Tuesday, February 20, 2018

In keeping with the romantic theme for February...let's talk proposals

Hey, girls!  Here's a question for you.  Have you ever considered how you would like your future husband to propose to you?  You HAVEN'T?!  My dear girls, WHY NOT?  This is essential to your happiness.  You'd better think it through and come up with a good plan--and then be sure to let all your closest friends and family know so that they can give the proper hints to your intended whenever he happens to come on the scene--because a proposal is a HUGE big deal, and it must be special and memorable and absolutely perfect. 

(Don't tell me I'm being sarcastic.  I know that.)
Let's consider a few options.
~The Scenic Walk Proposal~

This one's a definite winner.  Nice and simple.  No fuss and feathers.  Just thank him profusely for some gentlemanly act of his, and then make it as clear as clear can be that the bad opinion you once had of him is now entirely reversed.  He may not go down on one knee and say all sorts of silly romantic things to you but...who cares?  The look of relief and happiness on his face when you say "yes" is sure to make up for all that.
~Romance in the Rain~

If you're going for a more epically romantic setting, I suggest you order in some rain.  Because who wouldn't choose to have this conversation of conversations while drenched to the skin, huddled under a tiny umbrella, with water dripping from the ends of your hair and down into your face, and...I mean really!  What could be more pleasant and delightful than that? 
~The Living Room Proposal~
Some may say this is not a proper proposal at all simply because it's too simple, but I say simple has it's place and sometimes simpler is better!  Just make sure you have a mom who's an expert at winking or this set up may not work for you all that well.
~The Picnic Proposal~
Now here's a nice setting for you.   Sitting down for a picnic under a large spreading tree, in front of a babbling, rippling brook.  You can't miss.  Your man is sure to be in the mood for proposing in such an environment.  Plus you will remember that place fondly for the rest of your life.  (Which is a key ingredient for a good proposal.  The place, the time, the day, everything, must be remembered vividly...forever.  Really.  It has to be that special, or it's a no go.) 
~The Well Thought Out, Overly Ambitious Proposal~
This is the kind of proposal every girl dreams of right?  Where the man puts so much thought and effort into the occasion that...ahem...one begins to wonder whether he didn't hire a film crew to arrange the whole thing for him.  But oh the romance of it!  And he even goes down on one knee.  Which is just so romantic because like nobody ever does that, am I right?!  *sigh*
(But what I really want to know is...how, when, and where did he scrounge up all those jars of candles?  Talk about being proposed to by candlelight.)  (Talk about excessive.)
~On Stage Proposal~
Speaking of going big on proposals, some men like to make a real slam-bang show of it.  Like taking you up on stage and proposing to you in front of a huge audience.  This is really romantic, especially when you had no idea it was coming.  I mean I know I've always wanted to have a thousand pairs of eyes on me as my man bursts into a romantic song (or simply goes down on one knee in that oh so original fashion.) 

~That Stranger in the Barnyard~

For those of you who are getting older and more desperate, do consider setting aside your romantic ideals.  Just say yes to that outspoken stranger who comes upon you as you're milking the cow in the dirty old barnyard.  Who cares about appearances and beautiful settings and all that?  Grab that man up and deal with the consequences thereafter.  (Because, you know.  As long as you don't get that sinking feeling after saying yes, you should be good, right?)

~The Prison Proposal~
Alright I admit, this one is leaning strongly on the side of the unconventional.  But you're really desperate now.  So forget about waiting for his proposal.  Propose to him!  And don't take into account the fact that he's in prison and extremely depressed about his current situation, just do it.  After all, not every proposal can end in a happily ever after, and what's life without a little risk?  (Hint: After this failed attempt go and find some way to lose all your money.  I guarantee, it'll help tremendously.)
Well I guess that about covers it.   You should be able to come up with a satisfactory proposal idea from these examples, I should think.  And if not, well, write to me and I'll try and come up with something better.  There's always the "carrying the girl off by force" technique.  That's proven to have good results.
Take it from the Pontipees.
And maybe after all you would prefer such a unique approach.  (Girls have been be known to prefer sillier things.)  In which case, give me your guy's contact information and I'll let him know how things stand.  Just leave it to me.  I'll arrange everything.  I only suggest that you be on the alert for cat calls in the night, open windows, and other similarly dangerous situations.
Okay enough of the silliness.  Let's be serious. 
If you had to choose between the above mentioned proposals (the settings, not the situations...like if you want to be proposed to in a barnyard by someone you actually know that can definitely be an option) which would you choose? 
Do you like the idea of a public declaration in front of loads of people, or do you prefer something more intimate, just between you and your man?  Do want your guy to put a lot into it and plan out a whole big event, or would you prefer something simple and spontaneous?  We really must hash out these details because you never know when they might come in handy.
For me personally, I'm very much leaning toward the relaxed, spontaneous approach.  And furthermore, I think I'm pretty much decided that I do not want him to go down on one knee.  I know that's supposed to be the proper, romantic way to do it, but when everybody does it, it kind of loses it's romantic charm.  (In my opinion anyway.) 
So yeah, if I had to choose, I think it would be a toss-up between the Scenic Walk Proposal and the Living Room Proposal.  Because I like simple.  And if he doesn't give me a ring right away I'm okay with that, too.  In fact, my sisters and I have decided that it would be rather fun to have your guy propose to you and then say, "Alright.  Now we're going on a date to pick out your ring!"  And you'd get to go and pick it out with him.  I mean, wouldn't that just be really sweet?
Okay, I think I've rambled on long enough.  If you're still in doubt as to the purpose of this post well...that makes two of us.   I propose we end it here and think no more of it.  What do you say?


  1. Hee hee, this was delightful, Miss March! I have to say that I agree with you about a spontaneous, relaxed (poor guy I'm sure he wouldn't feel so relaxed) proposal. The scenic walk would be nice...:).

    What about the guy bursting in on you in the afternoon and standing by the fireplace, looking rather overwhelmed and overcome by his emotions? Mr. Darcy and Mr. Thornton tried that one, but maybe that's not such a good idea since the ladies always say no...

    Anyway, this was fun! :D
    Ta-ta for now!

    1. Thanks, Anna! I'm glad you enjoyed it! :) Yes, I just think a more spontaneous proposal would be really sweet. (Haha, you're probably right about it not being very relaxed for the guy though. Poor guys!)

      Oh! Of course! How could I have forgotten?! I totally should have included that type of proposal. "The tried and true method for creating the most awkward proposal ever!!" Haha. ;) (That is very true. There is pervading habit for the lady to say no in such cases. Poor guys again!! What a hard life they lead.)

      Thank you! :D

  2. Oh, those Pontipees . . . love them.

    A man who proposes to me in front of a bunch of people doesn't know me well enough to propose.

  3. Miss March, this was terrific!! And, yeah, I've given this subject a lot of (unnecessary), thought. All sarcasm aside, I think I have some very serious ideas on the subject. And I LOVED all of your examples and "pros" you listed. I mean, what might be thought of as "cons" are actually the romance aspect. ...right. *shaking my head* This subject reminds me of my "He loves me, He loves me not" post so I'm glad this subject is being discussed all at once. Haha.

    But anyway, I've known for a long time that I DON'T want "him" to go down on one knee. That's too much attention and I don't want to be looking down on him--it's just NOT okay in my mind. And he must know that I do not want to be proposed to while in a crowd!!! Hello!! This is Cordy!! She doesn't like crowds and attention!!! But a scenic walk, I wouldn't object too, and if we find ourselves in a barnyard setting (so long as I know the man), I think that'd be alright as well.

    Oh, and I agree with you about the ring. I don't think he really needs it when he proposes. I like the idea of my man choosing my right because he would have picked it--but I also fear that he might be swayed by the trends that any salesperson would suggest to him. So I think a date to choose the ring might be a better idea. :D Hahaha.

    Wow, do I sound very picky? Or am I making things easier on him? I really couldn't say...

    LOVED this post, my friend! I think you should do more as the ideas come to you! (For instance, how would you categorize the Jane Eyre proposal?)

    1. Eeek, thank you! I'm so glad you liked it. :) Your "He loves me, He loves me not" post was awesome!!

      I think for me it's mostly the fact that practically every guy I hear of goes down on one knee to propose and I just have this thing for wanting to do things differently. I get what you mean about it being too much attention though. And yes, yes, yes! NO CROWDS! Absolutely NO crowds. "...(so long as I know the man)" haha. Yes. Knowing the man ahead of time. That is a definite must. ;)

      Yeah, either way is cool. I mean, I like the idea of him picking it out himself and surprising me, but I also really like the idea of looking for it with him. Both would be fun! :)

      Haha. Let's just say we're making it easier on them...

      Thank you! (Ohhhh! I hadn't thought of that one! Now you've got me thinking...)

  4. Haha! Lovely post. ;)

    I think you've nailed most of the clichés -- I haven't seen that season of When Calls the Heart yet, but I'd seen those pictures before, and I was like, "Whoa, now!" Haha. Your question is just. :-P

    Now, as to ME . . . welp, I personally think that the romance in the rain scenario is Very Romantic Indeed, in movies. Not sure that I'd love that for myself, but I do get all sort of Fluttery Feelings when there are rain scenes. What can I say? The film industry has Tapped Into Human Emotions in that regard. ;)

    I definitely want something super private, just him and me. Probably out and about in some secluded spot out in nature. (But not too secluded because then that might start to get creepy. Like, I want it to be just the two of us, without other people around, but if he were to start leading me way off the beaten path, as it were, I might start to get a leeeeetle nervous. :-P)

    So I guess it's a toss-up between the Scenic Walk and the Picnic ideas?

    (And, hee hee, I love how you brought in the Pontipees. Good show, old sport.)

    Lovely post! :D

    1. Thanks, dear! :)

      Very true. Proposals in the rain are certainly great in the movies and they do give you those romantic feels. Personally, I don't know that I would be entirely opposed to such a proposal in real life--because I do sometimes enjoy being out in the rain--but practically speaking I would probably tend to avoid such a setting just because of all the work of cleaning myself up afterward. (Because if I am a romantic, I am at any rate, a lazy one. Haha. ;))

      Oh, me, too! I definitely want my proposal to be more private. And I like the idea of it's being outside, too. (But, uh...yeah. There's no need to be creepy about it. ;))

      Good choices! I like those, too!

      (Olivia approved!! Yes! :D)

      Glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for your comment!

  5. Loved this post! Mine's probably more like Professor Baher's to Jo a quiet lovely moment between the two of us yes even in the rain. I really need to think about it too!

    1. I'm not at all surprised that the rain proposal was your choice! (Maybe because I know you like Jo and the Professor???) But anyway, yeah, I could totally see you being proposed to in the rain and relishing every bit of it!! :D I hope you do get a super romantic proposal one day, Evie!

  6. My favourite is probably more like Jo's*

  7. So, first off, hi! I just stumbled across your blog and I'm really happy I did because WINNIE THE POOH. OMIGOSH, it made me so happy to see that! Your blog is so cute!!! :D

    Secondly, this post was a lot of fun to read. The Seven Brides for Seven Brothers is my jam, so I loved the refrences!

    Nice to meet you. ^_^

    -Gray Marie | graymariewrites.blogspot.com

    1. Hi, Gray Marie!! Welcome! :D YOU LIKE WINNIE THE POOH TOO? That's awesome! *high five*

      And Seven Brides for Seven Brothers is a great movie, I agree!

      Aw, thanks! It's so nice to have met you, too! Thanks for stopping by! :D

  8. I'm verrrrry partial to the going down on one knee because that was how it was for me (in real life), and it did still have a great deal of charm but I was terribly biased so that probably doesn't count. The prison proposal made me laugh out loud, though I would NOT want that. I suppose if I had it to do over, the picnic idea is fun! (Mine was on the back porch of a historic mountaintop mansion overlooking several miles of valley below, and very romantic and breathtaking and all that.)

    1. (First off, may I just say "Eeeeek! I GOT A COMMENT FROM MISS DASHWOOD!!" *grins* I love your blog. It was one of the first blogs I started reading. So finding a comment from you in my dashboard kind of made my day. :))

      Your partiality for the man going down on one knee is totally understandable. ;) I'm sure if my man ends up doing it that way I'll love it, too. It's not that I have an extreme objection to it or anything. I just want him to do what comes naturally to him and not go down on knee simply because "that's the way a proposal is done." But yeah, I'm certainly not going to be picky about how he proposes, just so long as he does it. (Haha.)

      I actually like the picnic idea a lot, too. Maybe we should start a trend of refusing the guy the first time so he can propose to us in different settings. (Haha, totally kidding.)

      Aww! Your real life proposal sounds like it was absolutely beautiful...and perfect. So happy for you! :)

  9. The OTHER option, too (and this won't be funny unless you've seen Jeeves and Wooster, I suppose...) is the I-Didn't-Plan-On-This proposal, where the guy has no intention of proposing but says something bungling and stupid, as he is wont to do, and the girl takes it as a Declaration of Intent and immediately announces to all and sundry that they are engaged. :D

    1. Oh my word! How could I have forgotten Wooster?! That would have been a hilarious example to include. (I love Jeeves and Wooster!!)

  10. I got a living room proposal that was simple and sweet. I had no firm ideas of how I wanted to be proposed to and at that point I really just wanted to be proposed to! I knew I didn't want a bunch of people around though. I like the scenic walk proposal too though.
    What about the letter proposal though? If you can't find the spoken words write them down! This only works though if you are really good at writing romantic letters AND if you find the spoken words after she's ran after you.

    1. Yes, just so long as you get a proposal, that's what matters right? ;) I really don't have any firm ideas myself either. Except, like you, I really would prefer it NOT being in front of a bunch of people. That's definitely not my style.

      Of course! A letter proposal. I hadn't even thought of that. (I should have asked for help in writing this. You girls have so many more good ideas! :)) (By the way, are you thinking of any particular letter proposal? Because I'm thinking of Captain Wentworth's letter to Anne in Persuasion. That one's such a classic.)

    2. Yep Captain Wentworth's letter! Definitely a classic. :) <3

  11. I must admit that I prefer the 'Well Thought Out, Overly Ambitious' type of proposal myself...as long as it's not super cliché, you know. It means the guy put a lot of thought into making it special for the girl. 😍

    This was such a great post, Miss March!

    1. That's true! It does make it really special knowing that he put a lot of thought into it. I'm not a party planner myself so maybe because that sort of thing doesn't come natural to me I imagine it not coming natural to him either. But maybe he'll be the kind of guy that likes to plan things like that, in which case I'm sure I'll love whatever he comes up with! Mostly I just want it to feel like "us" and not some sort of "boxed proposal" if you know what I mean. "Cliché" is a good word for it, like you said. :)

      Thank you!! :D


    Okay, yes, the look of sheer relief and happiness on Mr. Darcy's face--what more do you need? Really.

    (Is that Jo and the Professor? Or some other rain proposal? Either way they DID have a proposal like that sooo...) Good rain proposal: Jo and Professor Bhaer. Bad rain proposal: "Mr. Darcy" and "Lizzie Bennet". You know what I mean.

    "Just make sure you have a mom who's an expert at winking or this set up may not work for you all that well." <= Exactly so, quite right.
    (Laughed aloud there. :D)

    RIGHT, HOW DID JACK MANAGE THAT? Where did he get all those candles and jars? Where did he find the time? Where did he get that film crew to do it for him?
    (It was extremely romantic AND we were all waiting for that moment so I guess he had to make it big for all of us watching. I suppose. Haha. :D)

    SPOT ON for the last two, as my comment is getting rather long and my time rather short. So just YESSS.

    I'd love one of the more simple proposals, but I wouldn't mind if he went down on one knee. I wouldn't mind if he didn't, though. I CERTAINLY don't want anyone else there. I feel like that would ruin it a bit. Or a lot, rather.
    The ring, yes! My parents did that, haha. :D


    1. *GRINS* Thank you, Rae!

      YEEEES! What more indeed? I LOVE THAT PART!!! *happy sigh*

      (Yup, that's Jo and the Professor from the 1949 film.) Oh ugh. I wasn't even thinking of THAT infamous proposal! Thank you SO much for bringing it to my attention. (NOT.) Hahaha. ;P


      Haha! EXACTLY! How, when, where, why... (True. There are fans involved. Gotta make it big!! ;) Though that's the real problem with the proposal, I think. It was romantic and all that--and I'm not saying I disliked it. But it feels like a "TV moment"...something that you would find on a modern reality TV show or something. It's just a little hard for me to take it seriously, I guess. :))


      Yes! A personal proposal, just you and him, is definitely the best!! :)

      Awww! THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I'm so happy you enjoyed it.

  13. Haha, this is hilarious. xD

    I really don't know what I would pick... I'd never thought about it before. :P You know, probably the rain one, haha! That would suit me just fine. But I also think it would be kinda fun to do it on stage in front of everyone?! I don't know! Depends on the guy, haha. ;)

    1. :D

      YOU WOULD DO IT ON STAGE???!! Oh my word! Gabby! You're a braver person than I am!! *grins*

  14. As much as I DON'T like the idea of "overly ambitious proposals" I do think it's sweet when the guy puts thought and creativity into it. So I can't decide whether to make fun of Jack or think his candlelight proposal is adorably sweet. <3

    (At least he didn't have a crowd of people around--THAT KIND OF PROPOSAL IS THE WORST!) (Also, a guy proposing that way better be darn sure of her answer--how could she feel okay saying no when he put so much time and effort into it? haha ;P)

    Where did he get all those candles, indeed! He must have had the help of the good ladies of Cranford in scrounging them up. ;)

    My personal favorite is the prison proposal. Nothing could be more romantic!!

    (This post was GREAT.)

    (And no, I wasn't being serious about the prison proposal. :P)

    1. Just make fun of him. That's more fun! (Heehee.)

      I know what you mean though. It is actually really sweet when a guy puts a lot of thought into the proposal. I certainly won't be throwing a fit if my guy decides to do it that way (though I might be nasty and ask him how much money he wasted on it...haha. Just kidding. I'll try and be nicer than that. ;))

      (You said it. Crowds and proposals don't mix!) (Oh wow, yes. He'd better be VERY sure. That would be absolutely AWFUL if she said "no" after all that! Oh, the poor guy!)

      Yeah, and it's funny because he uses candles all the time. He's had multiple dates now with Elizabeth where the place is simply loaded with candles. Maybe candles grow on trees in Hope Valley! Haha. ;)

      I KNOW! I KNOW! Isn't it perfect?! That is DEFINITELY the proposal for me! :D

      (Aw, thanks!)

      (I had a feeling you just MIGHT be kidding! Haha. ;P)

  15. Miss March!! You made me laugh again!!! ;D 1, 2, and 6 are my favorites...

    1. *grins* Glad you enjoyed it!! And thanks for your comment!