Thursday, September 29, 2016

Things that make me happy


~Sharing amused and knowing looks with my siblings.

~Watching All Creatures Great and Small and laughing heartily over all the hilarious and lovable characters. (Seriously that show is SO good.  And we just bought all seven seasons so...lots of happiness to look forward to!! :))

~Quoting movies with my siblings, and one brother in particular.  "You go into the kitchen and prepare me a chicken dinner."  "Super stuff."   -big huge grins-

~Listening to The Happiest Millionaire soundtrack while driving to pick my siblings up at school.  Honestly, people, that music makes me SO happy!  The first sound of it and I'm filled with these enormous feelings of inward delight.  Don't ask me why.  It's just the way it is.  (On a side note, something that makes me sad:  When my siblings start watching The Happiest Millionaire without me, and I'm forced to listen to the opening song while stuck in the dining room, wiping the table after dinner.  Yes.  This actually happened.  And yes. It was terribly, TERRIBLY sad.  My poor little heart was crying, "NO!  That's my movie! You can't watch it without me."  I missed some of my favorite songs and...*sob*) 

~Receiving letters emails from my friends.  Puts a smile on my face every single time. :D

~Finally wearing the new dress I bought earlier in the summer.  It's knee length, flared skirt makes me feel like a girl from the 50's or something. 

~When I realize that clothing stores do sometimes have some very nice clothes, and that it is actually possible for me to find something that fits, and that I like, and...yeah.  Wonder of wonders!  Shopping isn't always a tedious waste of an afternoon.  ;)

~Watching The Donna Reed Show.  Over and over again.  It's sort of my happy place, you might say.  And oh!  How I wish the sixth, seventh, and eighth seasons were available!  (That's another thing that makes me sad, you know.   :(  Ahem.  But enough of that.  This is supposed to be a happy post, right? Right.  -Miss March hears the cue and bursts into song, "Well, well, well, let's have a..." NO.  We're not going down that bunny trail.  Pull yourself together, Miss March.)

~The cute things my preschoolers say.  "I'm never going to scribble again.  You know that?"  Says Girl no. 1 to Girl no. 2, after finally learning how to color properly under Girl no. 2's professional tutelage.  ;)

~Crying out my woes upon my mother's shoulder, and feeling her arms around me. (Yes, you can be happy even in the midst of being miserable.)

~Watching Angier Duke grin at Cordelia Biddle and waltz her away across the dance floor.  Ohhh! Such happiness!  (And yeah, in case you were wondering, that's another reference to The Happiest Millionaire.  Sometimes I get the feeling that I rather like that movie...) 

~Eating a big heaping spoonful of oatmeal cookie dough.  Or perhaps two.  (Okay, three or four.)

~Having the energy to rush about from one chore to another, feeling thoroughly industrious.

~Writing.  (Sometimes. Heh.)


~Ironing clothes while listening to music. 

~Seeing my little Rolls Royce Silver Ghost car sitting on the wooden shelf in my room.  

My brother gave it to me and it's especially dear to my heart because (are you sure you want to hear this?) it's my Happiest Millionaire car.  (Yes, clearly I have that movie on the brain.  But you needn't laugh.  Just because I mentioned it three times in one post, doesn't mean I'm obsessed over it or anything.  I mean, how could it be called an obsession?  I'm not even a real fan yet!)  But, anyway, about my car.  I call it my Happiest Millionaire car because THM happens to have a Rolls Royce Silver Ghost in it. Yes, it does.  And that's how I know it's such a great car.  Because after all, it's a "masterpiece of engineering."  "Practically sewn together."  And all that. 

~Evening discussions with my family on varying topics, silly or serious.
~When we decide to order pizza instead of making supper ourselves.  And when we buy potato chips to go with it.  (Or sour cream and onion chips.  That's even better.)
~When my little brother informs me that it makes him feel "homey" to see me knitting.  (Awww.)
~My nephew's adorable little grin.
~My family.  (We have so much fun together!)

~Good music.  Such as this for example...

~Those moments when I experience a more tangible sense of God's presence, and a deep thankfulness for who He is, and for all that He's given me, wells up inside me.  
"Every good thing given and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights, with whom there is not variation or shifting shadow."  James 1:17
God is so good to us!  All the time.


  1. See?? That was a lovely post, Miss March! You are a fine writer! :) I liked the preschool story; kids say the cutest things! And the feeling productive while doing chores; that's the best!

    1. Aww. Thank you, Abby. You're so kind. :)
      Don't they, though? Kids are so funny.
      Oh, it is! I love feeling productive. :D

  2. Aww, I love this post. It's so HAPPY. :)

    That first picture = YES. I do that with my siblings all the time. :D

    And amen about clothes shopping! I'm exactly the same, haha.

    Aww, your little brother feels 'homey' when you knit?! That's so cute.

    I'm listening to that song right now. It's really pretty. It makes me want to close my eyes and just think happy thoughts.

    I'm so glad you're happy, Miss March! Naming all the things that make you happy is always such a lovely thing to do. :)

    ~Miss Meg

    1. Awww. THANK YOU SO MUCH, MISS MEG! Receiving your comments is another thing that makes me HAPPY! :D

      I'm so glad you could relate to some of these things, and that you found this post to be a happy one!! (Also, I'm delighted that you liked the song, because that style of music is one of my favorites, and I love being able to share it with other people. :))

      Thank you for being such a sweet person. :D

      ~Miss March

  3. this post! Made me smile, especially at the preschooler story, and the siblings, and the clothing stores and your nephew, and haha, pretty much everything ^_^ And...I've never heard of The Happiest Millionaire before, but now I'm super curious :)

    1. *happy grin* So glad you enjoyed it!!

      You've never heard of The Happiest Millionaire? Oh, you poor girl. You are SO missing out. You really must watch it IMMEDIATELY. ;) (I confess, I've been meaning to do a review on it for quite some time now, but I never get around to. Maybe it's time I buckled down and made myself do it.)

  4. Aww, I love this post. Jane and Micheal are the CUTEST and pizza is THE BEST and Mama's being comforting... just yes.
    (And heehee, about the real fan thing. ;-))

    1. Thanks, Naomi!!
      (Heehee. I couldn't resist. ;))

  5. This post made me happy! I loved every single little bit of this!

    -That dress sounds adorable! It's awesome when you actually find cute, modest clothes that fit.

    -Those kids! Hahaha. I love little kids. :)

    -OATMEAL COOKIE DOUGH. That is the one kind of cookie that I simply CANNOT resist eating spoonfuls of the dough. Spoonfuls. (Like you, haha. :) It's simply the best.

    I loved this post!!!

    1. I'm so happy it made you happy!! :D

      -Yes, indeed! It's so nice when you find something that can be worn 'as is', without any need for altering or layering or any of that bothersome stuff. ;P

      -Little kids are so cool!

      -Oh, I KNOW! It really is SO good, isn't it?! In fact we make those cookies mostly because we feel like eating the dough, not because we really want the cookies. Haha :P

      THANK YOU, RAE!! Your comments are so sweet.

  6. Aw! Loved that bit about your mom! My mom and I don't get along so great (especially recently), so I guess I just wanted to say cherish that??? It's pretty rare, I think. Reminded me of Marmee, from Little Women?

    Your new skirt sounds adorable! I really need a nice black knee-length pencil skirt myself. It's one of those situations where I never wear skirts or dresses because I don't have any and then when I get them I don't wear them because I'm in the habit of pants. :) Finding clothes is HARD, man!

    1. Aww. Thank you, Kayla. Yes, I think my mom is a little like Marmee in some regards. :) I'm sorry about you and your mom. :( Don't give up, though. It's a relationship that's worth working to make better. My mom and I certainly have our misunderstandings, too. In fact, one of the most recent times I spent crying on her shoulder was right after a misunderstanding. Usually it begins with me putting unnecessary expectations on her and then blowing it up into a big problem, when all I really needed to do was just talk to her and understand her side of the situation. Anyway, all that to say, we have our moments, too. :)

      Oh, it really is! Clothes shopping can be one of the most frustrating things EVER! :P

    2. Haha, I think just about the best thing for our relationship right now would be for me to move out???

    3. Hmm, I see what you mean. Yeah, sometimes having a little more space from each other is just what you need. :)

  7. Heehee, amused and knowing looks with siblings are indeed the best.

    I haven't watched ACGaS but it sounds good, and I actually just picked up the book from a library book sale. Have you read the book?

    Aww! That is indeed a sad story. But I love that you love The Happiest Millionaire so much! It's so rare to even meet people nowadays who have SEEN that movie! (If we ever meet, we should definitely watch that together. :D)

    Emails from friends put a smile on my face, too. :)

    Yay for a new dress! Seriously, I LOVE clothes that make me feel vintage or like a movie character or some such. It does make shopping and getting dressed so exciting, doesn't it?

    Aww. Mothers who comfort you are definitely a happy thing, even when you're sad.

    THE WALTZ SCENE. I LOVE that scene. "Are we...dancing? Say we really arreeeee."
    Love, love, love it. So glad you do too. :D

    Rushing from one chore to the next DOES make you feel very productive. :)

    You have a Rolls Royce Silver Ghost? Awww, that's so neat! I'd say you are a step between normal fan and a "real fan". ;) But, about the car. I'm not sure what I think about it being silver. Do you think I could get it in ANY color I want? ;)

    Heehee, pizza nights are so great. :D

    Oh, I love that verse!! Lovely post, Miss March. :)

    1. They seriously are!

      I started the first book once, but never finished it. My older sister is actually reading through them right now, though, and enjoying them very much. You'll have to let me know what you think of the book once you've read it. :) (Oh, and you really should watch the TV show sometime. It's hilarious!)

      Same here! It is, like you said, very rare to find people who have seen that movie, and I'm just SO glad you happen to be one of them! (Aww. Yes. Yes we should!! That would so much fun! :D)

      It is indeed exciting. Too bad vintage style isn't the style. Clothes might be a whole lot easier to find if it were. :)

      Yes. THAT SCENE! It gives me shivers of delight. It really does.
      (I'm so glad you like it, too. :))

      Oh, I don't know about that. Alright. Any color you want! ;D Haha. (And after we watch the movie together, we're going to have to just sit there and quote the whole thing to each other. Because that's fun! Heehee. ;))

      Thanks, Natalie! And thank you SO much for your comment. This post just didn't seem complete without a comment from Natalie. :D

  8. I will definitely have to do that sometime. :D

    I know!! It's so fun finding people who love the same obscure things you love!

    I heartily think clothes shopping would be the best and easiest thing on the planet if vintage styles were still the norm! :D


    Hahahaha! Thank you. :D And yes, quoting it is SO fun. And singing the songs. I love those songs.

    Awwww, thank you! <3

    1. You said it. Someone really ought to bring vintage style back into fashion. ;)

      Oh, yes indeed! Those songs are SO much fun! I love them, toooo! (Like you didn't already know that. Haha. ;))