Thursday, October 13, 2016

Blogger Recognition Award

My friend, Rae has nominated me for the Blogger Recognition Award!  What is that, you ask?  Well, read the rules and you'll find out!  ;)
-Thank the blogger who nominated you.
-Tell a little bit about how you started blogging.
-Give two pieces of advice for new bloggers.
-Nominate 15 other bloggers.

First off, thank you so much, Rae!  It's always fun to be tagged! 
And now, the bit about how I started blogging:

Well, I'd been reading blogs for quite awhile, and had discovered this little community of Christian girls who liked to write about movies, and books, and stories, and basically some of my very favorite subjects.  And I said to myself, "It would be so cool if I could be a part of that, too."  This was a BIG deal, people.  Really.  The fact that I would even consider such a thing was totally "out there".  Because, you see, I'd never had a blog before.  Not one of my siblings had ever had a blog before!  It was not the normal thing for someone in our family to do.  And when something's not the norm, I tend to be very hesitant about trying it because, well, "what will my family think of me?"    But at last I did it.  And rather sneakily I admit.  Telling no one except my mom and one of my brothers.  (Well, I didn't want to talk it all up, just in case it all came to nothing, you know?)  I had grand plans to eventually show my siblings one of my posts (very casually, of course, and as if it were merely some random post written by some random person) and then when they'd finished reading it, cry proudly "I wrote that!"  Ta-da! *Dramatic and triumphant music*  Well, but I'm afraid I never got that satisfaction, as everyone in my family found out in a much lamer way.  (Which is typical.  Dramatic experiences being in the habit of avoiding me, I think.)  But anyhow...where was I going with all this?  Train of thought, off the track; disappeared, and can't come back!  (Hey.  That's a nice little jingle, don't you think?  And I made that up all by myself.)  'Hem.  To sum up.  I didn't have a blog, and now I do, and boy are we happy!
Advice Tidbit No. 1:  Make your blog your own

[This is the "Do as I say, not as I do" part.  Or in other words, the part where I find I'm giving advice to myself, and not just to new bloggers!]

Don't try to make your blog like someone else's, or feel bad because it isn't like someone else's.  That's a losing battle.  Yes, I know.  There are so many wonderful blogs out there.  And so many wonderful posts.  And it's only natural that you should like to write similarly to the posts that you so enjoy reading.  But well...sometimes that just isn't possible.  And that's okay.  You have a unique personality; unique interests, passions, and delights; a unique sense of humor and a unique style of writing.  (And if I say unique one more time it's going to stop sounding like a real word!  Just sayin'.)  No one else can blog the way you do.   The things you write are not going to appeal to every single person out there, but there are some who are going to love them!  So just write.  And don't bother with the idea that's there's a "proper" way to blog and that you're failing if your blog doesn't end up being like So-and-so's.  After all, So-and-so's blog isn't like that other So-and-so's over there, and who's saying which is best?  (Now I'm sick of the word, "so"...)
Advice Tidbit No. 2:  When you feel like no one is reading your posts...

This is probably no help at all, but for myself when I feel like no one enjoyed the post I just wrote (judging from the amount of comments I got on it or something--yes, I count comments, that's a bad idea, too) I like to remind myself that there just might be a silent reader out there.  Someone who never comments, but who greatly enjoys my posts and checks my blog frequently hoping for something new to read.  Because I was a silent reader myself once.  I would check the same blogs multiple times a day hoping, just hoping, there would be a new post to read.  And sometimes there was, and it would brighten up my day! 

So.  When you feel like no one is reading what you write, imagine that one silent reader who may just be waiting anxiously for a new post from you, and write for them.  Just that one person.  Because even if it's only one person who is blessed by your writing, that's enough.  Really.  That's success.

P.S. I'm afraid my advice may have turned out a bit lame, but that's only because certain friends of mine stole...ahem...came up with a lot of the really good advice before I had a chance to.  (coughcoughAbbyandRaecoughcough)  But at any rate, I hope you managed to get something out of this, and if you're still looking for more blogging advice, please head over to Rae's and Abby's blogs.  They had some really good things to say.
I tag:
And I'm too lazy to tag anyone else.  (Besides, Rae and Abby already tagged some of the people I was going to tag...hem.  Sorry. I really shouldn't be blaming everything on you poor girls, should I?  That's not very nice of  me at all.  "Bad girl, Miss March!"  ;))
Okay, I have a feeling I missed someone I should have tagged.  If I did, please come and scold me.  I deserve it.  And just so you know, this tag is free for the taking. (I mean I have seven extra spots, right? 15 minus 8 equals 7?  Yeah, that's right.  I learned math in school.  I did!)  So if you'd like to complete this tag PLEASE DO!  And then let me know so I can read your post because...I need all the blogging advice I can get!!
Cheerio my friends! Have a wonderful day and don't forget to...I don't know.  Do that thing you were supposed to be doing, I guess. 


  1. What fun! I enjoyed reading this, Miss March! And I thought your advice was great! I need to remember those things as well! :)

    Thank you so much for tagging me!! I'll get my answers up sometime next week! :D

    1. Thanks, Morgan!

      Oh, you're welcome! I'm looking forward to reading your answers! :)

  2. Aw, Miss March, you are SO SWEET! I don't think I've ever been thus mentioned in someone else's post yet; it makes another milestone in my blogging journey. :) And tut tut about "lame advice!" It was very true, and very relate-able! I found myself nodding my head, especially about the temptation to imitate other blogs too closely, counting comments, and silent readers. And 15 people to tag is so many, it's no wonder people are taken so fast! And you can blame us, we can take it! ;)
    Oh, and your introduction is great too. Discovering the community, and having it be so out of the ordinary to start a blog...relating at 100% here! And I meant to put this in my post, but I haven't told any of my family, not even my mom! I hope to when I turn 18, but part of me is scared; I don't want her to make me stop for some unknown reason!
    Anyway, lovely post dear! I would have tagged you if Rae hadn't gotten there first! :)

    1. Oh, really? Yay! I know it always gives me a thrill when someone randomly mentions me in their post, so I'm glad I could do that for you! :) Aww. Now you're the sweet one! Thanks, Abby. I'm so glad you found my advice relate-able. "And you can blame us, we can take it!" Mwahaha! (See this grin plastered all over my face? That's on account of you. ;))

      Wow. You're better at keeping secrets than I am then. ;) And, aww. That would be terrible if you had to stop blogging, but I'm sure your mom wouldn't make you stop. Not after seeing what a nice blog you have and how many people enjoy reading it! :)

      Aw, thanks!! And thank you for your comment. It made me really happy! :D

  3. I like reading how people started their blogs :) I'm a bit similar to you - I read a lot of blogs, liked the people, wanted to share my own opinions with the world so finally started a blog of my very own. I'm already applying your sage advice - i.e. do my blog my way without simply copying someone else so I must be doing something right! Good for you for keeping on at it even though the early days were tough. I've only got 2 official followers but I can tell by page views I have some unofficial silent ones so hopefully I can be a blessing to them :)

    1. Ohhh! Thanks so much for commenting! I just checked out your blog today, and it looks awesome! I will definitely be stopping by again when I have the time. You have a very nice writing style. I'm sure you'll be a blessing to many people as you continue your blogging journey!! :)

      And hey! Would you like to fill out this tag? Because I'd love to read your answers if you feel like doing it! (Just putting that out there...) ;D

    2. Ah you are too sweet :) We'll see how my blogging journey goes but hopefully it has a bit of a future yet! Thanks for the offer of the tag, I might take you up on that when I have a bit of time over the next couple of days. I've always thought tags look fun & I love reading other people's answers to them :)

    3. Thanks again and I ended up filling out the tag! :D

    4. Oh, you're most welcome! And wow! You filled it out already? Yay! I'm looking forward to reading it. :D

  4. I have been reading your blog for a while now and never commented, and after advice no. 2 I thought maybe it was time I said hello!
    …..'Someone who never comments, but who greatly enjoys my posts and checks my blog frequently hoping for something new to read'…..
    I do that – and you’ve just brightened up my day again!
    I always feel really shy about commenting, and I can never think of any sort of name to use, so I only occasionally do it, but I read all your posts and enjoy them. Lots of the films you write about I haven’t watched yet, but they often go onto my mental ‘to watch’ list as I seem to have similar tastes going by the films I have seen. It’s the same with books!

    So you don't need to remind yourself that there 'just might be' a silent reader out there - there really is one!

    ~ A silent reader ~

    1. OH MY GOODNESS! Thank you SO much for commenting, my dear silent reader! You've made my day!!! You really have! :D (In fact, if I had let myself, I think I could have cried reading this. That's how thrilled it made me.)

      Oh! I know what you mean about being shy to comment. I was SUPER nervous the first time I commented on someone's blog. And yeah, coming up with a name is no piece of cake, either. :P

      Awww. You're sweet. Thanks again for commenting! And for letting me know that I truly do have a "silent reader" out there!! That's just awesome!! :D

      ~Miss March

  5. Thanks for the tag! Your advice is very sound :-)

    1. You're welcome! And thanks. I'm glad you think so. :)

    2. Oh, yay! Thanks for the link. :)

  6. What good pieces of advice!! Thank you! Thank you so much for tagging me!!!
    I started blogging because I really like movies and books, and I'm very picky about them. My Mom suggested that I have a blog speicializing in books and movies, so here I am!

    And since I'm new, it might not be a good idea to do any thing I say but:
    1. Look around and see other peoples blogs. They can give you great ideas and help you make friends!
    2. When you're blogging make sure to say what you want to say. Don't hold anything back!

    Again. Thank you so much for tagging me!!

    1. Thanks, MovieCritic! And you're welcome! :)

      Heehee. I'm picky about movies, too. ;)

      Your advice is excellent!! Thank you so much for doing this!! :D

  7. Thanks for tagging me, Miss March!!! MY SECOND TAG IN LIKE A WEEK OR SOMETHING. (I feel so popular all of a sudden...)



    First of all, this entire thing was beautifully written. Just had to point that out.

    I'm so glad you started blogging!!! You've become a marvellous friend and I absolutely adore your blog!

    Wonderful advice! (Not lame at all.) I wish I had it when I first started blogging, especially no. 2.

    Sor-ryyy for stealing your ideas and your... people to tag (is there a word for that?) but to be honest, that advice was all I could come up with, and besides, yours is perfect.

    Wonderful post! I love it!

    1. Oh, no worries! That happens. And your comment was definitely worth waiting for. :)

      Thank you so much, dear. I'm glad you think so.

      Awwww. You're sweet. *hugs*

      Yeah, I guess there's a lot of advice we could have used when we first started. Ah well. Thankfully we managed to muddle through without it. ;)

      I accept your apology. Haha! ;) (You know I was only teasing you, right? Because, honestly, you had every right in the world to tag whomsoever you wished! And I probably couldn't have come up with the advice you did, even if it had been available to me. Heehee. ;))

      Thanks, Rae! And thank you for your comment. It made me smile! :)

  9. This is such a lovely post!
    I had the same. All the people I knew, were already tagged, and I don't even know 15 other bloggers. So I just said I tagged everyone who wanted to do this.
    I really love your posts and writing(said that already didn't I? Yes, I did) and you have a wonderful blog!

    1. Aww, thank you, Ruth!

      I KNOOOW! It's hard trying to come up with that many people to tag! It really is.

      Thank you so much for stopping by. I really enjoyed your comment!! :D

  10. I'm so late to this post, but all I really want to say is I love it. :D

    Thanks again for tagging me...maybe I'll get around to it someday. I would LIKE to do it, it's just...time. You know. :P

    "Have a wonderful day and don't forget to...I don't know. Do that thing you were supposed to be doing, I guess." hahaha :D

    1. Aw, thanks, Natalie. I'm pleased you liked it. :)

      Oh, no pressure! I completely understand about the whole lack of time thing. I just wanted to give you the option because I KNOW you have some VERY good advice to share. :)

      :D Thanks for your comment, dear!!