Friday, September 16, 2016

Just a couple little notes

Note to Friends:
Since publishing last night's post, I've been thinking.  I really am doing a bad job at blogging.  It feels like every other post I write I'm saying something about how I can't write, and in my estimation that is not a proper sort of post.  And it's getting old.  And quite frankly, I'm disgusted with myself for falling into this rut.  I must sound like a broken record--always harping on the same old theme.  I'm tired of it.  And I think you must be, too.
So I apologize for being such a horribly repetitive person.  And I assure you, I fully intend to do better in future.
Note to Self:
1. Posts about not being able to write are strictly off limits.  Don't even go there.
2. Don't post just to post.  Post when you have something to say.
3. If you don't end up posting every week (as was your goal formerly) it's okay.  Better to write a good post less often, then a lame post every single day.
4. Stop stressing out!  (Oh, and do try and relax a bit if you can.)
Random Winnie-the-Pooh picture, because for some
reason when I said 'relax' it made me think of Pooh Bear.
 So you may not be hearing from me quite as often as you used to (we shall see), but hopefully when you do it will be something worth hearing. 
Thank you so much for your patience with me.  You girls are the best!  :)


  1. Don't be so hard on yourself, my dear. ;-) I think you do a splendid job... but yes, don't just post for the sake of posting! I've done that too and it's not as fun because one's heart isn't in it. Posting should be a hobby... ;-)

    1. Thank you, Naomi! And yes, it is best to post when one really feels like posting. Otherwise blogging becomes a job instead of being fun and relaxing.

  2. Aw, fiddlesticks! You're doing a right fine job at blogging. (Besides, it's not like any of us are professional, money-earning bloggers. There's no rule book!) And it's ok to rant and let your frustration out! But I understand if you want to get out of a rut. And I agree with your Notes to Self! I think I will adopt them for myself. :) And I struggle a lot with number 2, because I don't want to post nonsense for the sake of posting, but I don't want to worry about whether my writing is clear or polished enough to post.
    Anyway, may the inspiration muses find you, Miss March! Pinterest really helps. :) If it doesn't, then prayer might. :)

    1. Thank you for your encouragement, Abby! And you're right, there is no rule book. I need to stop putting unnecessary expectations on myself. Oh, I know! One certainly doesn't want to post nonsense just for the sake of posting, but at the same time you don't want to overthink your posts either, because that can be very frustrating. There must be a happy medium somewhere. :)

      Thank you so much, Abby!! I love your comments! :)

  3. YOU ARE NOT DOING A BAD JOB AT BLOGGING. I love reading your posts no matter what!
    Also, I need to take those rules for myself. *sighs*

    1. Aw-shucks. Thank you, Rae. Seriously, you're too kind. :)

      You, too? Well, let's heave a long sigh together then. At least we're not alone in this. :)

  4. Aww, well I can understand what you're feeling. Don't pick on yourself too hard though, dear... I think confidence might be the key. ;) Not that I'm an expert on blogging - I've never even had my own blog, haha! I've been reading them for many years, and I have many ideas for when I may get a blog of my own someday... and I think you just need to stop doubting what you're doing and who you are, and just DO IT. Just be you, write what comes out and don't delete it - you don't have to change who you are just to fit into the 'cool' system. Don't overthink it, just take a deep breath, smile and take the plunge. It takes guts, but I'm sure you've got 'em. :)

    And thus ends my inspirational comment, haha.

    ~Miss Meg

    P.S. Winnie the Pooh and the word 'relax' go hand in hand.

    1. Oh, Miss Meg! THANK YOU SO MUCH! I definitely needed to hear that. 'Cause you're right, I need to stop doubting myself and stop overthinking things and just WRITE!

      Thanks for pushing me to grow in this area. And for being so encouraging. It means a lot. :)

      ~Miss March

      P.S. You said it.

  5. We look forward to whatever you have for us! I agree that not posting every week is absolutely okay and even good for blogger-sanity ;) !

  6. (Just a note: I'm a little behind on blog posts and emails and such, so I'm skipping commenting on your previous post and just commenting on this one. Hope you don't mind. :))
    Aww, Miss March! You write VERY lovely blog posts. Don't EVER feel like you have a to fit into a certain kind of mold or "write a certain way". Because no. Just NO. You are special and unique, and your posts are thus special and unique.
    That being said, I do agree with what you said about only writing when you feel like it. Before beginning my own blog, I had read something that basically said if you're not blogging for yourself--if you aren't having fun-then what's the point? You can't blog to please other people, because you never will please everyone! But, if you blog for yourself, you can keep your sanity (heh) and you'll know that those who comment really are interested in what you love to write about. :)
    Anyhow, I hope your new perspective on blogging helps you!! I LOVE it when you post, but please don't post just because you feel pressure to do so. :) As much as your readers love your posts, I think we'd all rather see you having fun with your blog, not worrying about posting every week. We'll still be here, even if you miss a week. Or two. Or three. Basically, don't worry. We're not going anywhere. ;)

    ps. I used to read the Frog and Toad books! :D

    1. (Oh my goodness! Of course that's fine! Don't ever feel like you have to comment on every single post I write. I LOVE your comments, but I certainly don't want you to be feeling pressured about it. Oh, I do hope you can get caught up on your emails and everything soon! It's not fun when you're feeling behind on stuff. Still, try not to put too many expectations on yourself. Just take one thing at a time and do what you can. :))

      Oh, Natalie! You're a dear. THANK YOU SO MUCH! *hugs* You're always so encouraging. "You can't blog to please other people, because you never will please everyone!" That is so true! Thanks for the reminder. :) And yeah. Just thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for this wonderfully sweet comment. Love you, friend! :D

      P.S. I think just about everyone has read those books! ;)

    2. (Thanks!! I'm glad you understand. :D And thanks for the encouragement! You're so right. It's hard for me to "take one thing at a time" and not get overwhelmed, but I've been learning slowly that it's very necessary. ;))

      I'm SO glad what I said encouraged you. *hugs back* Love you too, friend! :D

      ps. Heehee! :D

    3. Oh yes. That's me, too. I get overwhelmed by all that I have to do far too easily, because I tend to look at everything at one time and feel like it all has to be done RIGHT NOW. Which it really doesn't. (I guess we both need to work on not putting so many expectations on ourselves.) :P

      Oh! I love how we have such a mutual exchange of encouragement! Friendship is awesome! <3

    4. YES. Heehee. We are so similar. Even in our "struggle" areas. ;)

      Indeed it is!! <3