Friday, June 12, 2015

I've been tagged!

Yes, that's right!  I've been tagged again!  This time by Emma, for the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award!  Thank you so much Emma!  It was so kind of you to include me!  It's fun to be able to participate in what so many others are doing!

Rules for this tag:
1.  Thank the blogger who nominated you and link back to their blog.
2. Put the Award logo on your blog. 
3.  Answer the ten questions sent to you.
4.  Make up ten new questions for your nominees to answer. 
5.  Nominate ten blogs. 
Okay...I think I've got this.  :)

#1.  Do you like county fairs?
Hmmm...I'm not sure really.  I've never been to a county fair.  We have a yearly fair nearby to where we live, but technically it would be  a town fair rather than a county fair.   (Is it County Fairs that have Ferris wheels?  Because I've always thought a fair should have a Ferris wheel, and ours doesn't.)  I guess you could say that I like the idea of fairs--a fun community event with lots of friends gathered together; good food; lots of animals--but in reality...well.  I can only look at so many animals before I get bored, and I never spend money for food when I go to the fair so that's no fun, and I'm not a huge fan of big crowds, so, yeah.  I guess you could say fairs aren't my first choice of activity.  But on the other hand, if I went with the right people and was in the right mood, I'm sure I could enjoy them just fine!  (I'm a very decisive person.  Have you noticed?)

#2.  Were you ever in some sort of club as a kid?
Oh yes!  Dozens!  Nothing official, just little clubs created by me and my siblings.  We never did anything in them, but just knowing we had a club was enough for us!  Clubs were the thing.

#3.  What's one of the first movies you remember seeing?
Oh my!  I don't know! Disney's animated Robin Hood goes back a long way in my memory.  So far back that I can't remember the first time I watched it. 

Also Winnie the Pooh.  I have a vague recollection of dancing around the living room in excited anticipation for watching that movie, back when I was under the age of six.  So,  yeah, those two would have to have been among my earliest movie watching experiences.

Speaking of Pooh, I could really use his "thotful spot" right now.   I'm having a horrible time remembering things.  "Think, think. Think, think."

#4.  Which would you rather do: hop in your pickup truck and go for an unexpected adventure, or sit on the back porch with a good novel on a warm summer evening?

I haven't got a pickup truck... But if I did I think I would still chose to sit out on the back porch (I do have one of those) with a  good book.  Sounds more relaxing, and like a nice cozy way to spend a summer evening!  :)

#5. Do you enjoy live concerts?

I've hardly ever been to one, so I can't really say.  I guess it would depend a lot on who I went with and what kind of music was being played. 

#6. Which do you read more of: historical fiction or contemporary fiction?


#7. Do you like country music?

Oh, dear.  I don't know.  I'm sure I've listened to country music before, but I really can't remember any specific songs at the moment. 

"Think, think.  Think, think."  Nope.  I'm drawing a blank.  Next question...  

#8. If you could play any role in a musical who would you chose?

First of all, I'd never be on the stage long enough to play anyone. Stage fright would overcome me before the curtain was ever lifted.  But if, by some miracle, I did manage to pull myself together and act...I would choose Mary Poppins. 

I can relate to her no-nonsense personality because I'm a little bit like that myself.  If I were an actor it would probably be a very natural role for me to play (notice I said "if I were an actor.  That's a big "if.")  As to the singing parts--I love to sing, and Mary Poppins has a host of lovely songs.  (It's just hitting those high notes that's the problem.  Ugh.  How does she do that?)

#9.  Do you ever put your feet up on the dashboard while riding in a car?

No, but I wanted to most dreadfully on the way home from work the other night.  I didn't do it because "sink me, I'm far too embarrassed."  (That's a quote from The Scarlet Pimpernel, by the way.  It just came to me, begging to be included, so I included it.  And there it is.)

 #10. Can you tell us a funny story of something that happened to you in the last week/month/ever?

Hmmm...let's see.  I'm afraid any funny story I'd come up with would only be funny to those who had experienced it, but goes.  There was this one time, a good many years ago, when my siblings and I were making a movie out in our back yard.  It was a Scottish movie so we were all dressed up in plaid kilts (i.e. pieces of plaid fabric tied around our waists with a belt).  I was one of the bad guys along with two of my brothers and we were disguising ourselves in order to trick the good guys (three of my other brothers).  Our disguises consisted of moustaches  made out of white cotton balls.  We looked very distinguished, in a ridiculous sort of way.  Well, in the middle of our film shoot we suddenly realized that a young boy was mowing the grass in the opposite yard.  Oh no!  Panic ensued. He mustn't see us!  He mustn't!  Not in this getup!  We dashed about, trying to hide from him; ducking behind the trees, climbing up in the trees...but unfortunately it was all too clear that he'd spotted us.  He mowed the same spot of grass a couple times over, peering at us all the while.  It was very embarrassing, though highly entertaining afterward.  I have no idea what he thought of us, but in this case it's probably better to be ignorant.  (Oh, and I did remove my facial hair immediately, so I'm pretty sure he didn't catch me with that on.  Thankfully.)  :)

My Questions:

1.  Do you tend to stay up late or go to bed early?
2.  What is one of your favorite TV shows?
3.  Did you have a special blankie or toy that you loved very much as a kid?
4.  What's your favorite birthday dessert?
5.  What's one movie you would really like to own?
6.  Are you a confident person or a less than confident person?
7.  What is one book that you would like to see made into a movie?
8.  Does it take you a long time to write a blog post?
9.  If you could visit any country in the world, which would it be?
10. What's one flavor of ice cream that you do not like?

And I'm tagging:

Emma  (Is it okay to tag the person who tagged me?)

Just making sure no one feels pressured to do this.  If you want to complete the tag that would be delightful.  But, please, don't feel like you have to.  ;)

Thanks again, Emma, for tagging me.  It's been fun!

Did you realize this tag could go on forever?  :)


  1. Thank you very much for tagging me, dear Miss March! :-) Your answers to Emma's questions are delightful - and I agree totally on the fair-thing. I'm not a big crowd-person at all, although I DO think fairs could be fun. :-)

    Ohh, Mary Poppins would be fun to play. But you're right about the high notes. PHEW, Julie Andrews can sing.

    Haha, your funny story is very funny. :-)

    I agree with you about the pickup/porch question. Actually, I don't have a porch. It's not a 'thing' here in Belgium, which is a pity, because I LOVE porches. :-) They remind me of Anne of Green Gables.

    Now, because I've already completed this tag on my blog, I will answer the questions here, in the comments, if I may!

    1. Do you tend to stay up late or go to bed early?
    Well, I often go a tad too late (haha), but I try to be on time. Thing is, I can't sleep in - so I need to go to bed on time in order to get the right amount of sleep.

    2. What is one of your favorite TV shows?
    Downton Abbey!!! Easy. :-)

    3. Did you have a special blankie or toy that you loved very much as a kid?
    Well, I loved my dollies. I had so many dolls though, there wasn't really ONE. Although my favourite was a red-haired ragdoll called Grace.

    4. What's your favorite birthday dessert?
    Bannoffee pie. It's delicious.

    5. What's one movie you would really like to own?
    ONE?!!! You're joking, right? ;-P It's probably 'Meet Me At St Louis' because I really want to watch it. Or maybe 'Little Dorrit' - I have seen it, but I don't own a copy.

    6. Are you a confident person or a less than confident person?
    There are times when I'm not confident, but I think I am more of a confident person. Especially being the second of ten, I have learnt to be confident.

    7. What is one book that you would like to see made into a movie?
    Oh, fun question! Probably 'Rilla of Ingleside.' It's SOOO good and it NEEDS a movie.

    8. Does it take you a long time to write a blog post?
    Depends what kind of blog post. Normally it varies from 30 minutes to an hour.

    9. If you could visit any country in the world, which would it be?
    America, to visit Emma, the person who tagged you. (She's a very close friend of mine, just in case you didn't know. :-P)

    10. What's one flavor of ice cream that you do not like?
    THIS IS NOT FAIR. I love them all! Okay? Well, actually, I don't really like chocolate ice-cream. Not the very chocolate-y, chocolate kind of ice-cream. I prefer white ice-cream with chunks of chocolate in them.

    Thanks, these questions were super fun!

    ~ Naomi

    1. Oh, Naomi! Thank so much for another lovely comment! You're a dear! :)

      You know, I had this idea Downton Abbey might be your favorite TV show. I guess I've been reading your blog. ;)

      I've never read Rilla of Ingleside, but I've heard other people say that it would make a good movie. Of course it couldn't really be made as a sequel to the current Anne movies, because the third Anne movie takes place around the time that Rilla of Ingleside is supposed to be happening. (If I remember correctly, they got the dates horribly mixed up in the last Anne movie.)

      Don't tell me! 30 minutes to an hour to write a blog post??? That's not fair! I so need to learn your secret. I take much to much time editing and re-editing. It's pitiful.

      I knew you would want to go to America and visit Emma! :) From reading your blog, I have definitely picked up on the fact that you are very close friends. It's so cool that you have such a good friendship despite the fact that you've never met in person!

      Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions. I very much enjoyed reading your answers!

      ~Miss March

  2. You're very welcome, Miss March! I was happy to see you'd filled out the tag. :-) I enjoyed reading your answers and getting to know you a bit more.

    Oh my, we had dozens of clubs when I was little! Most of them I initiated, for my sisters and our neighbors. There were also several started by my cousins. Like you said, we didn't really DO anything; just the fun of having a club was enough. :-)

    Thank you for tagging me back! I'll just answer the questions here, if you don't mind (since I already did the tag post on my blog). That's the thing about tags -- if you keep on tagging people, they never end! ;-P

    #1 Hmm, I tend to stay up later. Especially if I'm reading a good book. ;-)

    #2 My favorite TV show eveeerrrrr is Dr. Quinn: Medicine Woman. Has been for many years, probably always will. :-) Some of my other favorites are The Waltons, Road to Avonlea, Christy, and Downton Abbey.

    #3 Yes! A green blanket with a great big ol' hole in one corner that I liked to chew on. When I was two I was given a stuffed bunny for Christmas, and ever since he's been my favorite toy; I still have him on my bed.

    #4 Hmm, ice cream!

    #5 The Journey of August King. It's one of the best movies I've ever seen, and I'd love to watch it again!

    #6 Well, I'm confident about many things, while in other areas...not to confident. ;-P BUT I am much more confident than I used to be. I'd like to say I'm a confident person. :-)

    #7 I love this question! I'd love to see a movie made of Larry McMurtry's Telegraph Days. The book is so vivid and hilarious, I can just imagine how much fun a movie version would be!

    #8 Not as long as it used to! ;-P Usually not so long....unless it's something I'm really laboring over for some reason, then it can take a while.

    #9 I'd visit Belgium, so I could see my best friend Naomi, whom I've never met in person. :-)

    #10 I don't know of any. I think I'd eat pretty much anything claiming to be ice cream. :-)

    Have a lovely day, Miss March!


    1. Hi Emma,

      Thank you for your comment! It's so nice to hear that someone enjoys getting to know me. :) I'm enjoying getting to know you, too!

      You understand about clubs! So cool! It really is amazing how they were so much fun when we never did anything in them! :) That's kids for you! Ha ha!

      Staying up late...that sounds like me. Only most times I'm staying up late talking or watching a movie. ;) I haven't actually done a whole lot of reading lately. I need to find a new and exciting book that will pull me in long enough to get me hooked on the story. I'm having a hard time concentrating on books that I've already read and am familiar with.

      I've never seen Dr. Quinn: Medicine Woman, but I've heard of it. Jane Seymour stars in that series, doesn't she?

      The Journey of August King and Larry McMurtry's Telegraph Days. Wow. Those are both new to me. I'll have to do some research and see what they're about. :)

      Of course you would go to Belgium and visit Naomi! I didn't really need to ask that question, did I? ;) I hope you will get to see each other sometime. That would be amazingly fun for both of you, I'm sure!

      Thanks for taking the time to answer all my questions. :) It was so fun to come home from work today and read through all your answers!

      ~Miss March

  3. Oooooooh! I didn't get around to commenting did I?!
    As time is short and I will return.. Thank you for the tag and I LOVED your answers! :D

  4. Thanks again for tagging me, Miss March!
    Heehee. "Clubs were the thing." That made me smile. :)
    I watched Winnie the Pooh a lot when I was a child too!
    I love your use of the Scarlet Pimpernel quote
    Your funny story was so cute! It sounds like something my brother and I would have done... running and hiding so we wouldn't be seen. ;)

    1. Oh, you're welcome, Natalie! You were one of the first people to comment on my blog so naturally I thought of you when I was trying to think of people to tag. I really enjoyed reading your answers! :)

      Thank you so much for your thoughts on this particular post. It's so nice to get feed back and to know that someone enjoyed what I wrote. :)

      ~Miss March