Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Match It Game ~Number One~

I thought I'd try my hand at doing a game.  A lot of other bloggers do them, and I think they're fun, so...why not?

This game is really quite simple.  All you have to do is match the quote to the appropriate picture.  Not all the pictures are from the actual scene where the quote was spoken, but they include at least one of the principle speakers. So, hopefully that's not too difficult.  The quotes are lettered and the pictures are numbered, so choose which number and letter you think go together.

And if you want an extra challenge, try guessing the title of the film and the names of the characters who are speaking.  For example: K-11, Sound of Music, Maria and Captain Von Trapp.  

You will receive 10 points for every correct answer (film titles and characters' names count as one).  So the highest possible score is 200 points!  Have I thoroughly confused you yet? 

Oh!  And I've chosen to call this post "Match It Game ~Number One~" because I might want to do another one of these posts in the future.  You see, I had a few more quotes I wanted to include but I thought I had better limit it to ten and not go overboard.  (A person could get drowned that way.)

Anyway!  Enough talk!

Let's get on with the game!  :)

Character 1: "Rob?  That's a naughty word, we never rob.  We just sort of borrow a bit from those who can afford it." 
Character 2:  "Borrow?  Boy are we in debt."
Character 1:  "Is my face clean?  Can my face be too clean?"
Character 2:  "No, your face is not too clean."
Character 1:  "What were you doing shaving at this time of day?"
Character 2:  "I haven't been shaving.  And since when do I shave my finger?"
Character 1:  "Well, you don't shave your ear either but last week you cut it."
Character 2:  "That's different.  The ear is in the general vicinity of the face!"
Character 1:  "Well, so's the finger when you're shaving."
Character 1: "So, I have your blessing?"
Character 2:  "Do you need my blessing?"
Character 1:  "No.  But I should like to know I have it all the same."
Character 2:  "Then get to it."
"I put that in, too!"
"Which is why we're too young to realize certain things are impossible.  So we will do them anyway."
"You know what I really dislike about your brother?  It's when he starts to get patient with you.  And then he gets that angelic look on his face and you know that any minute now he's going to forgive you...for something he's just done!"
"Not much ratting in Venice.  A lot of rats, though.  Odd that."
Character 1:  "Rain brings life."
Character 2:  "So does the sun."
Character 1:  "Be quiet."
"I've known him all my life!  And even I don't call him that!"








I hope you enjoyed this!  And I'll have the answers for you next week!


  1. Sad really how I was scrolling down going "woe me I don't know any of-wait OHMYGOSH TRISSSSSSSSSTAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN" May have over reacted slightly but I love that line so much because it is so true and Siegfriend and and and and ahh :P
    *swoons over SFarnon*
    Ahem! So it's Tristan speaking to James about Siegfriend from ACGAS and another is Mr Bingely and Mr Darcy in P&P 1995,. "I put that in too" is from Mary Poppins . Letter J and Number 3. 5 and A. I and 6 and those are my geusses :D
    Oh and I think the continuation of the line is "and then he gets that angelic look over his face" or somthing like that which makes me laugh cause I remember it. *looks at watch* gotta go! History calls!
    PS: Fun game!

    1. Ha ha, Evie! I thought you might appreciate that line from ACGAS! :) Actually I was thinking of you when I included it. Whoops. I had a feeling I didn't have the quote perfectly correct. Thanks for mentioning it. I should go fix that.

      Oh, and I guess I shouldn't be publishing comments until after the game is over, but I just really wanted to respond to yours because it made me smile...and I just needed to join you in saying, "TRISTAN! AND JAMES! AND SIEGFRIED! YES!." :) Love those characters!

      ~Miss March

      P.S. Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed the game! That makes my day! :D

    2. xD That I did!!!

      And heheheh I know right!! Sieeegfried! Jaaaaaames! and *Siegfried voice* TRISSSSSSSSSSTAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN* :P
      The characters are so much fun!

  2. OH what a wonderful game idea!!! (A person can get drowned that way...hahaha!)

    A-5, Robin Hood and Little John, Robin Hood

    B-4, Anna and Caleb, Sarah, Plain and Tall


    D-1, Mr. Darcy and Mr. Bingley, Pride and Prejudice (1995)


    F-7, William Pitt, Amazing Grace


    H-10, Edmund Sparkler, Little Dorrit

    I-6, P. L. Travers and the Chauffeur, Saving Mr. Banks

    J-2, Emma Woodhouse, Emma (2009)

    Well, I don't know about some of them, but we'll see:) Thanks for the fun game!!

  3. OH YAY!! I am too late to join? I hope not. :-O

    A - 5 ?
    B - 4
    C - 8 ?
    D - 1
    E - 3
    F - 7
    G - 9 ?
    H - 10
    I - 6 (this is a hilarious one. :-))
    J - 2 (Ha! KNIGHTLEY indeed. :-))

    This was SUCH a cool game! I absolutely loved it. :-)

    ~ Naomi