Tuesday, January 10, 2017

A Period Drama Tag

Hamlette tagged me with this period drama tag back in November.  I've been horrible at filling out tags lately, but I decided I really wanted to do this one, so here goes!  Should be fun.

1. What's your favorite Period Drama movie? 
Oh, honestly.  What are you trying to do, make this difficult for me?  I simply cannot pick an absolute favorite.  That's impossible.  *dramatic sigh*

I'll just give you one of my favorites.  (That's the best I can do.)  And  I think it'll have to be... Emma 2009.  (Surprise, surprise!  Bet you never saw that one coming.)

2. What's your favorite Period Drama series? 

I'll go with All Creatures Great and Small this time since that's what we're currently watching...and it's SUPER good, people.  Really.  If you haven't seen it yet you absolutely, positively must.  (Isn't that so, Evie?  :))

3. Which Period Drama do you dislike the most? 

Oooh!  Do you want a whole list?  I can give you a whole list. Middlemarch, Persuasion 2007, Emma 1996, Pride and Prejudice 2005... all right, I'll stop.

4. Anne of Green Gables or Little Dorrit? 

Goodness.  I don't know!!  Maybe...no...I can't choose between them.   Next question, please.

5. Your favorite Period Drama dresses?

To be honest, I don't think that much about the dresses in Period Dramas.  I mean, I notice them, but I don't tend to give them a whole lot of consideration.  Still I suppose I have to chose something so here goes...

This one's pretty cute.  The lattice-type work on the sleeves and bodice is so unique.

That collar, though! Isn't it pretty?

I love gingham dresses and the colors of these particular dresses are scrumptious.  Just my style.

6. Who's your favorite Period Drama character? (Okay, pick at least five)

MY FAVORITE WHAAAT?  Oh.  I can choose five?  Well, that's much better.  You give me options.  You make me happy.  (Heehee.) 

In an attempt to be somewhat creative, I'm going to limit my choices to side characters only.  No heroes and heroines. 

Mr. Bingley; Pride and Prejudice 1995
(Such a darling character.)

Tristan Farnon; All Creatures Great and Small
(Naughty, but loveable.  ;))

Peter Pevensie; BBC's The Chronicles of Narnia
(Oh.  Did I say I wasn't going to include any heroes?  Oops.  Well, he was too good to pass up.  I love Peter!)

Edmund Sparkler; Little Dorrit
(Such a ridiculous, but adorable sort of fellow.)

 [I guess I've got sort of a guy theme going here.  Ah well.  May as well finish it out.]

Siegfried Farnon; All Creatures Great and Small
(Eccentric in the extreme.  And positively hilarious!)

 7. If you could join a royal ball, which dress would you wear? (Pick a Period Drama dress) 

Well, this dress might not actually fit at a royal ball, but I'd love to wear Meg's pink party dress.  It's so pretty!  And I love the sleeves.

8. What's your favorite Jane Austen movie? 

Pride and Prejudice 1995 and Emma 2009.  Please don't make me choose between them.

9. Downton Abbey or Call the Midwife

Downton Abbey.  I have yet to see Call the Midwife.

10. Sybil Crawley, Jenny Lee, Emma Woodhouse or Marian of Knighton? 

Emma Woodhouse.  Sybil Crawley second.  (I've never seen the other two.)

11. Which couples of a Period Drama do you like the most? (Pick at least four) 

Ohhh!  Fun!  Sometime I really need to do an entire post devoted to favorite period drama couples...but for now, here's four.

Emma and Mr. Knightley; Emma 2009
(Somehow they always manage to get into my posts, don't they?)

Alf and Minnie; Lark Rise to Candleford
(One of the cutest couples ever!)

James and Helen; All Creatures Great and Small
(Sweetness in the extreme!)

Amy Dorrit and Arthur Clennam; Little Dorrit
(Heartbreakingly adorable.)

12. And last, which Period Drama villain do you like the most?

Oh, dear.  How will I ever be able to answer that?  There's so many I like, how can I possibly narrow it down?  (Haha!  Just kidding.  I'm not that fond of villains.  Really I'm not.)  Let's see.  I'm sure I could come up with a  better one, but for now I'm going to say Prince John from Ivanhoe 1997 (produced by BBC and A&A).  No, I don't really like Prince John.  He's despicable.  But I have to admit, he's extremely entertaining.  One of the most entertaining characters in the film, actually.  Even more than Ivanhoe.  ('Tis a fact.)

And now I'm going to tag...

Cordy at Write On Cordy!
And anyone else who would like to do this.  Seriously, if you want to fill out these answers, PLEASE do so.  And then let me know so I can read your post! 

Good-night, everyone.  It's past midnight, and considering that I have to get up at 6:30 tomorrow for work I have a feeling it might be a good idea for me to get to bed.  What do you think?  ;)


  1. Mr. Bingley!! There is a BBC Chronicles of Narnia!? Why didn't anyone tell me!!! I do like that pink dress. And I like your new header!!

    1. Yes, indeed! Isn't he great? :) You never heard of the BBC Narnia? Oh, you should check them out sometime. They follow the books a lot better than the more recent films, but they were made back in the 80s so they're pretty outdated. They're not as fancy or as exciting as the movies made nowadays. I grew up on them, though, so I'm rather sentimental about them. :)

      Aw, thank you! I'm glad you like the header. :)

    2. He is!
      Do they have all of them? Because it's really annoying that with the new ones the have been saying for years that the are going to do The Silver Chair but they never have!! I really will have the watch the BBC one because Peter looks just right!!!

    3. No, not all of them. They did manage to make the Silver Chair (unlike the newer ones) but they didn't make it any further than that, unfortunately. :( Yes! I LOVE Peter in this version! I hope you will be able to watch them sometime. :)

  2. I've never seen all creatures great and small! Now you've made me want to watch it.
    Agreed. Meg's pink dress was the best.

    1. Oh, you really must, Morgan!! It's such a fun show! :) (The first three seasons are the best, though. They get a new actress for Helen in the fourth season, and things just aren't the same.)

      Yes, totally! It's BEAUTIFUL!

  3. High five on favorite Jane Austens! :) And thanks for tagging me. It was fun!

    1. *HIGH FIVE!* :) Oh, you're most welcome. I'm glad you enjoyed it. :)

  4. Yes, yes, yes, yes, to, like, every one of these answers!!! I love reading this kind of post when the authour has such good taste. :)

    1. Thank you, Rae!! So glad you enjoyed this! :D

  5. I just saw Emma 2009 for the first time this week! Got terribly sick, which forced me to lie on the couch for hours, which meant I finally had four hours to devote to it. It make me smile a lot, and laugh a few times, and I think it was a really fun adaptation, very inventive.

    I'm curious, though... you don't like Middlemarch? We're talking the adaptation with Rufus Sewell in it? I think it's stunning! Very interested in why you don't like it.

    1. Oh, I'm sorry to hear you've been sick. :( But Emma is an excellent choice for such a time. I'm glad you enjoyed it. Have you seen any other Emma adaptions? Which one is your favorite?

      Uh, yeah. About Middlemarch. I am talking about the adaption with Rufus Sewell, and the reason I didn't like it was...well, it's kind of hard to explain. Basically I was disappointed with just about every character in the story (except Fred and Mary. I loved them!), and not overly impressed with the ending. (It was maybe a little depressing?) Dorothea kind of got on my nerves and I didn't really care about her that much. I couldn't stand her husband. And I really wanted to like Rufus Sewell's character, but by the end I wasn't convinced that he was truly a good guy; and that was annoying. Because when I watch a movie I want to really like the characters, and when I can't even admire the hero and heroine, well...that's no fun. :(

      The thing I did like about Middlemarch was that it was an excellent study in character. So many people in so many different situations. It was very intriguing. I just wish they could have endeared themselves to me a bit more, and that their stories had, had more satisfying endings (like Fred and Mary's for instance :)).

      Whew. That was a long enough explanation, wasn't it? What are some things you particularly liked about Middlemarch? And just out of curiosity, who was your favorite character?

      Thanks for commenting! :)

    2. Thanks for the sympathy :-) The good news is, all 5 of us have had it now, so no more waiting for the next person to fall, etc.

      I've also seen the 1996 Emma with Gwyneth Paltrow, and it's my favorite Jane Austen movie <3 But I did enjoy the 2009 too, just not as much.

      Your reasons for Middlemarch do make sense. I like it because I feel like it does such a good job really showcasing the way that different people react to hard situations, whether they are overwhelmed by them, or whether they surmount them. Both Dorothea and Lydgate make imprudent and hasty marriages based on their ideas of what the person they're marrying is like, rather than waiting to get to know them. Both are slapped in the face by reality. I'm fascinated by their differing responses -- she strives to adjust to her new life and accept it while not letting it change her as a person, while Lydgate gives up repeatedly in the face of each new obstacle until he no longer knows who he is. Meanwhile, Ladislaw started out like Lydgate, blaming his problems on other people and not taking any kind of responsibility, but over the course of the story, thanks to Dorothea's example and advice, he becomes a better man and stops drifting.

      I read the book after seeing the miniseries, and it is all the same, only much moreso. It also brings out much more than the miniseries has time for how limiting life was for women, even women with money. It was amazing.

      My favorite character is definitely Dorothea, but I also dearly love Ladislaw and Mary.

    3. Yay! It's definitely a relief once you get to that point. It's amazing how long it can take sometimes to get through everyone.

      Oh yes. I know of a few other people who like that one a lot, too. I saw it, but as I'm a stickler for getting as much of the book into the film as one possibly can, it was just too short for my taste. Haha. ;)

      Yes, that's like the coolest thing about it. It certainly gives you a very real picture of how different people handle the problems life sends their way. You're kind of making me want to watch this again. And maybe I should. Who knows, it might improve on further acquaintance. :)

      I liked Ladislaw a lot, too...that is to say, I very much wanted to like him. He just didn't turn out as good and noble as I was imagining he would. But perhaps I missed the point somewhere? 'Tis possible. ;) (I really should re-watch it sometime.)

    4. I think that's part of what is great about Ladislaw -- he's not perfect. And yet, he improves -- he strives to have more purpose and direction, and to do more with his life. But he never magically, suddenly, miraculously becomes all good and noble, and that's so realistic, I think.

      The trouble with stuff like Middlemarch is that it's so long, you have to really want to rewatch it because it takes you hours and hours. But I've come to realize that it's a second viewing where I really understand what a movie is all about... but of course, if I didn't like a movie the first time, I don't always want to spend the time to see if I like it better the second time around.

    5. Good point. I like it when characters are real like that, too. Sudden, miraculous changes, where the character becomes perfect over night are not very convincing at all. I guess my main problem with Ladislaw is that I, personally, didn't notice much improvement in him. I was still confused by his motives even at the end, and was not fully convinced that he was trustworthy. (At least, as far as I can remember those were my feelings. It's been a long time since I've seen it, though.)

      Haha. That's true. It is a long movie. Still I might be able to bring myself to watch it again sometime, just because I did like some things about it (Fred and Mary! :)), and I love long movies, so... ;)

  6. Ooh yes, that dress that Jane Fairfax wears is so pretty!
    I totally agree with you on your favorite Jane Austen movies; Emma 2009 and P&P 1995 are my favorites as well!
    Thanks so much for tagging me! I can't wait to fill it out. :)

    1. YAY! Another Emma 2009 and P&P 1995 fan!! *high five*

      Oh, you're welcome!! I can't wait to read your answers. :)

  7. Ach, this was fun :D I may have to steal it :P

    YOU INCLUDED A PICTURE FROM SEVEN BRIDES. I knew I always liked you ;) (HAHA. I mean, it didn't take that picture for me to know that. I love you anyway. You understand what I mean. I'll move on now.)

    Aww, that first picture of Jane Fairfax is quite lovely -- I wouldn't have thought of that :)


    Prince John IS more entertaining than Ivanhoe. You are correct. (Actually, Ivanhoe himself seems "a bit superfluous, really." But that might be just me :P)

    Lovely answers, dear! :)

    p.s. Lovely new look, btw!

    1. Oh, please do!! I WANT TO READ YOUR ANSWERS!! :)

      Well, I'm glad you've finally figured out the secret to our friendship. Mwahaha! (Yes, of course I know what you mean. Heehee. ;))

      Isn't it though?

      YEEEEES! Love them so much. (And guess what? I got Lark Rise to Candleford for Christmas so...I can enjoy them all over again at my leisure!)

      Haha. You noticed it, too? ;P (I know! Why is that? You're definitely not the only one to feel so.)

      Thank you!

      And thanks for such a lovely comment! I enjoyed it immensely. :D

  8. Always a pleasure to read about your period drama opinions;)
    I was just about to write that I haven't seen ACGAS but then I googled it and found out it has a way different title in Danish and is actually one of my mom's favourite series;)
    These gingham dresses from SBFSB!!! I have a weakness for that style:)

    1. Thanks, Rose! :)
      Haha. Really? I hadn't even thought about that, but it makes perfect sense that the title would be different in Danish. Because apparently when the books were originally published in America the publishers reformatted them and gave them different titles from the English versions. So All Creatures Great and Small is more of an American title, I guess. :)
      Eek!! Yes! You and I, we know good dresses when we see them! ;)

  9. Ugh, Middlemarch. :P

    It is certainly most impossible to choose between "Anne" and "Little Dorrit"!

    Heehee. After my family re-watched LD recently, my brother started quoting Edmund Sparkler. "Draw it MILD, Fanny." He says that's his favorite line of Edmund's. :D

    I learned from this post that I think we need to add Emma 2009 and P&P '95 to The List. ;) (Oh, and maybe Lark Rise?)

    1. You said it. :P (I'll admit it gives me a feeling of satisfaction to know that you share my opinion of that movie. I didn't realize you'd seen it. ;))

      Oh, it is!

      Haha. Sparkler. He has so many good lines. But yes, "draw it MILD" is perfect for so many different occasions. :)

      Eeek! Don't mention The List. You get me too excited!!! ;D

    2. Me too. :D I enjoyed hearing your dislike of it as well! My mom had seen it years ago and told me to get it, saying she thought it had been very good. Well, we watched it and were both disappointed. :P Rufus Sewell was the only redeeming quality, since we knew him from Amazing Grace. He's a fun character. :)

      How can you be TOO excited?? ;D

    3. Yeah, it was really cool to see Rufus Sewell in something other than Amazing Grace. Middlemarch was the second movie we saw him in. :)

      Haha. Good point. TOO excited? That's ridiculous. ;D

  10. Sooooo... I'm a little confused??? What exactly is a period drama?? Like I hear people using that phrase but it's not very self-explanatory... #helpme

    1. Haha. Good question. Not sure I can answer it very satisfactorily though because I find I'm often confused about it myself. Basically (according to google) it's "a television or film production set in a particular historical period and characterized by the use of costumes, sets, and props that are typical or evocative of the era." So movies/TV shows such as Downton Abbey, Little Women, Anne of Green Gables, Pride and Prejudice could all come under that description. Usually when I think of period dramas I think of those films that have a sort of classical, literary feel to them, as well as being historical. Well, I'm afraid that's the best I can do by way of explanation. Hope that helped. ;)

    2. Okay, so that's what I was thinking??? But by that definition, EVERY show/movie is a "period drama" because EVERY show is set in a particular time period/setting. THE SHOW ABOUT THIS VERY YEAR IS A PERIOD DRAMA! *sigh* Thus I am confuzzled. Oh, well. If Google doesn't know the exact meaning of the phrase then I suppose I'm in good company, at least...

    3. Haha. You're right. It isn't a very satisfactory definition, is it? I guess in the end it depends on what you mean by "historical." Everything that's ever happened (even if was just last week) could technically be considered historical, but most of the time when we say "historical" we're referring to a bygone era, or time period, and that's what I believe it's referring to in this case. So yeah, a modern day film definitely wouldn't count. ;)

      You know what though? I'm feeling rather confuzzled over this whole thing myself now. May I join you? Heehee. ;)

    4. Right. Obviously. Still, people might define things more... definitely. You know?


    5. Haha. Yes. Very true. It would be tremendously helpful of them.

      THANK YOU!! ;D