Friday, January 20, 2017

A few words to the people of Candleford and Lark Rise {Season 1}

Warning: There will be sarcasm.

Miss Lane,
If you get that tragic, suffering look in your eye one more time I may just have to come over there and shake you.  You've had more than four years to realize that the love you lost, truly is lost.  Regret isn't going to change a thing.  So do try and get over it.  And if the memories really are as painful to you as all that, why don't you try distancing yourself from them a bit?  Like, uh...not spending so much time with a certain person, perhaps?   I know.  It's a long shot.  But it just might do the trick.

I'm afraid you missed all the verses on humility in your previous readings of the Bible.  Why not try reading it through a bit more thoroughly next time?  Who knows?  You might learn something.  Also do try and relax.  You get far too tense and uptight about things.  I'm sure it is not good for your health. 

Mrs. Arless,
How ever did you end up with a son so responsible as Alf?  (Just wondering.)

I suggest that you stop bobbing your head about so much.  You might make yourself dizzy.

Mr. Timmins,
I love the way you have of always making people feel so comfortable together.  Like the time your daughter had her young man over for dinner for the first time.   Oh!  You outdid yourself.  What pleasant conversation you are capable of making.  And that grumpy look you had on your face the whole time?  What utter charm! 

Mrs. Timmins,
Keep driving your point home.  It's not a lost cause.  One of these days others are going to realize, just like you do, that children "have to eat."   I mean, naturally, it's an idea which wouldn't occur to most people, so keep spreading the message.  They'll understand one day.

Don't forget, "A penny saved is a penny earned."  (Somehow I think all of that just went over your head.)

Alf Arless,
Next time don't tell your siblings where you've hidden your earnings.  Obviously they are not to be trusted with such a secret.  Oh!  And don't pine over Laura.  You're too good for her anyway.

Mister Philip What's-your-name,
The way you skulk about and pop around corners with that self-satisfied grin on your face is really quite disconcerting.  Not to mention creepy.  I suggest you try a new approach.  It would improve your appearance tremendously. 

Indulging superstitious notions does not become you.  Please stop it.

To the Misses Pratt: Ladies,
Your sense of style is so  I do wonder that the good ladies of Candleford trust you to design their clothing, though.  In fact, I find it quite curious.

Sir Timothy,
Aww.  Did you lose your favorite wittle tree?  Dear, dear.  How very sad.  :(   Still it was a novel idea to go and seek sympathy from Miss Lane.  She always understands.  And your timing, sir, was impeccable!  The way you brought the subject up with your wife standing right beside you was brilliant, man, brilliant.  Your subtlety knows no bounds! 

Lady Adelaide,
Mostly I just feel sorry for you.  But I do have one hint to offer.   When your husband's mourning over his dead tree, do try and be a little sympathetic and not so high-flyingly cheerful, okay?  Because husbands and wives really ought to be an emotional support to one other in such trying times.

Mr. James Delafield,
You move too fast, man.  You move too fast.  No one falls in love that quickly.  Still, I suppose we ought to cut you some slack.  After all, your time was limited.

Come, Miss Lane, don't look so sad.  Think of it!  You now have the pleasure of being tragic over two lost suitors.  That ought to be enough for anyone.


    Especially Thomas' and Laura's had bobbing and just yes.
    (It's Timmins though, not Timmons. I'm pretty sure.)

    1. Sink me, if you aren't right! Thank you very much for pointing that out. I fixed it. ;)

  2. AHAHAHAHA. Oh, wow, this was terrifically funny, Miss March!! ;)

    The line that made me burst out laughing the most was "Sir Timothy,
    Aww. Did you lose your favorite wittle tree? Dear, dear. How very sad. :("

    *goes off giggling*

    ~Miss Meg

    1. Eek! I'm so glad you enjoyed it! :D

      Haha. I'll admit I was really quite proud of that line. ;)

      Thanks for such a delightful comment! It made me smile. :D

  3. Hahahahaha! This is GRAND. Unfortunately, I can't appreciate allll the sarcastic details, because it's been awhile since I've seen LR and thus have forgotten some things. But still. I enjoyed it. :D

    PS. How DID Mrs. Arliss have such a wonderful son??

    PPS. I actually shipped Alf and Laura from the very beginning and have never quite gotten over it. :P How does she not see what a wonderful guy he is??

    1. I probably wouldn't have remembered all these details either except...well, this is what we've been watching for the past week or so. Haha. ;)

      P.S. I know, right? ;)

      P.P.S. I wanted Laura and Alf to get together at first, too. I think what made me so content with Alf finding somebody else, though, was that Laura started to get on my nerves after a while. But oh, I agree. How can she not see what a wonderful guy Alf is?? (There. That's another reason why she doesn't deserve him. If she can't even appreciate him... ;P)

    2. Hahaha, true. Laura DOES get a little annoying sometimes. I guess that's one reason I ship her with Fisher, too. (Second choice after Alf. :P) He kind of "took her down a peg or two", you know? Got her to stop taking herself so seriously. I could never stand Daniel, to be honest, but then again it's been awhile since I saw the show. I really must refresh my opinions on it all. :)

    3. Oh, yes. Fisher! I like Fisher!! And yes, he does have a way of taking Laura down a peg or two, which is something she very much needs, I think. :P The first time I watched it I totally wanted Laura and Fisher to get together and did not like Daniel at all. In fact, the only reason I was finally okay with Daniel and Laura being together was that by the end Laura was annoying me so much that I decided she deserved him. Hahaha. :) Funny thing is, my feelings toward the characters seem to change all the time. Like the second time I watched it, Daniel and Laura were not nearly as annoying to me as they were the first time. But now, seeing it a third time, Laura is beginning to grate on me again, so I'm not at all sure what my opinion of Daniel is going to be this time around. :P

      Maybe we should add this to The List. We probably won't have time for the whole thing, of course, but we could do selections. :D

    4. Same. :) I was disappointed the end of the Fisher drama. Then he came back and STILL nothing came of it. *sigh*

      I have no fond remembrances of Daniel, but I began watching the show with my mom again, so we'll see. :P We're about to start season 2.

      Yes! (The List is getting longer than the 7 days we have for this plan, I think) Ooh, selections are a great idea. :D

    5. I know. It was kind of sad that it all came to naught. However, my siblings and I have officially decided that Fisher deserved a better girl than Laura. (Heehee. Laura's not really a favorite around here. ;))

      You're watching it? Oh goody! Now we can have a really good discussion about it sometime! :) (We have one more episode in season 2)

      Haha. Too true. ;)

    6. Haha! Sounds like you have quite a Laura-hating club over at your house. ;P Hmm, that's true. What about Rose? That girl Alfie liked in season 2. She and Fisher might be really cute!

      YES! I think we're going to pick up the second season at the library tomorrow. :)

    7. Haha. You might say that. ;P Oh, do you mean Nan? Rose is actually the imaginary girlfriend Twister invented for make Laura jealous, you know? (Isn't Twister hilarious, though?) As to Nan and Fisher...hmmm. I don't know. She's nice, but I still think Fisher could do even better. (Fisher's kind of a favorite of mine, can you tell? ;))

      Oh nice. Have fun watching it! We're four episodes into the third season now. :)

    8. Okay, so we hadn't reached the point where NAN (heehee, I forgot) comes into season 2, but we're currently in the middle of it and I retract it all. Nan can be a little sweet, but you're right. She's not for Fisher.

      (Also, I forgot how she gets fed up with Alf's "sweetness"?? GIRL--YOU CAN'T GET ANY BETTER THAN ALF ARLESS. Knowing that Minnie ends up with Alf, I'm finding myself rooting for them this time around and can't wait for the cute scenes with them. Minnie may be rather silly, but at least she appreciates Alf unlike SOME girls....*glares at Laura and Nan*)

      I've always been unsure of my thoughts in Fisher but I'm finding he's becoming a favorite, too. ;) Out of all of Laura's "boyfriends", he was the best.

      Heehee. I love that we're watching it at the same time, though you're a little ahead of us. We're almost done with season 2 now. :)

    9. I'm glad you agree. :) I don't want to be hard on Nan because she's not exactly a bad girl and I do like her sometimes, but yeah. She's just not quite right for Fisher...or Alf. (Though she and Alf are kind of cute together sometimes. And I can ALMOST imagine them being a sweet married couple...that is until I imagine Minnie and Alf together. Then it's all up with Nan, I'm afraid. Haha. ;))

      (I know right??? How could any girl resent Alf's sweetness? Crazy. :P YEEES! Minnie may be a tad silly, but she's so adorable, too. And she truly loves Alf, and is so good for him, and...they're just THE SWEETEST!!)

      Yes. He's definitely my favorite of Laura's boyfriends, though I'm actually rather liking Daniel this time around, too. :)

      Wow. You're making your way through it pretty fast. We've got four more episodes in season 3. (I love that we're watching it at the same time, too. :))

    10. Heehee, I feel the same way. :)


      Really? Hmm, I'll have to see what I feel about Daniel this second time around. I didn't like him At All the first time. :P

      We took a little bit of a break but I'm sure I'll be requesting season 3 soon. :D

    11. Okay, you won't believe this, but this time through I was actually a little disappointed in Alf and Minnie as a couple. Well, not so much as a couple (I still love that they get together), but their relationship on the whole became rather "blah" once we hit the fourth season. Minnie's still loveable, but I feel like she becomes even more tactless in the fourth season (if that's possible, haha) and I had to agree with my brother that she is kind of annoying sometimes. :P However, that may be the fault of the fourth season more than anything else, as a lot of the characters were acting a bit unlike themselves. The fourth season definitely isn't as good as the earlier ones.

      It was the same with me! I couldn't stand Daniel the first time I watched it. Now I actually kind of like him. (He's too good for Laura, though. Haha. :P)

      Taking a break can be a good thing. I'll look forward to having further discussion about it once you've seen the whole thing, though. :)

    12. Awww, really?? Hmm. I'll have to wait and see what I think when we get to that point, too. :/

      I can't believe I'll like Daniel anymore, but if you can maybe I will, too.(Goodness, you really do hate Laura if you think Daniel's too good for her. :P)

  4. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I happened to check into my blog last night to see what was going on and I found this post. I was tired from work and this was just the ticket. This was TERRIFIC, Miss March! I enjoyed every inch of sarcasm and agreed with all of your comments. You should SERIOUSLY do one of these for each season of Lark Rise!!!! That closing picture and comments... XD XD

    Oh, I have missed you!!!!!


    1. A COMMENT FROM CORDY!!! Yippee! This must be my lucky day! ;D

      I'm so glad this was a fun read for you after a tiring day at work. :) And, oh! Thank you for suggesting that I do more posts like this, because...*ahem*...I was actually thinking of doing that, and was very much hoping someone would suggest it. Heehee. ;)

      Ohhh! Don't even get me started on how much I've missed you!!! :P Thank you for your comment, Cordy!! :D

      ~Miss March

    2. OH, is that how you pass luck? well let me do it again. :D

      *both hands in the air in favor of more posts of this kind* Consider yourself formally invited to write more posts of this nature!!!

      Sure! I only wish I could do so more!!!!!!!!!


    3. YIPPEE! Luck has found me again!! What have I done to deserve this?!! :D

      THANK YOU! I'll see what I can do. :)

      :D *hugs*

      ~Miss March

    Miss March.
    Really, Miss Lane, stop hanging out with that "certain person". Get over it.
    Yesss, Thomas! He's so hilarious though. Haha.
    I think Alf ended up so responsible precisely because his mother was not. He had to be. Y'know?
    Really, Laura.
    Hahahahaha, Mr. Timmons' made me laugh.
    Alf is definitely too good for Laura. I adore him.
    SERIOUSLY, Philip! I really didn't like him a bit.
    OH WOW. Sir Timothy's. Miss March!!! I LOVE it. You...perfection. Marvellous. :D
    And yes, Mr. Delafield! Really! Much too fast.
    And WHAT a pleasure. After all, "Next to being married, a girl likes to be crossed a little in love now and then." Enjoy it, Miss Lane.
    I adore this SO MUCH. You did splendidly. Your wit is perfection. I just can't express myself properly to say how much I love this.

    1. RAE! Thank you SO much for your comment! It made my day!! :D

      Good point about Alf. It's true. Responsibility was practically a matter of necessity for him.

      Oh! I'm so glad you like Alf, too. Isn't he a dear, though? He's pretty much my favorite character in the show!

      I know! Philip is just...I don't know. Kind of boring. And very full of himself, too. I do like him in his last scene, though. When he comes to apologize to Laura for making Mr. Timmins lose his job. You could tell he felt so bad about it, and that he was really sorry...and I'm just extremely put out with Laura for how unforgiving she was when he'd humbled himself so completely. :P (Laura gets on my nerves sometimes, too.)

      Haha. Glad you liked Sir Timothy's. I rather enjoyed that one myself. ;) Really, though, he needs a good shake, too. GET OVER IT ALREADY!! The filmmakers carried on his and Miss Lane's story line far too long in my opinion.

      Haha. That is the PERFECT quote!! YES, indeed! Enjoy it, Miss Lane. Being crossed in love is like a feather in your cap, ya know? Haha.

      Ohhh! THANK YOU, RAE! I'm glad you enjoyed it that much. :D And thanks again for such a lovely comment. :D

  6. Haha excellent job Miss March! I had a lot of these thoughts myself when I watched this years ago. I think some of these characters bothered me enough that I stopped watching/got distracted by other shows! They can be annoying, but loveable: I think I'll try Larkrise to Candleford again. :)

    1. Thanks, Abby! :) And yes, a lot of the characters annoy me, too. But then there are others that I like A LOT, so they kind of make up for the annoying ones. Heehee.

      How many seasons did you watch of Lark Rise? I'm looking forward to getting into the second season again because I like some of the new characters that come into that one...and also the whole Miss Lane/Sir Timothy story line is over, which is a definite plus! :)

  7. Oh my... I'm writing you from the darkness... I'm very sad because I only saw 3 seasons and I can't find the next online. But yes, this series is beautiful, I hope one day I can see the rest of this story.

    1. Hello, Miss Josephine!! It's so good to meet you! :D

      But oh, dear. That is sad that you haven't been able to finish the series. I hope you can find some way to watch that last season soon. It's shorter than the first three seasons, but it's got some adorable scenes with Alf and Minnie in it which makes it totally worth watching, in my opinion. (Alf and Minnie are kind of my favorite characters. Heehee. ;)) Do you have a favorite character in Lark Rise to Candleford?

    2. I always loved Dorcas Lane. She always surprises me and her way to watch the life, her sarcasm and her love for everyone. She seems perfect.

      And I’ll try to find the way to watch that last season. I’m jealousy :S hehe

    3. Yes! Dorcas Lane is a very sweet character. And such fun, too. :)

      Heehee. ;) (I do hope you can see it soon. :))