Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Jane Austen Would You Rather Game

Cordy has created a delightful Jane Austen-inspired game over at her blogIt looks like oodles of fun, and is open to anyone who wishes to play, so please feel free to check it out!

Here are my answers:

Who would you rather have act as your matchmaker, Lady Russell (from Persuasion) or Mrs. Jennings?

Oh dear.  My initial reaction is to say Mrs. Jennings because Lady Russell doesn't seem like a very likable person--a little controlling perhaps?--but quite a few people have already chosen Mrs. Jennings, and I would like my answers to be slightly different so in the end, I'm going to go with Lady Russell.  My reasons:  I don't think she would be the type of person to match make in public (she's a little more subtle than Mrs. Jennings) so that would be one embarrassment avoided.  (Score.)  And then, also, it would give me the greatest pleasure to be able to say, "Pooh, pooh to you, Lady Russell.  No matter what you say, I'm going to do it my way.  Ha! So there."

Who would you like as a pen pal from Jane Austen's works?
Hmmm...that's a tough one.  There's probably a lot of people who would make good pen pals.  I'll just go with Elinor Tilney.  She would be a good friend I think, and would probably have a good deal of amusing things to say.  (After all, she has a brother who I find quite hilariousThere's bound to be something entertaining in her letters.)
Who would you rather go on a walk with, Colonel Fitzwilliam or Captain Benwick?
Colonel Fitzwilliam without a doubt!!  It's much more interesting to talk about a friend's devious schemes for separating an "unsuitable" pair of lovers, than to listen to a melancholy man quote poetry.  And besides, Colonel Fitzwilliam is a friendly, cheerful sort of person.  I think he would be a lot of fun to converse with.

Who would you rather have to befriend, Mrs. Elton or Lucy Steele?
NEITHER!  (Cordy, you're positively cruel!  How can I choose between two such horrible people?)  Alright, I'll do it.  Mrs. Elton.  At least she's somewhat laughable while Lucy Steele is nothing but obnoxious, manipulative, and sneaky.

"How could you hesitate?  Of course I'd be a much better friend than Miss Steele!"

Who would you rather have as a sibling, John Knightley or Mary (from Persuasion, not Mary Bennet)?

John Knightly!  He's such a jolly person.  True he can be somewhat grumpy a times, but I must admit, I  understand his grumpiness.  After all, who would want to go out into the cold to spend several dull hours in another man's house, when you could stay comfortably at home in front of your own cozy fireside? 

Who would you rather dance with? (Very open book!)

Well, if I was in a very uncomfortable and awkward mood--which I probably would be in a crowd full of people--I'd choose Mr. Knightly.  He's just the kind, caring sort of person who would put me at my ease. 

On the other hand, if by some miracle I happened not to be awkward, and was in fact in a gregarious mood, I think I would choose Henry Tilney, because his conversation would be highly entertaining. 
Who would you rather refuse, Mr. Collins or Mr. Elton?
That's tough.  Mr. Elton is creepy.  I'd hate to be in a carriage with him by myself.  But then it would be very satisfying to be able to say to him, "Let go of my hand sir, and sit over there."  Only...I'm not sure I'd be brave enough to do that.  So...okay.  I'll go with Mr. Collins.  He'd be highly infuriating since he doesn't understand the word "no" but at least I could leave the room and get away from him.

"Leave the room?  How rude!"

Who would you rather match-make for, Miss Bates or Mary Bennet?
(Really, Cordy.  Why must you make things so difficult.  Have a little compassion on my poor nerves.)  Mary Bennet, I guess.  It would probably be easier to find someone for her since she's still young...and plus, she doesn't talk ones ear off.  Still, her serious, philosophical observations might be a bit of a problem, unless we can find her a man who enjoys reading boring books and thinking deep thoughts.  (No, I'm not saying men don't think deep thoughts.  I didn't mean it that way.  Oh, bother.) 
Who would you rather have as a best friend?
Seriously?  How am I supposed to answer that?  There are so many good characters.  Maybe Lizzy.  She would be fun, and I think we'd have a lot in common.  I like to laugh at things and can be a bit of  a skeptic at times, so we'd probably have conversations that would be very interesting to both of us.

Who would you rather argue with? (Mrs. Bennet, Lady Catherine, Emma Woodhouse, Mr. Woodhouse, Mr. Palmer, Mrs. Jennings, Fanny Dashwood, Captain Wentworth, Mr. Darcy, ect.) 

Emma.  I'd love to catch her in an illogical argument and twist it around to my advantage.  Of course, she probably would never admit that she was being illogical or that she'd got the worst of the argument, so that could be rather frustrating.  Still, it would be fun to try.  And if she becomes too intolerable I can always storm out of the room and not stay for supper.

"Me?  Illogical?  What an idea."

Would you rather wander the grounds of Pemberley and risk being 'discovered' or wander over the downs surrounding Barton Cottage in the rain and twist an ankle?

I'll choose Pemberley.  That would be embarrassing of course, but it ended SO well, I think the embarrassment would be worth it.  Also there wouldn't be any physical pain involved and I wouldn't have to be carried awkwardly home by a complete stranger.  (Marianne may call it romance.  I call it awkward.)

Where would you live in Austen's works?

I don't have a strong preference.  I should probably say Barton Cottage because  I like small, cozy houses, but I really haven't a good idea of what that house looks like so I think I'll go with Longbourn.  It has a cozy feel to it, too.

Well, that's all.  Thank you so much, Cordy!   This was loads of fun! 

And now, everybody!  Can you guess which two Jane Austen adaptions are my absolute favorites?  I know that's tough--it's not like I gave you any sort of hint with the pictures I included in this post or anything--but please give it a try.  I'd like to see what you think.  ;)


  1. Your answers were delightful! Really, I must agree with you--Cordy might have had some compassion on our poor nerves! :) (Cordy, if you read this, you must understand this is purely for the fun of quoting Mrs. Bennet, not out of actual complaint. :)
    I loved your screencaps with the characters in question responding. That was very entertaining. I especially loved Mr. Collins because--well, of course, that face!
    I can safely guess that Pride and Prejudice 1995 is one of your two favourite adaptations (if it's not I'd be very much surprised) and maaaybe the other is Emma 2009? :) By the bye, those would have been my guesses with or without the pictures throughout the post. Perhaps they are wrong and you only put that "hint" to throw us off...

    1. Thanks, Rae! I'm so glad you enjoyed them. :D And yes, indeed. Cordy was very hard on us. :P Which reminds me, I need to check out your post and see what answers you came up with.

      I was hoping it would be. I really enjoy putting words to pictures. :) And, yes! Mr. Collins face!! Hahaha!

      You are absolutely right!!! Congratulations! How EVER did you guess? ;) And no, there wasn't any premeditated plan to fool you with this question. Actually, I only asked it because as I was finishing up this post I realized I had only included pictures from those two movies, and so I thought I'd better explain why I was showing such favoritism. Haha. But now I'm curious. Why would you have guessed those two movies even without the pictures? And...which are your favorite Jane Austen adaptions?

    2. Well...I guessed that because I think I'd have to choose those two if I were to choose favourites (there's the answer to your second question), because I find them to be the most accurate adaptations of the books. Both Sense and Sensibility adaptations are close, but P&P95 is obviously perfect and I found Emma 2009 to be very accurate as well. I thought an Austen fan might just think the same thing!

    3. Ah, yes. That makes sense. And I agree. Of all the versions I've seen those two are the most accurate to the books (in my opinon). I'm glad you think so, too. :D

  2. Hahaha! I LOVED IT ALL, MISS MARCH! :D :D :D

    Hehehe, I know, I have some terrible questions included don't I? But those are the really fun ones! ;P

    You were so clever with your answers and I basically agreed with all of them! *Cordy glances back over the post to check* Oh, yes. There is only one alterations of course and that is the being discovered at Pemberley. It would be simply disastrous! (That's why I didn't include having to be carried home, I had to find an answer that I would rather do. It's my special advantage for having created the game.)

    Arguing with Emma, oh that is a splendid notion. :D

    You did a great job with your picture captions, too! They were great!

    Thanks for giving me a smile for the day! I have been anxiously awaiting some news so this post was a breath of laughter for me. Thank you my friend!


    1. THANK YOU, Cordy! :D I'm so glad you approve! And thank you again for creating the game. I really enjoyed it.

      Ha! You did indeed. But as I managed to survive it, I suppose I will forgive you. (And yes, I have to admit the questions really were very fun!)

      Hey! You're right. You didn't include that part. You stopped at the sprained ankle and made no mention of Willoughby. Haha. Very clever, my dear. ;) Still, I think I'd rather go to Pemberley. True, it would be VERY awkward and I SERIOUSLY wouldn't enjoy that, but a lasting friendship arose from that in the end, I think it might be worth it. :P

      Oh, you're welcome, Cordy! I'm glad this post made you smile. And thank you ever so much for all your kind words! :)

      ~Miss March

  3. This was very interesting, Miss March! :)
    I actually don't have a heap to comment, because you said everything so well! However, I think I can guess which are your two favourite adaptions... I mean, even though it's tough since you didn't give any hint with the pictures or anything (;P) but I thiiink it'd be Emma 2009 and Pride and Prejudice 1995. Actually, I would have guessed that without ANY clues or hints whatsoever. ;D

    ~Miss Meg

    1. You got it! Good job, Miss Meg! *applause* :D I was hoping I hadn't asked an impossibly difficult question. :P (Haha.)

      Why would you have guessed those two movies even without any clues or hints? Just curious.

      ~Miss March

    2. Oh, hehe, well for a few reasons... One, I think I know you quite well, and those are the two I'd pick first off. Two, you are similar to me in a lot of ways, and I REALLY like Emma 2009, and very much enjoy Pride and Prejudice 1995. And three, I'm pretty sure I read it once, that those were your favourites. ;)

      ~Miss Meg

    3. Weelll, I won't argue with that! Those are pretty good reasons! ;D

      Aww. I'm thrilled that you feel like you know me. (It's so nice to be known.) And I love that we share some common interests, because it's always fun to find someone who understands why you like certain things. :) You're such a sweet friend, Miss Meg.

      ~Miss March

  4. Hmm, that is very true. Lady Russell might be the better choice after all! :D

    Eleanor Tilney is just so NICE. I would love to have her as a friend!

    We should form the Colonel Fitzwilliam fanclub. ;)

    Ahh, Mr. Knightley. :) He was the other one I thought of for the dancing question too.

    Hahahahaha. Oh my, did I have the question wrong all this time? I think that because the Mr. Collins/Mr. Elton question came after the dancing one I assumed it meant refusing to dance with one of them....ohhh. I see now. A refusal of their marriage proposal. haha Oops! :/

    Hmm....your two favorites wouldn't happen to be the 1995 P&P and the 2009 Emma, would they? Just a guess, of course. ;)

    1. Ah, yes! A Colonel Fitzwilliam fanclub! He deserves some fans, he really does. Don't you love how he's in Mr. Darcy's confidence and knows all about the circumstances involving Georgianna and Wickham? He seems like a person you could really trust.

      Haha! No worries! It makes perfect sense why you thought it was referring to dancing, and actually, now that I look at the question more closely, I'm not entirely positive that I had it right myself. :/ It really could be either way. :)

      You are absolutely correct!! Wow, Natalie. How EVER did you guess it? I'm seriously impressed. Haha. ;)

    2. YES! "A person you could really trust." Amen. I'm starting to like him even more, just from our conversation about him. :) I feel like Bingley is a great "fun" friend for Darcy--someone he can ride horses with, go shooting with, and attend dances with, but the Colonel seems more like a friend he can discuss important things with. Not to diminish Bingley and Darcy's friendship, of course. I just think the colonel is probably a little more mature and level headed than Bingley. ;)

      Haha, thanks. :)

      I really don't know! Just took a wild swing at it. ;)

    3. Oh, I agree. That definitely seems like an accurate description of the two friendships. It's obvious that Darcy has a really strong friendship with Bingley, but it's the sort of friendship where Darcy looks out for Bingley and takes care of him per-say, while with the Colonel he's more on an equal footing in regards to giving and taking advice from each other. You know, I'm liking the Colonel more and more, too!! :D

    4. :D I'm in total agreement! haha