Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Random life stuff + some possibly exciting news. (Wait for it.)

Well, friends, it appears my plan to post more often by giving myself a break from commenting did not exactly fly sky high.  Here I am over a month since my last post and I find myself entirely out of the blogging rhythm. 
Where do I even begin?
There's so much I need to catch up on that I find myself opting for the 'all or nothing' plan. Which sadly tends to fall heavily toward the 'nothing', if you know what I mean.  Making plans for getting caught up on everything simply has a tendency to paralyze a person and then there's nothing for it but to do...nothing at all.  (I'm quite good at that, I have to admit.)
But anyway, I'm here today to write something.
And something today I shall write.
So for what it's worth (if it's worth anything) here goes.

Work.  Jobs.  Working at my jobs.  You get the picture.  I've been doing a lot of that recently.  Not that to some of you it would seem like all that much probably.  I mean I only work around twenty hours a week on average, which isn't all that much really, but to me...whew!  It wears me out!  

I will keep this brief because you're probably super tired of hearing about this never-ending job saga of mine.  And super confused too over all the different jobs I keep mentioning.  (By this point you probably haven't a clue whether I'm working at MacDonald's or starting a career in nursing!)  Well, it's true.  It has been crazy.  Quite a jumbled, confusing mess at times really.  But thankfully I think I'm finally beginning to settle into my jobs a bit more, so hopefully I will be staying put for the foreseeable future. 
Allow me to fill you in quick.  Last you heard I was working two jobs.  One at a Retreat Center and one at a local café.  Well, since then I've gotten another job.  I am now also working at a small motel which is actually right across the street from the café.  The people who own it attend our church so that's how we got connected.  (Also my older sister works there two days a week which is what gave me the idea to apply in the first place.)
I am not, however, working three jobs.  Though you may have thought that was the case, due to the fact that two jobs plus one job does usually add up to three jobs.  Isn't that right?  Well yes, but you see I quit my job at the Retreat Center so now we're back to two.  *grins at my superior math skills* 

It was kind of sad leaving the Retreat Center, but at the same time I think it was the right move.  They were cutting back hours anyway so it was a logical time to do it and working three jobs would have been ridiculous!! One of the main reasons for this change was because I wanted a more consistent schedule, and so far that's been working out pretty well.  I am now working Wednesdays and Thursdays at the café and Friday and Saturdays at the motel.  Plus occasional Sundays at both places. 

I still fret about having to go to work some days.  *Insert my family rolling their eyes at me*  But look!  That's just something we're going to have to learn to accept, okay?  Because honestly, what person in their right mind would actually prefer going to work over staying home?  Like really!  (Okay, I know there are some that would, but I just happen not to be one of them.  Call me lazy if you want.  I prefer to see it as the result of a higher and nobler calling.  People put a lot of effort into making homes comfortable and pleasant.  Somebody ought to be enjoying them!)

Job update.  Done.
Let's move on.
I started a new book recently, and as usual I've been taking my sweet old time getting through it.  I'd like to share a snippet with you because when I come across something witty I like to share it.  And this was definitely witty.
This is from the book Sylvie and Bruno by Lewis Carol (first Lewis Carol book I've ever read).  And here's a quick background on the scene:  My Lady's obnoxious son has just been bodily removed from the room by the Lord Chancellor...without my Lady's knowledge.  The rest is as follows.
"But where is my precious child?" my Lady enquired, as the four took their seats at the small side-table devoted to ledgers and bundles and bills. 
     "He left the room a few minutes ago--with the Lord Chancellor," the Sub-Warden briefly explained.
     "Ah!" said my Lady, graciously smiling on that high official.  "Your Lordship has a very taking way with children!  I doubt if any one could gain the ear of my darling Uggug so quickly as you can!"  For an entirely stupid woman, my Lady's remarks were curiously full of meaning, of which she herself was wholly unconscious.
     The Chancellor bowed, but with a very uneasy air.  "I think the Warden was about to speak," he remarked, evidently anxious to change the subject.
     But my Lady would not be checked.  "He is a clever boy," she continued with enthusiasm, "but he needs a man like your Lordship to draw him out!"
     The Chancellor bit his lips, and was silent.  He evidently feared that, stupid as she looked, she understood what she said this time, and was having a joke at his expense.  He might have spared himself all anxiety: whatever accidental meaning her words might have, she herself never meant anything at all.
Now you know the kind of thing that strikes me funny.
We had a grand old Thanksgiving celebration this past Thursday.  My one brother whose living out of state now wasn't able to make it home, which was sad, but we had everyone else together including my married siblings and their families.  All told, 21 people.  It felt like a real celebration especially as my other brother--whose been away at Marine boot camp for the past three months--arrived home just in time to celebrate with us.  :) 
We had a lot of food of course, and we estimated that the turkey was about 30 pounds.  Did NOT eat the whole thing though.  We're not such huge eaters as that.
Family is the best!! I am so, SO grateful for mine!!
~Get Smart.  This is the currently popular TV show in our house these days.  Funny though.  We were watching a lot of Get Smart last November, too.  (I remember because it was a huge distraction from NaNoWriMo.)  You may be interested to know that it's just as much of a distraction this time around.  And just as entertaining.  :)
~All Creatures Great and Small.  This one is sort of an ongoing thing.  We're currently working our way through the first season for something like the third or fourth time.  Great show!
~Ma and Pa Kettle Go to Town.  Watched this last Saturday night.  Hilarious!  (And my brother has since been perfecting his "Pa Kettle" voice, which has proved to be quite amusing.)
~Boy Meets World.  Started watching this show at my brother's house several weeks ago.  It was a lot better than I was expecting!  I'm looking forward to seeing more.
~Beauty and the Beast.  You know what I mean.  That new live-action thing that came out recently.  Yeah, that one.  My opinion of it?  Well...it wasn't bad, but it was kind of lame, too.  What do you say to my writing a review of it?  (By which I mean, a post where I lay into it and criticize everything I can lay my hands on?  Good idea?  Let me know in the comments!  :) Heehee.)
~In other news~
Alright, so the title of this post.  You may have noticed that I said something about some possibly exciting news.  Well, are you ready for that?  (No skimming ahead now.  Read things in order.  That's the way it must be done!)
Okay.  So...
(Patience my friends.)

To begin with...
(Don't read so fast.  Good things take time, you know.  Good news will keep and all that.)
Okay.  I think I'm ready for this...

*clears throat*


*shifts about in chair*


*looks sheepishly and nervously about*




Alright fine!  I'm doing this!


My dear friends...

What if I told you that it hasn't been just my jobs that's been keeping me so busy lately?
What if I told you that I've been absent on far more pleasant business?
What if I told you that this has been one of the most whirl-wind, exciting months of my life?

That I have in fact met someone?

A very special someone.

A young man who I just might be a little bit in love with and who's the sweetest, kindest soul imaginable.  And whose become my very dearest friend.


There could be wedding bells before too long.  (Maybe.  Who knows?)

Wait for it...

What if I told you all that?

Would you believe me?

Or would you simply remember that I'm a chronic joker?

Who has no business being a part of civilized society.
Yup.  It was a joke, people. 
The whole thing.
I don't have a boyfriend.

Not even close.
But HAHAHAHA!  Wasn't that a marvelous gag?  I totally pulled that one over on you didn't I??  Come on now.  Tell me you didn't squeal a little and get all excited at my "news"?
Congratulate me on my cleverness!! Aren't I so very funny today??

See the source image
La-la-leelalee.  Miss March is so very funny!

(Okay.  I kind of get the feeling that you're all glowering at me right now.) 

Don't look at me like that. 

Can't a lonely single girl have a little fun with her lonely single state? 

I thought it was fun. 


I'm ashamed of myself. 

Punish me, please!  Shoot me.  Kick me.  (Only you can't because you can't reach me, mwahaha!)  Banish me forever from the blogging world then!  I deserve it. 


*waves a sorrowful and "last" farewell*

*but really just goes off chuckling*


  1. Good grief....YOU REALLY HAD ME GOING THERE MISS MARCH. *glares*


    It's good to hear from you again!

    I used to watched Get Smart too, I stopped after the third season because it got uncomfortable for my family to watch. I LOVE All Creatures Great and Small! The first season is my favorite too :)


    1. *rubs hands together gleefully* :D

      Thanks, Catherine! It felt good to finally get a post written again.

      Uh yeah. There definitely are some uncomfortable parts in Get Smart. It's annoying the way every TV show--even the good ones--seem to have at least a few things that you wish hadn't been added. :P Isn't All Creatures Great and Small SO good!!! We have all the seasons but we stopped watching after we got into the 4th because it's just not the same. There's a new actress for Helen and the script and character development was just not as convincing as the earlier seasons. Sad really. But three seasons is a lot of episodes in itself so there's plenty to enjoy anyway! :)

      ~Miss March

  2. OH MISS MARCH, HAVE YOU NO COMPASSION ON MY POOR NERVES!!! THAT WAS A VERY CRUEL TRICK INDEED!! (But you made me laugh just the same ;) XD) Don't worry, I found your little joke to amusing to punish you.

    But as for the rest of the post, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I loved all the pictures you used!! We're they all Norman Rockwell?

    Ahh yes jobs are stressful. I must say, I am much like you, in that I'd rather stay home than go to work any day ;).

    Hahaha I loved that book excerpt!! That was hilarious XD!!

    And yes yes, do write a crushing Beauty and the Beast review!! I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who thought it was just... meh... *shrugs* It pales in comparison to the EVER so lovely live action Cinderella.

    P. S. I laughed when you said "no skimming ahead now!" Cause that's what I was about to do ;) to bad the lovely news *AHEM* wasn't true!!!! *scowls* ;)

    Lovely post Miss March! Glad to have you back!!

    1. Nope. Sorry. No compassion for poor nerves here. I'm just that mean. Haha. ;P I'm so glad you found it amusing, despite it's being a cruel joke. I don't know what comes over me sometimes. :)

      Aren't they adorable? I love pictures like that. And no, the first one is actually the only Norman Rockwell picture. I'm not sure who the artists are for the other ones, except that the second one is a Jessie Wilcox Smith painting I believe.

      Yay! Someone else who prefers staying at home! *high five* :D

      Isn't it just? So glad it amused you, too. :D :D

      Yeah, the live action Cinderella was definitely better than Beauty and the Beast. One vote down for a review. I'll see what I can do. :)

      P.S. YOU WERE GOING TO SKIM AHEAD??!! MISS WOODHOUSE!!! That was very naughty! I'm surprised at you!! (Heehee. ;))

      Thank you! I'm glad to be back! And thank you so much for your comment!! It made me smile!!! :)

  3. Oh, Miss March, it's so good to see a post from you again!

    I would be very interesting to read your review of BatB (2017). The first time I watched it (which was in theaters when it came out, of course), I thought it was great--not my favorite, but good. The second time...it was okay, but not as good as I had thought I remembered it being. Then by the third time, I realized I didn't like it all that much as there were just so many issues that I didn't notice the first time. And that kind of stuff bothers me. So lay it on us, please! I love critical reviews:)

    Wow. Okay, yeah, I was kind of disappointed that the story of your little romance turned out to be...a joke. :/ Too cruel, Miss March! ;)

    As I said, it's so wonderful to see you back again:)

    1. Thank you, dear Elanor! It felt good to write one again.

      Isn't it funny how your opinion of a movie can change so drastically from one viewing to another? I've definitely had that happen to me before. (I love critical reviews, too! Heehee. ;))

      *gulp* Sorry. I hope you will find I in your heart to forgive me. ;)

      Thanks! Hopefully I'll be sticking around a bit more this time.

  4. You're good! And while I did get a little excited, part of me was saying "And another one bites the dust". It's kinda scary how many bloggers I follow have been marrying or starting relationships. Really scary.

    On the other stuff, ALL CREATURES GREAT AND SMALL!!!!!!!!! I love that show so very much, but I haven't been able to find it since Netflix took it down almost 3 years ago! :(

    I loved Beauty and the Beast, but then, I've never seen the animated version, so I wasn't comparing the two.

    1. It's that time of life, I guess. Weird though. At twenty-five it's strange to see so many people--even younger than me--getting married while I'm still quite single (and without any prospects). Still all in good time. I'm not really anxious about it. :)

      YOU LOVE THIS SHOW TOO?? How fun! It's always cool to discover someone else who's familiar with this series. Isn't it so good though? :) Netflix should put it back up! Why get rid of one of the best shows? That makes no sense!!

      Oh, I'm glad you liked it! I know a lot of other people who really enjoyed it, too. I guess I'm just picky when it comes to movies, and Beauty and the Beast never was my favorite Disney so...finding fault with it is just too much fun. (I probably enjoy finding fault with movies a bit more than I ought to. ;))

      Thanks for your comment, Erudessa! :)

  5. I. CAN'T. EVEN. !!! Really... I'm just gasping for breath. I was so ridiculously happy to hear your 'news' (because I'm such a helpless romantic I can't help it...) Do you know what I'll do? I'll go find all those handsome, awesome, Christian, Gilbert-looking guys and send em your way. :) :) :) oh don't bother to thank me, you can do that later. Just pick the nicest one cause you totally deserve him... even though you just played such a joke on us. ;)

    Get Smart never fails to crack me up! Love the show!!!! :D

    Overall, I'm so super happy your back :) Missed you lots!!
    Hannah Jo

    1. You were THAT excited? Oh, dear. I'm soooorry!! I mean, I have to admit I'm really pleased that you were happy for me and that my joke worked, but...ahhhh! Sorry to burst your bubble like that. Someday hopefully I will have some REAL news for your romantic loving soul. Can you wait a little longer, do you think? :)

      Oh goodness! HANNAH! I don't deserve such kindness, especially after such a trick. But yes!! PLEASE. Send me all the Christian, Gilbert-looking guys! I'll look 'em over and pick the VERY best! THANK YOU! ;)

      :D :D

      Awwww! THANK YOU! I'm glad to be back. And thank you SO much for your comment! It made me really happy!! :D

      ~Miss March

  6. Okay, this post was marvelous!! I've missed you, Miss March!!

    Now, before I go any further, I wish I had fallen for your joke. I almost did. The thing is, I thought you would have told me. Maybe I'm wrong but something just didn't quite match. So I was actually rather ashamed of myself for not believing you until I read to the end of the post. Then, I WAS PLEASED AS PUNCH THAT I KNEW YOU SO WELL! :D Hahaha. That bit must have been so much fun for you!! So, instead of being so mad at you for trying to trick us all, I congratulate you on your little game!!! :D :D (That and you used Pooh Bear!! Love that silly old bear!)

    And I thought my work life was complicated...uh, no! You have me there. But I'm glad things are finally smoothing out and you're in a better routine now. Yea for you!

    Yes I want you to cover Beauty and the Beast!! That would be awesome! (What kind of a question was that anyway?)

    I'm glad you had a Happy Thanksgiving!!


    1. I'VE MISSED YOU, TOO, CORDY!! Like a lot. Why does life have to be so busy??

      You, my dear, are too smart! What AM I going to do with you? :D Haha. Yup, you know me. I have to admit I'm quite pleased about that myself because it's nice to be known. :D Oh! and...*whispers*...if and when I do find myself in a serious relationship I think I can safely guarantee you that you will know about it before I announce it to the whole world. So set your mind at ease about that. :D

      Work certainly complicates life. And I understand a whole lot more now why you've had to take so many breaks from blogging this past year and more. Work just takes a lot out of you. It really does.

      Oh, all the pressure now. I'd better get to it! ;)

      Thanks for the marvelous comment. You're the best!!

      ~Miss March

    2. Right? Why don't we sit down and give Life a good talking to sometime? ;P

      *sigh of relief* My mind is now at peace. Hehehe.

      Yes. It's not always a break because I don't have the time because it's not like I'm always at work. But my mind is usually always at work and "mentally clocking out" is a struggle that just leaves me a little drained. However, that usually means I've forgotten how fulfilling my blogging friends are. *hugs* And I have a few things planned now that I'm back to blogging so that's good.

      Indeed you should! :D :D

      Well I do try. Being the best takes a lot out of a person. (TOTALLY kidding!)

      Your friend,

    3. Totally should.

      Good. That's as is should be. :)

      Oh I understand that completely! That's how it was for me this past month. I really had plenty of time to write but my mind just wasn't there. Working definitely does drain you. Oh, yes. Blogging friends are awesome! I'm so glad you're back, Cordy! *hugs*


      I can well believe it. It's no small thing to be the best! ;D

      ~Miss March

  7. Well, good gracious, just when I was about to scold you for not telling me about this someone... I don't have to now. But I could still scold you up about making him up. ;P (That was pretty good, though. And you didn't even wait for April Fool's Day!)

    Those pictures at the beginning, by the way, are so perfect! <3

    Wow, all that job description is quite exhausting - I don't know how you manage such a whirlwind of a career! ;) Glad you're settling in, though! At least with two jobs you get variety. :D

    Ah, good old Get Smart! That's such a classic. ;D And Beauty and the Beast! I saw it twice in the cinemas... the first time I was a little disappointed, the second time I liked it better. So maybe you need a second time before you write a scathing review, haha. ;) (It wasn't perfect, though, I agree.)

    Well, the best movie I've seen lately is "Murder on the Orient Express"!! That was GOLD. Precious GOLD!!! <3 <3 <3 I hadn't read the book, so it was all completely fresh and new for me and wowwww, I think I may read some Agatha Christie now.

    1. Haha. Sorry you got cheated out of that scolding. ;) (Why, of course not! Why wait for April Fool's Day when you can do it now?? Heehee. :) Besides, April Fool's Day would have been too obvious. I probably wouldn't have fooled anyone. And that would have been sad, don't you think?)

      Thanks! <3

      I don't know either, but it's amazing the things you can do when you HAVE to. ;) Yup, variety's really nice. :)

      Oh, you're probably right. (Why do you have to be so sensible?) I confess, it would be the more mature response to give it a second try before picking it apart but...but...do I HAVE to be mature about this? ;P

      Oh, how fun! That would have been pretty exciting then if you didn't know anything about the story! :D I started an Agatha Christie book this summer but I never finished it. My brother said it wasn't one of her better ones anyway though. He's read some more recently that he enjoyed a lot more. It's fun to discover new authors, isn't it?

  8. Miss March, you sly thing! I was getting ready to formulate my congratulations and then it was all for nothing!
    But a really good joke! Loved it!
    It reminds me of a conversation a had with friend recently where due to some similar sounding words, she thought I was about to introduce my new boyfriend to her, where I was really talking about trying out a new cake recipe;)
    But then again, cake is the love of my life!

    I get your job situation, I only work around 18 hours a week, and yet it's a constant struggle to balance it out with the rest of my life. And while I truly enjoy my job if someone told me I never had to work another say in my life I would certainly prefer that!

    I have been thinking about watching Get Smart, is it in the same style as the movie?

    So lovely to hear from you again, by the way!

    1. Haha. Thanks, Rose! Glad you enjoyed the joke! :D

      You were talking about CAKE and she thought you were talking about a BOYFRIEND??? Oh wow. Those kind of misunderstandings are SO funny!! (But yes, cake is pretty awesome. Maybe better than a boyfriend after all.) (Haha. Not really. ;))

      Same here. Work is fun sometimes, but in the long run I much prefer to be at home. By the way, what kind of work do you do?

      I've never seen the movie, so I really couldn't say. The TV show is ridiculously goofy, if that's any help. I can't really describe it though. You'd probably have to see it to believe it. Haha. :)

      Same to you!!

  9. I'm younger then that and it still feels weird. Me either.

    YESSSS!!!! I kow, and then they took down my favorite tv show of all time(Leverage). They are so cruel!!

    Well, it happens to be my favorite fairytale, but I do have to say that the Disney verison of the tale is my least favorite. I mostly loved the movie because of the actors/actresses.

    1. Nasty Netflix. WHAT WERE THEY THINKING???

      What other versions of Beauty and the Beast have you seen?

  10. It's so nice to hear from you again, Miss March! Your posts are always a delight to read.

    I would love to read an amusingly critical review of the new Beauty and the Beast movie! I haven't seen it and don't really have much interest to, so I would enjoy seeing you poke fun at a bit. ;)

    That little joke was hilarious! I believed it for a little, but the more "What if"s there were, the more I started to question whether it was true or not, haha. I'm sure that was very fun to write!

    1. Thank you, Molly!! :)

      Great! I'll see what I can do. :)

      Haha. I'm glad you enjoyed it. And yes, I had WAY too much fun with that! :D

      Thanks so much for your comment, Molly! It was great to hear from you! I've missed my blogging friends.

  11. I would love to hear your thoughts on Beauty and the Beast. Just putting that out there.

    Happy (late) Thanksgiving! I am glad that you had a good one!

    Haha! That was hilarious Miss March!!!!!!! :D

    1. Okay. I guess I really need to make a point to write that post then. :)

      Happy (late) Thanksgiving to you, too, my dear!!! :D


  12. Ahhh you got me.

    Not funny. 😛😂😉

    1. Oh come now, Naomi! Where's your sense of humor? It was very funny! ;P

  13. Miss March! I wish I knew your middle name so I could sound like an angry parent! :P You tricked me! But someday, when you really do have a boyfriend or fiancée you'll post on it and I'll not believe you (at least not right away)...jk I'll totally be grinning ear to ear! :)
    I TOTALLY get your point about not wanting to leave the house to go to work. It's not that I don't like my jobs, but sometimes home is just so much nicer!
    Glad you had a nice Thanksgiving. Soon I'll see my family again too (I won't have seen them for almost 5 months!)
    And even if you don't always feel inspired to write on the blog, that's ok. It's so good to hear from you!

    1. What you said about sounding like an "angry parent"...haha! That made me smile! :) But that's the point, see. If I keep giving you all false alarms then when the real thing happens it will be an even BIGGER surprise! Right? ;)

      Yes, yes, and YES!

      5 MONTHS??? Wow. That's a long time! Glad you'll be seeing them again soon. <3

      Thank you! I hope to be blogging more often now, but we'll see how it goes. It's so good to hear from you again, too!! :)

  14. Haha! You're a dork ;-)

    Love all the Pooh pics, though! And Get Smart is just a wonderful show, the end.

    1. Haha. Why thank you! *bows*

      Aren't they adorable? I love Winnie the Pooh. And that's so fun that you like Get Smart, too!! :D

    MISS MAAAARCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*


    *continues reading post*

    Oh all right that was nearly the end and now perhaps--*perhaps*--I can write a proper comment.

    (Really, my dear, when it happens for real I'm not sure anyone will believe you again. You do so trifle with our nerves, it does not do to get them excited so and perhaps we shall not take the chance again.)

    All right-

    Work-My goodness, that does sound exhausting! Exciting, yes, but hectic and tiring too! Good luck with that!

    Reading-I found that quite amusing, too. Lemme add that to my reading list. :D

    Watching-I haven't seen any of those. Do, do tell me what you think of Beauty and the Beast. I have heard such different accounts of it as to puzzle me exceedingly.


    I shall come all the way to --- and give you a stern talking-to. My goodness.

    But all right, all right, I shan't scold too much (Ha. Ha. Little late for that). It was a good joke. I suppose.

    Well, I shall leave off my scoldings and ramblings. :D I did love reading this as always!

    1. Oh dear. Methinks someone is a trifle upset. Do calm down, my dear. It wouldn't do to overexert yourself. You might burst something.

      Like last time? Have I done this before??

      Aww. Your poor nerves. I did not mean to over-excite them. Please forgive me. It was most unconsciously done and I hope will be of short duration. :)

      Thank you!

      Not surprised you found it amusing. We do seem to have a similar sense of humor. I've noticed it before. :)

      Nice way to get a Pride and Prejudice quote in there. I approve. :D

      *gulp* Sorry again.

      Well, you have to admit this one clever way of getting my friends to visit me. Heehee. ;) (You were serious about coming and giving me a scolding in person, weren't you? ;))

      It was a very good joke. No supposing about it. :D

      Thanks, dear. Loved your comment! :)

    2. Hmph! All right, deep breaths.

      Yes, you did once, except you said right out you were going to get married, and it was slightly more obvious it was fake beforehand. Haha.
      (*Goes back because I realized something* Maybe it was Cordy I'm thinking of??????? When she said she was going to marry Mr. Darcy???? But I don't think so??? Now I must see. No, no, it definitely wasn't Cordy. Now I must find your post. Surely I'm not imagining I remember something???
      Okay, so at least as I'm looking through the archive titles to see if I remember anything, I must say, I do like your titles. You're very good at them, even (especially?) the random ones. Truly.
      Well. I can't find it anywhere. Perhaps I'm wrong??? Dearie me, that would be, maybe, the second time in my life! I don't know if I can stand the shock! :D)

      Haha, "nice way to get a Pride and Prejudice quote in there. I approve. :D"

      Yes, it's true. It's quite nice to have someone who understands one's sense of humour.

      Haha, I thought so too. :D

      No, I forgive you, I do. I suppose.

      Oh yes, quite serious! I shall do it sometime.

      Oh, of course. My mistake. :D

    3. That's the idea. Breath deep. *pats you encouragingly on the back*

      You were NOT wrong! I had a strong suspicion that I'd tried that joke before, and I had a vague recollection of which post, too...so yeah. You were right! I did a quick search and I found it. It was this post: https://marchramblings.blogspot.com/2016/09/random-summer-reflections-and-very.html
      (Wish I knew how to do real links in a comment...)
      Aww! Thank you! I'm so glad you like my titles! <3
      Second time in your life being WRONG? Wow. That's quite a record you've got going there. How did you ever manage that? ;D

      Haha. Well, thanks. Just following your example. :)

      It really is! What would the world be like if NOBODY understood your sense of humor? You wouldn't be able to have a good laugh with ANYONE! Wouldn't that be awful?


      There you go, supposing again. Somehow that doesn't fill me with a great deal of confidence. DO YOU REALLY FORGIVE ME?? Really, truly?? ;D (Haha.)

      Yay! I'll be looking forward to that! :)

      Heehee. ;)

    4. If you want to know how to do real links in comments, I explained how in this post a couple years ago.

    5. HAMLETTE! You're awesome! Thank you so much!! :D I was actually thinking of you when I wrote that, 'cause I felt sure you would know how to do it. After all I learned the whole italics trick from you. :) Didn't realize that was in the same post though. I'm definitely going to have to save that one now so I have it for future reference.

      Again, thank you!! :D

    6. Haha! You're quite welcome. You could have asked, you know ;-) Lucky for you I was procrastinating by randomly reading replies to other people's comments!

    7. Oh, I probably would have sometime. I just hadn't gotten around to it yet. ;) Sometimes procrastinating has very good results. Heehee. :)

  16. I AM NOT AMUSED. *profuse glaring* (not really)

    Heehee. ;) But good one! You did have me going there. ;D

    Ack, jobs . . . Ain't it a fun time.

    Haha! That bit from that Lewis Carroll book was funny!! And I'd never heard of that one before -- I guess I've always just thought of him as the maker of Alice, so I've never even found out whether he has other books! Silly me. :D

    Aww, I'm so glad you had a great Thanksgiving, and that your brother got back just in time!!! That's awesome. <3

    Oh, dear . . . We shall have to Decidedly Disagree about the new BatB, but that's okay. ;D

    Welp, I can't think of much else to say . . . But this post was quite fun and I hope you're doing well and fret not over the whole catching up thing -- I'm right there with ya. :D

    1. OLIIIIIVIA!!!! Ohmyword!! HAPPY DAY!! I got a comment from Olivia!! *tackle hugs* (Sorry. It's just been such a long time and I've missed your comments and I just can't help being excited. :D)

      Okay. Now to business.

      SORRRRRRRY! *quakes under Olivia's awful glare* (not really) :)

      Ha! Fun indeed.

      I'd never heard of it either! My brother discovered it just recently and was telling me about it so I decided to give it a try. :)

      YES! <3

      *sigh* I know. Isn't it annoying? Why can't I just love movies like everyone else and stop being so critical? I know you really liked BatB. For the record though, it's not like I hateed it or anything so...we can still be friends, right? Heehee. ;)

      Is "catching up" even a thing? Seems like there's always going to be one more thing that needs to be done no matter how much you do. And yeah, fretting certainly doesn't accomplish much. Thanks so much for the reminder! Love you friend!


      Haha, there's nothing wrong with not liking it, is there? Different people, different tastes, eh, what? ;) And yes, indubitably -- I shouldn't think our friendship need suffer any lasting blow. ;)

      SO TRUE. You and I would probably be better off if we'd stop feeling bad about how much we're not getting done and start being thankful for what we ARE getting done, as well as realizing that some things (like blogging) are meant to be FUN and RELAXING, and if they're not going to be that at some particular time, well, then, just jolly well do something else and don't stress about it! ;) You're welcome! Thank YOU! Love you too! <3

    3. No really. It's okay!! I know how hard it is to keep up with everything. *hugs* Just know that you are missed and your comments always make me happy! :D

      Very true. No problem with having different tastes. That's what makes life interesting, right? :) Oh good. What a relief. ;)

      Oh! You are SO right!! THANK YOU, MY FRIEND! I definitely needed to hear that. Yes, sometimes we just HAVE to let things go and not even TRY to keep up with everything. *hugs*

    4. Awwwwwwwwww, YOU. *tackle hugs you again* Thank you so much, both for the understanding and for the missing (that sounds weird). They're much appreciated! :D But I do need to figure out some system for keeping up with all zee blogs better. *nods firmly*

      Indeed and certainly, old sport. ;)

      You're so welcome! Yes, definitely. <3 *hugs*

    5. Weird? Not at all! I totally know what you mean! :) And yes, a system for keeping up with all the blogs!! We must find it!! ;D


      *returns hugs*


    'Hem. I really needn't have yelled that, I suppose.

    I'm SO glad your jobs are getting along better for you. And as for not wanting to go to work...well, I don't blame you, Miss March. "There's no place like staying at home for true comfort", after all! ;) And I do NOT think it means you're lazy. I know you want to be a wife and mother some day and that certainly takes a lot of work (and it's a 24/7 job not a 9-5!).

    After all, Bilbo was hobbit who wanted nothing more than to stay at home and look at the amazing things he accomplished! You certainly wouldn't call him lazy just because he preferred his hobbit hole over anything else. So let's hear no more of this "lazy" nonsense. ;)

    (*hugs you* I hope that was somewhat encouraging, in some way or shape or form. :P)

    Oh no. Not the Pa and Ma Kettle movies. No, please. I can't stand them. *runs away*

    (heehee ;))

    Oh dear. ANOTHER critical review of Beauty and the Beast? Well, if we must hear it so be it...

    (I would be interested in your thoughts, actually. :))

    "No skimming ahead now. Read things in order. That's the way it must be done!"


    Miss March, you already know my thoughts on that last joke of yours. And I say "last" joke not because it was a typo on my part (hem) but because it SIMPLY MUST BE YOUR LAST JOKE. You are getting far too carried away. You shall have no friends left if you carry on in this shameful way! Are the shades of Pemberly to be thus polluted? (That makes no sense, I know, but Lady Catherine always does such a good job of scolding people.)

    *goes off in a huff*

    *but really goes off to read the comments and see if anyone was fooled by your joke*

    1. Well it's about time! (Haha, just kidding. ;)) I was looking forward to your comment very much though. Just sayin'. :)

      Yes. WHY ARE YOU YELLING?? Haha. ;)

      Aww! I love that quote! And I whole-heartedly agree!! HOME IS THE BEST PLACE! :D Thank you so much!! I don't really consider myself to be a lazy person (for the most part anyway), but yeah, there's definitely some types of work that I enjoy more than others.

      "You certainly wouldn't call him lazy just because he preferred his hobbit hole over anything else." Awwwww! That is so true and well said and THANK YOU!!! There is NO shame in preferring home to any other place on earth. Why should there be? Love that!

      (*hugs you back* It was!!! Thank you so much!!)

      But Natalie, you silly girl. They're such funny movies!! You can't run away! You must stay and WATCH!! (Be prepared. We'll be watching a lot of those movies when you come to visit me.) (JUST KIDDING!! I wouldn't be so cruel. Haha. ;P) (Anyway, why don't you like them? Too corny?)

      Well! *shocked and affronted* You don't have to read it if you don't want to! *walks off in a huff*

      (Oh, really? Good then. *comes back, pacified* I shall try not to be too brutal. For your sake. And Olivia's. :))

      "No skimming ahead now. Read things in order. That's the way it must be done!"

      "Skim right ahead now. Don't read the rules. That's apparently the way it's done." Shame, shame, shame. *shakes finger at you*

      Yes I seem to recall you giving me an ear-full on that subject earlier in the week. I have not forgotten. Heehee. ;) Now Natalie. Do you really think that's going to work? No indeed. The more you forbid it the more I shall do it. Watch out!!! And WHAT does Pemberly have to do with anything?? Honestly! (Heehee. It really didn't make sense, but it totally made me laugh!!! And yes, Lady Catherine is an expert at scolding people! :D)

      You too? ;)

      See? Wasn't it a grand joke? I fooled a lot of people!! It was great!! :D (Come on, admit it.)