Thursday, May 25, 2017

The Story of Robin Hood // Movie Review

I never know how to begin reviews so I guess I'll just start by giving you the plot summary from the back of the old VHS tape.  (After that prepare for a conglomeration of random thoughts and pictures.)

Brimming with gallantry, romance and adventure, this classic tale of England's most celebrated outlaw-patriot ranks as one of the finest examples of Disney storytelling magic.
While the noble King Richard the Lionhearted is away, the evil Prince John and Wicked Sherriff of Nottingham try to seize the throne.  Only the quick-witted young Robin Hood and his band of Merrie Men can fight off their attempts, save the fair Maid Marian from harm, and preserve the throne for the rightful king!
Join Robin, Little John, Friar Tuck and all the Merrie Men as they rob from the rich to give to the poor and provide rousing good entertainment!
Right.  Sounds like a pretty typical retelling of the traditional Robin Hood tale, doesn't it? But trust me there's a lot more to this movie than the synopsis might lead you to believe.  It's classic Disney adventure.  Lively, fun, exciting and hilarious. 
In this particular version Robin Fitzooth (later known as Robin Hood) and Maid Marian have been friends since they were children, and they continue to have a fun and playful sort of relationship even into their adult years.  That is until Maid Marian moves away, becoming a ward of the Queen while her father is on the crusades with King Richard.  In her absence Robin finds himself quickly at odds with the new governing authorities and in fact forced to live as an outlaw with a group of other unlucky fellows.

Naturally, Marian is confused when she first hears this news of Robin.  She doesn't believe he would ever do anything worthy of being outlawed and sets out to prove it...but on the way finds herself in a situation which causes even her to doubt Robin's good faith. 

Then of course there's all the business with that nasty Sheriff of Nottingham.  (He's always in it, isn't he?)  And he's a real nuisance you know.  But of course Robin and his men manage to take care of him rather nicely, on more than one occasion.  Which is raaather satisfying.  (Though I won't say you'll never feel sorry for the sheriff because you just might.  Especially in that last scene  We won't talk about that.)

All in all this is a super fun film.  Totally family friendly.  And it has the perfect kind of ending.  A happy one.  (Like Robin Hood and Maid Marian don't die in this version, because someone had the decency and heart to end the film before any such nonsense could be suggested.  Haha.)
//The cast//
(Because I just happened to find this picture and so I thought, why not use it?)

//Favorite scenes//
1)  When Marian messes up Robin's target practice and he chases her down in the woods.  And then her maid comes up and oops...
They had not intended to be caught behaving in such a childish fashion.
(Apparently Disney made a comic-style book of the whole movie.  With dialogue taken straight from the film!)
Which is cool.
2)  When Robin Hood and Little John have their epic quarterstaff fight on the bridge.  (Who do you think wins?)

3)  Alan-A-Dale's awkwardness when he runs into the "man he sings about."  And Robin's and Scarlet's and Little John's response to his attempt at a complimentary song.  Haha.  Such a hilarious moment!  (The three outlaws' expressions though!  *Three blank, withering stares directed straight at Alan-A-Dale*  Poor Alan-A-Dale.)

4)  Robin Hood spying on Friar Tuck as he sings to his imaginary lady.  (Heehee.)  And then the whole crossing the stream fiasco!  My oh my oh my!  Way too much fun!

My oldest brother used to be quite famous for his impersonation of Friar Tuck in this scene.  (Ask him about it, Crista.  ;))

Friar Tuck's just awesome.  Okay?  Okay.

Honestly, there are so many great scenes in this movie!  But of course I can't list them of all.  That would be giving everything away and I wouldn't want to do that.  Oh dear no.  So this is where we'll end.  (Writing this post totally worked up my enthusiasm for this movie.  I seriously need to watch it again.)  (And you need to watch it, too.) 

I don't know.  Somehow this just doesn't seem quite like a proper movie review.  Unfortunately it's the best I can do at the moment.  I hope at least you enjoyed it.  (I know I enjoyed putting it together.)  I shall leave you now with a couple "behind-the-scenes" photos. 

Because I can.

Richard Todd, Walt Disney, and Joan Rice

Robin Hood and Maid Marian (because that's just such a cute picture.  Don't you think?)

This review was written as a contribution for Olivia's Robin Hood Week.  The party's still going on so head on over there and join the fun!!  :D


  1. Well, I'd never even HEARD of this, but I must say... Peter Finch as the Sheriff of Nottingham?! HAHA. That just blows my mind. :P

    ~Miss Meg

    1. What other movies have you seen Peter Finch in? :)

    2. Um... that is a good question. :P "Kidnapped" (almost seen that movie to death) and "The Flight of the Phoenix" (THAT WAS A TERRIBLE MOVIE NEVER WATCH IT UNLESS YOU WANT YOUR HEART BROKEN). I thiiink that's all? :P

      ~Miss Meg

    3. Ah yes. I thought "Kidnapped" might be one of them! That's the other movie I've seen him in, too. (He's so different in those two roles though, I don't know that I would have recognized him had I not known he was the same person. ;))

      Oh dear. That bad, eh? I think I shall stay away from it then. Thank you for the word of warning. (Broken hearts are such uncomfortable things. :P)

      ~Miss March

  2. This looks gorgeous! Ah! I need to see this! And lovely review!

    1. Thank you, MovieCritic! And yes, you must see it sometime! :)

  3. I'll have to add this to my list of movies to watch.