*runs out of fingers* *starts over*" Haha! I laughed aloud at that. :D

    I love your description of where you live. "With corn fields left over from when it was the country." :P

    I have to admit I DON'T like Twister very much. He gets on my nerves. :P

    OH my WORD. How did you ever come up with that frog/bog story? It's hysterical. :D

    Our blogging stories are pretty darn identical. Haha! Another thing in which we share a similarity!

    Oh dear...Hogan's Heroes...*shakes head sadly* We watched two episodes the other night, but took a break to watch a more serious movie (yay!). I'm sure we'll be back at it again soon, though....and I DO like that show...but in small doses. ;)

    Too tall?! Well then, send him my way. I like tall men. They're a little rare in my neck of the woods. :P
    Oh dear. You really ARE prejudiced against coffee, aren't you? ;) (Which if actually a good thing. It's bad for you. STAY AWAY.)

    HAHAHA. Your third point, though.

    I CAN'T BELIEVE I NEVER THOUGHT TO ASK YOU WHAT YOUR MIDDLE NAME IS. I like it, quite a lot. :) It's so cute and vintage!

    Awwwwwww. You were such an adorable child!!! So sweet. <3

    I can't wait to see "Random Harvest"! ;P

    I so wish the whole time travel thing was possible, too. Besides all the things you mentioned, just imagine all the historical events and places and times your could experience....*sigh*. It would be so thrilling and amazing.

    I feel much the same way about sunshine and rain. I love them both, although USUALLY I prefer sunshine more. :)

    "He would then see what a pig I'm capable of being, and uh, that would be awkward." HAHA! I feel ya. :P There's just no way to only have a LITTLE bit of food, right? It's always too yummy. :)

    I absolutely love your second choice. My town actually has a little coffee shop too, and the perfect places for walking. I always thought how fun it would be to go on on a date like that. But, like I said, tall men are a rarity around here, so of course that means I shall never go on that date. :P (I'm joking about all this, of course.)

    Awwwwww. That picture is adorable. <3

    That's so true about Anne Elliot being trusted by everyone. That's definitely something worth aspiring towards!

    Your favorite color as a child was BROWN? I must admit I find that funny. Not because brown is a bad color (I like it very much....it reminds me of the country <3) but because I've never heard of a child who liked brown best. I was in the pink camp myself. :P

    Okay, I must admit as entertaining as this post was (I LOVED IT) I'm really looking forward to when you get to my questions. :D But in the meantime, these were delightful! I actually learned quite a bit about you that I hadn't known already. Splendid job!

    1. Eek! And here's Natalie's comment!! I was waiting for this. ;D

      You mean it didn't kill you? Oh whew! That's a relief. I was a little worried. ;P (Glad you like the picture. I've got similar ones for the next two posts, too.)

      Aw, thanks. :)

      Ohmygoodness! NATALIE! You weren't supposed to go and do the math problem!! How embarrassing! I did it over again myself, and you are completely right...it is in fact, completely wrong! *blushes* It should have been 3 times 3 times 12. That comes to 108 and then the rest of the problem works out fine. I don't know what I was thinking to make such a mistake as that, but I have a feeling I was getting the answer to 9 times 9 and 9 times 12 mixed up momentarily. (I mean, I really do know the difference, but they do both have eights in them, so it's a logical slip up, don't you think? Haha. ;)) Thank you so much for pointing that out and when I'm done commenting here I'm going to go fix it.

      Heehee. Glad that amused you. ;D

      Aw, thanks. My brother commented on that description, too. I guess I really did hit on a good one there. (Fun when that happens.) :)

      Oh, I believe it. There definitely are certain things about him that can easily get on people's nerves. I just happened to find him pretty amusing this time through. ;)

      Haha. Don't ask me. It's just another example of how my nonsensical brain works, I guess. :P

      Ha. We have a habit of doing that, don't we? Sharing similarities, I mean. <3

      Hahaha. I understand. One can overdo on that sort of thing. (The Hogan's Heroes craze has pretty much died down over here, too. We kind of ran out of interesting episodes. ;P)

      I just gave him your address! Expect a romantic letter in the mail sometime next week. :P (Hahaha.)
      Yeah, I guess I kind of am. ;) (By the way, I assure you, I had this answer written before our little chat on the subject. Just sayin.' ;)) (Well, you certainly don't have to tell me twice!! I SHALL FOR SURE STAY AWAY! Thank you, my dear. ;))

      I DON'T THINK I'VE EVER ASKED YOU YOUR MIDDLE NAME EITHER! What's our problem? Well, I'm asking you now. (You can tell me in an email if you'd rather not do it here, or you can tell me in...yeah...whatever other convenient form of communication you might find. *wink, wink*)

      Thank you. :) Now I want to see some pictures of you when you were little. :)

      Oh, yes! I can't wait till you can see it, too! ;P

      You're just like my sister-in-law! Her first thought was for all the historical times and places she could experience, too! :)

      I've thought about this a bit more since writing this post, and I'm now pretty sure that I prefer sunshine, too. :)

      Haha, exactly! Limiting yourself on food is simply not an option. :P

      Oh, you poor girl. You really are in a pickle. I guess you're just going to have to travel to find your husband. Some place where men are more obliging, and grow taller. Heehee. :P

      Yes. Brown. At least in name that was my favorite. Not that I was seriously crazy about it or anything. If I remember correctly it took me a while to even decide that that one was my favorite. I think I finally just settled on it because it was the color of my hair...or something. (You see I was very decisive when I was a child, too. And always knew my own mind. Teehee. ;))

      Oh, yes. Your questions. *gulp* I'm afraid I haven't even begun to work on those yet. But I must. Soon. (We'll see how it goes.)

      Thank you SO MUCH for such a splendidly long comment. I enjoyed it very, very much!! :D

    2. Oh dear, I wasn't? Oops. :( Well, at least my impertinence alerted you to your typo! Haha. ;) It works out great out! (Yes, I did the problem again, shush.)

      Oh my, really? My my, I've never gotten a romantic letter in the mail before! I can't wait for it to arrive. (I certainly will be waiting a long time though, shan't I? :P)

      Pictures of me when I was little? We can probably arrange that soon-ish. Maybe around the same time I see Random Harvest! :D

      No problem! I'll look forward to your answers to my questions whenever it happens, no rush. :D

      I'm so glad! :D

    3. No. You weren't. *folds hands in disgust* Haha. Actually, I'm very grateful to you. I hate having mistakes in my posts, so I was glad to be able to fix it. ;) (You did WHAAAT? Seriously, Natalie! Don't you trust me? I'm hurt by your lack of faith in my mathematical abilities. Extremely hurt. *goes off and cries*) (HAHA.)

      It might be a substantial wait, yes. But as you're such a patient person I'm sure you won't mind. ;P

      Ohhh! Goody, goody!! Another thing to look forward to!! :D

      Thanks. I do hope to get to them soon. If I can only get my scattered brain back in working order. (This week has been crazy!) :P

    4. Haha! Glad it worked out. ;) (Oh dear.....it wasn't a matter of trust, I assure you! Rather...well, I don't know. I just wanted to try it myself. :P) (Heehee. ;))

      Oh yes, very patient. (HA.)


      Aww, of course! No rush. Scattered brains are awful things. Take time to put it back together in a leisurely manner. :)

    5. (Hahaha. Just try and get yourself out of that one! ;P)


      YEEEEEEES!!! :D :D :D

      They really are. Thanks for understanding. :)

  8. I have a little riddle for you! Why am I always the last person to comment when I am arguably the first person to read the post??? BECAUSE I AM LAZY. I actually procrastinate comments because I know they will be huge and long and hard. Ugh.

    Okay, so please don't be offended, but I decided to try and decide how old I THOUGHT you were before I read your answer... I thought you would be twenty-six. SO I WAS REALLY CLOSE!!!

    Aw, your clip art of your family was so cute!! Oh, you were the youngest girl before you adopted?? I am the youngest girl in my family!

    BAHAHAHAHHAHA!!! THAT STORY ABOUT THE FROG AND THE BOG AND BOGGING *gasping for air* You are too funny. And quite a good poet, too!

    Ah! Your answer to #12!!! I HAVE BEEN BURNED!!!

    OH MY WORD. I am so glad your answer to #14 was just joking!! I very nearly had a heart attack there... At first I was like, "She's totally joking!" and then I was like, "Oh, dear! I do believe she is serious!" And then you said you were joking and I WAS SO RELIEVED!!! *sigh of relief* UGH!!! I hate the demand-an-answer-to-an-intense-question prerequisite!! It's so... mean! You put the poor guy on the spot like that and OF COURSE he is going to mumble something stupid!! And besides, isn't it PERFECTLY OBVIOUS????? If he is asking you out, he must want to get to know you in the hopes that your relationship could progress to something more, otherwise he wouldn't ask you out!! AGH!!! How do you feel about dad-with-shotgun-interviews-potential-date????

    AWWWWWW you were so cuuuuuuteee!!! (That makes it sound like you're not cute anymore and I'm sure you are but I can't really say because the picture was of you when you were little...)

    I would definitely choose to go back into the past as often as I liked, too!! The possibilities are quite unlimited!!

    AwWWW!! I love your dream date! It's so old-fashioned and aesthetic and perfect!! Aaaaaand, I like that picture of the woman baking with the baby on her hip. I wouldn't want that to be ME, per se, but the picture is cute. ;)

    OH MY. That face Jennifer Ehle is making in the picture!!! I... I think she might make a good Lizzie after all...!!!

    I'm also in Eastern time zone!! You probably live near me and we just don't know it!! ;D JO MARCH AND I ARE TWINS. IT'S CREEPY, TO BE HONEST... Chestnut manes, aspiring authors, family-oriented, quick-tempered, odd, revolutionary, has compassion upon boys, wants to have a big orphanage/school, bookworm... WE'RE TWINS.

    I love Anne!!! And those colors are just lovely!! Especially the green!!!

    Can't wait till the next answers post!!!

    1. I confess I was beginning to wonder what had become of you. Heehee. ;) I completely understand about the whole procrastinating thing, though. And please, don't ever feel like you have to leave long comments. I mean, I LOVE long comments, but yeah, I definitely wouldn't want it to be a source of stress to you. :P

      Haha. Of course I'm not offended. And that was an excellent guess! I've wondered sometimes if I actually sound like a 25-year-old in my writing. Well, now I know! :)

      Let's hear it for youngest girls of the family! Hip-hip-hurrah! :)

      Haha. Thanks. I'm happy it amused you. ;) (About my being a good poet, though. I'm not quite convinced of that myself as yet, but thank you just the same!! :))

      Yes, I knew you'd like that answer. ;P

      But Kate! I told you in my original post that the whole "date thing" was just a joke! How could you think I was serious?? (Okay, so maybe I'm too good of a liar. This is rather disconcerting. ;P) Yeeees! Exactly. The poor guy. It really is unfeeling of the girl to put so much pressure on him right from the start. :( How do I feel about "dad-with-shotgun-interviews-potential-date"? Haha. Well, frankly, I think it's just a little bit ridiculous. Not that I'm against the dad talking to the guy, but treating him like a potential enemy right from the start doesn't seem like quite the best way to get to know him. :P

      Thanks! :) (Haha. I know what you mean. ;))

      That would be so much fun! Because, yeah, the possibilities really are endless!

      Oh yes, that's right. Because you're not going to have any kids. Because it's too painful. I remember that. ;) Well, I'm glad you can appreciate the picture anyway, even if it will never be YOU. ;)

      You think right!! You think right!! She is an EXCELLENT Lizzy. (And I'm not biased at all. I mean, I sort of grew up on that movie, and consider it to be the very best version EVER, but that doesn't cloud my judgment at all. Not at all. ;))

      Okay, wow. You ARE a lot like Jo! How cool is that? :)

      Thank you for such a wonderful comment, Kate! I enjoyed it muchly. :D

    2. Alas, I cannot help it! My comments absolutely MUST be about one mile long or I can't sleep at night. True story. (I just have to put in my two cents about eeeeevvverything!)

      Oh, dear! I didn't mean you sounded old in your writing! Actually, I always assumed you were about my age until you said something about not being married, as if you were old enough to be... then I realized you must be in your twenties at least and I guess I was looking pretty closely for clues as to what your age was. I'm nosy like that. ;)

      Yay! *waves pompoms*

      Yes, I knew that your turning down the "nice boy who asked you out" was fictional, but I couldn't be quite sure your "standards" about coffee-drinking and height and wanting to know his intentions up front was true or not. You are quite a convincing liar though. I was just wondering because my dad does this "interview" thing with potential dates and I think it's a tad bit silly but not as bad as in the movies (have you seen the movie Courageous or the movie October Baby?). :)

      Hey, now! I said I was willing to have two kids. I still wouldn't want to be that woman though... the picture is cute but I wouldn't be so impractical as to wear a dress and high heels whilst trying to cook dinner. I also don't think it's a good idea to pull a potentially heavy turkey out of the oven with one hand. And that little boy in her arm doesn't seem particularly happy??? I'd be more likely to be found wearing sweatpants and have my hair in a practical ponytail. :)

      Jennifer Ehle just might be the saving grace of that movie for me! THAT SMIRK THOUGH!!!

      Yes, she is my fictional twin. But she's not really fictional because Alcott based Jo off of herself???

      Eep, you are very welcome! I love your posts and our long chats!

    3. Haha. Well, I can't say I object. I mean, I LOVE LONG COMMENTS! So don't shorten them on my account. ;)

      Really? Aw-shucks. And here I thought I was sounding mature and ancient! What a let down. Hahaha. ;P (Just kidding.)

      Not sure if that's a good thing or not, but thanks just the same. *bows* Oh, and I don't have anything against "interviews" per say, I just sometimes think things are made into more of a big deal then they have to be. (I mean, if you're going to involve a shotgun! Whoa there! ;)) (I've seen both Courageous and October Baby, but unfortunately I can't remember the "interview" scenes very well. Were they very over the top, would you say?)

      Did you? Oh, deary me, I'd forgotten that. Well then, you're braver than I took you for. Mwahaha! ;) IS she wearing high heels? I hadn't noticed. I'm definitely with you on that one though. No high heels for me either. And what you said about the turkey was a very good point. Methinks you are very wise. (You are also destroying my happy little picture, but...I forgive you! Because I'm nice. Haha. ;))


      Yeah, I guess she kind of did. So that must mean that you're really Louisa May Alcott's twin, right??

      Thank you! I love our long chats, too! :D

    4. OH BELIEVE ME I WON'T! *wink*

      You sound lovely and perfect and you must not change a thing! I simply thought you were a very mature young teenager! :)

      I agree. No shotguns! (Unless of course it is the girl herself who is the shotgun-toter! I could get into that!) Well, that's just it. They weren't really interviews at all? More like the girl demanding-an-answer-to-a-deep-question except THE DAD ASKS IT INSTEAD??? It's very uncomfortable and I don't like it. In October Baby her dad asks the guy "What are you intentions towards my daughter??" and the dude is actually able to admit that he's in love with her so everything's good there. In Courageous, the dad says "until you can tell me the purpose of the relationship, you can't date my daughter!" and the guy is like "whoa! I didn't think things through THAT much!" and then the dad makes him scram. Ugh.

      She is! I'm afraid I noticed all the little unrealistic details. I'M VERY SORRY FOR NITPICKING IT IS A LOVELY PICTURE AND I DO LIKE IT QUITE A BIT!!

      Yes, and it's very encouraging because Alcott got published in the end!!

    5. Oh good. That's a comfort. ;)

      Aww. You're too kind. Really. *blushes*

      (Haha. And I can totally see you being the girl with the shotgun! You'd have a lot of fun with that, methinks. ;)) Oh yes. Those scenes are rather awkward. I mean, I understand that sometimes the dad HAS to ask tough questions, but sometimes the way the questions are asked...I don't know they just seem kind of harsh and unfeeling. Like let's care about the guys too! They may not always go about things in the best way, but that's where a dad could kind of come along side them and help them, not just say "scram!" It totally depends on the situation of course. I probably wouldn't want my girl going on a date with the guy in Courageous, either, but then I don't think she was really mature enough to be going on dates period, so...whatever. Sometimes I think we make it all more complicated than it has to be. (And sorry. I'm not sure any of that made sense. I'm kind of just babbling here. :P)

      Haha. That's TOTALLY okay. I didn't really mind. :)

      She did! And so you must get published too!! :D

    6. Yessss! I need a shotgun!! For self preservation (and intimidation... muahahah... except honestly I do quite well at scaring all the boys away WITHOUT a shotgun so???), obviously. Ahem.

      Exactly. Like just because a guy isn't the kind of guy you want your daughter dating doesn't mean you can't still try to reach out and a be a family to someone without one??

      I AGREE COMPLETELY. The real issue with the girl in Courageous was that she was waaay to immature to be dating. Once you ARE mature enough to date, I think parents ought to trust you enough to let YOU make those kinds of decisions about who you will and will not date.

      Ha! If you're not making sense then I must not even be speaking English! :)

      *grins* Well, that's what I'm banking on, anyway! :D

    7. Haha. You know, I think I must be rather good at that myself! (Scaring the boys away I mean.) And that being so, with such talent as we possess who needs a shotgun anyway??? HAHA.

      EXACTLY!!! Well put.

      Again. Well put indeed. I quite agree!! Wait till you're mature enough and the whole process will be SOOO much easier!

      I guess I was making sense then. YAY! Good to know. ;D


    8. I suppose you're right... *grudgingly hands over shotgun*


      You always do!! :)

    9. So sorry to take all the fun out of it. *sheepish grin*

      Well, thanks. :)

  9. Well wasn't this simply wonderful to read??!! I say yes!!

    Now, into a hopefully long comment. . .because you need one to reply to. Just kidding, but I can't help it so here goes. :)

    Your warning was awesome! Loved it!

    2. I would have been interested in reading your age dragged out even further. There are so many other characters you could have gone through! :D

    4. "We're sort of in a well developed town which is sprinkled here and there with corn fields left over from when it was the country." I think your imagery there is fabulous!

    13. Oh, hi Carter!

    14. That was hilarious!! Well written. I do wonder though, do you really prefer short guys? Or was that a fabrication as well?

    16. Aherm, no that does not count because that does not apply. *Cordy shakes her head decidedly*

    24. I approve! It sounds like a charming date. A little stroll and some conversation sounds like just the thing for getting to know someone.

    25. "I can't really think of anything else at the moment, and I am now going to feel very awkward whenever I use those words. (So thanks a lot, Cordy.)" *hobbit bow* At your service my dear friend.

    33. So, you like pastels?

    Yes, all in all a very fun post which I enjoyed very much!! Good luck on your next few posts. This one was so lovely and I'm sure took a lot of work. Do you have a stash of cookies you could enjoy while you work?


    P.S. I tagged you here:


    I know you have a lot on your blogging plate so I'll understand if you want to skip it. But I also know that I wanted to see your answers. :D

    1. Eeek! I'm so glad you enjoyed it!!! :D

      And yes, of course. A long comment is exactly what I needed! (And a long comment from Cordy even more so!) ;)

      2. I'll remember that if I ever have the chance to drag it out again. ;)

      4. Aww, THANK YOU!! *grin*

      13. You know him, too? ;)

      14. No, I was serious about that. Not that I have anything against tall guys, but I have been thinking recently that a shorter husband would be very nice. Still taller than me of course, but somewhere in the area of 5'8" wouldn't be amiss. (My dad is about that height so maybe that has something to do with it, I don't know. :))

      16. Aww. Nuts. There goes my one talent! Hahaha. :P

      24. It would certainly suit me. :)

      25. *throws hands up in dismay* Oh, the sympathy of one's friends! It is truly remarkable.

      33. Yup. Very much indeed.

      Thank you, Cordy dear! And no, I'm afraid I haven't any cookies. :( (THAT'S why I've been so devoid of inspiration! It's all perfectly clear now!)

      ~Miss March

      P.S. Oh, yay! Thank you so much for the tag. It looks fun. Not sure how soon I'll be able to do it, but I'm adding it to my mental to-do list all the same.

    2. 13. Oh yes. Hogan's Heroes used to play every Saturday night and I'd watch it with my Great Grandma along with a few other shows. I don't know why they stopped playing it.

      14. Oh my, 5'8" is much to short for me. I've always wanted a tall guy because I'm tall. The trouble is, I'm either as tall as or tallER than the guys I'm around. *sigh* Oh well. Hahaha. But in reality I'm not as worried about height as I let on.

      16. I'm afraid so, you'll have to consider taking up another skill. ;)

      25. "She tries her best". *Cordy gasps* Oh bother, I'm afraid you just met the voice in my head. I haven't named him as you have yours but I'm sure a name will be coming soon.

      No cookies?? What a terrible shame! (By the way, Miss March's favorite cookies are. . ?)


      P.S. No rush. I understand!!

    3. 13. Aww. That sounds like so much fun!! Too bad they're not playing it anymore. :(

      14. Oh, of course! You need someone taller than 5'8"! I would say the same if I was as tall as you, because I definitely do NOT want to be taller than my husband. That would be weird. ;P

      16. Oh bother. Do you know what a lot of work that would be? *exhausted sigh*

      25. Hahaha. I met the voice in your head!! :D (Hello, Voice. Nice to meet you. Do find yourself a name. Then I can introduce you to Mr. Smart Aleck. ;))

      Isn't it though? (Uh...Miss March doesn't have a favorite cookie. A cookie's a cookie. ANY WILL DO!! ;) Okay, if I HAVE to choose one, I'll just go with chocolate chip...because that's SO original. Hoho. ;)) (Now I sound like Santa Claus. ;P)

      ~Miss March

      P.S. Thanks. :)

  10. Haha! I loved this post, and all its ridiculousness!

    15 siblings! Wow! I am an only child, and 15 siblings sounds like a ton of people.

    Squals! Someone else has watched "Random Harvest" and loved it!!!! I love that movie! It is sad that more people do not know about it. I feel like a lot of people don't know about Greer Garson, when she was one of the most famous actresses of her day.

    We also have the same eye and hair color! :-)

    1. Oops! That squals was meant to be "squeals!"

    2. Heehee. Thanks, dear! :)

      You're an only child? I didn't know that. I guess fifteen siblings really would sound like a lot to you then. It doesn't seem so huge to me, but then...I'm used to it. ;)

      YOU'VE SEEN RANDOM HARVEST!! Ohmygoodness! That's so exciting!! I don't know of many people who have seen that movie either. I LOVE Greer Garson! She's one of my favorite actresses. Have you seen her in any other films? I've seen her in Good-bye Mr. Chips, The Happiest Millionaire, and Blossoms in the Dust. My brother just found Mrs. Miniver at the thrift store so we're going to be watching that one soon, too. Which I'm very much looking forward to. :)

      We do? Well! What a coincidence! ;)

      Haha. I think "squals" was rather cute. ;)

    3. Mrs. Miniver was so good!!! That is a powerful movie. It was also very influential in America, especially in the time it was made. When the movie came out, America had not come into World War II yet. I guess it would be called a propaganda film, but I think the movie has a powerful message just standing on its own. I've seen "Good-bye Mr. Chips" and "The Happiest Millionaire," but I have not seen "Blossoms in the Dust." I have to look that movie up! Have you seen the 1978 version of "Little Women?" Greer Garson plays Aunt March. She's actually quite good at it. :-)

      "Good-bye Mr. Chips" is one of my favorite movies! Have you seen the version with Peter O'Toole? Both the 1930 and 60 versions are really good, but they are different, so that it's like watching two separate movies.

    4. It sounds great! I can't wait to watch it! :) GREER GARSON PLAYS AUNT MARCH?! Wow. That would be interesting to see. (I haven't seen that version of Little Women. Obviously. ;) Though I have heard about it.)

      No, I've only ever seen the 1930 film. I figured a remake wouldn't be as good, but if you say it is, well...maybe I should give it a try sometime. :)

    5. She's my favorite Aunt March, but I might be slightly biased because I love her in the other movies I've seen her in.

      When I first watched the 1960 version, I compared it to the 1930 version, and I didn't like it. When I began to look at the movie as a separate movie (unrelated to the original version), I liked the movie a lot more. Now, I love the 1960 version, and it is one of my favorite movies. Although they have the same basic storyline, they are very different. One is a musical, and the other isn't. I just wanted to tell you this so when you see the movie, you can at least give it a chance. :)

    6. A musical? Hmm...that's different. If I ever watch it I assure I shall try to keep an open mind. ;) It sounds fun. :)

  11. I LOVE THIS SO MUCH and it brought me such entertainment and amusement!!! But I haven't the time to comment on specifics, so just...I LOVE THIS!!!!

    1. Time IS hard to come by these days, isn't it? Thank you so much for your sweet comment. I'm glad to hear you enjoyed it. :)