Monday, October 3, 2016

Answers to "A Very Random Game"

Just popping in with the answers to last week's game.  Thank you all for playing!  It was fun!  (And obviously we are all quite familiar with Emma 2009!  Haha!)
To make things simpler I decided to count it as a correct guess even if you didn't know the character's name.  So that means as long as you got the correct movie, got it!  (I say, girls, good show!!) (Winnie-the-Pooh quote, I think.  Yeah, once I've started quoting I can't stop...)
And speaking of Winnie-the-Pooh...
Here's  a random Winnie-the-Pooh picture...
Because I needed a picture in this post, and Pooh was good enough to oblige me.
The Answers
1. "Knittin', Zeb?"
Movie: Sergeant York // Character: Alvin York
2. "You speak as though it was something to eat."
Movie:  Anne of Avonlea // Character: Mrs. Harris
(Yes, our VHS tape is called Anne of Avonlea, not Anne of Green Gables: The Sequel.  Still, it counts as the same thing, of course. ;))
3. "Madness in this weather.  Insane!"
Movie: Emma 2009 // Character: Frank Churchill
4. "My advice to you is get yourself a job and look after your kids."  "They're not my kids!"
Movie: The Apple Dumpling Gang // Characters: Dusty and Donavan
5. "I do wonder he did not remember the book."
Movie: Emma 2009 // Character: Harriet Smith
6. "My father taught me that victory goes to him who takes the greatest risk."
Movie:  The Fighting Prince of Donegal // Character:  Hugh O'Donell

7. "I do not enjoy dancing and I'm not good at it."
Movie: Emma 2009 (yes, again!) // Character: Mr. Knightley
8. "I always wanted to be a June bride.  And have a baby right off.  In the Spring maybe."
Movie:  Seven Brides for Seven Brothers // Character: Dorcas
9. "I fear you have long been desiring my absence.  I shall leave you now."
Movie:  Pride and Prejudice 1995 // Character:  Mr. Darcy
Players Scores:
Miss Meg: 40
Rae: 50
Cordy: 60
Good job everyone!!   Thanks again for playing!


  1. Hey, not too shabby! Hm. Okay, so of the ones I missed, I had only seen Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. I don't know why that first one seemed so familiar... But it was a very fun game! Yes, we all love Emma 2009. I loved all the quotes from that. :)

    1. Thanks, Rae! I'm so glad you played! :D

  2. Can I say..this layout is so pretty!!!!