Friday, May 29, 2015

Incoherent Thoughts, Attempting to be Coherent

I'm feeling restless tonight.  I don't know what comes over me sometimes, but I'm in one of those moods where I can't seem to sit still.  There's a stirring inside me, a longing for something...

On nights like these I have an irrepressible urge to run through a field of flowers.  To feel the wind whipping through my hair.  To sing at the top of my voice until I'm exhausted and can sing no more. 
I want to write.  There are so many feelings and emotions inside me; all I can think of is getting them down on paper.  But I can't.  I don't know how to convey the thoughts churning in my brain.  I want to write words that stir people's hearts and make a difference in this hurting world.  But words fail me.  All the time.  I can't hold on to them long enough to put them into any sort of coherent order.   
It's a helpless feeling.    
When I hear certain strains of music, when I read powerful words which other people have written, when I see the beauty all around me in God's creation, my heart responds.  Something leaps inside me and I wish that in turn I could pass those feelings on to someone else by the words that I write. 
But maybe that isn't the point.
Maybe I will never be a real writer.  Maybe expressing myself in words never will come easy to me.  Maybe writing is not the area in which God will truly use me. 
It doesn't matter.  If I never get beyond wishing to be a writer, it's okay.  All I truly want is to fulfill God's plan for my life.  Wherever He sends me, whatever He tells me to do.  I want to be doing that with all my heart and soul. 
Okay.  So now you're probably wondering, "What's she babbling on about?"  Your guess is as good as mine.  I really don't know.  I told you, I don't express myself very well in writing.  Even I don't understand what I'm trying to say.  :)
Let's just end this incoherent post with a song that's a whole lot more powerful than any words I could ever write.  (And no, this post was not written merely as an excuse to include this video.  But really, if I can't share my feelings in my own words I may as well use somebody else's.)



  1. This post is so beautiful, Miss March! I just made me sigh all over. :-) I actually love these kind of rambly posts. I love writing them too - you might have noticed.

    I often feel like this, so I relate to it a ton! And as for writing, I'd say don't give up! There's nothing like not being a real writer! What is *real*? :-) As long as you write, you're a writer! :-)

    ~ Naomi

    1. Aww! Really?? Thanks, Naomi. That is so encouraging. I'm glad you liked it. :)

      Thank you for what you said about writing. I truly need to stop worrying and just write. There are so many different people in the world, you never know when you'll write something that one person really needed to hear. Even if it's just one person.

      You're so sweet, Naomi. Thank you for all your lovely comments. I think I told you this before, but I really enjoy reading your blog. You do an excellent job on it! :)

      ~Miss March

  2. Hello Miss March!

    I've just stumbled upon your blog, and so far I'm really enjoying it!

    I've tagged you on my blog, if you're interested:

    Have a swell day!


    1. Hello Emma!

      Aww! Thanks. :)

      I just checked out your blog. It looks lovely. I'm going to have to take the time and read it more thoroughly.

      Thank you for tagging me! This should be fun!

      You have a good day, too!

      ~Miss March

    2. Tag you're it! I'm still posting the tag but you are tagged :D