Thursday, August 24, 2017

Summer Rambles

Originally I meant to give this post a much more extreme title, like "Aaaaaaaah!  HELP ME!"  or something along those lines.  But you all know how I hate to over-dramatize things so obviously I decided against that.  (And you all know I hate sarcasm, too, right?)
To cut to the chase, this is going to be a rambly, I-don't-know-what-to-call-it post, all about my crazy ridiculous summer and anything else that happens to blabber it's way onto the page.  Usually I like my posts to be well-thought out and organized, but considering that they take me such an enormously long time to write, I'm going to try to be a little more slap-dash about this one because...well because.  I do have things to do, people.   (Seriously. It's not like I sit in front of my computer all day long, you know.)

Oh dear.  Now I'm not even sure where to begin. 

Basically this summer has been super fun but super stressful, too.  You all know I got a new job, right?  Well...I actually got two new jobs.   How did that come about?  Well allow me to explain. 

So I started the first job (working as a front desk representative at a Christian retreat center), in June after I got back from the most exciting part of my summer (a visit to this girl here...which was an amazing time, friends, let me tell you!  :)).  The job was going along swimmingly for the first month or so, until we went away on vacation for a week to visit my grandparents.  (This happened in early July.)  Returning to work the day after we got home while being extremely sleep deprived, was not a good combination.  I was so sleepy the whole time I was at work and everything suddenly became extremely overwhelming, and I just knew, right then and there, that I wouldn't be able to do this.  This job just wasn't for me.  I went home with retirement plans formulating in my head.  (Retirement?  Ha.  More like plans for skedaddling as quickly as possible.)

There was another job I had applied for several months previously.  A job at a small café in a nearby town.  I hadn't gotten the job when I originally applied because they'd already hired all the help they needed at the time, but while we were on vacation they contacted me saying they were now hiring again and would be interested in considering me for a position.

So in the heat of discouragement over the one job, I decided to apply for the second job, thinking if I got it I could then work both jobs for a little bit, decide which I liked better, and drop the one I didn't like. 

Well, I got the second job.  I started working.  I recovered somewhat from my sleep deprivation and the first job somehow didn't look so bad anymore.  The second job however was stressing me out!!  It was too much.  It was all too much!  I was so sick of working jobs that were all new to me.  I was so tired of not knowing what to do and having to ask so many questions.  I was quitting.  One day more and then I was going to tell my boss that working two jobs was too much for me.  The café job would have to go.

I was a basket case, a complete basket case that one Saturday night when I got home from a four hour evening shift.  So tired and worn out and stressed, I cried hysterically (but as silently as I could) into my pillow that night, going over and over in my mind how I was going to tell my boss that I was quitting and whether quitting was even the right thing to do or whether I was giving up too soon.  I finally fell asleep feeling that I truly did have legitimate reasons to quit.  That I literally could not handle this much pressure.

The weeping and pity-partying continued into the next day.  I was working Sunday and I was sick of working Sundays!!  I wanted to go to church with my family.  I was feeling lonely and cut off from everyone and I'm afraid I gave my mom a time of it being so moody and dispirited.  Well, I went to work.  Because I had to.  And low and behold, I came home with a completely different perspective.

Had to admit to my mom that she was right all along.  I simply hadn't given it enough time.  It's not that I suddenly loved my job, but due to one thing and another it did suddenly became a whole lot more bearable.  And now I've adjusted my schedule to make sure I have Sundays and Mondays off most weeks and just knowing that I have a weekend is such a relief.  :)

So yeah.  I'm working two jobs.  I'm still in the learning process for both of them which has it's levels of stress.  And I still want to quit just about every other day (because I'm a wimp), but overall I think I'm going to survive it.  It's a matter of getting used to a new normal.  Accepting the fact that I do have less time at home, but that, that's how life goes.  It's a new phase of life and one that I need to embrace and work with, instead of pining for the way things used to be.   I know God opened these doors for me and I need to walk through them with a grateful heart and an attitude of anticipation for how He plans to use and grow me through this.  (There now.  There's your lecture for today, Miss March.  Put that in your pipe and smoke it.)  (But I don't smoke.)  (Details.)

Anyway, enough on that subject.  I'm sure you didn't come here to hear a bunch of boring details all about my working life, now did you?  (For that matter, what did you come here for?  Oh! you stumbled upon this blog by accident.  Well, I'm sorry.  You have my deepest condolences.) 


Summer, summer, summer.  It's almost over.  Did you realize that?  My siblings started back to school this week already.   (And now I will say an original thing.  Like Uncle Benjamin.)  "How time does fly!"

I called this post Summer Rambles, so now I feel I must ramble about something.  But dear me, now that I've gotten all that work nonsense off my chest I'm really not sure what there is left to talk about. 

Give me a minute.  I'll think of something. 

~ Oh yes!  After over a year's length of time I've finally finished reading Great Expectations to my brother.  It's a marvelous book.  Really.  I could find you some excellent quotes from that book, but I won't just now because unfortunately I don't have the time.  We started reading The Blue Castle just today.  It's great having a brother who lets me read aloud to him!  (Because I do love to read aloud.)

~ I also started reading Little Women aloud to two of my younger sisters.  That's been fun so far, though I guess we won't have as much time for it now that they're back in school.  Do any of you dear people like to read aloud? 

~ I cut my finger at work the other day.  That was ouch.  But mostly just annoying know.  :P

~ I'm currently reading Christy to myself, and it's such a good book!  Catherine Marshall has a really lovely style of writing.

~ Watched The Parent Trap (1961) about three times last week.  And ohh, what is it about some movies?  I've seen this one dozens of times before, but IT WAS SO GOOD THIS TIME!  I really, really liked it.  It's a comedy, but even in the midst of the comedy there's so much real, human emotion.  Like when the dad sees both of the twins together for the first time in years...he gets all teary eyed and oh! it's just so sweet!!  (And Sharon's conversation with Vickie?  Haha.  That was priceless.  "Surely you don't think I'd want to marry your father just for his money?"  "If the shoe fits wear it!"  ;))

~ Wow.  I am getting very nice and rambly now, aren't I?  I guess I'd better wrap this thing up before I put you entirely to sleep. 

So long my friends!  I hope you're all have a very lovely Summer! 
Any special plans for the Fall? 
Until next time...

I remain yours very truly,
Miss March

P.S.  Please overlook any errors in this post.  I'm afraid I'm in too much of a hurry to read it over as thoroughly as I usually do.  I have to be at work by 5:00 and I still need to get ready.  Yikes!  Must be off!


  1. Hm, maybe my next post should be something along the lines of "Aaaaaah help me!" :) Quite a truthful title, that!

    I'm glad the jobs are going all right. I had a seasonal job at a greenhouse in the early summer this year and last year, and believe me, when things get hectic I have felt like quitting! But wow, two jobs! Good--er--job--keeping things together!

    I was going to try to read Pride and Prejudice aloud to my sister, but there were time issues. Such as, "when am I going to find time to read this?" And then the school year (last year) started, so we kind of forgot the whole thing! But reading aloud is so good! That's the first time I ever heard The Hobbit was when my dad read it to us. I think I was maybe 6 or 7. :)

    By the by, your new blog design is quite lovely! I like it a lot!

    1. Haha, isn't it though? ;)

      Oh, I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels like quitting sometimes! Thanks for sympathizing with me. :)

      Yes, finding time is definitely a real issue. :/ That's so fun that your dad read The Hobbit to you! My dad used to read aloud to us all the time. He read The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings multiple times, which was great fun.

      Aww, thanks!! :D

  2. I want to quit every job at a certain point. If I could temp my entire life, I would do it.

    Parent Trap. We watched this for the first time this spring. Then again. Then I just got it for my birthday. It is a scream. I love the part when Sharon (as Susan) pretends to think her dad is adopting Vickie. And when the dad keeps trying to see the mother and falling over everything. And the mother when she is just making Vickie and her mother squirm.

    1. It's tough, isn't it? Wouldn't it be so wonderful to have a job that you just loved going to? That would be awesome. *sigh*

      Oh yes! I love that part, too! And when she starts screaming at him and telling him he "can't marry Vickie he'll ruin everything!" Hahaha. :D The other scenes you mentioned...yes, yes. So much fun! Seriously, there's SO many good scenes in that movie. I'm really happy you like it, too!! :D

  3. CHRISTY IS THE BEST. I mean, I do have complaints I suppose. But I read it like three times in as many months and liked it more each time.

    Reading aloud is my favorite. My little brother (little is 14, apparently??) doesn't really LIKE to read (what is wrong with him??) so I try to read ALOUD to him as much as I can spare time for because he needs literature and class in his life and for some reason I can't comprehend, he enjoys books when I read them aloud??? (And I love it because it's good acting practice. And because I get to share my love of books.)

    Whoa!!! Two jobs?? YOU CRAZY, GIRL!!! :D But I thought you got the cafe job FIRST and didn't like it and quit and THEN got the receptionist job...???? Oh well, I must have gotten confused somehow. :))) I KNOW EXACTLY HOW YOU FEEL THOUGH. I remember on my first day of babysitting, I was like "I CANNOT do this!! Someone come save me, I must quit!!" but the next day was MUCH better and it wasn't even hard once I got used to it. (It was boring at times, sure, but it wasn't anything worth DESPAIRING over.) Like you said, it's all about getting used to the new normal. ;))

    1. I had a feeling you liked that book! I remember you mentioning it one time. And yes, I guess I have a few complaints about it myself, but overall it was lovely. The ending scene though! Just awwww. <3 <3 <3

      That's so cool that you read to your brother, too!! (He doesn't like to read? Well I never! Haha. I actually have a brother like that, too. Reading has just never been his favorite thing to do.)

      Crazy is right! I honestly don't know what to make of myself sometimes. :P Oh no! That was a different cafe. (I know, this is very confusing. Sorry about that. ;)) I got a job as a dishwasher at the first cafe, and that's the one I quit. This cafe is somewhat larger, more employees, and a much nicer atmosphere. They're both in the same town though which is funny. :)

    2. Really??? I have given myself away! :) I do love the ending, but it was a little mean, you must admit. Cutting it off right when they realized their feelings for each other!!

      I KNOW!! *indignant scowls* How can you NOT love reading??? It just doesn't make sense to my brain. I just try to be flattered that he enjoys my reading TO him.

      Ohhhhhh!!! Good!! I thought I was the worst listener and friend ever!!!

      And I'm SO GLAD that the new cafe job is nice and has a pleasant atmosphere!!! That is ESSENTIAL. (Cafes also sound nice. My siblings worked and restaurants over the years and consistently had rather unpleasant experiences with superiors and bosses and managers and stuff, but the term "cafe" conjures nice cozy images to my mind. I hope it's as lovely I'm imagining!!)

      You said you were a dishwasher at the first one, but what is your job at the new cafe??

    3. Oh yeah, I guess I can see how that would be a bit annoying, cutting it off that way. I didn't actually think about it too much though. I was just caught up in how sweet it was. I mean, there's the doctor calling to her, saying how much he needs her, acknowledging God at last and...ahhhh! It was just really beautiful.

      Yes, I suppose you must comfort yourself with the thought that at least he's getting some exposure to literature even if not in the traditional fashion. :)

      NO INDEED!!

      It is very nice. It has a clean, peaceful atmosphere to it. And the owners are really encouraging and supportive of all their employees. They even work alongside us some days so it has a very small business/family type feel to it. (The owners are actually husband and wife and they have a couple little kids that drop in with them every now and then. In fact, the other evening the husband was putting a new railing on one of the stairs back in the kitchen and his little son was helping him. It was really cute.)

      My main job at the new café is making sandwiches and salads. And then helping with whatever else needs to be done in between times when I don't have any orders. Like washing dishes (we have a dishwasher so it's not all by hand) wrapping silverware, cleaning countertops, running food out to the tables...etc. It's a team effort so everybody learns to do jump in and do those kinds of things when they haven't anything else to do.

    4. It was just that I had been shipping them SO HARD for SO LONG that I wanted something more than just, "Christy!"

      But yes, I liked it at the same time. And "Give me mooooore!" isn't SUCH a bad reaction to have... in fact, it's kind of the reaction a writer WANTS, right??

      You sound just like my cousin. :))) I'm trying to get her to read Christy, in fact, but her library doesn't have it... I'm sure she will love it!! It's right down her alley. ;))

      Indeed. *sigh*

      Ohhhhhh, that sounds so nice!!!!!! I am so happy for you!!! It sounds really lovely and aesthetic and the sort of place you could set a novel in! *happy sigh*

      Eeeep! Good dads in action, yes???? :D

      Yayyyy!!! Cooking/food prep is so much nicer than dishwashing!!!!!! EEEP IT SOUNDS SO NICE I LOVE IT.

    5. Oh, I hear you! When you get that involved in wanting to see the love story unfold it really is hard to see it wrap up so quickly.

      So true! Yes, a reader clamoring for more is exactly what an author would want! :)

      It is pretty cool. :) And yes! Yay for good dads!! :D

      Haha, yeah. It certainly beats the dishwashing job. ;P Thanks for being so excited for me. I'm afraid I'm not as grateful for my job as I ought to be, because there are still days when I'd just rather stay home. But I really should be more excited about it because it's a wonderful thing to have work. :)

    6. Right. Like it finally happened... exactly two sentences before the book ends. Argh.

      Ha! Awww. I can't really relate to wanting to stay home but... I can relate to not wanting to do something but NEEDING to do it, so I guess that's as close as I can get??? :)

    7. Okay yeah. That is rather annoying. (Maybe there ought to have been a sequel. :))

      Yup. "Not wanting to do something but NEEDING to do it" that's pretty much what it is. :)

    8. I'd like a sequel, actually... *begins banging violently on table with spoon*

      Ugh. ;))

  4. Oh, poor Miss March! I really don't like it when the stress levels go up, but you are dealing with it beautifully! You can do it!

    Hurrah! You finished Great Expectations! When you have more time we need to talk about it. I am still not sure which one I like better, GE or DC. Overall my favorite is A Tale of Two Cities, though. Or Oliver Twist. Or A Christmas Carol. Too many options!!!!! *goes screaming into a circle of madness* Okay, that didn't actually happen, I'm just trying to make you laugh to lower your stress levels. Moving on...
    Little Women! Excellent! I hope you and your sisters enjoy! I can't read out loud, I am so terrible at it, but my little sister likes to read out loud to me so I let her, some of the time.

    The Parent Trap really is SO GOOD. I definitely like that version better then the 1990s some thing version.

    Well, I'll chat later, have a lovely, hopefully, stress-free week!

    1. Aw, thank you, MovieCritic! Some days are better than others. :)

      Haha. You said it! There really are FAR too many options! Dickens just wrote too many good books. ("*goes screaming into a circle of madness*" Hahaha. Oh my goodness. You're such a dear. Thank you for trying to lower my stress levels. That is so sweet of you, and I definitely need it!! :)) About GE and DC. I think I can safely say that I like David Copperfield more than Great Expectations, but GE is still an excellent book. It was interesting reading it this time because Pip didn't seem quite as awful as I always imagined him to be. I know he's ungrateful through a lot of the book, but he's got a tender heart as well, and by the end he's grown a lot. There were several times actually when he would say something about how he was feeling--which tended to be a sort of selfish, self-centered feeling, you know?...and I would just sit there and be like, "Whoa. That's painfully close to a description of myself! Stop being so honest and realistic, Pip. You're making me feel bad!" Haha. Quite frankly, I found him to be a very relate-able character in many respects.

      Oh, I'm sure you could read aloud. It just takes practice. I know I used to be really awkward when I first started doing it.

      YES! I only ever saw part of the 1990's version and that was A LONG time ago, so I don't really remember it. But I clearly remember that my impression of it was highly unfavorable. ;)

      Thank you so much, MovieCritic!! I really enjoyed hearing from you!! (And sorry it took me so long to respond. It's hard keeping up with everything these days.)

  5. Oh my goodness!!! Dear Miss March!!! You poor, dear, girl!!! That sounds positively dreadful and stressful; I'm SO glad you made it through that and are feeling better about things now. I sincerely wish you the absolute best with everything! This is all very exciting--in multiple ways!

    I LOVE YOUR UNCLE BENJAMIN REFERENCE. That part always makes me laugh so much. "Then Uncle Benjamin said an original thing. 'How time does fly!' said Uncle Benjamin" like L. M. MONTGOMERY I ADORE YOU.

    Okay, okay, wait a second. You loved Great Expectations? And you'd recommend it? This is different from other reviews of that book I've heard. Mostly I've heard it's dreadful and creepy and not worth reading. So...thoughts! Please!

    I think I need to read Little Women again. I think it's time. I've read it, oh, maybe 2-3-4 times, but I haven't read it in several years. Because the last time I read it I was so mad at Louisa May for NOT putting Jo and Laurie together just to spite her readers (which was actually part of her reason; I read a biography and it quoted her on that) that I haven't read it since. And then the past couple of years I've been afraid to read it again for fear I'd betray my childhood self who swore she'd NEVER change her mind about Jo and Laurie. Because now I can empathize with Jo a bit. And I believe I'd agree with her decision. SO. I think I need to get over my fear of betraying my younger self and just read it again.
    (WELL. Who's rambling now?)

    I love The Parent Trap! I haven't seen it in a while.

    This post was...well, not quite delightful as you've been having a rough time of it, but it was a perfectly done post, just the same! Errors indeed, dear Miss March, I didn't notice any if there were so you're quite all right because I tend to notice.
    Love you!!!

    1. Aw, Rae. Thank you so much!! Can I just give you a hug right now? You're the sweetest! :)

      Eeeek! YOU NOTICED!! I was hoping someone would get that reference. *grins* *and grins some more* I was reading that part to my brother shortly before writing this post and we both thought it was simply hilarious. I love that kind of wit in writing, don't you?

      YES! If you like Dickens books, I don't see any reason why you wouldn't like Great Expectations. It does have a sort of creepy element to it I guess. I mean you have Miss Havisham, who got jilted at the alter and has since spent the rest of her life shut up in her house, still in her wedding clothes, still with the wedding feast on the table, the clocks all stopped, and everything in decay and ruin about her. She's also obsessed with the idea of raising her adopted daughter to attract men and then break their hearts. In other words she's kind of morbid. But...the ending. I guess I shouldn't say too much in case you don't like spoilers, but basically there's a lot of redemption and growth that happens for multiple characters. I'd definitely say it's worth reading. (And besides, most of Dickens books can have an element of creepiness to them. He certainly doesn't dodge the darker aspects of life.) (Yikes! I just realized I totally forgot to comment on your Little Dorrit I've just gone and done that. Good. Now I feel better. :))

      Aww. My dear. Don't feel bad. It's okay to admit your younger self was wrong. Really it is. *pats you comfortingly on the back* Hahaha! Seriously, Rae, if that's the only reason you're not re-reading it...I don't even know what to say. Just read it. It will be okay. I promise. ;)

      It's such a fun movie! I'm glad you like it, too. :)

      Awwww! Thank you so much, Rae. That means a lot. LOVE YOU TOO! <3

  6. *waves* HI MISS MARCH!!!! Did you miss me because I've sure missed you!! Let's see if I can leave a nice long comment here. (I'm SURE I can!! :D)

    Okay, the whole stressed out thing, *deep breathes* yes, yes, and yes!! I felt like I was reading something from my brain almost a year ago now. (Isn't that nuts?! In two months I'll be reaching the year mark at my job. Jeepers!!) The struggle is (still) real. Hahaha. Oh the stories my poor pillow could tell.

    Retirement, ha! I love it. :D

    I'm glad you got Sundays off. That's one of the things I like about my job. We're closed on Sundays so I only have to work Sundays for certain "stocking" occasions where I curse the fact that I have to work on the Sabbath. Really! Keep me late every other night of the week, but please leave my Sundays in peace. :D

    I hope your "jobness" smooths out very soon.

    I was actually thinking about rereading Little Women the other day!! I can't say it was out of the blue because really it came to mind when I heard about the new movie they're making. I'm not looking to be impressed because I'm not really pleased with the movies made thus far, but the novel is still superb!!

    I cut my fingers at work all the time. Not fun! :P Do take care of yourself, my dear friend.

    I ADORE the Parent Trap. It's got to be one of my favorite movies. There isn't anything NOT to love about it which makes it irresistible and then what is one to do? Hehehe.

    Fall plans? Um, no. None. Work, work, and uh, work. Oh, I guess I need to fit some writing in there somewhere. What about you?

    Yours truly,

    P.S. I want you to know that I overlooked the errors just for you. (That is I would have overlooked them if I'd spotted any...are you sure you made any? Just wonderin'. ;))

    1. DID I MISS YOU?! What a question. OF COURSE I MISSED YOU!!! (Honestly. Some people.) Seriously and double seriously, I was so happy to see a comment from you I guess that means I missed you!! *grins*

      Yes, this must have been how you were feeling last year! I understand so much better now why you were absent from blogging so much. I feel like I'm headed in that direction sometimes. :P


      YES! It's so good to have Sundays off. After spending two Sundays traveling to Illinois and back, two Sundays working at the retreat center, and two Sundays working at the cafe I was SOOOOOO ready to go to church again. That's so nice that your job isn't opened on Sundays! I wish it was the same with mine because then I wouldn't have to feel bad about not making myself available that day, as it wouldn't even be an option! :)

      Thank you, dear. I hope so, too.

      I didn't know they were making a new movie until I read your post!! It's kind of exciting, especially as I've been saying for years that someone ought to make a miniseries of that book...but yeah, I'm not hoping too much either because they've failed so many times in the past. I just can't imagine them actually getting it right. And besides, I've read the book so many times now, I don't know if anything would please me!

      Oh, I will try! And you take care of yourself too! :)

      I know right? It's just so good!!!

      Just WORK?! Oh, you sad girl. Do try to find time for some more exciting things as well! Writing sounds like a good idea. (Which leads me to the question, are you going to be doing NaNoWriMo this year?) My fall plans? Uh...don't keel over and die from overworking. Try to stay sane. And contemplate getting more sleep. Haha. ;P (I guess I don't have any specific plans either. :))


      ~Miss March

      P.S. Aww. Now wasn't that sweet of you? You're a dear. You really are. (Haha. Well, I hope not. But you never can be sure.)

  7. YEOW! That is one hectic, wild ride you've been on. I'm glad you've come to find a balance.

    My summer has been nutty. Travel, relatives visiting, more travel, more relatives, piles and piles of relatives, more travel -- I'm so happy that I am now firmly ensconced at home for the next several months. With no visitors that will stay longer than a couple hours. I need to breathe.

    Fall plans? Start a homeschool co-op with some friends. Next week. Also, self-publish a book. Also, keep homeschooling my kids, go to Colonial Williamsburg at least once, meet up with some blogging friends in real life, and read a ton of books. That's enough plans.

    Also, Christy is an awesome book.

    Also, this is the second blog post I've read to day that involves The Parent Trap and now I'm reeeeeeeeeeally in the mood to watch it.

    1. It really is! Not sure I've completely found a balance yet, but it's coming along I suppose.

      Eeeek! Sounds like you've had a crazy busy summer. I was beginning to wonder where you were all this time, but I guess that more than explains it! Glad you're getting a bit of down time now. Sounds like you need it!

      Well, I was going to say I hope life slows down for you in the fall and you get some much needed rest, but...I don't know. Sounds like you've got lots of plan for the upcoming season as well. You're self-publishing a book?! How cool! Have you ever self-published before?

      It is!

      I guess you'd better go watch it then. Reading two posts in one day that mentioned the same movie? It must be a sign! Haha. ;)

  8. Yay for slap-dash, rambly posts! :D This will be fun.

    Firstly, those flower photos are SO pretty. I especially like the ones of the marigolds. :)

    Awwwww. I was the most exciting part of your summer!! *happy smiles* Right back at you, girl. <3 Actually, your visit miiight be the most exciting thing that happened in this entire year. (Yet. I might get engaged or something, you never know.)

    Awwwwwwwwwwww. I know all of that depression about your job was a long while ago now, but reading about it made me want to give you a big hug. *HUGS* I'm glad things are a little smoother. And what you said is so true. Put that in your pipe and smoke it, indeed! (Oh yes, right. You don't smoke. :P)

    I finished reading Christy! It was SO good. I really loved it. :)

    Of course, you already know I copied you and watched The Parent Trap, too. :P I love what you said about the humor and emotion. So true. <3

    Good for you!! See, thorough proof readings aren't ALWAYS necessary. :D Saves time, too. And we've talked about Time Or The Lack Thereof, haven't we? :)

    1. :D

      Thank you! I was really pleased with how those turned out. :)

      YES YOU WERE! *hugs* :D And awwww, thanks. I can pretty much say that, too actually. The only other super exciting thing that happened to me this year that I can think of at the moment was when my nephew was born, but that's sort of different. So yeah, visiting you was definitely one of the best, most exciting parts of my entire year!! :D (YOU MIGHT GET ENGAGED?!! WHAT?? WHAT HAVE YOU NOT TOLD ME?! ARE YOU DATING SOMEONE THEN?! I SHOULD HAVE THOUGHT YOU WOULD HAVE TOLD MEEEEE!) (This is how rumors get started. ;P)

      Haha, that's okay. You can give me a hug anyway. I'll probably need it. Feeling down about work is a feeling which comes and goes you know. ;P

      I'm so glad you enjoyed Christy! Was this the first time you read it?

      Aww. I feel quite flattered that you copied me. :)

      You're right, as usual. ;) And yes, we certainly have talked about that! :P

    2. *hugs* THANKS! Ahh yes, your nephew being born is definitely exciting, too. :D (I KNOOOOOW. Yes, I am dating someone, actually! He's very wonderful and everything I could hope for in a man....his name is George Knightley, have you heard of him? The only problem is....he's fictional. So. Until he finds the magic to transport himself from regency England, there's really not much hope for the relationship. :/) (HAHA. That would actually be hysterical. ;D)

      *HUGS AGAIN*

      Yes, it was the first time! I knew the story from the tv show, but reading the book was altogether better--more detailed and less melodramatic. ;) I still like the show quite a lot, though. Have you seen it?

    3. (You can't have Mr. Knightley! He's mine!!! Haha.) (Someone needs to figure out how to do this transporting thing. We'd be all set if our fictional heroes could just get to us somehow! ;))

      I saw several episodes of the tv show a looooong time ago. I'd really like to see some of it again though. :)