Thursday, November 26, 2015

The Awesome Food Award

Alright, so Heidi tagged me for the Awesome Food Award back in October, and I am just now getting around to completing it.  Thank you, Heidi!  I meant to get it done sooner, but time moves so fast nowadays...and I have to admit I've never been one to "keep up with the times. "  (Get it?  "Keep up with the times"?  Okay, I admit, that was a horrible pun.  Just forget it.)  I hope you won't all be bored by another tag post--I feel like half my posts are tags--but I really couldn't pass this one up, so I guess you'll just have to grin and bear it!  :)

Shall we begin?

The Rules:

1. Thank the person who nominated you, as well as link back to their blog. 
2. Answer the 10 questions provided.
3. Come up with 10 more questions that relate to food.
4. Nominate at least 5 people.
5. Let those people know they've been nominated.

Heidi's Questions (And my answers.  Obviously.)

1. Your thoughts on cheese?  Well, seeing that about half the meals my family makes contain cheese, I'd have to say it is a very essential bit of food, indeed.  I like it.

2. Favorite pizza?  Pepperoni.  Definitely.  It's the best.  (And for the sake of certain of my siblings--who's names I will not mention--I'd like to take the opportunity to  say once again that pepperoni really is the favorite.  It doesn't matter that the cheese pizza disappeared faster the other night.  That doesn't prove a thing.  Pepperoni has won many times in the past, and that's an undeniable fact.  So there.)

3. Have you always had a “traditional” dinner (i.e. turkey and all the fixings) on Thanksgiving?  We haven't always, but for the past ten to twelve years we have.  And a veritable feast is, too.  With homemade rolls, turkey, stuffing, peas, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, jello, pumpkin pie--and even sometimes apple pie and shoo-fly pie.  (Because in trying to please everyone, things can get a little bit excessive.  Ha!)

4. Favorite Thanksgiving dish to prepare?  Hmmm...I don't know.  I feel like I tend to skip that part of the day.  Usually my mom and my sisters do most of the preparation.  It's not because I'm unwilling to help, but with so many people there isn't always enough work to go around to everyone.  And it is possible to have too many cooks in the kitchen at one time. 

5. Your favorite breakfast?  Leftover pie, cake, donuts, sticky buns, or anything delectable like that.  (Yes, I have eaten cake for breakfast before.  It said I could eat it.)

6. Favorite kind of bread (i.e. whole wheat, French, sourdough, cinnamon-raisin, etc.)  I think some of the best bread I've ever had was freshly baked white bread which we ate at a friend's house once.  It was delicious.  So warm and soft and...did I mention delicious?  Have you ever heard the saying, "The whiter the bread the sooner you're dead"?  I have.  It's made very little impression on me.

7. Favorite vegetable?  Vegetable?  Get out!  Who eats vegetables?  Just kidding.  I do like vegetables.  One must eat them in a proper sized portion, of course...which is always a small portion...but, still, I admit they can be very good.  Carrots are probably my favorite.  They're absolutely the best when eaten straight out of the garden, but I also like them cooked...provided they have a little brown sugar added to them, (because I do so enjoy adding those healthy little elements).

8. Do you like sweet or sour?  Sweet.  (Surprise!  You had no idea I had a sweet tooth, did you?)
Yes, I admit, my photo editing techniques are horrendous.  But it's the best I could do.  Care for a jittery pretzel?

9. Most unusual/unexpected ethnic dish you've ever had?  Well, I don't know.  I don't usually try things unless I know what to expect.  But there was this one time when I went to a Chinese restaurant and I had this chocolate cake--okay, so that's not very ethnic, but it was at the Chinese restaurant so it has to count!  Anyway.  (A-hem.)  I had this chocolate cake and it turned out to be coffee flavored!  Yick!  It was terribly unexpected, and I did not like it at all, so I gave the rest of it to my oldest brother straightaway.  Incidentally, he doesn't like coffee either, but he was still under the impression that the cake was ordinary chocolate, so he took it right gladly.  "Forgive me a cruel chuckle."  (Yes, I know, it was very naughty of me.  But I had a lot of fun doing it.)

10. Hamburgers or hotdogs?  Hotdogs.  Because, as no doubt you've gathered from reading this post, I have a tendency towards being a bit of a health nut.  And hotdogs are SO healthy!   (NOT!)

Speaking of nuts, I'm beginning to feel an awful lot like one at the present moment.  I don't know what it is, but I find myself in a strangely goofy mood, and so I think I'd better make my exit real quick, before I totally lose it and allow the well-kept secret of my insanity to become a well-known fact. 
Also, lest you think from reading this ridiculous account of my eating habits that I'm nothing but a lazy person who sits around all day eating sugary desserts, well... about we change the subject?  I can't talk about food anymore, it's making me incredibly hungry! 

Have a cookie?

Moving on...

I nominate:

Rosie McCann

...and anyone else who'd like to answer the questions.  :)

My Questions:

1. Which do you prefer, salad or bread?
2. As a child, were you a picky eater or did you like to try new things?
3. What was one meal you abhorred as a kid?
4. Do you prefer cooking or baking?
5. Are you the sort of person who always has your meals planned out, or do you tend to toss things together at the last minute?  (Or if you don't have your own home yet, how do you imagine you would be?)
6. What is one of the worst (or most hilarious) food-making blunders you've ever made?
7.  Would you rather have steak or ice cream (or both together, like Pollyanna)?
8. What is your favorite kind of cake?
9. Do you eat combinations of food that other people think strange? (For example: my little brother once dipped his cookie in ketchup.  Yeah, that was a bit over the top...yours definitely doesn't have to be that crazy.  ;))
10. What is your favorite meal of the day?

Have fun!  And Happy Thanksgiving, everybody!


  1. Happy Thanksgiving, Miss March! Oh, your Thanksgiving dinner sounds just like ours :) Trying to please everyone - I know all about that. And too many cooks in the kitchen is definitely a thing.

    Thanks for tagging me! I am so excited! Here are my answers:

    1. Which do you prefer, salad or bread? Bread. All kinds. Italian, French, rye, pumpernickel, white, sesame seed . . . But my favorite kind is the kind my mother bakes. PERFECTION.
    2. As a child, were you a picky eater or did you like to try new things? - Well, I would eat new things but I really liked to stick to what I knew: "tried and tested" foods, you know. Of course, if a sibling was eating it and assuring me that "It's AWESOME!" I would generally pluck up the courage to taste it.
    3. What was one meal you abhorred as a kid? -- A meal? A whole meal? Sorry, nope :P Got nothing for you there.
    4. Do you prefer cooking or baking? - Baking. I like cooking, but I LOVE baking - be it cakes, cookies, biscuits, bread, or whatever. I really enjoy watching people eat what I make.
    5. Are you the sort of person who always has your meals planned out, or do you tend to toss things together at the last minute? (Or if you don't have your own home yet, how do you imagine you would be?) -- As I am still a BIT young to have my own home, I'll go with the second question. I think I would plan meals ahead most of the time. Unless, of course, I am suddenly seized with an inexplicable desire to make lamb stew or some such crazy dish. My mother plans meals by the week, and I hope to be able to manage as well as her :)
    6. What is one of the worst (or most hilarious) food-making blunders you've ever made? -- That would be the time I was so tired that I dumped the rice all over the stove top, entirely missing the pot of boiling water :P
    7. Would you rather have steak or ice cream (or both together, like Pollyanna)? -- Believe it or not, I've never had steak. So, ICE CREAM. I love it to bits :)
    8. What is your favorite kind of cake? -- I love gingerbread. But also strawberry shortcake, pineapple upside-down cake, and . . . well, really all of my mother's cakes. She is a marvelous baker, peoples :)
    9. Do you eat combinations of food that other people think strange? (For example: my little brother once dipped his cookie in ketchup. Yeah, that was a bit over the top...yours definitely doesn't have to be that crazy. ;)) -- Does sandwiches consisting of bread, bean-soup, cheese, and ketchup qualify? If so, the answer is yes :)
    10. What is your favorite meal of the day? -- Dinner. We have so many of my favorite foods then. Of course I like breakfast and lunch too, but at breakfast I'm still waking up (okay, make that practically sleepwalking :P) and at lunch, I'm kind of in a hurry, most days. Dinner is the meal I really savor and appreciate :)

    Speaking of appreciating, thank you again for tagging me! It was so fun :)

    1. You answered the questions! *happy dance* I love what you came up with. :)

      1. I'd go for bread over salad, too. And, yes! Homemade bread is SO good!
      2. Good for you. I was an extremely picky eater myself, and encouragement from my siblings rarely did any good. (My oldest sister once told me to imagine that the pineapple on my plate was candy. Uh, no. Pineapple is NOT candy! Haha! I can't remember if I tried it or not, but I may have...especially if my dessert was on the line. ;))
      3. Well, I guess I didn't mean exactly a whole meal...more like a main dish. Probably should have clarified that a bit. ;)
      4. Oh, I agree. Baking is a lot of fun. Do you do a lot of the baking in your family? I'm the official cookie maker here, along with two of my other siblings. We've kind of become a threesome in the cookie making department.
      5. Do you make lamb stew? That sounds like a rather complicated meal. I've never made it myself. What do you usually put in a lamb stew?
      6. My dear, Rosie! You really must make sure you're awake when working in the kitchen! Missing the ENTIRE pot and spilling rice all over the stove? Really! How does one manage to do that? Haha! :) (I like that story. Mistakes in the kitchen are so much fun! That is, they're fun after the fact...not so sure about in the moment. :/)
      7. Hmm...yes. ICE CREAM!
      8. Gingerbread cake? Ooh, that sounds good. I don't know if I've ever had that! And wow! Your mom certainly sounds like she's at home in the kitchen! It's wonderful to have a mom who can make so many delicious things! (I like strawberry shortcake and pineapple upside-down cake, too.)
      9. I'll say!!! Bean soup in a sandwich? With cheese and ketchup? Positively STRANGE! Haha! Actually, I can see how that could be very good. But all the same, it is quite unique, my dear. ;)
      10. ("Practically sleepwalking." Heehee. That made me smile. :)) Yes, I can see why dinner would be your favorite. It's probably my favorite, too, just because breakfast and lunch are usually more of a "toss-together" "get it over quickly" kind of thing. And dinner is when the whole family is together. :)

      You're quite welcome. I'm so glad you enjoyed it! I enjoyed reading your answers. :D

      ~Miss March

    2. Haha, well yes, it was always better to try the dish if dessert was on the line. And that happened a lot. With a big family, you can't go around wasting food, you know :P

      #3 Oh, not a whole meal. Well, I didn't used to like spicy red beans and rice. And I didn't (and still don't) like stir-fry vegetables. Too oily!

      Yes, we do a lot of baking. Mom does a lot of it, but we get to help. And then sometimes I make things by myself. On Thanksgiving I made the second batch of cranberry bread. (We had two batches - six loaves. Along with pumpkin cake and pumpkin pie :D)

      For #5 - No, we don't make lamp stew :P Although I imagine it would be good. We make beef stew sometimes though. And pea soup, lentil soup, bean soup . . . I was just trying to think of a meal that wouldn't be on a regular menu :)

      Hahaha, well I seem to recall that it was a very stressful day and dinner was very late. Yes, mistakes in the kitchen are fun afterwards. But definitely not in the moment :P

      Yes, Mom makes AWESOME gingerbread. She's just a wonderful cook :)

      #9 Strange, you think? Well, you see, it's a sandwich I kind of invented, for the lunches when we have leftover bean soup. It's really very good, it tastes a lot like a burrito :)

      Yes, dinner is the best! Because then the whole family is together. It wraps up the day :) My favorite dinner is Saturday night, because then we have hot dogs 'n' beans. Every Saturday. JUST AMAZING.

    3. #3. Beans in general were never my favorite thing. I can eat them now--for the most part--but when I was little...forget it!

      Sounds like you had a lot of nice things to eat for Thanksgiving dinner. I've never heard of Cranberry bread before. Is it a sweet kind of bread?

      #9. A burrito? Mmm. Sounds good. You might have something there! ;)

    4. Oh, cranberry bread is VERY good. Have you ever had banana bread? Or blueberry bread? Because it's kind of like that. The bread part is sweet, and then the cranberries are mixed in. Cranberries baked into bread taste tart, in my opinion. This Thanksgiving my siblings were fighting over whether the cranberries taste "sweet" or "sour". But it's amazing! And surprisingly easy to make, too :)

    5. Oh, yes. I've had banana bread. (Just made four loaves the other day, actually. :)) I was wondering if cranberry bread would be similar to that.

      Your siblings were arguing over whether the cranberries were "sweet" or "sour"? Haha! I'm putting my two cents in for cranberries being "sour." I've never had cranberry bread before, but I've had cranberry juice, and it's definitely not what I would call sweet. ;) (By the way, who won the argument?)

      ~Miss March

    6. Haha, well, I think it was a small margin of "sour" over "sweet." But only a very small margin - it was very evenly divided :)

  2. Your posts always make me smile. ;D And I'm so happy you were able to fill this out! I realized after I wrote the hamburger v. hot dog question, that I really meant bratwurst or something likewise sausage-y, which is MY personal preference. And really quite on the healthier side, right? :D

    And I LOVE your new blog design! Header, background.... everything. So pretty!! :)

    1. Aww, thank you. That makes writing so worthwhile. :)

      Oh, did you? Well, that's okay. My answer would have been the same either way. I don't dislike hamburgers, but they're rarely my first choice, and sausage is just GOOD! Haha. Yes, and much healthier than hotdogs, I'm sure. :D

      Thank you!! It took me awhile to get up my courage to change it, but I finally did. I'm so glad you like it! :)

      ~Miss March

  3. Thanks for tagging me, Miss March! I enjoyed reading your answers. :)

    Quick question about the rules - should we answer Heidi's questions as well as yours, or just yours?

    Lol - you tricked A. into eating some coffee-flavored chocolate cake? I did the same thing once! And he liked it, the stinker - he just pretended afterward that he had thought it "not quite right" at the time. He's so stubborn sometimes. ;)

    1. You're very welcome! And thank you, too. I'm glad you enjoyed reading this. :)

      Just my questions. Also, you don't HAVE to make your own questions and tag other people if you don't want to. People skip that part sometimes. Whatever you want to do. :)

      Heehee. Yes, I did. Isn't he the best person in the world to play tricks on? He has such wonderful reactions. Haha! I remember when you did that! That was so funny! :D You really fooled him on that one!

  4. Thanks for the tag! It will be so much fun to fill out.
    I was thrilled to see not only one but 2 new posts when checking in on the blog (will just have to follow it from now on, so I never again miss a post)

    1. Agree all the way - what would life be without cheese?
    6. Interesting saying:-) But then again the whiter the bread the better the taste- at least in my opinion.
    8. You do? I had no idea;-)
    By the way what is wrong with being a lazy person sitting and eating sugary desserts all day?

    1. You're very welcome. I'm glad you think so. :)

      Oh! I'm so excited! You are my seventh follower! It makes me so happy to think that you enjoy my posts and don't want to miss any. Really, you're too kind.

      "The whiter the bread the better the taste" Haha! EXACTLY! You really do understand. ;)

      Thank you so much for your comment, Rose. It made me smile. :)

      ~Miss March

  5. Haha! Your answers to this were awesome;)

    YOU QUOTED PRINCE JOHN! *highfive*

    1. Aww, thanks. I try. :)

      YOU RECOGNIZED THE QUOTE!!!! *double high five* Okay, so I'm officially thrilled. It's so much fun when someone recognizes those little references. :D