Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Disney Films Screencap Game

What-ho, readers all!  (Yes.  I've been watching too much Jeeves and Wooster lately...)  I hope you're in the mood for a game, because I am!  Thinking about some of my favorite Disney films the other day I began to wonder how many of these movies would be familiar to the rest of you, and so...curiosity being the mother of invention (or was that necessity?  Whatever)...I decided a screencap game might be in order.   I've only ever done one game before on my blog and that was quite a while ago, so I can't guarantee this will be a success, but let's give it a try anyway, shall we?

The rules are rather obvious.  I probably don't even have to mention them, but for the sake of being professional, I will.

The Rules:
1. Guess the title of the movie belonging to each screencap and leave your answers in the comments. 
2. 10 points will be awarded for each correct answer (100 points being the highest possible score).
3. Answers coming next week!
4. Oh!  And have fun!  That's an order.  (Haha!)
# 1

# 2

# 3

# 4

# 5

# 6

 # 7

# 8

# 9

# 10



  1. FUN! Here goes:

    #1 Old Yeller (*starts sobbing*)
    #2 Uh, I think it's Kidnapped -- haven't seen that one though.
    #3 Polyanna
    #7 The Swiss Family Robinson
    #9 Mary Poppins
    #10 The Apple Dumpling Gang

    1. Thanks for playing, Emma!! :D (Oh, I know, Old Yeller is such a sad story, isn't it? *sniff*)

  2. Fun!! I haven't seen that many of these, but I'll try. :-)

    3. Pollyanna
    7. Swiss Family Robinson.
    8. Robin Hood?
    9. Mary Poppins, of course! :-)

    I literally have no idea. :-P

    1. Haha. Yeah, I thought Mary Poppins would be an easy one. ;) Thank you SO much for playing, Naomi!! :D

  3. ...Aaaaaaaand, nothin'. Well, that is, I know a few, but only like the last three :D

    #7 is from The Swiss Family Robinson (I think)

    #9 is from Mary Poppins

    #10 is from The Apple Dumpling Gang (that movie is my JAM, girl!!) :)

    I guess I'll take a couple more stabs in the dark:

    #1 -- The Yearling
    #3 -- Pollyanna
    #5 -- The Happiest Millionaire


    1. Well, all I can say is, you're a pretty good guesser! Two of your stabs in the dark were absolutely correct! (I'm glad you decided to go for those.) And as to the Apple Dumpling Gang...heehee...I KNOW! I was thinking of you when I included it. :) Thanks so much for playing!! :D

    2. Haha! Thanks! Aww, you did?! That makes me really happy, that you thought of me when you included it :D

    3. Aww. I'm glad that made you happy. :D Really, though, I couldn't help thinking of you, knowing how much you like that movie. ;) Seven Brides for Seven Brothers reminds me of you now, too. (Haven't the slightest idea why. Heehee. ;))

  4. #1 Old Yeller
    #3 Pollyanna
    #7 Swiss Family Robinson
    #9 Mary Poppins
    #10 Apple Dumpling Gang

    1. Oh, you know these movies, too! This is so much fun! Thanks for playing, Morg! :D

  5. Goodie, goodie! I'm so excited!!

    1. Old Yeller?
    2. Kidnapped?
    3. Pollyanna
    4. ?
    6. ?
    7. Swiss Family Robinson
    8. Fighting Prince of Donegal?
    9. Mary Poppins
    10. The Apple-Dumpling Gang

    Thanks for the vintage game, Miss March!!!


    1. You know The Fighting Prince of Donegal???!!! Seriously, Cordy, you made my day with that guess. :) I LOVE that movie, but I was beginning to think no one else would know it. Leave it to Cordy. :) (I knew there was a reason I liked you. Heehee. ;))

      Oh, you're MORE than welcome. Thank you tons for playing!! :D

      ~Miss March

  6. Oooh! A game!!! This'll be fun. :)

    #1 Hmm. That looks familiar. Something makes me want to say Old Yeller. But I haven't seen that movie in YEARS so it's hard to tell.

    #3 Pollyanna

    #4 Oh! Oh! I saw a trailer for that a few years ago. Something about Roses? Red Rose something?!?

    #5 The Happiest Millionaire :)

    #6 Is that Robin Hood and his Merrie Men??

    #7 Swiss Family Robinson. (That is so weird. My sister and I just watched this two nights ago. It's our sleepover tradition.)

    #8 Red Hugh (*gasps* I didn't know many other people had seen this movie! I LOVE this movie!!)

    #9 Mary Poppins

    #10 The Apple Dumpling Gang

    1. Anonymous (Do you have a penname? It feels strange calling you anonymous), your comment made me SO happy!! :D

      #7 You and your sister were just watching this? How funny! I guess you didn't have any difficulty guessing that one then! ;)

      #8 Seriously?? You know this movie!! Oh, I'm so excited! I didn't think many people knew of it, either. The fact that you know it and love it made me extremely happy, because I love it, too! Isn't it such a good movie, though?

      And you know The Happiest Millionaire, too! *big huge grin* That's another one you don't hear a lot about, but it's one of my favorites as well. :)

      Do you have a favorite on this list?

      Thanks for playing!!

    2. Oh, I am SO sorry! I'm 'The Girl with the Gold Pen.' I guess I was thinking and forgot to sign my comment! Hehe. Oh well. :)
      Red Hugh is BY FAR my favorite on the list. I love Peter McEnery so much. Have you seen The Moonspinners?

      -The Girl with the Gold Pen

    3. Haha. No problem! I thought maybe it was you, but then I wasn't sure since anonymous could be anyone. Thanks for clearing that up for me. :)

      I've never seen Peter McEnery in anything else. Is The Moonspinners a Disney movie? What's it about?

      ~Miss March

    4. You should totally see The Moonspinners!! (yup, it's Disney.)
      It's pretty old. So it has that fun oldies feeling.
      Hmm. It's hard to describe. (The trailer doesn't really do it justice. In fact, it makes it look ridiculous.)
      Peter McEnery is a lot younger. Oh, and it has Hayley Mills -they're hilarious together.
      Quick little plot synopsis:
      Hayley is traveling with her aunt. During their stay at The Moonspinners inn, they meet Peter.
      She quickly gets muddled up in his problems, confused at why he's hiding and wanting to help him.

      Sorry, that's the best I can do without giving too much away. :)

      Aren't old movies so fun?!? It feels so weird to think: Wow. Someone was watching this SO LONG AGO! And it was a NEW movie!!!

      -The Girl with the Gold Pen

    5. Oooh. It sounds interesting! I'm going to have to watch it sometime. Thanks for telling me about it. :)

      Yes, indeed. I love old movies! And it is funny to think how at one time they were the NEW movies. ;)

      ~Miss March

  7. I actually only know one of these - #9, Mary Poppins. And I'm not even sure that's the title :P

    1. Aww, Rosie, I'm sorry you didn't know many of these. :( But thank you SO much for playing! It meant a lot to me!! :)

  8. Yay! I feel like a game, too. :D And I'm also happy because I know a few of these. ;)

    #1. Unknown - I don't know.
    #2. Kidnapped! :D (I really like that movie. And book. And story.)
    #3. Pollyanna! I LOVE that movie!!! Grew up with that one. :)
    #4. Unknown - I don't know.
    #5. Unknown - I don't know.
    #6. Robin Hood.
    #7. AAHHH SWISS FAMILY ROBINSON!!!! I LOVE THAT MOVIE! I don't remember a time when I didn't love that movie. (Although I DO remember a time when I was terribly frightened of those awful pirates. They gave me nightmares.)
    #8. I know this one! I know this one! I saw it for history last year... it was... um... Red Hugh. Or something like that. :/ Ah, I don't remember the title... The Adventures of Red Hugh? Red Hugh the Fighting Prince? Oh, I don't remember! Let's just go with Red Hugh. (I hope that's how you spell his name. And I sure hope this is the same movie. :P)
    #9. Haha... Mary Poppins. ;)
    #10. Unknown - I don't know.

    This was fun, Miss March! (Now I'm curious to know the answer to number 8!!)

    ~Miss Meg

    1. Yes, Kidnapped is such a good story. :) And Pollyanna! And Swiss Family Robinson! (Did you actually used to have nightmares? Oh, poor Miss Meg. *Bad pirates!*)

      Well, I posted the answers so your curiosity will soon be satisfied. ;)

      ~Miss March

  9. Ooooh... yay, I know quite a good handful of these (and love 'em)! :)

    #1 - not sure (#1 just HAD to be one of the ones I have no idea on... ;P)

    #2 - Kidnapped

    #3 - Pollyanna

    #4 - The Sword and the Rose (I know this one has to be right... I actually haven't seen it yet, but SO want to!!! I got a little nervous about it as I got the original book of the same title and found it a little... steamy, if I'm remembering correctly. :p Would you say the film is entirely family friendly, etc?? A number of the reviews on Amazon say so.)

    #5 - Don't know.

    #6 - The Richard Todd Robin Hood

    #7 - Swiss Family Robinson

    #8 - Not sure.

    #9 - Mary Poppins

    #10 - The Apple Dumpling Gang

    As a note, I'm super excited you know and love those two Richard Todd films! They're really rather obscure... and Disney's 1953 Rob Roy (similarly little known) is one of my top ten favorite movies EVER. (And btw, it's utterly and COMPLETELY different from the new extremely iffy version.) I reviewed it here:

    Have you seen it?

    Lovely game and such fun! Thank you!!

    1. #4 Oh, yes. I'd definitely call it family friendly. There's one scene where Princess Mary is in bed trying to avoid seeing a delegation from France who are there to arrange her marriage to their king, and when her brother (King Henry) comes up insisting that she see them she threatens to get out of bed right then and receive her night clothes. Her maid jumps in with a blanket to shield her and the men scamper off right quick. That's the only part I can think of that MIGHT be considered iffy to some people, but it really isn't bad in my opinion.

      Oh, yes! I've seen Rob Roy, and I knew from reading your blog that you really liked it! :) Actually, I was going to include it in this game but then I had too many choices so I had to drop some out. I have to admit, Rob Roy isn't one of my favorites. I remember really liking it when we first saw it, but the last time we watched it, it seemed rather boring. Of course, we watched it on Amazon and Amazon has a tendency to edit old movies, so we may not have seen the complete thing; in which case I might have an entirely different opinion of it were I to see it again without edits.

      Fun fact about Rob Roy and The Sword and the Rose. Richard Todd, Glynis Johns, and James Robertson Justice play together in both movies. Isn't that fun? Also, about Glynis Johns, I've seen her in quite a few movies and what I find really amusing is all the different hair colors she has: blonde in Mary Poppins, red in The Sword and the Rose, black (or really dark brown) in Rob Roy, lighter brown in The Court Jester...heehee. She's had just about every color you can have! :)

      Oh, you're welcome! I'm glad you enjoyed it! :D