Wednesday, January 20, 2016

I've Been Watching...

...a lot of movies lately.  Aside from Cinderella which was all the rage last week, I have also been watching some very interesting TV shows with some of my family members, and now we are working our way through a mini-series as well, so I thought I'd let you in on the fun.  (That is, if it is fun to hear about the movies which someone else is watching, and you are not.  That is a debatable point, I admit.)  Anyhow...

Little Dorrit

My second oldest sister made the remark the other day that she would like to watch one of our long movies again--you know, the kind of movie that takes you several days to finish.  Well, such a stipulation, while narrowing our choices down considerably, still left us with quite a few options.  Fiddler on the Roof, Pride and Prejudice, Little Dorrit, Emma, Jane Eyre, Oliver Twist...lot's of good possibilities there.  We finally decided on Little Dorrit and began watching it Saturday night.  Can I just say this? I love that movie.  There are so many good characters in it.  And while in  many ways it's a dark and depressing story, still in others it's extremely fun. I'm telling you, we laughed so much the other night.  And really I don't see how one can help it with such characters as Panks and Fanny and Sparkler!  They're hilarious!  Why one only has to look at Sparkler to be overcome with mirth!  And Panks!  His mysterious comments and abrupt snorts are so ridiculously amusing!  Ahem.  Yes, well.   I do admit, Little Dorrit  has it's problems, too.  There are a few scenes which we forward, and I wouldn't say it's the cheerful-est movie I've ever seen (Ha! Far from it!), but if you can tolerate the really aggravating characters and make it through all the heartbreak and emotion then I think you'll agree it's a pretty amazing film.  I like  it anyway.  :)

Downton Abbey

I just started watching the sixth season last night with one of my sisters, my sister-in-law, and my sister-in-law's husband (which would be my brother, just in case you didn't get that. Haha!).  This is not a TV show that I recommend to people because there's too much that I dislike about it, but I have to admit that, personally, I've gotten sucked into the story and so I want to finish it and find out what happens.  So far it looks like this season is going to be pretty typical.  It was amazing how many characters were having a bad day in the very first episode.  Just about everyone had something to worry about.  So, yeah, let the drama begin

Oh!  And I just have to say, the Dowager Countess' lines are the best!   "Does it ever get cold up there on the moral high ground?"   So funny!  (Also, I was quite proud of myself for spotting Wickham from P&P '95.  He was just a minor character, and I couldn't place him at first, but I finally figured it out.  I knew I'd seen him before!)

Jeeves and Wooster

We're into the second season of this show now, and I must say it definitely measures up to what people have said of it.  It's hilarious!  Bertie's facial expressions!  And Jeeves', too, for that matter!  And all the ridiculous situations they find themselves in.  For example, the scene we watched last night where Bertie and Jeeves go searching through Miss Stephanie's room in order to find Gussie's book, which she refuses to return to him.  In the midst of their search, Miss Stephanie's vicious little dog jumps out from under the bedclothes, and before you know it Bertie's standing on the dresser and Jeeves...yes Jeeves!...that calm, proper, sophisticated sitting atop the wardrobe!  It took us completely by surprise to see him in such a predicament.  However, even in the midst of such a  ludicrous situation Jeeves still manages to sit up straight and keep his dignity.   (Dignity. Always dignity.)  Yes, well.  All that to say, I am very much enjoying this show.  It's hilariously funny, and if you haven't seen it yet, I encourage you strongly to give it a try. 

Get Smart

We've been watching this show sporadically for months.  I must say, it's one of the silliest TV shows I've ever seen.  The humor might be called "cheesy," but it's delivered in such an extremely funny way that the corniness of it only makes it all the more hilarious!  It's probably one of the few shows that can get away with using the same punch lines over and over again and still make you laugh every time.   It's hilarious, and fun, and...did I mention hilarious?  "Don't tell me I'm using the word hilarious too much. " "You're using the word hilarious too much."  "I ASKED you not to tell me that."  (Sorry, you'd have to see it to appreciate that quote, because the tone of voice is everything, and grr...I can't write a tone of voice in a blog post.)

Have you seen any of these shows?
What do you think of them?
Did I use the word hilarious too much?
Oh!  And am I, by any chance, asking too many questions?

Yes!  You are!

"Sorry about that." (In a Maxwell Smart voice.)


  1. Yay! Another post. :D And double yay - I know some of these! ;)
    So, I've not seen Downtown Abbey or Jeeves and Wooster, but I have seen the other 2! Little Dorrit is SUCH an amazing miniseries, isn't it?! It's almost (if not, IS) better than the book! I love it very much. :) I recently finished watching another Dickens miniseries - Bleak House, which was Very Well Done also. :D
    Oh, and the other is Get Smart!! Gosh, I have known them for....maybe 8 years now? They're SO funny. :D I've seen all the seasons multiple times, and own Season 2 I think. And I DID find your last few quotes on it funny, because I totally read it in Don Adam's voice. ;) (Or maybe I should say Maxwell Smart's voice. Don Adams doesn't actually have a voice like that in real life.) And I love 99. ;) It's cheesy but hilarious, haha. Somehow they can get away with being cheesy, which Very Few movies can do.
    Well, must dash, it's might hot in this poky old study!
    ~Miss Meg

    1. Oh yes! Little Dorrit is SO good! There are a few things I would have changed in the making of skipping a few scenes perhaps, and maybe leave Miss Wade out altogether because I don't think she adds much to the story...but over all I really love it! You really grow attached to the characters (the good ones, that is! Haha!).

      You've seen Bleak House? How fun! I've heard of that one, but I have yet to see it.

      Aren't they, though? We laugh so much when we watch that show. Oh, I'm glad you got the quotes! It's a lot more fun to quote things when people get what you're talking about. ;) Haha! Yes, that's true. I reckon Don Adams didn't talk like Maxwell Smart in everyday life. He's really good at changing his voice, though, isn't it? I love it when he does his King Charles impersonation. That is SO funny! And, yup. They do cheesy bits excellently well. :)

      Thanks for your delightful comment, Miss Meg! It's always fun to find that other people have seen some of the same movies you've seen. :)

      ~Miss March

  2. Oh, Jeeves and Wooster!! I love to watch those shows! They are perfectly wonderful for those days when you're all tired out and just want to watch something hilariously and ridiculously perfect :) Hugh Laurie is AMAAAAAZING!!!!

    I haven't seen any of these others - Downton Abbey I don't watch because there is too much stuff that I term "objectional." Little Dorrit I know that a lot of people like :) Maybe I should try it some time! Get Smart looks very very funny :P

    1. Totally! They're so much fun! And yes, Hugh Laurie is great! His expressions and mannerisms are hilarious! :)

      Oh, I agree. There are definitely objectionable things in Downton Abbey. It doesn't usually get too bad, but there were a few parts early on that we forwarded. That's one reason why I can't whole-heartedly like the show...that and the fact that there are very few characters in it who I totally like. Almost every character has disappointed me at one time or another.

      As for Little Dorrit, it has it's moments, too, where I've wondered "why did they have to put that in???" But usually it's easy enough to see things coming, and if you don't like the way it's going then you can forward it. :) Also, the good characters are SO good that in my opinion they outweigh the bad. The acting is excellent and, unlike Downton Abbey, there are characters who you can whole-heartedly root for. If you like Dickens movies, you'd probably like it. I know there are some people (including some of my siblings) who think his stories are too dark and depressing, so it really depends on what you like. :)

  3. I love your new header -- and I have seen Little Dorrit and quite a lot of Jeeves and Wooster! (I must confess, I do like the books better... but I'm not frightfully biased. Really. ;))

    And I've tagged you here:

    Feel free to do it or not as you feel like it!

    1. Awww. Thank you. And I understand why you like the books better. Usually the original story is the best. I've never read Little Dorrit or Jeeves and Wooster. Did you read the books before or after you watched the movies?

    2. Hmmm. I'm pretty sure I read LD before seeing it... Yes, I know I did. And yes! I most definitely read lots and lots of Jeeves and Wooster before watching any of the tv show. (Hee. *coughs* I'm not a purist, though. In other words, I think sometimes a movie actually has been known to improve on the book. ;)) They did a pretty fair job, so it's just that I think Wodehouse is particularly hard to capture. ;)

    3. I think over all I may be a bit of a purist, but I agree, there definitely are some instances where the movie actually improves upon the book. :)

      Okay, now I really need to read the Wodehouse books. Everyone keeps saying how excellent they are. :)

  4. Replies
    1. Oh! Really? That's so cool! :D I didn't think so many people would know about this show! Though come to think of it, why not? Just because it's fairly new to me doesn't mean it's new to everyone! Haha! :P

  5. Eeeee, these kinds of posts are fun! I really like them :D

    I NEED TO WATCH MORE OF JEEVES AND WOOSTER. I've only seen precious little, but it was EPIC and I needs it in my liiiiiife.

    Haha! I haven't seen the old Get Smart tv series, but I really like the new movie version with Steve Carrell and Anne Hathaway (though it has a bit of slightly off-color remarks).

    The Dowager Countess does have the best lines, doesn't she?!

    'Hem. Well. I don't really like LD, but…y'all knew that ;)

    I love this posts!

    1. Aww. Really? Thank you for that! I was actually beginning to wonder if I wasn't running out of good ideas for posts. :P I'm so glad this was interesting to you! :)

      Haha! Yes, you do. ;)

      I've heard of the new Get Smart movie, but I've never seen it. Off color remarks? Eh. You find that sort of thing way too often in movies these days. Actually, though, the TV series has some remarks that I would consider slightly off color, too. I would assume it's not as bad as something they would make nowadays, but still...there are some parts I could do without. :P

      Yes! She's one of the best characters in my opinion.

      You don't like LD??? OLIVIA!!! Just kidding. I did know that. ;)

      Thank you, dear! :D

  6. I want to watch Little Dorrit so bad! I've heard so much good about it. But alas, I am not allowing myself to see it until I finish the book.

    Isn't Jeeves and Wooster hilarious? I've just watched the 2 first seasons, and I clearly remember that wonderful scene you describe.

    I've only watched Get Smart the movie, but I've thought about trying to watch the old series, as it really looks funny.

    1. Oh, you've never seen Little Dorrit? You really must! But, yes, that's a good idea to read the book first. I've never read the book myself, but I've read parts out of it. Have you started the book yet?

      YES! It took me a few episodes to really get into it, and at first it didn't seem as funny as I was anticipating, but once I'd gotten to know the characters better I was sold! It's totally hilarious!! :D

      I've never seen Get Smart the movie. Is it good?

    2. I actually managed to get halfway through the book last summer, but I don't think I'm gonna finish it for quite a while, though I really like it. But Dickens needs to be read in small doses.

      I know! The characters are so funny!

      I love the Get Smart movie. It is absolutely hilarious and was one of my favourite movies for a while.

  7. Ohhh, it makes me SO happy that you love LD! Seriously. :) It's one of my favorites.
    But I'll save more for my email because I know we were talking about that a little. ;)
    And hee hee. We skip a few scenes as well. ;)

    Jeeves and Wooster!! I've seen about a season and a half of that and I loved it very much. I'm dying to try the books out, though. Haven't gotten around to that yet. :)

    GET SMART. While the cheesiness can get on my nerves a little, my whole family loves this show and it is pretty darn hilarious. :) And soooo quotable. "Missed it by that much." My favorite villain is the German guy...his voice is hilarious!!

    1. It makes me happy that you like Little Dorrit, too, Natalie! :) It's always nice to find someone who shares your enthusiasm for a particular story and it's characters.
      Hee hee. Yeah, that forward button is very convenient, isn't it? ;)

      Oh yes! Jeeves and Wooster! I've been...sort of...planning to read those books for a while, too. :) I hear they're as funny, or funnier, than the movies.

      You know Get Smart, too? Wow! This show is more popular than I thought. Haha! Yeah, I can see why the cheeisness would get on your nerves sometimes. And oh yes! The German guy! He's SO funny! :) Just a side note. Does Max ever annoy you with how he acts around the ladies? Because that's one of the main things in the show that aggravates me exceedingly. :P

    2. The Jeeves and Wooster books really are even funnier than the movies--I know that seems impossible, but IT'S REALLY TRUE. Highly, highly recommended. :-)

    3. I really must read them, then! Thank you for the recommendation, Jessica! :D

    4. Miss March,
      Yes, we do watch it! Isn't it funny when someone else has seen or read something that seems unknown to everyone except your family? :P haha
      YES. The thing I hate is that he flirts with every girl except 99. And we all know he belongs with her!! haha I agree. It's exceedingly annoying.

      Jessica, Really? I'm so looking forward to reading them, then! :D

    5. Yes, very. It's always surprising, but so much fun, too! :P

      EXACTLY. I guess the filmmakers think that kind of thing is humorous, but I don't agree. :( 99 is SO faithful to Max, and they're so good together, and I think he REALLY loves what's his problem???! Haha!

    6. I know!! Goodness, screenwriters are so annoying sometime! :/
      I have read that they get married in the later seasons, though! Aww! But I haven't seen them yet. :)

  8. Get Smart?! Haha, that's 'hilarious'! :) My siblings (and I) went through a Get Smart stage when it played on TV sometimes. It was a little cheesy for me but as I watched and laughed at it anyways I guess it didn't bother me to much. :)

    I'm not really a fan of Little Dorrit. :/ I'm familiar with a few Dickens, as we've talked about before (and very delightfully too), but this one just didn't strike my fancy. I didn't end up finishing the book and I really wasn't a fan of the movie. But that murderer dude...forget meeting any other villain in a dark alley, HE WOULD BE THE WORST!! Haha.

    I enjoyed reading your post! I like reading about what other people are doing and enjoying!


    1. Oh I know! Blandois (however you spell his name) is AWWWWFUL! He totally creeped me out the first time I watched it. And yeah, you definitely wouldn't want to meet up with him in a dark alley...or anywhere for that matter! Haha!

      Thanks, Cordy! So glad you enjoyed this post! I like reading about what other people are doing, too, but I must confess, I was beginning to wonder if I wasn't writing a bit too much about what I've been doing...and so boring people. (You know, because I have to wonder/worry about something. Haha!) Thanks for setting my mind at ease. ;)

      Oh, it's so nice to have you back, Cordy! :) I guess you must be feeling better, and for that I say, "Hurrah!" :D

      Have a lovely day, my friend!

      ~Miss March

    2. INDEED! Nasty man!

      As you companion in the charming crazy category, of course I must set your mind at ease! That is part of the duties of a fellow charming crazy. ;) But truly, you must stop worrying about such things! :D

      Thank you, Miss March! :D I have missed my blogging friends and as I am feeling a great deal better (if not entirely recovered) it was nice to get back to reading blogs. :)

      Speaking of recovery, if you are up to it, I have tagged you:
      Rest assured, my friend, there is no pressure to fill it out and no timeline to do it in. I would be interested in your answers though!

      Same to you! Thank you for the welcome back!


    3. Oh, I know! I'm so hopeless! :P

      A tag?! Oh, how delightful! I was just over at your blog and saw that you had tagged me. And I must say, your questions look like a lot of fun! (My brain was already going to work on answers for them.) I will certainly plan on filling the tag out--maybe next week, if I can find the time. Thanks so much, Cordy! :D

      ~Miss March

    4. Hehehe. My pleasure, Miss March!

  9. Hey there! I saw this post and thought I'd comment, as I definitely relate to some of the things you mentioned: My drama group is doing Get Smart as a play this year, so I've been interested in the TV show, though I've never seen it! Jeeves and Wooster is HILARIOUS, though! I've seen rather little of it, but my sister owns it and we watch it almost every time I get over to her house, so we're working our way through it slowly. ;)
    "let the drama begin" — HA, that is the perfect way to describe Downton, I'm afraid. I'm not sure if I could call myself a Downton Abbey fan, as I'm getting into it very late (last episode of season two), but that is exactly how I'd describe it. I wouldn't recommend it to someone but it can be amusing to watch. I mostly enjoy the setting and costumes, and yes, the Dowager Countess has the BEST lines. But the drama... in some ways it really is a soap opera, which is disappointing.
    I haven't seen Little Dorrit either, but I've seen it mentioned so many places that I may have to, now. ;)
    Anyway, just thought I'd say hello, as this is the first down I've popped over here. :)
    ~Awdur from The Pen of Awdur

    1. Hello, Awdur! It's so nice to meet you! Thank you for commenting! I checked out your blog, and I must say it looks very interesting. I'm really excited to look at it in more detail as soon as I find the time. :)

      A Get Smart play? How fun!! Do you know what character you'll be playing?

      Oh yeah. I'd definitely call Downton Abbey a soap opera. It is fun to watch, but all the scandal gets a little bit ridiculous after a while. And annoying, too. I've always been rather disappointed with that show (though I keep watching it anyway...for some reason. Haha!) because there are very few characters that I REALLY like. They all seem to do something at one point or another which lowers them in my estimation.

      You really should watch Little Dorrit. It's not everyone's cup of tea but if you like Dickens' movies, you'd probably like it. :)

      Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by! I really enjoyed hearing from you!

      ~Miss March

  10. I do love Little Dorrit! It's a favorite in my dad actually watches it with me, which is a rare thing. He refuses to enjoy Jane Austen with me, more's the pity. And we adore Get Smart! It's so cheesy but so funny...Dad likes to watch it to unwind. He has a weakness for goofy old TV shows. =D

    1. I was so excited to see your comment! You like Little Dorrit, too? How delightful! :) And your dad actually watches it with you? Yay! It's so much fun when you can enjoy a movie with your parents. :) My dad really likes Little Dorrit, as well as Jane Austen, so it's never a problem to get him to watch those kind of movies with us. Actually, he's often the one to suggest it!

      Totally. Get Smart is an excellent movie for unwinding. Old TV shows are so much fun!! :D