Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Blessed to be the Daughter of a Most Excellent Mother

This is a late Mother's Day post.  I got the idea for it a day or so before the actual holiday and did not have time to properly think it over and compose it, so it's a few days late.  But that's okay, really, because every day is mother's day.  There should never be one single day throughout the entire year when we do not think about and appreciate our mothers...and fathers, too!  For they are truly one of the greatest gifts we have ever been given.
Okay...so I was thinking (I do that sometimes) about some of the excellent examples of motherhood depicted on film, and I thought I would liken them to my own mother. 

Caroline Ingalls:

Mrs. Ingalls particularly reminds me of my mother in the episode where she stays up all night making party dresses for her girls, Laura and Mary.  My mother would be just the sort of person who would do that; and despite the lateness of the hour and the difficulty of the task, I know she would so enjoy  it.  Because she loves giving pleasure to the members of her family.

Like Marmee, my mother is always available for confidences, but never forces them.  She will stay up into the wee hours of the night listening to our little woes and cares, and she always has something to say that puts the world back into its proper perspective.  She encourages us to do what's right not only by the words she speaks, but by the life she lives.  She is faithful and steady and constant and true.
Sarah Witting:

My mom is not as headstrong as Sarah, but she does have her own opinions and she doesn't mind stating them.  She is strong, like Sarah, and doesn't mind getting her hands dirty when there's a job that needs to be done.  She is very loyal and devoted and will stick by you through thick and thin.  She also loves to have fun and be adventurous, though she doesn't always think so.
I love you, Mommy.  You are one of the most generous and forgiving people I know.  Thank you for your patience with me and your constant example of how to live a Christ-centered, eternity focused life.  You are the sunshine in our home!  And not one of us could do without you!  :)


  1. Aww! This post is so sweet! I like the examples you picked:)

    Oh, by the by, I've tagged you over at my blog: http://meanwhileinrivendell.blogspot.com/2015/05/10-favorite-screen-characters-tag.html

    No pressure, of course, but I'd love to read your answers if you'd like to do it:D

    1. Oh, Olivia. Thank you so much for your comment. It's still a little nerve wracking hitting that publish button; but so encouraging to hear that someone liked what I wrote. :)

      I can't believe you tagged me! I saw your 10 Favorite Screen Characters post the other day and thought it was kind of funny because I had already started working on a post very similar to that. The thought crossed my mind that it would be cool if someone tagged me as I was already partially prepared to write something on that subject...but I didn't really think anyone would because I'm so new to all this. Anyway, thank you for including me. :) I'm going to try to do it, if I can find sufficient time. I'm afraid I won't have anyone to tag, though, because I don't have any blogging friends. Also, I'm not really sure how to tag people...? :/ Putting in links to other pages is something I haven't learned how to do yet. I'll try and figure it out, though. :)

      Thank you again for your comment! It's so much fun to get comments. :)

  2. Oh, what a lovely post! Mothers are SUCH lovely people. :-)

    "I was thinking (I do that sometimes)" made me laugh inwardly. HAHA. :-)

    Ma is a really good mother - especially, as you said, in 'Country Girls.' I also love Ma in the book (although she is a little strict now and then, I think.) I have to say, I sometimes think Ma in the TV series is a little whiny - but all in all I love her as a mother.

    Marmee is lovely. :-)

    And Sarah.... I love her!

    Your mother is lucky to have such a lovely daughter!

    1. Aww! Thanks, Naomi. I so enjoy getting your comments! :)

  3. Caroline Ingalls is probably my favorite TV mother as well. I always cry at her heartfelt scenes with her children. I grew up on Little Women, so I do like Marmee as well (Movie version Marmee). I love the scene where she is talking to Jo about her future.

    1. Hello Morg,

      Thank you for your comment! It's so good to meet you! :)

      Which movie version of Little Women did you grow up on? We own both the 1949 version and the 1994 version.

      ~Miss March