Wednesday, September 16, 2015

In Which I Relate to You How Certain Movies Make Me Feel (Because I'm Sure You Were Just Dying to Know)

Movies can evoke all sorts of feelings and emotions.  Some give you that cozy, wintry, curl up in a blanket sort of feeling; while others make you want to charge out into the world and make a difference.  They can thrill you, inspire you, make you happy or sad, cause you feelings of annoyance, and even make you downright mad.  There's all sorts. 

And so, just because I feel like being random today, I'm going to give you a few examples of movies I like (or dislike) and how they make me feel.  Because, like I said, I'm sure you've all been dying to know.  (Well, haven't you?) 

Amazing Grace

This movie inspires me.  Totally.  It breaks my heart and puts it back together (and *ahem* makes me want to marry a William Wilberforce).  But not only that.  It inspires me to make a difference in this world.  This world needs people with passion who aren't afraid to speak up.  Who aren't afraid to stand for truth...for righteousness.  I love this movie because it's the story of a man who didn't give up.  He believed in what he was fighting for and it was more important to him than his own comfort, his own health, and his own reputation.  I want to be like that, too.  (And I love how full of hope this movie is.  With God's help we truly can make a difference in this world.)

David Copperfield (1999)

I saw this picture online the other day and this huge wave of nostalgia hit me.  That's how this movie makes me feel, nostalgic.  I must have seen this film a year or so after it's release, when I was around nine-years-old.  It's not the perfect adaption of David Copperfield (I don't think there is a perfect adaption yet, which is a shame) but it has a lot of lovely memories attached to it.  This movie triggered a lot of creative play for me and my siblings.  We became the characters.  (You see David and Dora in that picture above?  Those are really two of my siblings in disguise.  I know them.)  And my oldest sister and I; we would spend hours in our room quoting all the best parts back and forth.  We loved that movie.  And so, even though I now find much to be desired in it (I've read the book and it's much better) I'm still quite fond of this movie. It takes me back to my childhood.  And I have to admit, I have no objections to being taken back to such a happy place as that.

Wives and Daughters

Will I disappoint a great many people if I say that this movie causes me feelings of irritation?  Well, I'm sorry, but it does.  The main point of irritation being that the characters never seem to really come alive.  They're well cast (most of them) and they say all the right lines and do all the right things, but there's just something missing.  All I can say is--for me, personally--they never became real.  I don't know why.  And it's a great pity because I really liked the book and would have so enjoyed watching it played out on screen.  (Also I did not particularly like the casting for Dr. Gibson and Roger.  They just didn't match my mental image of the characters.  Sorry, but it's the truth.)

Pride and Prejudice (1995)

*A peaceful and contented sigh* 

Contentment, yes.  Pride and Prejudice is the kind of movie that makes me feel relaxed and cozy and serenely happy.   Oh!  It's such a beautiful movie.  What more can I say?

Pride and Prejudice (2005)

Makes me feel sarcastic.  In the extreme!  Oh!  The commentary that accompanies this movie--and continues for several hours afterward--is not to be described!   I'm afraid I can be terribly brutal.  My mouth just won't stay shut.  "Their hair!   Now that's regency style, I must say!"   "What?  A PIG?  In the HOUSE?"  "Listening at the keyholes?  Yeah, right!  That's just the way Lizzie would have behaved!  Why, she's as bad as Lydia!"  "Mr. Bingley?  Oh, no!  I can't watch!  I can't watch!!"  "Stop walking around in your night-clothes, everyone!  Please!  That just isn't done!"  "Mr. Darcy, would you please stop saying 'Mrs. Darcy, Mrs. Darcy, Mrs. Darcy.'  You sound like a broken record.  Have a little compassion on my nerves."  Yeah.  You probably didn't want to know how I feel about this movie.  ;)

The Lord of the Rings Trilogy 

Haha!  Alright, so this movie seems like a rather odd one to include in this list, for some reason, but I thought I'd mention it anyway because this film series certainly evokes a lot of emotions in me.  For example: It makes me nostalgic, frustrated, annoyed, happy, delighted, appalled, sad, and sarcastic.  It makes me laugh (in a good way), laugh (in a sarcastic way), sigh contently, and groan dismally.  This movie confuses me somewhat.  I think I like it and then I think I don't...and overall I'll just say "the books are better, but the movies are okay."  :)

The Happiest Millionaire

Oh!  This movie!  This movie makes me feel so happy!  It's just so much fun!  I've watched it many times and I still find it absolutely delightful.  The characters are so good, the music is wonderful, and...yeah...I have to say, it's one of my favorite Disney films.  (Seriously, the last time I watched it I had this silly grin plastered all over my face for the entire first scene!  It was really quite ridiculous.)


Dare I say it?  This movie frustrates me.  It had so much many characters to do so many good things with...and yet it all seemed to fall so terribly flat.  It was honestly rather boring.  And it's not because I don't like simple, slow-moving plots, because I do.  I guess it was just the same kind of feeling as I had with Wives and Daughters.  In my mind, the characters had all the right ingredients but they never quite lived.  My imagination was always one step ahead and the characters and plotlines never quite caught up.  If that makes any sense.

Random Harvest

This movie makes be both happy and sad.  It's really a rather tragic story...heartbreaking even...but the end!  Oh! Such blissful happiness!  (If you've never seen this movie you should really find it and watch it because it's so lovely.  It's the kind of sad that makes you feel happy...if you know what I mean.)

Well I guess that's all for now.  This really was a pretty random post...but it gave me the opportunity to use some nice pictures, so I'm satisfied.  ;)

Which of these movies have you seen? 
And what are your feelings on them?


  1. I've never heard of the Happiest Millionaire movie! I'll have to give it a peek! (I saw you over at Naomi's blog & stopped by to say hello.) :)

    1. Hi, Jillian! Thanks for stopping by! It's awfully nice to meet you! :)

  2. *gasp* MISS MARCH!!! Wives and Daughters ANNOYS you?! Ach, what a shame! Heehee, I love W&D. I just do. But I can definitely understand where you're coming from--Mr. Gibson irritates me to no end in the movie, and then when I read the book, I can't really remember having much of an opinion on him. He was just kind of…meh.

    BUT, moving on, I really liked this post;D AMAZING GRACE YESH. And…well, y'all know my feelings on the LotR movies (of course, I did watch them before I read the books, so…). I loves them;)

    1. I know. It's terrible, isn't it? :) I must be an extraordinarily picky person, or something...because everyone else seems to like that movie. I really don't know what's wrong with me. ;) Heehee. Oh, I liked Mr. Gibson in the book. I thought he was funny, and had a very unique personality--and I loved his relationship with Molly. In the movie I didn't think he showed as much affection for his daughter, and so I didn't have as much sympathy for him. Yeah, he just kind of got on my nerves. :)

      Aww, thanks. I'm so glad. And, yes, I know you like the LotR! :) I like the movies, too...just, you know. I read the books first...and some of the things they chose to do different in the movies made me very annoyed. (Like when Frodo tells Sam to go home! Oh, I couldn't stand it! And the whole thing with Faramir trying to take the ring! That was just frustrating, because Faramir was nobler than that, and Frodo and Sam should have been safe with him...the whole time.) There are definitely a lot of parts in the LotR that I like, though. It kind of depends on my mood when I watch it, I think. :)

  3. Oh yessss! Amazing Grace! Wilberforce is AMAZING.

    WHAAAAT. W&D ANNOYS YOU?!!!! We are no longer friends. :-P JUST KIDDING. Of course we can have different opinions! :-D Still though, I loooove Roger. Yes, he made a mistake, but he feels sorry for it afterwards. I thought Roger was perfectly cast. Osborne, maybe not, but Roger, YES. :-D

    Anyway. Never mind. :-D (Seriously, don't worry, I don't mind our difference of opinion. It's rather humorous. :-D)

    Haha to your P&P05 opinion. You know MINE. :-)

    Aaaaand we disagree on Cranford. :-P

    ~ Naomi

  4. Oh, I REALLY liked Roger in the book. I don't know why he didn't work for me in the movie. I guess I had just imagined him so totally different, and I couldn't reconcile the way he was portrayed in the movie with how my imagination had painted him. Oh, and I totally don't mind his mistake--I know he was sorry for it afterwards. Haha! Okay, this is too funny. Osborne was actually the one character that I really felt for! I didn't like how he looked at first, but I got more into his emotions and his story than anyone else's. Weird, isn't it? I knew I was going to totally floor people with this opinion, because I've never heard anyone else ever say that they did not like that movie. :) I must be very odd. And, yes, I agree. It is totally humorous! :)

    Pride and Prejudice. Yes! With that one we shall always have the satisfaction of knowing that we both hold the right and proper opinion. :)

    Haha! I thought we might disagree on Cranford. :P

    ~Miss March

  5. Hello Miss March :-)
    Thank you for changing your blog so I can comment. :-) I shall be sure to make good use of that!
    Yes, Amazing Grace is SUCH an inspiring movie! There are several movies that inspire me very much, and that is one of them. :-) I haven't seen it in a very long time, and I think I'd be able to understand much more now I'm older. Hmm, I'll have to watch it again! ;-D
    Ah, I really do enjoy David Copperfield. :-) It's not perfect, no, but I still really like it. And as we said before, MAGGIE SMITH IS SO PERFECT!!!! She was exactly who I had in mind when I pictured her. I could watch the whole movie just for her sake. :-D
    Wives and Daughters didn't exactly IRRITATE me, but I wasn't blown away. I just found it a teensy bit boring because I guessed practically everything before it happened. :-P North and South is more my style, I think.
    I do like that Pride and Prejudice. :-) I also like the other one (not for a P&P adaption, but more just for a gorgeous movie) but this one is still refreshing and lovely.
    Well, I just said my thoughts on that movie. ;-)
    AHHHH.....Lord of the Rings probably makes me FEEL more than any other movie. Basically everything you mentioned except sarcasm and appalled. :-P It's not perfect but it saps me into it and I don't really critically compare it to the books. They're both SO good.
    I don't believe I've seen "The Happiest Millionaire."
    Well, Cranford is on my to-see list so I can't really say what I think. ;-)
    I haven't seen Random Harvest either. :-)
    I must be going for now, but I shall hope to return to this sunshiny corner soon. ;-D
    ~Miss Meg March

    1. Miss Meg March,

      Hello, hello! :) Thank you so much for stopping by!

      First let me say, your comment made me very happy! :) It's so deliciously long commented on every single movie! Aww. I love long comments.

      And, of course! You're VERY welcome! In fact, thank YOU for letting me know about my silly settings! (I'm not up on all this blogging stuff, yet.) Oh, I'm so excited! I know I'm going to love getting your comments! :)

      I like David Copperfield, too. I think sometimes I'm just a bit too much of a book purist, and so I sort of ruin movies for myself because I'm not satisfied with anything that's not PERFECT. :) It is a good movie, though. (And yes! Maggie Smith!!!)
      Oh, I have to admit it's rather comforting to know that I'm not the ONLY one who isn't a total fan of Wives and Daughters. I was beginning to worry that there was something wrong with me. (Haha. Not really.) You felt it was too predictable? I don't remember having that feeling...but, oh yeah, that's right. I read the book first so I wasn't expecting any surprises. I already knew everything that was going to happen. Heehee. :) Have you ever read the book?
      Oh, I haven't seen North and South yet, but I really want to watch it sometime. I did read the book, but it's been awhile so I might be able to watch the movie without being TOO picky. ;)
      The Lord of the Rings. I agree, that movie definitely makes you FEEL. And it certainly has the ability to pull you into the story. I really do enjoy watching it...when I'm in the right mood. What appalls me is when the characters do things that they NEVER would have done in the book. (I guess I really am a book purist.) But yeah, if you separate it from the book and just take it for itself it is a very good movie. (Did you read the book first or watch the movie first?)
      I'm not surprised that you never saw The Happiest Millionaire. It doesn't seem to be very well known. My family and I only discovered it a few years ago. Have you seen Mary Poppins? It's kind of similar in style to that movie, only perhaps a little more goofy. But not terribly so.
      Well, I'm curious to know what you think of Cranford when you watch it. I should probably give that movie a second chance sometime...but I don't know when.
      Oh you really should watch Random Harvest sometime. It's a beautiful love story.

      Thank you again for your sweet comment! :)

      ~Miss March

    2. Sorry I took so long to reply, I was super busy and then forgot about your comment for a little while there...
      Thank you, I was returning the favor - I noticed you commented on most of my things in my interview on Emma's blog, and I wanted to do the same. :-) Besides, I like to be thorough when I comment, hehe.
      No, I have never read Wives and Daughters. (I have asked to before, but my mother says I must be older before I read Elizabeth Gaskell/Jane Austen/the Bronte sisters etc, so I've had to let it go for the moment. :-))
      Oh, I heartily enjoyed North and South, although I only saw it once, about a year ago. I would like to re-watch it. I have not read the books, so I can't really say how accurate it is, but just as a MOVIE to watch, I liked it. :-D
      Haha, I think you may be a book purist, yes. ;-) There's nothing wrong with that, though. I'm obviously not, but I hold absolutely nothing against people who are. :-) My oldest sister read the book to me when I was 10. I had been hearing ALL about it, because they were all really into it and I was dying to know all about it. To be honest, most of it went over my head. :-P I just wanted to feel like a big kid so I could watch the movie and feel satisfied. I saw the first two movies (we've got the "abridged" versions, which cut out SO MUCH it's PAINFUL) and wasn't allowed to see Return of the King until I was 13. (I wasn't suppose to see any of the movies until I was 13, but I wheedled my way into the first two somehow.) Last year I re-read the books and have seen the movies probably close to 10 times now (yeah, that's within 5 years....we could basically quote it all) and absolutely love the stories. I think my older siblings are sick of them, because they were watching them way before me and saw them ssooo many times, so I rarely get to talk about them or watch them, because they don't want to. *sigh* Oh the problems of being, I DID read the book first but I didn't entirely understand it. I watched the movie and understood it way better, because I could SEE it all. And last year I was SO glad I re-read the books. I almost want to read them again this year too. :-P I suppose I better hold out a little longer...I actually wrote a couple poems on the characters, because at that time I was writing poetry like crazy (and frankly, some of my poems are better then compared to what they are - they came SO easily and naturally then, but now I have to work a littler harder). Anyway, I should probably stop talking about LoTR or I could be here all day. ;-D
      Yes, I've seen Mary Poppins multiple times! I can play several of the songs on the piano too. :-) Well, used to, I haven't played them for ages now.
      It will probably be ages until I see Cranford - nobody else in my family likes those kind of movies (except my mother, but she's too busy to watch TV) and we've got but one television, so it's nigh impossible to watch such things. But someday, maybe when I'm sick or something, I'll watch it. Then I'll tell you what I think. :-)
      Have you seen the new Cinderella movie? Just had to ask that. Because that's one my favourite movies at the moment. :-D
      ~Miss Meg

    3. Oh, that's fine! Don't ever feel pressured to respond if you haven't the time or inclination. I love getting comments, but as I tend to respond to them at length I probably keep them going much longer than I should. ;)
      Haha! I noticed that you like to be thorough with your comments! I like that! Long comments are so nice! And since you don't have your own blog, long comments are our one way of getting to know you! :)
      Well, you're going to have a lot of good books to discover once you're older! It's going to be so much fun!
      Oh, I loved reading about your experience with The Lord of the Rings! Reminds me of me and my siblings...except I'm one of the older ones so I never really had the experience of trying to become a part of the bigger kids world. My oldest sister use to read books to me and some of my siblings, though. And my dad read The Lord of the Rings to us multiple times. Haha! That's so funny how you wheedled your way into watching the first two movies! You've seen the movies ten times?!! Wow! I can't remember how many times I've watched them, but I don't think it was that many.
      You wrote poems about the LOTR's characters? That's so neat! Which are your favorite characters?
      Which Mary Poppins songs can you play? Do you have actual sheet music, or did you figure out the tunes yourself? Because, if I could locate sheet music for some of those songs that would be really cool.
      Yes, I've seen Cinderella! I was planning to do a review on it, but I haven't gotten around to it, yet. I've never written a movie review and I'm not exactly sure where to start. But, just so you know, I really liked it! It's probably not a favorite, but I would definitely watch it again. (The Prince was great! I really enjoyed his character!) :)
      ~Miss March

    4. Haha, no worries, I don't mind. :) Long comments are lovely! Hehe, well thank you, but I never thought someone would want to know more about ME. :P
      Oh, Lord of the Rings has waaayyy too many good characters. ;) I love Pippin, Sam, Aragorn, Eowyn, (I love Bilbo from the Hobbit, too, and Bard) Legolas, Gandalf, Faramir, Arwen......and so many more. Eeekk, I love them ALL! It's really too hard. Let's just keep it at Pippin and Sam and Aragorn. Although you must be fully aware that I cringe while saying that. ;P
      I can play Chim Chim Cheree, Feed the Birds and Let's Go Fly a Kite. I could play them all if I wanted, but they're the only ones I learnt. No, we have the actual sheet music, well it's actually an entire book of all the songs! They're easy (of course, they still sound good, particularly Let's Go Fly a Kite - everyone says it sounds like the piano is singing when I play it!). We got the book from the Bookfest we have twice a year here. It's the biggest second hand book sale in the southern hemisphere, and it's HUGE. They had the Mary Poppins book there. So I'm not sure where you could find them, if you live in America. :/
      Oh, I think movie reviews would be so much fun to do! Of course, if you love the movie it would be hard to figure out where to start. Yay, I'm glad you liked it. :) That's okay, each to their own - my siblings thought it was okay but I was delighted. Then again, my siblings do not have the same taste as I in regards to movies. ;) (My elder sisters love westerns and such, of which I am not particularly fond of, especially after seeing so many, heh. :P) Yes, I thought they did a good job on the Prince too. Often times he's a wooden model - has no opinions, no character, he's just there to fall in love with the girl. Thankfully, THIS Prince was well done. :D
      ~Miss Meg

    5. Of course we want to know about you! That's one of the fun things about blogging, getting to know people. :)
      Haha! I know. All the characters are so good! I can't choose a favorite either. I've always liked Pippin, but I like all the hobbits so I really can't decide which one I like better! Oh, yes, Aragorn! You're right...there's too many to choose from!
      That's so cool! I wonder if I could find a Mary Poppins piano book online!
      Yes, I agree. I'm glad they developed the Prince's character more in this version. The romance is so much better that way! :)

      ~Miss March

  6. Oh, what a fun post! Sorry it took me a bit to get around to commenting!
    I LOVE how you put in bold what emotion each movie creates in you.

    Ahhh, well, you already know some of my thoughts on AG, but it never hurts to say again YES! It's such a wonderful, inspiring, tear-jerking movie. So good.
    And -ahem- it makes me want to marry William Wilberforce too. Haha, You not alone. ;)
    Although I do think Barbara is perfect for him and they are sooo cute!

    I do like Wives and Daughters very much, although it's not my favorite Gaskell movie, so I can slightly understand how you feel. I have not read the book, though! I want to. :)

    Ahhh, Pride and Prejudice (95) is so perfect. Contentment. Yes, I agree. :)

    HA. So many P&P '05 haters.... :P I used to feel the same way you do, except I have warmed to it slightly in some areas...not all, though. Some of it still annoys me Exceedingly!

    Eek! Lord of the Rings! I JUST watched The Fellowship. I liked it VERY much, but I do's not as good as the book. :( But then, LOTR is so epic, how could you POSSIBLY expect a movie version to measure up??
    I do love all the casting, though (maybe partly because I've "known" of the movies all my life, and thus never had the chance to form my own opinions of what the characters should look like. Pity, that.) and think they captured a lot of the book very well.
    And then.....there are some moments that just don't measure up...what is dramatic in the book can come off a LITTLE melodramatic in the movies. ;)

    Heehee, my family loves The Happiest Millionaire! Old Disney movies for the win!

    Really?? I love Cranford! But that's okay if you don't. ;)

    One of my friends (Eowyn from has told me of Random Harvest but I have yet to watch it. It sounds so good!

    Lovely post! :D

    1. Aww, thanks. I wasn't exactly waiting on pins and needles for you to comment, (because I know you can't comment on every single post I write, and I wouldn't want to expect that), but I definitely did miss hearing from you. :) Just because. I like getting your comments!

      Haha! You, too? Oh! If only there was a modern day William Wilberforce! (But, then, oh dear. I'm afraid we would fight over him. And then it would turn into a love triangle, and yeah...that wouldn't be good. heehee.)
      I agree. Barbara was perfect for him. And yes, they are extremely cute together!

      Oh, you should read Wives and Daughters! It's pretty much like the movie, only it doesn't have an ending because Elizabeth Gaskell died before she finished it. It's almost complete, though. By the way, which Gaskell movie is your favorite?

      You watched The Fellowship! (Did you see the short version or the extended version?) Are you the first member of your family to have watched it? That's true, the books are SO good, it would be pretty nearly impossible to make a movie which truly measures up. Overall, I'd say they did a very good job on the movies. It really amazes me how much of the story they actually included, because they really did hit most of the main parts in the books.
      Haha. I agree with what you said about melodramatic parts. Sometimes the filmmakers try too hard to make things epic and suspenseful, and then it's just over the top. (Hahaha! Lord of the Rings is NOTHING compared to The Hobbit, though! Talk about narrow escapes and endless suspense! Of course, in the case of The Hobbit there was SO much suspense that it actually ceased to be suspenseful...if you know what I mean.)

      You've seen The Happiest Millionaire? Oh! That's so exciting! I was wondering when I would stumble upon someone else who had seen that movie! *happy dance!* And I couldn't agree more! Old Disney movies are great!

      *gulp* Yes, I'm afraid so. :( It is rather incomprehensible, isn't it? Of course, I've only seen it once, so maybe on a second viewing I would like it better. It's possible.

      Oh, it is! If you ever get the chance you should watch it. :)

      Thanks, Natalie! :D

    2. Aww, thank you. I enjoy commenting! :D

      Heehee, yes, I guess we'd better just leave him to Barbara. :P

      Really? I didn't know she never finished it! That's so sad when that happens. There was a series I read when I was younger (The Mandie Books by Lois Gladys Leppard-have you read them?). They were very good and I was so excited when I got to one of the new "older" book where she goes to college. I was waiting to see who she would marry (there was a Certain Someone in particular I was rooting for) and then I found out the author died before she finished the series! :( I was very upset. Now I'll never know.

      Yes!! We watched the extended version! My whole family watched it together. :) My brother and I liked it a lot, my dad slightly liked it and my mom didn't care for it at all. She's not a big fan of action/adventure/war movies. :) I like to think if I could get her to read the books, though, she'd change her mind. ;)

      Heehee, that's funny about The Hobbit. It'll look forward to watching them-after I read the book, of course! :D

    3. The Mandie Books sound familiar. I've never read them but I think my older sisters may have read some. Oh! That's so disappointing--never to find out who she marries! At least with Wives and Daughters the story is pretty much finished. You know that Roger and Molly are going to get together; it's just a matter of "how" and "when."

      Haha! That sounds like my family! Some of us like it a lot, some of us...don't. :P My dad doesn't think too much of it. He likes the books better. As for my mom! Haha! It's totally not her thing. She's not into fantasy. We did convince her to listen to the books once, and because she's so wonderfully kind she sat through the whole thing without complaining...but she really didn't like it. And as for the movies...I don't think anything will ever convince her to watch them! :)

      Thank you for your comment, Natalie! l love getting your comments! :)

      ~Miss March

    4. Haha, very true! It is quite disappointing. :(

      I'm hoping to get my dad to read the books sometime. And oh! Hahaha, your mom sounds SO much like mine. Sitting through movies without complaining...but not liking them the whole time....yes, that's my mom. ;) heehee She did says she liked the Narnia books, though.

  7. ooooh I'll be back soon! Musical rehearsal calls! (the joys of being a freelance Violist..) :D

    1. Aww, you must be busy! Hope your rehearsal goes well. (Or did go well, or whatever...) ;) Talk to you soon, Evie! :D

      ~Miss March

  8. Lovely post! Okay....

    1 - I want to see Amazing Grace. :)

    2 - One of my sisters really wants to see a David Copperfield, but I'm afraid I'm dragging my feet a little about it. :P You see, it was the first Dickens I ever read and still my absolute favorite, so I'd want them to have EVERYTHING and to have it EXACTLY how I picture it.... except that I'd really rather not have them do that as I know it wouldn't work well when going from book to film. So yes, ah well. What to do.... :P

    3 - Wives and Daughters irritates you? Oh dear dear. What shall we do with you??? ;P Actually, I'm much more an intense N&S type girl myself and tend to forget how wonderful W&D's is, but then every time I watch it I end up sighing all over again with its beauty. I wasn't crazy about the story after first reading the book, so I do credit the film with making me appreciate all the characters so much more. And I like Roger a lot. :)

    4 - P&P '95 -- YES. Most emphatically!!!!! ;D

    5 - P&P '05 (Um, yes. *clears throat* You can read my post here if you like:

    6 - I haven't seen the LOTR yet. :) Loving the books I was VERY resistant to seeing the movies for a VERY long time, but I think I might see them now in the near future. Maybe.... We shall see. ;)

    7 - The Happiest Millionaire is going on my too-check-out list. It looks delightful!!

    8 - Cranford - (Hem! *whisper* for a period drama fan, I'm afraid I really don't much like Cranford either. I should probably write something up on it sometime. And now "Return to Cranford" on the other hand.... :) ;)

    9 - And Random Harvest!!! Such a beautiful, bittersweet, happy movie. I need to see it again! :)

    That was delightful recognizing so many of your selections -- very fun, indeed! :)

    1. 1. You haven't seen Amazing Grace? Oh! You really must! It's AMAZING! (And not just because it has that word in the title, either. Haha!)

      2. David Copperfield is one of my favorite Dickens books, too--along with Nicholas Nickleby and A Christmas Carol! :) I'm definitely a book purist, so I can't say this adaption is a GREAT one, but it's a good movie in and of itself. I'd really like to see a longer version that follows the book better, but I don't think there is one yet. And your right, it would be really hard to get it just right. I've always thought that Traddles especially would be hard to portray correctly, and he's better left out if you can't do him right. (He's one of my favorite characters, by the way.) You should try this movie, though. It's fun watching different versions even if they're not as good as the book.

      3. Heehee. I get the feeling I'm rather alone in this opinion...I don't know why. :) Oh, N&S! I haven't seen that one yet, but I'd like to. (I've read the book.) What's that? You like Roger? (Ahem.) Okay, you can like him if you want to, but I still say he's better in the book! :P

      4. *high five!* Another P&P '95 fan!

      5. That's funny! I just stumbled across that post the other day, so I've actually already read it! It was very well written, by the way, and I liked the points you made. Especially the one about Lizzy's clear-headed evaluations about marrying Mr. Darcy. So true. Their relationship in the 2005 movie comes off as much more shallow than their relationship in the my opinion at least.

      6. That is SO like me and my siblings! We were never, EVER going to watch The Lord of the Rings. We loved the books and were affronted at the movies for coming a long and making "our" story so popular. Also we were certain it would be the scariest movie ever. Well, we finally watched it when one of my younger brothers decided to rebel against our long-standing resolution--and now we've watched it multiple times. (It is NOT as good as the books, but overall it's a good movie.)

      7. :D Oh it is! I'm sure it's not everyone's cup of tea, but it's certainly one of my favorites. I hope you like it once you get to see it.

      8. (*whisper* Really? That is awfully nice to hear. At least in this opinion I'm not completely alone. Heehee. You should write something about it. I'd be very interested to know your thoughts on the matter. Umm...does that mean you like "Return to Cranford"? Oh dear. I didn't like that one either. I think I must be very, very picky or something. :))

      9. You've seen Random Harvest!!!! Yay! I love it when I find someone who has seen one of my favorite movies...especially one of those movies that is not as well known. :)

      Thank you so much for your splendidly long comment, Heidi! It was a joy to read! :D

      ~Miss March

  9. Traddles!!!!!!!!! *sigh* Yes, that's one of the biggest issues. ;D

    And NORTH AND SOUTH!!! You MUST see N&S!!! Imperatively! ;D I LOVE both film versions, while the '04 is entirely and officially my favorite period drama and second favorite movie of all time. ;D I've read the book, too. :)

    Yes, exactly on the LOTR!! Hee, you pinpointed the feelings. :) It was rather that feeling of shock.. :) My brother eventually saw them, though (and now actually owns them) and while he says all in all they're not as good as the books, he'd like to watch them with me, so I think I may one of these days.

    You're welcome! I'm so enjoying your blog. :) And now I'm off to comment on another of your posts I read and thoroughly enjoyed earlier, too.... ;)

    1. Are there two versions of North and South? I've only ever heard of one. If N&S is your second favorite movie of all time, what is your first favorite movie? (Just curious.)

      Aw, thank you! I'm so glad! I've been enjoying your comments! :)

      ~Miss March

    2. I'm sorry it's taken me SO long to get back here to comment! :-/ *sigh*

      There are two versions! Though the one was just re-released about two years ago and isn't super well known. I absolutely LOVE both of them. ;D You've probably already run across my review for the '04 and I did a review for the earlier version here:

      And as a side note, it was one of my first posts and I was still figuring out how to not "squish" the pictures, etc. so anything that looks slightly out of proportion is totally me not the movie. ;P Also, I almost feel like putting an "edit" at the end of the post as I've seen it so many times now and -- as aforementioned -- thoroughly love it. All in all, I would recommend starting with the '04, though. (Just 'cause it's my tip top favorite, you know. ;D But I already mentioned that. ;))

      And my #1 favorite is a western, Shadow on the Mesa. I reviewed it here if you'd like to see: And incidentally, I'm soooo wanting to see it again!! I *cast* the main actor for my protagonist in my current novel and the story itself is one of my big "inspiration" stories, but since I've been taking a break from it to work on a contest story I've been trying hard not to watch it (because you know what's likely to happen in that case... back I would go swinging to my novel, which would quite mess up the short story deadline ;)). But my other project's coming together so it shouldn't be long.

      And thank you, I'm so enjoying our discussions, too! :)

    3. Oh, there's no need to apologize! I totally understand. When you're receiving comments on your own blog and commenting on other people's blogs, it's pretty hard to keep up with it all. And life is simply busy, that's a fact! :)

      I just read your review for the 1975 North and South, and I think it's neat that you were able to enjoy both versions, even while like the 2004 version best. It's fun to see different takes on the same story. And, yes, the '04 version is definitely on my list of movies to watch someday!

      I don't think I've ever heard of Shadow on the Mesa. I'll have to take a look at your review. You *cast* the main character for your own novel? Ooh, that's fun! I get so many character ideas from movies, too! Haha. I totally understand your dilemma. A lot of my stories are based off of movies I've seen, so I tend to jump from story to story depending on which movie I watched most recently. Doesn't help in keeping one's concentration on one project. :) Good luck with your contest story! It was lovely to hear from you, again!

      ~Miss March

  10. Oh dear, I realized I just published that without making it a "reply". :P Sorry about that!

    1. No problem! I do that, too, sometimes! :)

  11. Well... You just added several movies to my must-watch-because-I-call-myself-a-period-drama-lover list!!! :)


    Aw. I was sad to see Lord of Rings on this list in a not-good way. I adore those movies! Sooooo much nostalgia and childhood there!!! The movies and books kind of exist as separate stories in my mind now??? Because the book IS very different.

    1. GOOD! You needed a few more movies on that list. Heehee. ;)

      That is how I really feel. Why? Do you doubt me? ;P

      The book is more a part of my childhood than the movies. I didn't actually see the movies until I was like twenty, so yeah, in my mind the book is pretty much superior in every way. But there are some good things about the movies, too. Hence my rather confused feelings about the whole thing. :)

    2. Ha! I did, didn't I? :)

      No, no! Sorry! That's just something we say around here when someone goes on a rant - like, "ohhhhh! tell us how you REAAAALLY feel!" So, yes, just joking.

      I read the books first as well because my parents made me wait till I was 12 to watch the movies. They thought they were too intense for me (and were probably right - I almost broke down crying the first time I watched them as it was). But I was probably too young to really enjoy the books the first time I read them? I was only nine and I really only read it for bragging rights and because I hate quitting things once I start. Then I watched the movies, FELL IN LOVE, and that made me want to read the books again. As I've read the book over and over (and over and over and over...), it has become kind of a separate story from the movies because they REALLY DID change alot of stuff. And this way I can love both, see? If I try to judge a movie based on how close they got to the book (or how I imagined the characters, or whatever), I'm never going to be happy with it. Movies are inevitably different. So I don't try to think of them as the same story at all, and I'm happy. :)

    3. Most definitely. ;)

      Haha. That's great. I like that response. :) No need to apologize, though. I knew you were saying it in a joking fashion. And my response was intended as a bit of teasing, as well. ;)

      Nine years old? Wow. That is pretty young for reading those books. I was introduced to the story when I was around that age, too, only my dad read the books to us so that was a bit different. :) "Bragging rights"...haha...yes indeed! :) It's wonderful the way you can keep the books and movies separate in your mind. That would definitely make it easier to fully enjoy both of them. Unfortunately, I have not that talent. Heehee. :)

    4. Good - I thought maybe that wasn't something normal people said. ;)

      Well, I had so many older siblings and they were all watching it... so I had been hearing about it forever. I remember playing pretend games where I would be Sam or Merry from an extremely young age. I could also do a fairly decent Gollum impression... Anyway. My closest-in-age older brother had "come of age" (which in our house was twelve) and no matter how hard I begged (read: cried), my parents wouldn't let me watch it with him. So I kind of read it out of spite? Like, "you think I'm not old enough for this story, so I'll prove you wrong by reading it"? Rather childish, I'm afraid. I have since read it for the right reasons and loved it far more than I did that first time! :)

      Ah! I loved being read aloud to as a kid, but my dad didn't tend to tackle such huge books! ;)

    5. Oh! And, by the way, I wasn't always so good at keeping book and movie separate. Like you, it used to bother whenever a movie was the least bit different from the book. Actually, I used to think the Lord of the Rings movies were SOOOOO true to the book. :) Ha. I guess because they quote the book verbatim at times? But then as I got older I understood more of the subtle things and saw how much they changed it.

    6. Wow, that's hard. Having an older sibling watch something that you're not allowed to watch? Oooh. Torture! :P

      Reading the book out of spite, though? Really, Kate. What an angelic little child you were. HAHA. ;)

      It certainly is a huge book. Not a fast and easy read, that's for sure. :)

      Yeah, they definitely made some changes in the movies, but overall it's pretty amazing how well they stuck with the story. Especially when you compare it to The Hobbit. Haha. ;)

    7. It was definitely a tricky situation. It made me really sad when they would sneak around and watch movies without me or wait till I had gone to bed (that was doubly insulting because not only did I get left out of the movie but they got to stay up late and I didn't!), but you can't just tell the older kids, "oh well! you'll have to survive on Disney princess movies until the YOUNGEST kid is a teenager (which would have been a very long time)!"

      I was shy and compliant (surprising, yes?), but I had quite the temper, so yes, I did lots of things like that. ;)

      WEELLL... they keep a lot of the dialogue and quotes which is cool, but I've realized they really messed with a lot of stuff. Timeline stuff and the shire and Frodo and people's ages and occasionally personalities... One thing I noticed most recently is that Arwen's brother - who are close friends with Aragorn - are cut entirely out of the movies! They are supposed to go on the Paths of the Dead with him but they make it only him, Legolas and Gimli. :( Ha! Hey, I liked the Hobbit movies, remember? ;) And I'm not sure, but they might stay truer to the book???

    8. *gulp* I'm one of those "older kids" who watches movies late at night after the younger kids have gone to bed. Heehee. :P But yeah, you're right. Older kids can't wait around all their life for their younger siblings to be old enough to do things with them. That is a very good point. I like that. (Of course, to a younger kid I'm sure that wouldn't be a sufficient answer at all. Haha.)

      Not too surprising, actually. I know you've said before that you're not a very outgoing person, so I can see you being shy as a kid. However, you don't seem very shy now. Not online, anyway. ;)

      Yup, they certainly messed a lot of that stuff up. And yes!! Arwen's brothers were completely cut out. I guess you have to trim out characters when you're making a movie, otherwise it gets too confusing. My three greatest annoyances with those movies are: 1) what they did to Faramir's character when he first comes into it. 2) Frodo trusting Gollum over Sam. 3) Frodo telling Sam to go home. Those are like "arrrrrgh" moments for me. Oh, and Galadriel. Can't stand her. She's way too creepy.

      Hmmm...I don't know. I'd say The Lord of the Rings are truer to the books than The Hobbit. The Hobbit adds WAY too much extra stuff, in my opinion.

    9. Don't worry, I would be too if I had any little-little siblings. Timothy is a teenager now so he can watch everything I watch. We watch everything together! :) It's nice.

      I wouldn't say that I'm SHY anymore... I've learned the complicated art of interacting with humans with something like ease, even if I find it exhausting. ;) Online is a different story! :) I feel like there is no risks online - if I make a fool of myself, I don't have to see people's disgusted or judgmental looks... the anonymity is a kind of protective barrier. So yes, I'm very sassy and bold online!

      I guess my biggest frustrations are... Sam not being with Frodo the whole way into Mordor (like you said - he should have been there! I love the part in the book where they hold hands as they go through Shelob's lair and they changed that part!! NOOOO!!), Faramir being kind of a jerk (though... in some ways I like that they made his struggle more visible... I don't know), Arwen's brothers being gone, and Faramir and Eowyn's romance. I THINK those are my biggest frustrations. But there are other things that they changed that I don't mind at all. Like the purging of the Shire being cut out. And the ages of the hobbits. And the slowness of Frodo moving to Buckland and selling his house. Tom Bombadil. Stuff like that.

      Ooh! I love Galadriel in the movies and the books! She is so sad and lonely... "to be a ring-bearer is to be alone..." *sniffsniff*

      It did add a lot of stuff but isn't that better than cutting stuff out??

    10. Sounds like you have a lot of fun together. It's definitely more enjoyable watching a movie with a sibling than without. :)

      I think we're pretty much alike in that regard. I'm more at ease talking with people than I used to be, too (though I still have a hard time starting conversations with people I don't know), but yeah, it can definitely be exhausting. :) And oh my yes!! I'm a lot bolder online, too. Of course it helps that I'm able to read over what I've written before letting other people see it, instead of trying to come up with something to say on the spur of the moment.

      YES! That did not make the story any better making Frodo go it alone. Sam needed to be there!! Glad you agree somewhat about Faramir. That part just really irks me because he's SUCH a strong character in the book, and in the movie he doesn't seem nearly as kind. (That is, in the second movie. In the third movie he's great! :)) Plus it's just annoying that they had to make that part intense and dangerous for Frodo and Sam when it should have been a time of safety and rest for them. What don't you like about Faramir and Eowyn's romance? Is it the fact that it doesn't really go into much detail about it? Oh yes. I don't mind those changes either. Because cutting out the purging of the Shire and Tom Bombadil, that makes sense. I mean, I like those parts in the book, but the story can flow just as well without them and you can't include everything.

      I like Galadriel in the book, too. She's a really good character. I just think they made her too brooding and somber in the movie. When she actually smiles, then I like her! But I think she needed to smile a bit more often. ;)

      Weeell...I don't know. You have a point, but at the same time with all the stuff they added I feel like the real story was kind of lost. Bilbo isn't as central a character as he ought to be, and the simple charm of the book is pretty much lost amidst all the extra drama and action scenes. Lord of the Rings just felt more like the book to me, I guess.

    11. Absolutely! Whenever I watch movies alone (Pride and Prejudice...), I feel so oddly lonely without them!!

      I've pretty much resigned myself to not watching P and P 1995 and Little Dorrit and Emma 2009 and aaaaaaaaalllll the other period dramas I need to watch until I move out because my brothers ABSOLUTELY WILL NOT watch them with me and we watch everything together...

      Same here! Starting conversations = scarrrry!! ;) That is so true! We can word things just right - in real life the words just spill out and don't sound so good. ;)

      YES! Faramir more than anyone else is a character I have to separate into two - Movie-Faramir and Book-Faramir. Otherwise I'm sure I would despise the movie for changing him. :) I love Faramir in the book SO MUCH. He might be my favorite character out of all of them. He is just, gah, so amazing and noble and... such a GOOD MAN. I love him. But I do relate to Faramir from the movie... the temptation was strong and he wants SO BADLY to please and be accepted by his father...

      Yes! Such a good point! That was supposed to be a nice little respite where Frodo is reminded that there are good men in the world still and beauty and chivalry... *sigh*

      Exactly! We get this brief moment IF you're watching the extended edition and if you're NOT, you might not even notice their romance AT ALL!!! Sure they share a significant glance at Aragorn's coronation but what does that mean, really? Agh!!! Their romance was so beautiful and Tolkien spent SO MUCH time on it - it was important!!! And so sloooow and witty and perfect!! *dies*

      I suppose that is true. When I watched the movie for the very first time, I wondered if I missed something in the book and she was one of the bad guys!! :D Yes! She has such a sweet, sad smile... I love the scene where she picks Frodo up and gives him strength to go on...

      Hm, that's true. The beauty of The Hobbit was it's simplicity and that was kind of drowned out in all the romance and suspense and action... but there WERE glimpses of it - when Bilbo talks to Thorin about his garden and his books and his armchair... :)

    12. (What was that you were saying about procrastinating comments??)

      I know! It's just plain weird to watch a movie all by yourself.

      Oh! So it's the brothers that are the problem, is it? Tsk, tsk. That's not very considerate of them. You must remind them that you "can't judge a book by it's cover." Who knows? They might actually enjoy those movies if they gave them a chance. ;) No, but I do understand. And it's okay if you don't watch them for a long time yet. Good things are worth waiting for after all. ;)

      Exactly. And fumbling over words in front of strangers is NO FUN AT ALL!!

      The thing is though, Faramir of the movie even seems like two different people to me. There's Faramir of the second movie and Faramir of the third. It's like the movie makers decided he must be less noble than in the book so that he could prove a hindrance to Frodo and Sam. But as soon as that part is over and he's no longer needed to fulfill that mission, boom! He's the noble and strong person he should have been all along!! (That's the way it comes across to me anyway.)

      YES! *huge sigh*

      I know!! They really didn't do justice to their love story. It's more like an after thought than anything else. Not nice at all. :(

      YES! That scene with Galadriel and Frodo is so sweet! If they'd only made her smile like that a bit more often I think I could have liked her a lot better...

      True. There were some sweet moments like that. And I did genuinely enjoy some of the scenes. It's just all the over-the-top, unrealistic stuff that I have such a hard time swallowing. Also, Bilbo was just about the only endearing character to me, so...that leaves a lot of characters to be frustrated with. Haha. :P

    13. Haha, don't worry about it!

      Indeed! :)

      Yes, it's all their fault! :D The funny thing is that they HAVE watched Emma 1996 and Pride and Prejudice 2005 and they try to act like they just hate them but they can't help but laugh at the funny parts and generally enjoy the movie and quote it nonstop afterward. THEY REALLY OUGHT TO CONSIDER THEMSELVES LUCKY, THOUGH, I LIKE "BOYS" MOVIES SO WELL. If I acted like them and refused to watch action films, they would have a rough time of it. :)

      I suppose that is true... I guess he seems the same to me in both the second and third because in both he is driven by the same motive: to please Denethor. But he is rather cruel and frightening in the first and so gentle and mild and mostly dead in the third. However, there is that scene in the extended edition of the second movie where he muses rather sadly about the wild man he shot, so that was kind of a redemptive moment for him? I know that was originally Sam's dialogue, but I'm actually glad they gave it to Faramir.


      Hm. Martin Freeman was certainly the most perfectly-cast character I have seen in a very long time, but I did like Lee Pace, Luke Evans and Richard Armitage. And the older man who plays Balin; he's so sweet. Did you not like Gandalf in the first trilogy?

    14. I quite agree. Maybe you should go on strike. Tell your brothers you're not going to watch another boy movie until they watch a girl movie with you! Haha. ;) Goodness, though. If they've watched Emma 1996 and Pride and Prejudice 2005 they have no legitimate reason not to watch the other versions. Tell them so. :P

      "...and mostly dead in the third." Hahaha. Sorry, perhaps you weren't trying to be funny there but that just made me laugh. The bluntness of it! He's gentle and mild...and MOSTLY DEAD?? HAHAHA. Sorry. That's just too funny. ;) I agree though. He is pretty much driven by the same things in both movies, though he does come off as a bit more rough in the second I think. But yes. That part with the wild man. There you see a more tender side of him.

      YAY! So fun to agree!!! ;D

      No, I liked Gandalf fine in The Lord of the Rings. He's just different in The Hobbit. (At least I think so.) He seems too weak and unimposing. Like seriously. Galadriel has to come and save him??? WHY? He's a wizard. He should be able to take care of himself. (Ahem. I'm afraid Galadriel kind of irked me in The Hobbit, too. Okay, REALLY irked me. I kind of couldn't stand her. ;P)

    15. Alas, I enjoy "boy" movies every bit as much as they do AND THEY KNOW IT so I'm afraid they wouldn't be very intimidated. HEEEEEY!!! That made me laugh, though. :) YOU'RE FUNNY.

      Yeah, I was attempting to be amusing. Not because Faramir was dull or anything - he was just dying for most of that movie! ;) I am quite blunt. It is one of my strengths, or so I am told. :)

      Really??? How interesting! I thought he was just the same, or, if anything, more powerful! Which I thought made pretty good sense because he would be somewhat younger then? I do see what you mean about Galadriel having to come save him though... On the one hand, if you need help, you need help, and not even Gandalf is above that. On the other hand, I don't know that Galadriel is the person I'd call??? She seems kind of calm and chill and barefoot... not real great for walking across the jagged stones of Dol Guldor (I don't think I spelled that right...). She just never struck me as very powerful. But then again we only know her in The Lord of the Rings trilogy and she IS weaker then because of her encounter with the Necromancer. So. However, Gandalf MOSTLY seems younger and stronger? Like he does an AWFUL lot of running very fast and climbing trees and swordfighting (something he almost never does in Lord of the Rings) and just generally being athletic for such an old man.

      Yeah... Galadriel was weird in the Hobbit movies, no doubt about it. I liked her better in the Lord of the Rings movies. Mostly it bothered me that she and Gandalf seemed to be interested in one another romantically??? It was weird. LIKE AHEM MADAM BUT YOU ARE MARRIED TO CELEBORN??? (Poor Celeborn! He never gets to do anything fun. He tries to make a cool speech and his wife starts mentally talking to everyone and totally distracting them. She defeats the Necromancer with not a hint of Celeborn in sight. She gives the gifts to the fellowship. She rules Lothlorien. She wears a ring a of power. NEVER CELEBORN.)

    16. Oh dear. It seems you're in a pickle then. If only you'd been more guarded in your enthusiasm for those movies, you might have had a chance. But I guess it's too late now. What a shame. :( (And going on strike was such a good plan, too.) Ha. I'm so pleased you think I'm funny. I mean, when one is trying to be funny it's so nice when someone appreciates it. (And I do try. Probably harder than I should. ;))

      And you were! Most amusing indeed. :D

      Hmm, you have a point there. He probably is more agile in The Hobbit than in The Lord of the Rings. Still, it's hard to explain, but I feel like he doesn't have the sort of authority that Gandalf is supposed to have. Like it feels as though he doubts himself and Galadriel is the strong one who encourages him to do what he's supposed to do. (And then saves him of course when that kind of fails.) And yeah, I guess it just seems like Galadriel is the most powerful person in the film and everyone else is just in awe of her wonderfulness. And frankly that annoys me. Don't ask me why. It just does. And anyhow, SHE WASN'T EVEN IN THE BOOK!!!

      Oh my goodness!! YES! That was SO annoying. A romance between Gandalf and Galadriel?! That's crazy ridiculous insane!! Not that it was an actual romance I guess, but came suspiciously close to it. Ugh. No like. :P (Poor Celeborn indeed!! Wow, I'm really put out with Galadriel now. Haha. :P)

    17. Oops. Guess I blew it. (You are extremely amusing; it's paying off!!)

      Thank you! *bows elegantly*

      Hmmmmm, yes, I can see that. Maybe they wanted to convey that even Gandalf with all his power... doubted himself too, sometimes, like Bilbo doubted HIMSELF. Maybe they were trying to draw parallels??

      Hahahah!! Right?? It was... gross. ;)

    18. Oh, you most certainly did. ;P (Aww. Thanks!)

      You're welcome! :)

      Yes, that's a good point. You're probably right. Still I do get so tired of everyone doubting themselves all the time. :(

      Utterly and completely. :P

    19. That's true. Couldn't we just have a nice confident character every now and then??

    20. Yes, exactly! Is that so very much to ask???!

  12. Amazing Grace is what it's name says. It definitely makes me inspired.

    David Copperfield, I need to see that.

    I just saw Pride and Prejudice 2005 for the first time yesterday. Yes, yes, and yes, I was saying all of that! At the end the whole "Mrs. Darcy" thing was driving me so crazy I actually yelled, "WRAP IT UP!" The book and the 1995 version are so lovely, in the 2005 EVERYONE IS SO DIRTY, WHY?

    Who are those actors in Random Harvest?

    I love this post!!!!

    1. Totally!

      Yes. It's a bit too short to capture the full essence of the book, but it's still quite an enjoyable movie. I think you'd probably like it.

      Yeeeeees! It's like: "Okay. So her name's Mrs. Darcy. We get the idea." Haha. :P Exactly. The dirtiness was something I didn't care for either. That's definitely not the idea you get of their living conditions from reading the book.

      Ronald Colman and Greer Garson. Love their characters in this movie. :)

      Thank you!! I so enjoyed your comment. :)

  13. Okay, so I just took up all my time commenting on your other post, but I had to say--
    Making me laugh in the library again, Miss March!!!! I laughed, quietly, for a good 15 seconds or so at your comments on P&P 2005. So accurate.

    1. AGAIN?! Hahaha. You and that library. ;) Yes. That movie certainly does supply one with a reason for a good long laugh, doesn't it? (Or a lengthy groan perhaps. Heehee.)