Monday, October 10, 2016

Anne of Green Gables Week Tag!

Miss Evie is hosting an Anne of Green Gables Week at her blog, Over the Hills!  Do check it out! 

Here are my answers to the delightful tag she created to start off the week:
1. How did you get introduced to Anne of Green Gables?
I guess through the movies--way back when I was little.  I hardly remember anymore.

2. Are you more like Anne or Diana? Why?
Hmm...not sure really.  But probably Diana.  I'm not the exciting, talkative, full of grand plans, type of person that Anne is.  I tend to be more quiet and in the background.  Happy to be a faithful friend who's always there to listen and encourage.

3. If Rachel Lydne called your hair as red as carrots how would you react? 
Well, seeing that I don't find red hair particularly abhorrent; and seeing that I'm not given to expressing my displeasure in as straightforward and heated manner as Anne--especially to a stranger--I have a feeling my reaction would be anything but dramatic.  Probably something lame like, "Oh, really?"  *polite, but slightly confused, smile*

4. Gilbert or Morgan Harris? 
MORGAN HARRIS, OF COURSE!  He's so utterly romantic and handsome and charming...what am I saying?  ABOSLUTELY NOT!  He's obnoxious and annoying and...*shivers*  I can't stand him!!  His smile gives me the creeps.  (Why do I always have to start out by giving a fake answer, before I give my real answer?  What is my problem?)  Anyway, of COURSE I like Gilbert best.  Who wouldn't? He's such a dear, sweet, wonderful person, and ANNE SHOULD HAVE LIKED HIM FROM THE START! She really should have.  (Silly Anne.)

I mean, look at them.  They were totally meant to be together.  :)

5. Honest opinion on the third Anne film. 
Ahem.  It's been a long time since I've seen it but I really didn't like it when I did.  It just wasn't right.  In fact, it was all wrong.  And I'm sure I could get on my soap box about this for quite sometime, except that the memories of it have grown rather dim, and thus I find myself highly lacking in ammunition.  (Aw. Too bad.)

6. Have you seen the New Anne film?
No, unfortunately.   (Or would that be, fortunately? ;))

7. What in your own words is a Kindred Spirit?
Someone who understands how I feel about the things that are nearest and dearest to my heart.  Someone who shares common interests with me and who I can talk to about almost anything.  Someone who's totally comfortable to be around because we just enjoy being together, even if we're not doing anything special.

8.  Movie Gilbert or Green Gables Fables Gilbert?
I've never seen the Green Gables Fables Gilbert, so Movie Gilbert.  Definitely.  (And I think I should like movie Gilbert best in any case.  After all, he was the first Gilbert I was ever introduced to, so it's only natural.)
9.  Does anyone know where we can watch Road to Avonlea online?
I haven't a clue.  Sorry.  :(

10. Favourite book cover?
Oh, dear.  I don't know.

11. The Films or The Books?
It rather goes against my principles to say this (considering that I usually prefer to like the books better than the movies) but I think I do probably like the films better.  At least the first film.  I've read most of the books, but I don't think they endeared themselves to me as much as the movie did.  For one thing, Gilbert wasn't in the books enough.  (Not in my opinion anyway.)  And for another, I was one of those poor children who watched the movie before reading the book, and thus got off on the wrong footing from the start.  (I can't help it.  It's just one of the facts of life.)

Well, that's it!  Thanks for a very fun tag, Evie!!


  1. It is hard sometimes to like a book better when you saw the movie first (but the Anne books really are better hehe). I haven't seen one answer to this tag yet that preferred morgan harris over Gilbert. Seriously though, who possibly could? I'm an "Anne" in character so I think "Dianas" are worth their weight in gold! :)

    1. Haha. I won't argue with you on that one. ;) I know, right? Morgan Harris over Gilbert? That's just ridiculous! Thanks so much for your comment!! :D

  2. You're Diana? That's amazing! We need more Dianas in the world to ground all those flighty Annes (I'm Anne by the way).

    *polite but slightly confused smile* that's my reaction too when I don't know how to react:)

    A really good description of a kindred spirit:)

    It's a never ending debate, right? The movie or the book? I generally like the one I was introduced to first the best.

    1. Haha. Dianas do seem a bit rare compared to Annes, don't they?

      Ah! Then you understand! :)

      Thanks. It actually ended up being harder to describe than I thought it would be.

      Yes, it really is. Usually I like to stand firmly in favor of the book because it's the real story, but then...yeah. Sometimes it's hard not to prefer the one you were first introduced to.

  3. Hello, Miss March! This is a fun post--I love the Anne movies too (the first two, anyway; I disliked the third and have never seen the fourth). LOL. I think I have to agree with you, I like the movies's been a while since I read the books, though.

    I love the pictures you posted...this is bringing up some good memories. I love Anne & Gilbert!! I need to watch this again sometime...soon.


    1. Yes, the first two are definitely the best. (Third one? Ugh. No thank you.) You like the movies better, too? Oh, yay! Then I'm not alone!!

      Good memories, yes! I have so many good memories of these movies. And Anne and Gilbert!! <3

  4. You really tricked me with Morgan Harris!!!

  5. Oooh, I can totally see you as Diana. Along with all the traits you listed, she was also the first of the two to settle down and start raising a family. And I know how important family is to you. :D

    Hahaha, your Morgan Harris/Gilbert comments were hilarious!! Loved it all. Oh, but I do think that Anne liked Gilbert all the time, she just didn't know it and therefore denied it. Which actually played to his advantage and still made her a very silly girl, indeed! Hehehe.

    And lastly, I loved your answer to #7. <3 I entirely agree with you!


    1. Yes, in that regard I suppose I am very much like Diana. That is to say, in regards to my desire to settle down and raise a family. I haven't actually done it yet, unfortunately. (Where's Fred? Have you seen him? ;))

      Why, thank you! I'm glad you found them humorous. :) Hmmm...yeah, that's true. She probably did like Gilbert all the time, really, but just couldn't see it because of all her romantic ideas clouding things up. (Silly, silly girl. Haha. ;))

      Thanks, Cordy!!

      ~Miss March

    2. I haven't seen him but I'll make you a deal. If you see Gilbert send him my way and if I see Fred I'll direct him to you! Deal?

    3. Ha! That's awful good of you, Cordy! The only problem is, if you bring Gilbert into the equation that complicates things rather a lot. Because I admit, I like him better than Fred, and so I'm not sure I'd have the heart to send him away. ;P (Nice friend I turned out to be, right? Heehee.)

    4. Excuse me? I think we need to rethink this deal! ;)

  6. I loved reading this!!! It was fun seeing your answers. :) (Even if it's a fact that the books are better. ;)
    I loved that you said you're like Diana. Such sweet characteristics you mentioned; we definitely need our Dianas. :)
    Have a lovely day!

    1. Haha. I had a feeling people wouldn't agree with me on that one. ;P And I say you're quite right to consider the books as better than the movies. That's the proper way to go about things. It really is. ;)
      Aww. Thanks. :)
      You, too, Rae!

  7. (Aaand...I nominated your for this award: )

    1. Oh! Yay! Thank you, Rae. Looks like a cool tag.

  8. You're so right -- Gilbert isn't in the books enough! Tsk tsk.

  9. Ohmygoodness, ohmygoodness, ohmygoodness!!!

    THIS POST!!!

    I HAVE THREE MILLION THINGS TO SAY. Brace yourself, madam!

    First: your timing is impeccable??? I completely randomly had the urge to rewatch the third movie just recently, so I've actually been thinking about ALL THE STUFF IN YOUR POST and am planning to write a post on the movies myself!!!


    You actually fooled me when you said "Morgan Harris" over Gilbert??? And I was like, "I be very sorry, my dear, but I don't think we can be friends any longer???"

    Haha, Gilbert is asdfklkhlkj!!! I HAVE NOT SUFFICIENT WORDS TO EXPRESS MY FEELINGS IN. He's so cute! THAT SMILE!!! I could write a whole post just about Gilbert's smile. :) I mean, have you ever seen anyone who has such a great smile??? DIDN'T THINK SO.

    What else? Ah, yes. I actually REALLY like the last movie??? I know, I know, it totally departs from the books. But, as I recently told someone (who I was trying to convince to watch the movies...!), I don't like any of the books but the first (also Rilla of Ingleside is okay??? I may need to reread) so I'm totally okay with their departures. I mean, obviously, there are a FEW things I don't like, but that's the way it goes with all movies for me??? I never love EVERYTHING. Too much of a critical thinker for that, I guess. :)

    There's a new movie??? WHUT. Why was I not told of this??? AGH!!!

    And what is Green Gables Fables???

    Also, I soooo want to watch Road to Avonlea??? I've seen the Christmas episode/movie/thing, but nothing else???

    I think I'm done now...


    1. Haha. I'm braced. Fire away! ;)

      You're planning to do a post about the movies? Oh, yay! That'll be fun to read!!

      Mwhahaha! Sorry to threaten our friendship so early on. How inconsiderate of me. :P Well, rest assured it was TOTALLY A JOKE! I could NEVER choose Morgan Harris over Gilbert. Perish the thought. (So, still friends? Heehee.)

      Yeeeees! I LOVE Gilbert! His smile? Ohhh! DON'T EVEN GET ME STARTED!!!

      You WHAAAAT? *gasp* You actually LIKE the third movie?? (Okay, now you're threatening our friendship! Haha. Just kidding.) No, seriously, I fault you not for liking it. I'm sure there's probably something to like about it. ;) And it's been a long time since I've seen it so...

      You don't like most of the books? Well, I must say, that makes me feel a bit better, because to be honest they've never been my favorites either. Though I should probably read them again sometime, just to give them another chance.

      I didn't know about the new movie either. Naomi included a link to the trailer in her post, though, if you'd like to see it. (It's a whole new Anne movie, by the way. No connection to the earlier ones.)

      Green Gables Fables is a modernized web series of Anne of Green Gables. I've never seen it except for a couple short videos which I watched just this week, so I don't know much about it really.

      Ha! Are you worn out? That was a lot of excitement there. Heehee. ;) I'm so glad you enjoyed this post. And thank you for such a deliciously long comment!! Long comments are so much fun! :D

    2. Long comments are the best and I AM POSSIBLY THE QUEEN OF WRITING THEM??? I can't seem to shut up about certain things. It's a problem.

      OF COURSE WE ARE STILL FRIENDS!!! Still, you shouldn't scare me that way! Bad, Miss March!

      *Kayla hides from the angry mob who wants her head* I know!!! I am like the only person IN THE WORLD, APPARENTLY who likes the third movie (poor little disliked baby that it is!)!!!

      I mean, I like the treatment of the war - I think it was both sensitive and kind but also made the horror very real and personal. Especially how it tore families apart and wives/sisters/families couldn't understand their boys/husbands/boyfriends compulsion to fight for their country.

      I liked the cultural content. I liked Jack Garrison, with his sweet, selfish, immature, shallow personality. :) I like the intrigue and the character development. I love Anne's desperate quest to find Gilbert, her utter faithfulness to him through it all. I love watching her fall in love with baby Dominic and the unique family dynamic that she and Fred and the baby take on (there's also a little bit of this with her and Jack and the baby as well). Agh, I just love it all!!!

      I'm afraid I would hate any new Anne movie??? I'm still too head-over-heels in love with the originals! ;)


    3. Oh, I know. Sometimes there's just too much to say. I can totally relate to that.

      Haha. It was pretty awful of me, I admit. :P

      Okay, you've just made the third movie sound very intriguing. I really don't remember it very well. The thing I remember being most annoyed about was Jack Garrison, and how it seemed like there was something going on between him and Anne that shouldn't have been. But then, I was only ten at the time, so maybe I didn't quite "get it". Also, I was probably prejudiced against it simply because it was SO different from the first ones. :)

      Ha. Me, too. The originals are so good, how could you possibly improve on them?

      Haha. Yes, go get some rest. You deserve it. ;)

    4. Muhahaha!!! Yes! It was my evil purpose to make you second guess your hatred of the third movie!!! I HAVE SUCCEEDED!

      I guess you could say that??? Jack is very immature - I mean, he knows what he wants and he expects to get it; so it's kind of half-admirable, half, um, NOT. And he wants Anne. So.

      She does become somewhat preoccupied with pleasing him and they have a rather charged encounter where Jack seems to be indecently dressed (you infer this, as opposed to seeing it). Anne manages to dodge/run away from him entirely??? But he does end up kissing her hand, so.

      Ultimately, I find him kind of cute, in a teenage-boy kind of way. But that's just me.

    5. Oh my! What a devious little mind you have. So it was a plot, was it? And I fell for it. Really, Kayla! How very sneaky of you! ;P (Heehee.)

      Oh! Is that how it was? Dear me. I'm pretty sure I wouldn't like him any better a second time round then. Kissing her??? Oh, no, no. That would make very mad, I'm sure. But then as I said, I really can't remember the movie much at all, so I suppose I really shouldn't be giving an opinion on it, now should I? :P Haha!


      He only kisses her hand??? Which could be viewed as innocent gallantry, so...

      He is kinda cute, tho. (Obviously not compared with GILBERT!!!) I like characters who know what they want and Jack is certainly one of those characters. :)

      Also, totally off topic, but would you be interested in being my writing buddy??? I don't think I've ever seen anything on your blog to indicate that you write fiction but I really respect ypou and your opinions so I thought yours wpould be a good voice to have around to ask for advice??? Feel absolutely free to say no, tho, okay?

    7. He only kisses her hand? Oh, well that's different. That's not nearly so bad as I was thinking... ;)

      Aww, you're sweet. And I'd love to be helpful to you if I can. What exactly is a writing buddy, though? Would that include sharing writing projects with each other and giving suggestions and stuff like that? (As to me writing fiction...'hem...that's more of a dream than a reality for me. I'd really like to, but I never quite get around to actually doing it.)

    8. I said that the first time but I guess you missed it???

      EXACTLY!!! I didn't know if you just didn't write fiction "officially" or if you weren't interested at all. :)

    9. Oh, how silly of me! Yes, of course you said that. I guess what I was meaning to ask was, how do I go about being your writing buddy? Like, I know you're doing NaNoWriMo in November, and I was just looking at their website and saw that they use the term "writing buddy," and so I was wondering if you were referring to that in particular? Or if you were just talking about exchanging emails or something so that we could talk about writing more personally. take it one step further...if you were simply referring to the idea of discussing writing projects on our blogs???

      (I'm making this all SUPER complicated, aren't I? :P Must be about time for me to go to bed. My brain doesn't seem to be making a whole lot of sense at the moment. Heehee.)

    10. I was thinking email???

      Yeah, there is some kind of buddy program on the NaNo site, but, tho I am on that site, I'm not really gonna go crazy with the whole "buddy" thing. :)

    11. Right. I thought that was probably what you meant, but I just wanted to make sure. If you want you can leave your email address in a comment and I'll make sure not publish it. Sound alright? :)

    12. That's fine by me!!! I actually didn't think about the fact thast you could do that. :) Just FYI, tho, I have a personal email and a "blogging" email, so it really doesn't matter to me if people see it.

      Here you go:

    13. Okay. Cool! And here's mine:

      I actually just created that account today because I decided it was about time I had a "blogging" email. (You see, I didn't know much about blogging when I started, so I created my blog with my personal email. Which has proved to be a bit of a problem actually, especially when it comes to following other people's blogs, because my real name keeps wanting to show up instead of my profile name. Ugh. :P)

    14. Haha, yeah, same!!! Not about my real name, but, yes. Ahem.

      Looking forward to it!!!

  10. Oh my. You worried me for a moment until I realized you were joking about Morgan Harris. I would have been appalled indeed, if you liked him over Gilbert! -shudder-

    Heehee. I think I was "one of those poor children who watched the movie before reading the book", too. Actually, I can't quite remember. But I might have been. :P
    And yes!! Why oh why is Gilbert not in the books more? And when he was, I'm sorry to say it, but he just wasn't as good as movie Gilbert. Don't get me wrong, I still like book-Gilbert....but movie-Gilbert just had a more fleshed out character. :)

    1. Haha. Yeah. I'm afraid you would have had to cast me off forever if that had been my true opinion. (And I wouldn't blame you. Morgan Harris, indeed! Humph.)

      YES! I like movie-Gilbert best, too. Because it's true. His character was more fleshed out in the movie than in the book. (At least in my opinion.) :)

    2. Heehee, we simply couldn't be friends anymore. (Well. I suppose that wold be rather drastic. We'd find some way to work around that dilemma. :P)

      My mom and I (and my brother) are actually watching "Anne" right now, so I'm in the perfect mood to talk about movie Gilbert. I'm not usually the kind of girl to sigh dreamily, but if I were... <3

    3. Boy, am I glad I have more sense than to like Morgan Harris over Gilbert!! To think I came THAT close to losing your friendship forever! Haha! ;) (Oh, I know we would. You're too sweet to let something like that stand between us. Still. I'm awfully glad we don't have to deal with that. Because if Morgan Harris really was my favorite I'd have to be horribly ashamed of myself. What bad taste! :P)

      You're watching "Anne"? How fun! Haha. Yeah, I'm not usually the kind of girl to do that sort of thing either, but know. ;)

    4. Haha. ;) (I wonder if there actually IS someone who likes Morgan better.....perish the thought!)

      Yes!! :D

    5. Ha! That would be something, now wouldn't it? Ooooh, but it hardly bears thinking on. Morgan over Gilbert? Impossible!! ;P