Monday, February 12, 2018

Guess what, guys?!!


Alright so it will only be news to those of you who haven't already heard it.  The rest of you will just have to join Emma in saying...
"That is hardly news!"
But news or not it's still worth talking about because...CORDY IS HOSTING A BLOG PARTY, PEOPLE!  And it's going to be great fun!  In fact, it's already started, but don't worry!  You have plenty of time to participate because this party isn't your typical week long thing.  This party lasts for the entire month of February!  And it's all about favorite fictional couples.  What could be better than that?
So yeah, head on over to Cordy's blog and join the fun! 

Here's a couple posts to get you started.
~Cordy's original post where she explains how the party works, and where you can see the list of posts people are planning to write for the event. 
~And then if you're interested in tags, click here for the official tag post.  Which by the by is what I'm here for today.  'Cause no party is complete without a tag, right?  And this tag looks exceptionally fun!  (So I'm gonna do it.)  (Any objections?  No? Well, good then, because I wouldn't have listened to your objections anyway.  Haha.)
Without further ado, the...

~Couples for Couples, Lovely Blog Party Tag~ 


Using the prompts below, answer the following questions as creatively as you please

None of the questions require you to answer with a favorite in the category, only to find a fitting answer. They can be old, they can be new, they can be borrowed or they can be blue... they can be known or they can be unknown. You can explain your answer once you've given one.

Name a couple that should have been together
Diana Barry and Gilbert Blythe.  They would have been so perfect together, don't you think?!  And Diana liked Gilbert.  It should have happened!  *cries*

Name a couple that should have stayed friends...or did stay friends...
ANNE AND GILBERT OF COURSE!   Because like I said, Gilbert and Diana should have ended up together.  Anne and Gilbert were great as friends, but as a couple?  No, that was just wrong! 
Wait!  NO!  Don't shoot, don't shoot!  I'm only kidding.  Really.  You didn't honestly believe that was my real opinion, did you?  Seriously, I WAS JOKING!!!!  (Wow.  I think I almost lost my head on that one.)  
Okay.  Let's begin again.  I'll try and be serious this time.  (If I can.  'Hem.)
Name a couple that should have been together
John Chivery and Amy Dorritt.  (Miss March. You're doing it again.)  *gasp*  I am?  Oh, pardon me.  I don't know what's gotten into me today. (And now I mentioned John.  Why did I do that?  Poor Jooooohn!!! *sobs*)
Alright.  Hold on a moment.  Let me think.  I'll come up with something.  I will.
*think, think, think*
Ah!  I've got one!  (With the help of my brother because I honestly couldn't think of anyone but he reminded me and I'm forever grateful.)  Tristan and Alice from All Creatures Great and Small (second season). 
Okay, technically Tristan isn't fictional but from what I heard a lot of his storylines were made up in the series can count right?  And he and Alice so should have ended up together.   Really!  She was perfect for him.  So sweet and caring, and she called out the best in him.  (Which is quite a tricky thing to do with Tristan, you know.  Haha.)  And plus, THEY WERE JUST SO SWEET TOGETHER!  I was really annoyed that Alice was only in like two episodes.  Like why?  (That wasn't nice, filmmakers.)
Name a couple that should have stayed friends...or did stay friends...
I agree with Cordy!  JO AND LAURIE ALL THE WAY!  They were meant to be friends.  Totally and completely.  And brother-in-law and sister-in-law?  EVEN BETTER! 
Name a couple that looked like the chances of a happily ever after were next to none!
Paula and Smithy from Random Harvest.  My heart, the things that couple went through! 

Name a couple that is just sooo happy!

Lizzy and Mr. Darcy.  Especially in this scene here.  You can literally feel their happiness.

Name your favorite fairytale couple
Now wait a minute, Cordy!  I thought you said there weren't any "favorites" in this game. This isn't fair.  I'll have you know you've just made this extremely difficult for me.   *pouts*
Okay fine.  I'm going to be boring and go with Kit and Ella because I can't think of any others I like better.  (This was not a nice question.  Why couldn't Cordy have simply said, "Name a fairytale couple"?  Why did it have to be "a favorite fairytale couple"?  Ohhh, that wasn't nice...not nice at all, precious...  *goes off mumbling*) 

Name a couple where the woman is basically ignored by the suitor until the end of the story (frustration at it's finest!! :P :P)
Max and 99 from Get Smart.  I mean, "Come on, Max.  Get your act together!  Can't you see 99 loves you?"
Thankfully by the fourth season he finally gets the message.  :)
Isn't this an adorable picture?

Name a couple that found love later in life
Mr. Chips and Katherine.
I don't know how old "later in life" is supposed to be so they may not quite fit, but at any rate I know Mr. Chips wasn't super young when they met, and even if Katherine was still in her twenties, well.  As an old maid of twenty-five years myself, I'd say that's quite late enough.  :P

Name a couple from a musical
Maria and Captain Von Trapp
Name a couple that didn't start out on the right foot

That would be like every single fictional couple ever right?  I mean, there is a law against fictional couples starting out on the right foot, isn't there?  (Hahaha.)

I'm going with Dusty and Donavan.  Because yeah.  Those first few moments of their marriage?  Very promising indeed.  (Not.)
Name a couple with the sweetest love story

Right.  I know these two aren't fictional (neither were Maria and Captain Von Trapp for that matter) but can I include them anyway?  Please?  Because their story is so sweet and I just can't think of a better one right now.

I realize these two didn't have a happy ending but aside from that their whole relationship is just so adorable, I had to mention it.  After all, they're one couple that was on the right foot from the beginning, and that's quite surprising (and refreshing).  (Oh, but that's right.  They were real people.  Not fictional.  Do you think that's the difference?  Can it be possible that people in real life are often more sensible than people in fiction?  ;))

Well, I guess that's it!  Tell me, which of the couples mentioned in this post are you familiar with, and which ones have you never heard of before?  Who's your favorite fairytale couple?


  1. Dusty and Donovan! One of my favorite couples. "MAG-nOl-YAH?!"

    1. Haha. Aren't they great? I like them a lot, too! :D

  2. Hahaha, this tag was wonderful to read, Miss March!

    Oh wow...I forgot about Alice and Tristan being a couple....then again it's been forever since I saw that show.

    Max and 99 - the perfect couple for that category. Good grief, I wanted to smack him quite a few times because of that.

    Please excuse my ignorance, but who are the last couple? I don't recognize them and they aren't labeled.


    1. Thanks, Catherine! :)

      Yeah well like I said they were only a couple for about two episodes. :( So it's really not surprising that you forgot. Alice was so much nicer than any of his other girlfriends though. I was really hoping she would come back in a later season. But she didn't. :(

      I KNOW! What was his problem??!

      Oh oops. How clumsy of me. That's Beatrix Potter and Norman Warne from Miss Potter. Have you ever seen it? If not, I highly recommend it.
      It's really good. (Sad, but good.)

      Thanks so much for your comment, Catherine! :)

  3. Love this so much!! I have to do this tag! Why must I have next to no time when I actually want to fill in tags?! *sighs at laptop then realises the time and scurries off to chamber choir*

    Oh well at least I'm having fun doing my music and I must not complain!

    1. Yeah, why does life have to be so busy? I hope you can manage to find time for it, Evie, because I'd love to read your answers. But I understand if you can't. First things first. :)

      That's right! There's always something to be grateful for. Keep enjoying your music, dear! *hugs*

  4. Haha, your sarcasm in the beginning had me a bit worried about you for a second. Is Miss March out of her mind??


    Oh, wait, okay. *sigh of relief* Her brain is still intact.

    I love that you mentioned Cap. von Trapp & Maria! I feel like they are kind of an underrated couple.
    And YAASSS! Beatrix Potter & Norman Warne. So sweet! ;(

    Really loved this, Miss M! :)

    1. Well, I'd say you had good reason to be worried. Honestly, if I'd been serious I would have been worried about myself, too! Hahaha. ;P

      Yeah, they just sort of came to me all of a sudden and then I found that cute picture and I just HAD to include them. They are such a neat couple.


      Thank you!! :D

  5. *cries* Why did you do that to me, Miss March!!?? I can't watch Miss Potter without crying my heart out, so I don't allow myself too.

    Anyway, back to the beginning of the post: You are hilarious! I thought you were serious with Diana and Gilbert, I thought: "Well, I guess..." but when you said Anne and Gilbert shouldn't have been together I thought, "You have got to be joking." And then you were. :D

    1. Aw, dear MovieCritic, I'M SO SORRY! I did not mean to make you cry. *hugs you* I guess that was a rather sober note to end on. But I was just thinking of them before Norman dies. THEY WERE SO HAPPY THEN AND I JUST LOVE IT. (But I suppose that does make it all the more painful in the end.)

      Haha. Yeah, because apparently I can't settle down to being serious until I've had my little joke first. It's pathetic really. *shakes head at self* I'm so glad you found it amusing though! :D

  6. I was a little concerned for your mental health at the beginning of this tag but thank goodness you made full recovery!!!!

    I just need to rewatch Miss Potter it's been so long but I remember it stealing my heart. And Random Harvest! Goodness I haven't seen that in forever either but it was amazing too!!!! And Goodbye Mr. Chips! That's been a while too and I can't believe forgot that one when I was filling this out. Excellent choice!

    1. *chuckles* I'm not surprised. Glad you think the danger is past though. ;)

      Oh! You've seen a lot of these. How fun! Aren't they such good movies though? :)

  7. Oh my GOODNESS, Miss March, for pity's sake don't scare me like that. *shakes head slowly*

    *Sobs* John. I thought of them too and like...Aaaaaahhh I *almost* want John to be happy as much as I do Amy but really not quite, Amy deserves her Arthur so there it is.
    (But, not sure if I've, like, said this on my blog before? But if you want to combine universes Una Meredith from the later Anne books (esp. Rilla) and John would make a lovely couple in my humble opinion...)
    Ahem. Off topic a little but it's YOUR fault for mentioning POOR JOHN.


    Hahaha. Yes, I noticed she sneaked a favourite in there. Cruel, but Cordy must always have at least one difficult question in her tags, yes? (And that's why we love them, of course, and you know it. :D)

    I was thinking the same thing about "a couple that didn't start off on the right foot", all of them have a rough start! Haha.


    1. Soooorrry! *sheepish grin*

      I know! I so want John to be happy, too, but he and Amy together just wouldn't be right because Amy HAS to be with Arthur. If only some other nice girl had come along for him. (Yes, I remember you pairing him with Una before. I can't really remember Una all that much but I'm willing to rely on your opinion. Let's get them together! :)) My fault? Okay, sure. ;)

      OF COURSE!!!

      Haha. Yeah I suppose Cordy's tags wouldn't be quite so fun if they weren't quite so hard. But still...

      Isn't it the truth?

      THANK YOU!! :D

  8. Haha, that "That is hardly NEWS!" picture. XD

    Excellent post!!! :) (And oh my gosh, you had me with Diana and Gilbert... I don't know why... sometimes your opinions are a little shocking sometimes. ;D) I think Diana and Gilbert would have been cute, actually, but I'm glad that both of them ended up getting married to who they did. Fred was good for Diana, but too good for Anne, haha.

    Yep. Jo and Laurie were great as friends. Agreed.

    99 and Agent 86!! AWWW. <3 <3 <3


    And Beatrix and Norman! <3 I LOVE THEM SO. *squeezes them in a hug*

    1. *grins*

      Aw, thanks!! :) (Wait! What? You think my opinions are a bit shocking sometimes?!! You must be mistaken! My opinions are NEVER shocking! Hahaha. *wink*) Oh me too! I love Fred and Diana together! And Anne and Gilbert, too!! :D

      You said it!

      Aren't they so cute?


      THE BEST! <3 <3

  9. Eeek, I'm sorry it took me so long to comment on this. (In my defense, I had a preview of it....not sure if that makes me less or more guilty of not commenting...)

    UGH. I still can't believe you joked around about ANNE AND GIL. :P

    Awww, Paula and Smithy! Poor dears. So glad I know who they are now. ;)

    That's very true....except that Mr. Darcy doesn't look all that happy in that screenshot you used. Ah well. We know he generally hides his happiness under a frown anyways.

    MAX AND 99. YASSSS. His ignorance of her feelings for him is so irritating. Ugh. (I haven't seen any episodes of when they're a couple in the later series...I really want to. :)) (Yes! That picture is so sweet.)

    But Donavan and Dusty were so nice to each other, right from the start! Always helping each other and being kind and considerate and never losing their temper or being sarcastic.....aHEM. ;)

    This was great. ♥

    1. Well, I'm not sure either. But I guess I'll let it stand as a proper defense and let you off the hook. It's that generous of me? ;)

      *gulp* That was pretty awful of me, wasn't it?


      Yeah, that picture certainly doesn't capture the feeling of happiness in the actual scene, but there weren't a whole lot of pictures to choose from unfortunately. Still, you're right Mr. Darcy does hide his feelings a lot anyway. :)

      Aw, yes! You really must see some of the episodes when they're married. They're so sweet. :)

      Mwahaha! And you, my dear, are never sarcastic either, isn't that right? ;P

      Thank you!!

  10. Okay I need to get my hands on a copy of Random Harvest. You've mentioned it so often that it really is high time I find out what all your fuss is about. ;)

    That's hilarious. I didn't notice my blunder until after I'd posted the tag and it was going about the blogs. My intention really had been to say "name 'A' fairy-tale couple"...not "name a favorite". I truly was trying to prevent choosing favorites in this tag. You caught me. Of course you caught me. ;P

    Also, the real life couples totally count. I don't think--oh wait, I said the blog party was for fictional favorites...I get it now. But I'm not that official. I think real couples can be mentioned! :D Especially in the cases you mentioned!! <3

    Beatrix and Norman!! I do so love them but it's so saaad!

    1. Oh yes! Do watch it sometime. I'd love to hear what you think of it. Though now I'm a bit worried that I may have raised your expectations too high but talking it up too much. Rest assured if it doesn't end up being a movie that you really like, that's okay. I won't be offended or anything. :)

      Oh! So it wasn't intentional? Well in that case, my friend, YOU'RE FORGIVEN!!! ;P

      Haha. See how much I over-analyze things? I was pretty sure real life couples would be okay but I couldn't get over the word "fictional"! Thanks for setting my mind at ease about that. ;)

      I knooooooow!!!! :( :(