Tuesday, September 5, 2017

In which I find fault with the ending of North and South

Now hold on a moment!  Don't jump all over me.  I haven't even started yet!

You may come away from this post still thinking well of me.  You may indeed!  And if perchance you don't, well at least you won't have to have it on your conscience that you jumped all over a poor defenseless little person like me--who never did you any harm except to make a few derogatory remarks about your favorite movie.  (If it is your favorite movie, that is.)
I am quite aware of the fact that the ending scene of North and South is a highly romantic one and that if I had any sense at all I should be utterly swooning over it.  I mean really!  The epic meet-up in the train station!  Could there be anything more romantic than that?  And then the oh so romantic way in which Mr. Thornton removes that precious yellow flower from his pocket!  Doesn't it just sweep you off your feet?  And the kiss...ohhh!  Don't even get me started on the kiss.  
I reiterate.  If I had any sense at all I should be absolutely overcome by such a climactic finish.  Shouldn't I?  Shouldn't I?  (But then.  I haven't got any sense, have I Jip?)
So I plunge into a nitpicky post on the ending scene to North and South, sparing no one's feelings, making enemies for life, and impressing upon you all what a very obnoxious overly-opinionated person I am.

(Oh, but Natalie.  Just so you know, I do still like this movie.  And I was totally serious when I said I liked it the first time, too. I wasn't just saying that to make you feel good.  Really and truly I wasn't.  The only reason I'm picking it apart now is because...well, sometimes when you watch a movie a second time you start to notice things, you know?  And when you watch it with unappreciative brothers who snort at every other line, you notice things even more.  What else can I say?)

Explanations aside.  Here we go.
~ First off, I would just really like to know why.  Why?  Why at such a time, right after he's lost his business, right when he should be home comforting his mother and being comforted by her--not to mention making plans for the future--why does Mr. Thornton suddenly find it imperative to take a trip down south to visit the place where Margaret grew up?  It just seems so random to me!  Like would that really be his natural response after all that had happened?

I went to her old home, picked a flower, and everything was fine!
(Don't ask me why.  I just did it.  And it worked.)
~ And then of all the coincidences, Margaret just happens to be taking a trip at the same time as Mr. Thornton, their two trains just happen to stop at the station at the very same moment, and Margaret just happens to decide to get out and stretch her legs and wala!  There's Thornton!  Well, hello!  Let's have ourselves a talk.  Here on the train platform.  Because...why not?  We haven't talked in a while.  That would be fun.
~ (Oh! now I know why Thornton went to see Margaret's old home!  It was so that they could meet up on the return journey.  Why else?)  (A very clever trick of the directors, that.)

~ So they come face to face, and Margaret says she's been to Milton because...I don't know, can you think of anything better for her to say?  And then Mr. Thornton replies, "You'll never guess where I've been," while pulling a yellow rose out of the pocket of his vest.  (Because he's either in a very romantic mood or a very random mood.  I don't know.  Personally I don't know many guys who go around carrying roses in their pockets!)  Of course Margaret can guess where's he been because, you know, where else would that rose have come from but her dear old Helstone?  And she melts at the sight of it--because it's all so touching and romantic--and she remembers how she thought the roses were all gone and asks Mr. Thornton "Wherever did you find it?"  But I say, WHY did you find it?  Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't recall Margaret ever mentioning the roses to you before, sir.  HOW DID YOU EVEN KNOW THEY WERE SIGNIFICICANT TO HER ENOUGH TO MAKE YOU GO SEARCHING THROUGH THE HEDGEROWS TO FIND ONE???  Ahem.  (Oh, that's right.  The scriptwriter knew she was holding one on the train when the movie first started.  Margaret didn't have to tell you, because the scriptwriter tells you everything.  I forgot.  Sorry to be so dense.)

~ So then they sit down on the bench to talk because Margaret has a business proposition.  (And this is as good a time as any for discussing business right?  Right.)  Margaret declares she's going to save Mr. Thornton and his business (hurrah for Margaret!), but that she's doing it out of purely selfish motives and he will of course owe her nothing.  Then she kisses his hand and...I don't know somehow things don't look quite so business-like as they had at first.
~ And then!  And then!  All of a sudden there's a wealth of understanding between them.  Don't ask me how.  After months of  misunderstandings, practically no communication at all, and flip-flopping opinions of each other which would put anyone's head in a whirl, all of a sudden it's all forgotten!  They kiss!  And BOOM BANG ALL THE ROMANCE!!  (And all the squirming amongst the audience because...that kiss was mushy.  And way too drawn out.  Don't you know how to kiss, people?  Well then do it quickly and get it over with!  Please.) 

~ But what I really want to know is...HOW?  How is there such an understanding between them?  Why are they kissing when they've said barely a word to each other?  And WHY does Margaret immediately decide to go back to Milton with him?  I mean THE GUY (no, not Guy, just the guy...) HASN'T EVEN PROPOSED TO HER!!  Sure he kissed her, but what does that even mean???  Do you realize it's been over a year since his original proposal?  Rejected proposal's don't just hang around waiting until that magical moment when you decide to kiss and make up.   They don't!  After all this time there has got to be a second proposal.  It only makes sense.  And I for one did not see anything like a second proposal amidst all that kissing.  I'm sorry, but it wasn't there.  In real life people need to talk.  They need to hear things in a straightforward and clear manner.

~ On that note, Margaret and Mr. Thornton, why can't you talk?!  Like ask each other some questions or something.  Communicate!  Kissing is all very well (actually no, it's rather icky -coughcough-) but in the long scheme of things it really accomplishes very little.  I mean neither of you even thought to ask the other anything like, "How are you doing?"  or "What are you thinking?"  "Do you really still love me?"  or even "Who are you?!"  Because honestly, if you think about it, YOU HARDLY KNOW EACHOTHER!  You've exchanged like what?  Ten sentences with each other since you first met?  And most of those argumentative ones?  WHY DO YOU EVEN LOVE EACHOTHER ANYWAY?? I don't get it.  (Oh, forgive me.  I forgot.  The directors.  And the author.  They said you were to love each other, so love each other you must.  That's fair enough I guess.)

~ On a side note, why did Henry Lennox have to be along on this trip?  He's so pointless.  Nobody cares about him.  But yet we have to look at his sour, disappointed lover's face in the midst of the glad reunion between the hero and the heroine.  What a great way to detract from the romantic mood you're trying to set.  Three cheers, filmmakers!
Yes, why did he have to come along?

~ Oh, and one more thing.  About Margaret.  Couldn't she at least look happy for once?  I mean like really, really happy? Because I just find it extremely hard to be moved by a romantic love scene in which the young lady has the same expression on her face she's worn throughout the entire film.  (Practically speaking anyway.)  JUST SMILE CAN'T YOU?!!  If Mr. Thornton can smile you certainly can.  And I mean a real smile.  Not a sorrowful little half smile, but a really, really happy smile.  Why can't this be done?  Is it really asking too much?

Okay.  I think I have thoroughly exhausted this subject and no doubt thoroughly exhausted my readers in the process.  Please forgive me for this rant-style post.   I'm afraid I get a little carried away sometimes. 
And please understand, there was a lot of sarcasm in this post.  I don't actually hate this movie.  Really I don't.

As a final thought though I would like to say that I agree with my brother.  They should have had at least one more scene in the movie.  A scene back in Milton--with the mill up and running again, all the workers back, Thornton and Margaret working together, and everyone happy for once in their lives.  I think that would have been a much better wrap-up to the story, and much more satisfying.  But that's just my humble opinion.  (Which humble opinion I have a feeling you're quite sick of by this point.)
Don't worry.  I'm leaving now. 

What is your opinion of all this?  Do you like the ending to this movie?  Do you think I have legitimate reasons for complaining about it, or do you think I've completely misunderstood the whole thing?  Tell me what you think!
P.S.  Anna and Natalie and everyone else who likes this movie.   You're still my friends, right?  You won't cast me off forever for being such a nitpicky person, will you?  ;)



  1. So funny =)
    I think if you didn't read the book, there are too many things that this adaptation cannot explain for itself. By the other hand, as you surely know, the adaptations never are like the book, they make moments up and take from the book as they like. As a matter of fact, the book does not end like that, it isn't even a kiss.

    But! I enjoyed the series as well, but to be honest, I enjoyed the book most. So you can enjoy the two of them.

    1. Thanks, Miss Josephine. :)

      That's true. Very often movie adaptions don't explain things as well as the original novel. It's hard to get all the details in a film I guess. It's been such a long time since I read the book that I don't remember it very well but I was pretty sure the ending scene was different than in the movie. I should read it again!

      And yes, I think I like the book best too, though you can definitely enjoy both of them. :)

  2. This was SO good. xD You write sarcastically but you know very well your sarcasm has a sting of truth in it, haha. I do agree a lot though. The ending was a bit patchy and the kiss, instead of being a brief happy moment, was an umcomfortably long and squirmy moment. (And yes. Margaret really SHOULD learn some more facial expressions. I recommend she step in front of a mirror and practice.)

    Also one of my favourite parts? A reference to David Copperfield. :D (As I believe it was!) >> "(But then. I haven't got any sense, have I Jip?)" <3

    1. Yes, patchy. That's a good word for it. And oooooh yes, the kiss! *groan* I could hardly bring myself to watch it!! :P (Haha. Yes. A little practice certainly wouldn't do her any harm! ;))

      YOU NOTICED!! *grins profusely* I love it when people catch those random references! Thanks for making my day! :D

  3. Yeah, I did feel that the ending to the movie was rather silly, especially because you had Henry's creepy face right. in. the. middle. of. the. kiss. Not merely was he there watching, but they had to cut the camera back to him.

    The ending in the book made MUCH more sense and was so much more intense and romantic.

    I thought Margaret in the movie was all around awful. An aquaintance pointed out that she thought Margaret acted like she always liked Mr. Thornton. She certainly stared at him all the time. But it isn't merely that; she comes across as fickle, insincere, and possibly a liar the way that she stumbles over her words and won't make steady eye-contact when spoken too. Quite the opposite from the firm, opinionated Margaret in the book. Changes the drama and intensity of the story too. Mr. Thornton was all Mr. Smoldery, but she wasn't the flint to draw the spark like in the book; she was a little wetblanket. So, yeah, that ending sort of fits the rather screwed up version of the story, just not the orignal story.

    I have to disagree about one point of Miss Josephine. There was certainly a kiss, more than one in the book. It was clearly implied between the lines. All those dramatic pauses. That is why I liked the book. Not everything is bald, bold, and vulgar. Its intense, and with the hinted at kisses, a bit mischievous.

    1. I know! It was so annoying. Just go away Henry! You're so in the way! :P

      Oh I'm sure it did! Things usually do make more sense in the book. :) (Speaking of which, I really need to read the book again. It's been such a long time!)

      Oh my goodness yes! Margaret seems to be constantly flipping back and forth. It's so hard to know what she's really feeling. Even before Mr. Thornton proposes to her it seems like she's starting to fall in love with him--what with all the looks she gives him and everything--but then when he asks her to marry him she "doesn't like him"? Try and figure her out. I can't. ;P

      That's what's so nice about books, you don't have to actually watch them kiss. Also, I like kisses that are implied rather than written out. Reading about people kissing is just not that interesting in my opinion. Haha. ;) Oh but I really need to read this book again!

      Thanks so much for your comment Livia. I enjoyed it muchly! :)

  4. Hahahahaahhaahhaahah!!! Oh Girl, you're killing me!!!! The best part, is that I agree 100% with this whole post. Have you read the book? Because the book makes a whole lot more sense AND THE ENDING IS A THOUSAND TIMES BETTER!!! On and let's just mention THE WAY THORNTON IS DRESSED HERE!!! He's not wearing a coat, or a cravat AND HIS SHIRT IS UNBUTTONED!!!! NOOOOOO man, ESPECIALLY THORNTON would have been dressed like that in public!! If they had to have the two of them meet on that trip, why the HECK couldn't they have had them met in the Mill! It would have been WAYYYYY more sensible the THE FREAKIN' MIDDLE OF A TRAIN STATION!!!!

    Sorry, rant over!! But definitely read the book. The ending and him visiting her old home ACTUALLY make SENSE in there!!

    1. Yes, I have read the book, but it's been years ago now. I've forgotten a lot of the detail. I'm sure the ending is better though!

      Hahahaha. I KNOOOOOOOW! What was up with his unseemly attire?! My brother noticed that right off! (I was going to mention it here, too, but then I forgot.) I agree completely. Thornton was totally NOT the kind of man to dress so in public. JUST NO! :P :P Aww, yes. Meeting at the mill would have been so sweet! THEY SHOULD HAVE DONE THAT!

      It's definitely going on my reading list. About time I read it again. :)

      Thank you for your comment! It's so much fun to rant about movies together! ;)

  5. Well I can't follow your blog anymore. This has offended everything I believe in. JUST KIDDING. :)

    "And when you watch it with unappreciative brothers who snort at every other line, you notice things even more." Hahaha. xD

    Hmmmmm. Hmmm. So here's the thing: you're totally right. This scene doesn't really make sense and is pretty *cough* mushy(his shirt is unbuttoned, for Pete's sake) but something about it made me really happy. Maybe because I knew their characters well enough to feel confident they would eventually establish some communication and other such practical necessities? Maybe because I'm a romantic?

    But even I found it a little silly and this was absolutely hilarious to read, so thank you for that. :D

    Have you read the book? The ending is also a bit dissatisfactory...but in a very different way.

    1. Oh wow. You had me scared there for a minute!! ;D

      (Yeah anyway, what was up with the unbuttoned shirt??? Haha.) I'm glad this scene makes you happy though! It actually made me happy the first time I watched it too. It was so cool to finally see Mr. Thornton smiling. :D I guess the second time I was just in one my practical, nitpicky moods. (Also my brothers were watching...'hem 'hem. ;))

      Aw, thank YOU! I'm so glad you enjoyed it! I certainly didn't want my humor to be annoying to those who actually enjoy this scene, so I'm so glad to hear it wasn't! :)

      I have, but it's been a long time. I can't remember what the ending scene was like. Time to read it again, I guess. :)

      Thanks for your comment, Meredith! I so enjoyed hearing from you! :)

  6. No, no, stop defending yourself! I AGREE WITH YOU!
    Also, have you read the book? Because the ending is COMPLETELY different, and it has ZERO (I think, anyway. Maybe one or two) of the problems you presented here. So if you haven't read the book, read it, or at least read the last chapter because you will likely find it a lot more satisfying.

    Okay, yes, seriously!! Why! To the entire ending! None of it makes sense! Like, all that you said--YES. Yes. I quite agree.

    Yes, where did that understanding come from??? I quite agree, TALK!! Talk it out, y'all!! Or something! Kissing doesn't quite cut it! (Again, the book ending does this much, much better. More talking, less (no) kissing. (At least I don't think there was a kiss.))
    YES!!! To all you're saying. Spot on.
    (Also. I laughed especially at "no, not Guy, just *the* guy" :D I got that reference.)

    (Side note. About Henry Lennox. What do you say to him and Mary Bennet? I remember thinking when I first read and watched it that he might do well for her. Except. It was either the book or the movie Henry that I thought was good for Mary. The other one was a little more likeable and I wouldn't wish her for him. But I can't remember which. So...I don't know, what do you say?)
    (Okay, so apparently I like to do long side notes about hypothetical ships between characters from different books.)

    Yes! True! Margaret has, like, two facial expressions in this movie. One's like kinda confused and bemused and watchful (or something like that), one is angry (at Mr. Thornton of course), and one is...wait, did I say two? Anyway. You know what I mean. But anyway, YES! She could at least smile!

    I agree (shockingly, I know) that a scene like that at the end would be nice. That is one thing you don't get in the book either.

    And like you, I still like this movie! I love it! But I completely agree about the ending. It was...lame. Haha.

    (Also, looking at the other comments, I must agree with Erudessa's point about Mr. Thorton's clothes. Goodness gracious! A gentleman like that, dressed so scantily! Shocking.)

    Thanks for putting all this into words, Miss March! I love it.

    1. YOU DO? Oh! that's such a relief. I thought for sure everyone was going to disagree with me and that I would lose all my friends after this post! (Okay, so I may be exaggerating a little bit. Just a little. Haha. ;) But honestly, I really didn't think so many of you would agree with me. :))

      I have read the book, but I'm really wanting to read it again now because it's been a long time and I can't remember it very well. :)

      YES! It just would have been so much more satisfying if they had actually said something! (You got the "Guy" reference! Yay! I was hoping someone would get that. :D)

      Haha. You certainly do like hypothetical ships! :) (You should write a book sometime bringing together all the characters in your favorite books who never ended up with anyone. That would be fun! :)) About Henry Lennox and Mary Bennett though. I don't know. If we're going by the movie then I would say no because I don't like Henry in the movie and I think Mary deserves better. But he may have been better in the book. I guess once I've read it again I'll be able to make a more solid decision. ;)

      It's true. She really has very few facial expressions. Which sadly makes her seem like a rather flat character sometimes. :(

      Too bad, isn't it? That would have been such a nice way for it to end. By the way, where does the ending scene in the book take place?

      I'm glad you still like it! And yes, there are definitely things I like about it, too, even though I pick it apart so mercilessly. :)

      (Oh yes! Shocking indeed! And just plain weird, too. ;P)

      Aw, well thanks! I'm so glad you enjoyed it. :D

    2. The ending in the book takes place at Aunt Shaw's house in London. Mr. Thornton comes to arrange the business around ending his tenancy (or whatever the word is, his being a tenant). It makes more sense, really.

    3. Oh wow. That really does sound like it makes a whole lot more sense. You are seriously making me want to reread this now. :)

  7. I want to see this so bad! But I can't find it anywhere.

    Anyway. When I do I will come back to this post:)

    1. Aww, really? That's too bad! Have you checked all the libraries in your area? The one we watched wasn't at the library we usually go to but I was able to get it sent in from another library. I do hope you can find it sometime.

      See you then! ;)

    2. Of course, I will keep looking. And then I'll be back to read this and tell you what I thought!:)

  8. So funny Miss March! You are right, it makes no real sense, but I admit it seems to flow all nice when you actually watch it. The breakdown sorta leaves it in pieces though. You make me laugh!

  9. Thanks so much Miss March! You have successfully put into words EXACTLY how I feel about this very scene!!!

    Literally. Seriously, in all earnestness! There was no explanation of what on earth they were doing ("Mr.Thornton, what are you doing on the train?"), or what their intentions were, and no proposal or wedding scene! If there had been a wedding scene I think I would feel better about the whole thing.

    Also, in historical context they could very well have been arrested or at least kicked out of the station for being so mushy (blech) in public. Back then, people didn't DO that. And they never SHOULD. EVER, PLEASE AND THANK YOU! And even if you must kiss, please do it respectfully and in a way that doesn't make all of us watching want to blind ourselves or at the very least cover our eyes and send the children away.

    "And BOOM BANG ALL THE ROMANCE!! (And all the squirming amongst the audience because...that kiss was mushy. And way too drawn out." Haha! My sentiments exactly! Perfect description.

    Very valid points. Thank you again! I really love North and South except for that bit. Puh-lease, people! We don't want a smoochfest! TASTEFUL is the word of the day (the end of Pride and Prejudice 1995 comes to my mind as an example)!

    Anyhoo, I apologize for my very long comment. Once again, thanks--very good post!

    1. SERIOUSLY?!! Wow. And here I was worried because I knew this was one of your favorite movies and I didn't want to make you feel bad by picking it apart so mercilessly. :P Haha. So glad I was able to put into words what you were feeling as well. :)

      Oh yes! A wedding scene would have been so nice! They don't do wedding scenes often enough in movies.

      Mwahahaha! SO TRUE! That is certainly NOT the way to behave in a public place. Just no. (The idea of them being arrested hadn't even crossed my mind, but now that you mention it, what if that had been the ending to the movie? That would have been quite a twist, I must say! *chuckles*) Yeah, when you have to send the children out of the room something is most definitely wrong!!! :P

      Thanks! :)

      Tasteful, yes! I couldn't agree more! (Oh! and yes, yes, yes. Pride and Prejudice 1995 is a stunningly good example of the proper way to do it! :))

      Don't apologize! I love long comments. And I enjoyed your immensely. THANK YOU!! :D

  10. I never commented on this... but can I just say YES?!? 100% yes.

  11. Ohh dear. I like the ending well enough. Let's see what you have to say....

    (Haha, I believe you!! Don't worry, making fun of even really good movies is enjoyable to do sometimes. And oh my woorrdd. That's so true about noticing the dumb parts of movies once brothers--or dads--point it out. :P)

    Why? Because he's missing her!! He misses her presence in his life and when he's desperate for comfort during this current trial of his life, he goes to the only place he can think of to be reminded of her--her home.

    At least, that's the way I took it. :P

    As my brother and I would say, Margaret and Mr. Thornton were on the trains at the same time because it's convenient to the plot. ;P

    "A very romantic mood or a very random mood." xD hahaha

    Ahhhh, let's see if I can try my hand at explaining the rose coincidence. Well, what I'm assuming is that the writers wanted to show how Margaret and Mr. Thornton are just MADE for each other. Thus, by showing that they both are inexplicably drawn to the same kind of flower, it shows that they're soul mates. Ahem. Because obviously you can't marry a guy unless you both like the same kind of flower. (^^pretty much that entire paragraph was sarcastic ;))

    The kiss IS rather long and awkward, but I do personally think that "moment" of instant understanding between them is rather sweet and romantic. I mean....awwww. I don't know. I agree; it isn't super realistic and doesn't make a ton of sense. BUT I STILL FIND IT SWEET AND ROMANTIC SO THERE. :D

    THE GUY. xD I see what you did there.

    "Rejected proposal's don't just hang around waiting until that magical moment when you decide to kiss and make up." Preach. Proposals don't come with gift receipts. You either take it or leave it. :P (I wish they had showed his second proposal or their wedding or SOMETHING.)

    "In real life people need to talk. They need to hear things in a straightforward and clear manner." Very very true.

    Ahhhhh stop making fun of them! ;D I think they're wonderful and I don't even mind that they kissed. But I do agree. More talking would have been nice. COMMUNICATION IS IMPORTANT. I like to see good examples of that in fictional relationships. And real ones, for that matter! :D

    POOR HENRY. Better luck next time, fellow.

    Very true. Big smiles and even ecstatic giggles or laughter would be quite realistic. I mean, I can see where Margaret could be kind of bitter-sweet happy since everyone she loves has died--oh wait, except Mr. Thornton. But yes. A very-happy smile would be nice.

    Hey! Your brother stole my idea! That's what *I* said should happen! Hmph. ;) (But yes, I would have loooved if it showed the mill all set up again, Higgins working there, and Mr. Thornton and Margaret married and happy. <3)

    I'll TRY to forgive you for this post, Miss March.

    PS. KIDDING. Love you!!! I honestly don't mind that you poked a little fun at it. ;)

    1. Oh dear is right. If you like the ending then...*fingers crossed*...I do hope I haven't ruined our friendship forever! ;)

      (Isn't it though? Brothers are so helpful in that regard. And dads too of course. ;P)

      Yes, dear. But why would her OLD home remind him of her? That place really has no association with her in his mind because they never met there. He would do better to just walk by her former apartment in Milton. That would bring thoughts of her more clearly to his mind I think. (You have no idea how pleased I am that I just came up with a logical argument because...ahem...your's was actually pretty good but I simply couldn't back down at this point, now could I? :P)

      Exactly. Your brother definitely knows what he's talking about. ;D

      Haha. Well that's certainly put me in my place. OF COURSE. How did I not come to that conclusion? They're soul mates, they like the same flowers, IT ALL MAKES SENSE NOW! (Yes well, there may be a bit of sarcasm in this paragraph as well. ;))

      You're a hopeless romantic, that's what you are! You admit the scene isn't super realistic and yet...ahhhh. I wash my hands of you! :)

      *grins* I was hoping you'd see that.

      Yes, me too! That would have been so much more satisfying.

      I'm sorry, but I can't help it. They're just so fun to make fun of! ;) Haha. You incurable romantic you! Well that's good that you don't mind the kiss. Really it makes the ending scene much more bearable if you feel that way. So I'm happy for you! :) About communication though. Yes. I like it when couples communicate, especially because it's sadly lacking in a lot of movies.

      Heh. I guess. Though to own the truth I don't actually feel sorry for him. Mostly he just annoys me. I think I might have liked him better in the book. It's been so long since I read it though I can't really remember. (By the way, have you ever read the book?)

      Yes indeed! You do have a point about her happiness being more bitter-sweet though, considering all the loved ones she's lost within the last year or so. Still a real smile would have been nice all the same.

      Did he really? Oops. Poor Natalie. To have your idea stolen from you! What sad luck. *pats you comfortingly on the back* (YES! Why didn't they do that? It would have been so good!! WHERE WERE YOU WHEN THEY WERE WRITING THE SCRIPT, NATALIE?!)

      Well thanks! Your generous, forgiving nature is quite overwhelming. Haha. ;P

      P.S. I'm so glad you didn't mind. Really. You're the best!

      P.P.S. And thank you tons for such an enormously fun comment. I enjoyed it very much! :D

    2. Not at all. Our friendship is stronger than our differences of opinion on movies and books. ;D

      Truuuuuue. The only thing I have to say to that is that she talked often about how superior the South is, and how much she loved Helstone. Maybe he felt that by GOING there he could figure out what it is that makes her so special and why she loved the place so much. (Does that make sense?? Your point was very good, too. But like you, I couldn't let it go, either. ;))

      I definitely think there are period inaccuracies to the scene...between Mr. Thornton's collar and the long drawn out kiss in a PUBLIC place (gasp!) and her traveling home with him UNACCOMPANIED (double gasp) but....still. I can't help it. My romantic side tells me to look past all that and enjoy it for how sweet they are. <3 Haha! ;D

      Yes, I have read the book!! It was SO good. I'm not sure which I like better, book or movie.

      I WAS JUST A CHILD WHEN THEY WERE WRITING THE SCRIPT! I would have been like four years old. :P

      I'm super glad you enjoyed my outrageous, argumentative comment. ;D

    3. YES! It is indeed!! :D

      *rolls eyes* Yes. It makes sense. Now go away. I don't like your arguments. (I will say though, the movie could still have made it a bit more clear what his reasons were. I mean it makes sense when you explain it, but I feel like the movie doesn't convey that very clearly. It's like we sort of have to read between the lines. If you know what I mean.)

      Haha. Well all I can say is, your romantic side is very forbearing. ;) (No but seriously. I'm glad you can enjoy that scene despite the inaccuracies. Sometimes it's just better to take a movie for what it is and not ruin it by inquiring too deeply into everything. You know?)

      I need to read the book again.

      Oh. Well I guess you wouldn't have been much help then. Haha. ;P (Thinking of you as a four-year-old though! Awww! So sweet. :))

      Haha. I really did. :D

  12. Ooooooohhh!!!!

    I haven't seen this movie (SHOCKING ISN'T IT??? Seriously, though, I have to stop saying that!!!) but after reading this, I want to!!!!

    The pictures in this post/cinematography AND storyline/your complaints in particular remind me so much of Pride and Prejudice 2005!!!!! Which I love. As you know. ;)))

    Also!!! Do you think the girl looks like Megan Follows/Anne at all??? That's who she reminds me of!! :)))

    1. It is! VERY shocking! Who would have thought?! (Yes, I'm being sarcastic.)

      Well, you must just watch it sometime then. (And don't use your brothers as an excuse for not watching it because you've already used that excuse. And I say you can't use it again. Haha.)

      (And which I abhor. As you know. ;))

      That's interesting that she reminds you of Anne. I'm actually not seeing the resemblance myself, but then I've seen the movie and not just a picture and that might make a difference. I don't know.

      Thanks for your comment, Kate! Now waste no more time. Go and watch this movie!

    2. I don't... have... time???? (But I've used that one before too!!! OH DEAR!!!!)


      I looked over the pictures in this post again and I don't see the resemblance AT ALL. Whatever was I thinking. Who else has done a post on this movie recently...???? I'm quite certain there are some pictures where the resemblance is very apparent... That ONE picture where she is crying/hiding her face... the hairstyle is similar to Anne's in the LAST movie??? Maybe that was it???


    3. *eye roll* Yes. You have.

      Haha. Oh dear. I really don't know what to say. Now we've got a mystery on our hands? Where and when did Margaret look like Anne???? :)

    4. I'm sorry!! *cries*

      Upon further contemplation, I think there are one or two shots up there that remind me of her simply because of the braided/chignon/hairstyle and the color is very similar to Anne's in the last movie. The only other thing I can think is that I saw something on Pinterest or perhaps Natalie's blog when she posted about this movie??? Maybe???

    5. Kate, DON'T CRY!! Are you trying to make me feel bad? ;) You're forgiven! You're forgiven! Don't take on so. *pats you on the back* ;)

      Haha. Well, she obviously reminds you of Anne for some reason or another and that's what matters. Isn't it funny how a person can strongly remind us of another person and yet it's hard to pin-point exactly why?