Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Teacups, Milkshakes, and Weddings//Ingredients for a Very Busy Weekend

Just a random pretty picture to start us off.
This is unaccountably silly, I know--sitting here at 4:19 in the morning, writing a blog post.  But, you see,  I couldn't sleep for thinking of all the things I need to do when I get up, so I thought I might as well get up now, work for an hour or so and see if I can't get my mind to slow down a bit and get sleepy again. 
This has been an extraordinarily busy weekend...hence the reason for my being woefully behind in answering all you dear people's comments...and hence the reason for my stress levels rising, my thoughts going at a hundred miles a minute, and the ridiculousness of finding myself sitting here so early in the morning typing at my computer. 

*Ahem*  I think perhaps a recap of my weekend might be in order.
To begin with, I took off of work this Saturday because it was the day before my oldest sister's wedding, and I had a feeling there might be some last minute preparations in which I could lend a hand.  (And if my services were not needed for actual wedding preparations then at least I could help out with the Saturday wash load, and allow my mom more time to work on the wedding stuff.)  As it turned out there really wasn't all that much to do, but I managed to fill my day up quite nicely anyway.  My sister and I (not the sister getting married, you understand, but another one) went out in the afternoon to do a little shopping because she was off of work, too, for the same reason as I--and finding that the wedding preparations were well under control we thought we might as well enjoy ourselves. 

My sister has just recently begun collecting tea cups.  So we went to a used furniture/what's-it shop in order to see if we couldn't find another cup to add to her collection.  And guess what?  We did!  

Here it is.  Isn't it pretty?

My sister was so happy to have made such an excellent purchase, that she decided another purchase was in order and drove us straightway to Chick-fil-a for a celebratory milkshake.  As always she ordered a strawberry milkshake for me and a cookies-n-cream for herself and we were happy, happy, happy!  That is, until we realized that the cookies-n-cream milkshake was actually a chocolate milkshake. 

Horrors!  This would never do.

So my sister parked the car and went inside to see about getting it switched.  (So much for the drive through.  Ha!)  There was a bit of a wait before she could get the attention of one of the workers, but in the end everything turned out just fine. We got our cookies-n-cream milkshake and even got to keep the chocolate one free of charge!  (Yes.  It was a good day.)

Then Sunday arrived.  The day of the wedding.
My mom, my three older sisters, the groom, and myself were heading up to the wedding site early, along with a group of friends who had volunteered their services for getting things set up and ready before the guests arrived.  The ceremony and reception were being held at a camp up in the mountains about two hours away from our home, so carting up all the decorations and food was a bit of a job, and we had to be very careful not to leave anything behind since going home for forgotten items wasn't really an option.   There were, of course, some moments of stress throughout the day, but looking back on it, it really did come together pretty smoothly. 
My oldest sister is really into the rustic, woodsy look, so decorating was fairly simple.
Here's a picture to show you how we decorated the beverage table.  Nothing fancy, as you can see, but we were pleased with it, and it was all very easy to put together.  All we needed was a wooden crate, a burlap table runner, and some pine branches cut from the trees outside, and wala!  We had a decorated table!  :)
My sister had come to the conclusion several weeks before the wedding that carrying a cake two and a half hours in the car wasn't going to work very well, so instead of a real cake, she decided to make a cake out of Oreos; inspired from the picture below.
It was a cute idea.  Of course, our cake didn't turn out as picture perfect as the original, but we really didn't care.  After all, it was just going to be eaten in a few hours.  :P 
All in all it was a very nice wedding.  Small but totally relaxed and family-ish, which is what we like.  My dad sang a song during the ceremony while my brother accompanied him on the guitar, and it was absolutely beautiful.  I have now decided that I must have my dad sing to me at my wedding. 
I don't have a recording of my dad singing the song, but here's a recording of the original if you'd like to hear it.  It's a song by Phil Keaggy from his album Way Back Home.
It really was a fun day, and seems especially fun now that I'm looking back on it (isn't that how it always is, though?  Things always appear so much more fun in retrospect than in the actual moment).  I will confess, however, that even in the midst of all the laughter and gaiety, I did manage to find some time for a personal little party.  (You know the kind.  I think they're normally called 'pity parties'?)  Yes.  I had one of those.  I sat there, all silent and alone (well, not literally alone--I was in fact surrounded by people--but alone in spirit, you know?), thinking pityingly over the sad, sad state of my own singleness.  Wishing very much for a husband and feeling altogether 'lone and lorn'--to borrow a phrase from Mrs. Gummidge.  Yes.  I was quite enjoying myself, in a miserable, gloomy sort of way.
Unfortunately, though,  I wasn't able to go all out and do proper justice to my little pity party because, well...crying in public just isn't quite the thingBut I assure you I had plans for indulging myself on the way home.   Ah yes.  In the darkness of the long car ride, I felt certain I'd be able to let the river of tears flow unnoticed and...do things properly, so to speak.  But, well, it's funny how these things work out.  I suppose I must have been too tired by the end of the evening even to cry , because I made it home without a shedding a single tear.  (Shucks.  And I was so looking forward to feeling sorry for myself.) 
I stole this picture from my brother's camera.  That was the appearance of the outdoors during the wedding celebration...that is, when it wasn't raining, snowing, or hailing.  Yeah, the weather was pretty crazy, and very cold.  Actually, it felt like a winter wedding...in May.
We arrived home quite late, but still managed to squeeze in a short discussion of the days events before going to bed, because that's what we do.  We must talk.   By the time we finally got to sleep it was close to 2:00.  I slept in the next morning and then...wouldn't you know it?  My sister and brother announced they were going to go antique shopping again and stop at Chick-fil-a for lunch.  And of course they asked if I wanted to go with them--and of course I said yes, because...well, Chick-fil-a means a milkshake, and I was sort of in the mood for a milkshake.  (When am I not?)   
This outing took up half of my morning (the half which I hadn't already spent in bed) and half of the afternoon, and when I got home I was hoping to catch up on responding to comments and all that jazz, but then I got to talking with my siblings about the wedding again, (yes, we really do like to talk!) and after that I had laundry to do, and ironing, and supper preparations, and...did I tell you it was a busy weekend?  And then my evening was full, too, because I and my two siblings (the two who'd gone to Chick-fil-a with me) went to our oldest brother's house for our bi-weekly movie night. (We're currently watching through Jeeves and Wooster, and finished the third and fourth episodes of season 4 last night.)  Of course, before we started the movie we had to have a little talk about the wedding, and then we had further discussions about various topics after the movie was over, so by the time we got home it was around 11:00.  No time for computer work that evening.
So there you have it.  That was my very busy weekend.  (And no.  I did not write all of the above between 4:00 and 5:00 in the morning.  I got through the first couple paragraphs and then went back to bed till 6:30.)  It is now 5:00 in the evening and I declare, this post has taken me much too long to complete.  Granted I wasn't working on it non-stop but still...I'm much too slow of a writer.  And that's a fact.  :P
What have you all been up to lately? 
Anything new and exciting happening in your lives?


  1. We-el... Nothing that happy has been going on. Except my 2nd oldest sister graduated from college.

    Yikes. You've sure been busy.

    I'm sorry. *hugs you* I know. That's always the way, isn't it? During something truly happy- you feel sad. Why is that? Hmm. I'm going to go ponder that for a while.

    Oh great. Now you've got me craving a milkshake. :o :)

    1. Graduating from college is a pretty happy occasion, I'd say! I know I'd be thrilled if it was me! (Because I don't like school. Haha. ;))

      Yeah, but at least it was a fun kind of busy. :)

      Aww, thanks for the hug, Monica. You're so sweet. I know! It's crazy, isn't it? Why must we feel sorry for ourselves on such happy occasions? Tsk. Tsk. It really was very silly of me. :P

      Oh, dear! I'm SO sorry! I hope you can find a milkshake somewhere, because unsatisfied cravings are the worst! ;)

  2. Congratulations to your sister!!! :D

    All the wedding decorations look so pretty! And the Oreo cake is such a good idea too :)

    Hehe, the milkshake adventures sounds soooo much like something I'd do :P

    Very busy and interesting weekend you had, Miss March, if I may say ;)

    1. Thanks, Blessing! :)

      Oh, I'm glad you approve. I'm not much of a decorator myself so I didn't have much of a hand in that part of the preparations, but I enjoyed watching it all come together. ;)

      You may indeed say so. It really was BUSY. But fun!

      Thank you for your sweet comment, Blessing. I always love hearing from you. :)

    2. Just wanted to let you know, I tagged you for the Three Day Quotes Tag :)

    3. Thanks, Blessing! I'll have to check it out. :)

  3. AHhhh, I LOVED this post + JUST THE WAY YOU TELL STORIES. :-D First of all, how lovely that your sister got married! Is this the first of your siblings to be wed? Either way, it must have been so exciting. :-D

    I love the teacup - it's so pretty - and the chocolate milkshakes sound loooovely. (I've never had milkshakes - is that not shocking?)

    Awww, POOR YOU. I've had my 'own little pity party' SO MANY TIMES during a party. It's a thing. :-P I know what it feels like. I'm glad the wedding was nice despite that, though!

    (OHH AND JEEVES AND WOOSTER!!! LOVE those two. :-D)

    ~ Naomi

    1. No, this was the second wedding in our family. My oldest brother got married several years ago. However, this was the first wedding we were responsible for planning, being the family of the bride, so there was more work involved this time around. But yes, it was pretty exciting nonetheless. :D

      You've never had a milkshake? Seriously? That is indeed shocking! I thought everyone would have had a milkshake at some point during their lives. Tell me, are milkshakes not as common in Belgium, or is that just one dessert you've never felt inclined to try?

      Thanks for your sympathy about the whole pity party thing. It really was silly of me to feel sorry for myself, but I'm afraid I have a tendency to do that more often than I should. :P I'm so glad you understand, though. And, yes! The wedding really was lovely despite all of that. It'll be a delightful memory to look back on. :D

      YEEEESS! I love them, too! :) (Especially Bertie. He's my favorite.)

      Thank you so much, Naomi! Your comments always make me happy! :D

      ~Miss March

    2. I couldn't help saying this, Naomi, but --

      YOU'VE NEVER HAD A MILKSHAKE? Really?! What do you drink, then? ;P But no, you've been seriously deprived. ;) You must try at least one milkshake while you're in America. (Or Australia - I can personally vouch for those ones. ;D) You must remedy it soon. ;)

      ~Miss Meg

  4. That sounds like quite a weekend!

    Congratulations on your sister, weddings are such an enjoyable thing:)
    Such pretty decorations, and using Oreos for a cake? A brilliant idea!

    Poor you! It is strange how you can feel so alone, though surrounded by people..but I can relate completely. I always get like that a weddings too. Luckily when looking back on the day it is the happiness and not the sadness that is remembered:)

    Milkshakes is always a good thing, and the ones in the picture looks delicious:)

    1. Thanks for the congratulations, Rose! And yes, weddings are very enjoyable things (that is, when you're not stressing over all the work that goes into them. Haha!)

      Oh! That is so true. I couldn't agree more. The happiness really does override the sadness. And I love it that it works that way! :D I may remember later on that I was feeling sad and out of sorts, but it won't cloud the happy memories of the day because I have a feeling I'll be remembering it only to laugh at myself. ;)

      Oh! Don't they though? :) Which would you choose...strawberry, vanilla, or chocolate?

    2. Yes, there must be so much work..I can't even imagine.

      Choices, always choices;) I'm partial to chocolate myself, but that's because there's a cafe in my neighbourhood that makes the BEST chocolate milshakes!! (And when you know it works there's no use in trying something new, right)

    3. Haha. That's how I am, too. I find one I like and then I sort of get stuck on it. Strawberry has been my favorite lately. :)

  5. Goodness! My hat is off to you - I don't think ANYTHING I would write at 4 in the morning would be at all comprehensive or fit for anyone's eyes to read. :P (And that is certainly NOT the case with your post!)

    Wow, how exciting! It sounds like you're very busy. :) Weddings are very special things to me (I've only been to about 5 or 6 in my whole life, and only one of them was a close relative (my cousin), so I think it would be twice as exciting if it was my sibling!) and your sister's sounds charming! And haha, the Oreo cake. ;) I would never have THOUGHT of that!
    Aww... I absolutely LOVE the idea of your Daddy and brother playing and singing at the wedding - that's SO sweet!
    And those views! *whistles* They're gorgeous.
    Oh, your little 'pity-party'... well, I CAN understand and relate to that. I normally feel right at home in social events, but on some occasions, where everyone is paired off with someone else, or it's my siblings' friends more than mine and I don't really get along with the company quite as well, I tend to shrink away and wish I was at home with a book, or with MY friends. :P I'm sorry you felt a little bit like that, but still, I'm glad you thoroughly enjoyed the day! :D (And haha, I know all about the disappointment of not being able to cry when you have been waiting all day to. It is quite true.)
    YES. MILKSHAKES. THEY'RE SSOOO GOOD. (Especially when one isn't allowed coffee yet... they're the next best thing.) I rarely go 'out' to eat, (like, once every 3-4 months, max :P) but I do like eating out. :)
    We don't have 'Chic-fil-A' here in Australia, but I've heard it mentioned. What's it stand for? :P
    What have I been up to? Um... lots. My brain is mush right now. I can't stop yawning - I'm just REALLY tired, and it's only 4 PM. I have been working VERY hard on school, and that takes up heaps of my time, so that the rest is spent cooking, cleaning, piano practise, reading, writing, playing with siblings, contacting friends (organizing get-togethers), and exercising. That's basically my life. Ha. But recently I got to do something different - it was volunteering work at a local show. I volunteered (along with my two elder sisters) to do stewarding for horses in the main arena at a local show, and that was very interesting. I met lots of people (lots of judges, ha) and I got to gather the ribbons and do all the paperwork and tell people where to go, and it was a very good experience. As those kinds of things (organizing, y'know?) are my jam, I had several people ask me to steward again... so I'm already booked up to steward ANOTHER local show in a few weeks time. So that will be fun. :D

    ~Miss Meg

    1. Oh, Miss Meg! Your comments are such a joy! Thank you for taking the time to write them, because they make me SO happy. :D

      First off, I'm super tired tonight, so this isn't going to be the best reply ever...but I didn't want to let your comment go another day without responding, so I'm afraid I'll have to settle for a shorter reply this time around. :(

      Haha. Well, actually. I wrote most of this post later in the day when I was more fully awake--and also edited the beginning part somewhat--so this post really isn't a true indication of my comprehensive powers at 4:00 in the morning. ;) But thank you for your kind words, all the same. And, just for the record, I'm sure you could write something that early in the morning, too, if your brain simply wouldn't allow you to sleep for thinking about it. ;)

      Aww. Thank you for being so understanding. It doesn't surprise me that other people know what it's like to have pity parties for themselves, but it still is nice to hear someone say they can relate to those feelings. You're such a dear friend, Miss Meg. *hugs*

      Oh, bother. I just realized I spelled Chic-fil-A wrong. It's supposed to be spelled "Chick-fil-a." Grrr. I had a feeling I didn't have it right. (I'm such a horrible speller sometimes.) :/ Anyway, spelling aside, I don't know that Chick-fil-a stands for anything in particular. Their main food is a chicken sandwich, though, so I suppose "chick" is sort of a take on chicken. That's as much as I know. ;)

      Oh my! You sound just like me. I feel like my brain is mush right now, too. :/ Oooh! SCHOOL. I'm so glad I'm done with school. ;) My goodness. Your daily activities sound very similar to my own. "...cooking [only I don't do A LOT of that], cleaning, piano practice, reading, writing..." I can relate to so many of the things you mentioned. :)

      Oh! And your volunteer work sounds like it was a great opportunity for you. Stewarding horses? How cool is that? And organizing things, too. (Haha. That really is right down your alley, isn't it? ;)) And you've been asked to steward another show? Wow. I guess you must have done a really good job with it if people are already asking you to do it again. I'm so proud of you!! :D

      Have a lovely, lovely week, Miss Meg!!

      ~Miss March

    2. P.S. Did I say that was going to be a short comment? :P HA!

  6. Ahahaha, I love this. I was smiling and laughing. Only because I relate so much to "I'm going to get such and such done" and then have it foiled by whatever reason. But, you know, what? It sounds like you had such a lovely weekend anyways!! Congratulations to your sister and her husband! The pictures you included were lovely. I really like the woodsy decorations. :)

    But, ohh, I'm sorry that you were sad. :( And I'm sorry you weren't able to cry. I've had that happen to me...I plan to cry later and then I just...can't. Or don't. Or won't. I don't know. :P Anyways, I'm sorry, my friend. -hugs- I'm SURE that God has an amazing plan for your life...husband or no...and if he DOES have a husband for you, well...won't that be exciting when you finally meet him and fall in love? :) I know I probably can't come up with anything super encouraging, but I'll keep you in my prayers! I hope God sends you a godly man soon. I know it's hard waiting and wondering. :(

    Haha, talking events over with family is a MUST. :D And how fun that you're watching J&W together! :D

    ps. That teacup is gorgeous!!! I love teacups and I actually have one quite similar to your sister's--it's my favorite. :)

    1. Oh! It WAS! A marvelously lovely weekend. :) And yes. Aren't the decorations pretty? I was delighted to see how they all came together, and it was even more satisfying to know that we spent very little money on them. 'Cause a "penny saved is a penny earned" you know. ;)

      Aww. Thank you, Natalie. You're so sweet. -hugs back- I know God has a plan for my life. And though it's hard waiting sometimes, I know I wouldn't want to be doing anything apart from His will. I do hope marriage is part of God's plan for my life, because I VERY much want to have my own family someday, but I only want it to happen in His perfect timing. And yes, if that day ever comes it will indeed be exciting!! :D
      Encouraging?? You are always encouraging to me, Natalie. Thank you so much for your prayers and your friendship. Your kindness just blows me away. :)

      Haha. It is indeed. Family discussions are some of the greatest joys in life! :D

      Really? That's so cool! Do you collect teacups, too?

    2. Yes, indeed! :D

      I understand. But yes! If I ever get the news of a certain event coming up in your life...well, I'd be over the moon excited for you. :D
      Aww, thanks. I'm so glad to hear that!!

      I don't collect teacups, but a neighbor gave my mom and I a box of teacups a long time ago. We since donated about half of them (because there was a lot!) but we have a "collection" of about 7 or 8. I don't plan on adding to the collection anytime soon due to the space they take up (although Isometimes I see pretty ones and wish so much to buy them!) but they do make such excellent decorations. And, when I'm in a period drama mood, they're SUCH fun to drink tea out of! :D

    3. Same here! I would be so excited for you, too! I do hope we shall both have the opportunity to share such news with each other someday. :D

      Ah. I see. :) And I hear you about not wanting to add to your collection anytime soon. Teacups do take up space, and collections aren't so great when they start to make your house feel cluttered. ;) That is so true! Drinking tea out of a teacup is the best!! I'm actually not a huge fan of tea most of the time, but it helps a great deal if I can drink it out of a pretty cup. ;)

    4. Yes, indeed! :D

      Haha, glad you understand. :) Oh, you don't like tea? I never used to until a year or two ago....it's now one of my favorite things. I really love black tea, although I try to balance it out with the more "healthy" teas. ;) But yes, pretty cups make ANY drink better, don't they?

    5. Yeah, I've never liked tea very much. It's just always seemed rather tasteless to me, but then maybe that's because I haven't tried the right flavors. Haha. Exactly. Put it in a pretty cup and I can get it down much better...yes indeedy!! ;D

  7. Ooh, I love the teacup! It's so elegant. And actually, it reminds me of the one we see Amy painting in the newer version of Little Women. Do you know what I'm referring to?

    An excellent choice of strawberry over cookies-n-cream. I like your taste. :) Haha.

    I want to have a small family wedding too. At least they would be many eyes I know on me rather than just soooo many eyes!!! Bah! But, hehe, I don't have to deal with that hurdle yet. Phew.

    I know what you mean about crying in public just not being quite the thing. In fact those two paragraphs about your planned pity party and the thoughts that were invited was humorous in a relatable way. :) Hehehe.

    So, what I got from this post...
    If you take Miss March antique shopping--she's going to need a Chic-Fil-A milkshake to go with it. (PLEASE tell me you know what book I'm referencing!!)


    1. Isn't it, though? I love the minty green tint of it. :) And yes! I totally know what teacup your referring to in Little Women. :)

      Haha. Glad you approve. ;)

      Yes. A small wedding is really nice. I'd rather have just my closet friends and family members at my wedding, because it would be rather awkward to have people there that I hardly know. Also, the bigger the wedding the more expensive it is, and I'm all for doing things cheaply. :)

      I'm glad you found those paragraphs humorous (and relatable). That's what I was aiming for. Sometimes it's just really necessary to have a good laugh at oneself. :P

      Haha. Totally. What's a shopping trip without food??? ;) (Oh bother. I'm afraid I don't recognize that quote. PLEASE give me a hint.)

      ~Miss March

    2. Ah, yes. What does Mr. Bennet say, "what are we to do but to make sport for our neighbors and laugh at them in our turn"...or something like that. ;) I do like when I can laugh at myself.

      Haha, no worries. It's just referencing little picture books entitled: "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie", "If You Give a Moose a Muffin". Do you know them? There are many others of that nature.


    3. Yes. Sometimes it's best not to take yourself too seriously. :)

      Hmmm...actually, "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie" does sound rather familiar. *Miss March goes and looks it up to see what the cover looks like* Ah yes. I know I've seen that book before. (I wonder if my nephew has it.) But, yeah. I don't know it well enough to quote it. :/

      ~Miss March

    4. Haha, not a problem. I grew up with a mother that loves picture books. So I have that side of her I guess. :)

  8. A wedding cake made out of Oreos?! YES PLEASE. Seriously, what a fabulous idea :D

    Congratulations on your sister's wedding! Prayers for a beautiful marriage <3

    D'you know, pity parties can easily creep up on one at weddings and other such Events of a Romantic Tinge, can't they? I know the feeling :-/ BUT, to be clear, I am sure that God is going to bring an absolutely amazing man into your life! And IF He doesn't...He will work all things to the good. (But I think He will.) {Anywho. Had enough of my soapbox-attempts at encouragement? Don't blame you.}

    Sounds like you had a fun, jam-packed weekend! My sister graduated from law school on Sunday, and I had a friend over the day before, so I sort of did too! Haha :) And next week one of my cousins is getting married!

    Lovely post, Miss March :)

    1. Isn't it, though? And it was so much nicer for transporting since we didn't have to worry about cake layers sliding around on trays during the long car ride. :/

      Thank you!! :D

      It does seem that way, doesn't it? Strange how we can manage to be sad at such happy events, but there it is. Human nature, I guess. I'm glad you understand. And thank you so much for your kind words. :) (Haha. I know what you mean. It is often hard to come up with the right words to encourage people. But nevertheless, I'll have you know that I was NOT getting tired of your "soapbox-attempts at encouragement." Honestly. Your comment WAS encouraging, and I greatly appreciated it. So thank you, my friend!! :))

      Wow. That does sound like a busy weekend. Congratulations to your sister! And oh! I hope you have a fun time at your cousin's wedding. :)

      Thank you, Olivia!

      ~Miss March

  9. Sorry to comment so late . . . wow, you have been busy! Your sister's wedding sounds lovely :)

    I've been super busy as well - this week I had a two day orientation at my college, which was fun but oh so exhausting - and then the very next day took an all day car trip with my family to see a ball game in St. Louis! I'm still partially recovering :P

    1. Oh! No worries, Rosie! I love hearing from you anytime. And as there's no set time for commenting, you can't really be late. ;) Yes, it was indeed a lovely wedding.

      Wow. Sounds like you had a fun-packed week! I'm glad the orientation went well, and that you enjoyed it. And going to a ball game with your family sounds wonderful! (Haha. I know what you mean about being exhausted, though. It's like going on vacation. You go away to relax but come home more tired than you left! Still, it's worth it to have those fun times with your family.)