Thursday, April 26, 2018

Sunshine Blogger Award x 2

Well, howdy there!  Look who decided to drop by and fill out two tags that have been sitting around since...
....since WHEN??!! 
No way!  I was tagged with these back in APRIL AND MAY OF 2017??????  Guys!  Where HAS the time gone?  These tags are practically a year old already!!! 
*gulp* and *double gulp* 
How did this happen?   
"Close your mouth, Michael.  We are not a codfish."
Okay.  So I'm a procrastinator.  And not just any procrastinator, but a procrastinator of epic proportions.  I know it.  And now you know it.  Let's collect our scattered wits, pull ourselves out of our current stupor of disbelief, and try and move past it, shall we?
~Sunshine Blogger Award x 2~
I was tagged by both Mary and Jem Jones.  Each with their own set of questions.  So this may prove to be a rather lengthy post.  Just sayin'.  Oh and for the record, here's Mary's original post and Jem's original post, just so you know that I really was tagged for these.  And that yes, it really was almost a year ago.  (Why do you have to keep bringing that up?  You're embarrassing me.)

Thank you Jem and Mary for two delightful tags!  And my apologies for taking so long to fill them out!!
Mary's Questions:

1. Do you like to read an entire series at once or spread out the books over time?
Probably read it all at once, because when I'm in the mood for a particular series, I'm the mood for it.  Why spread it out?  :) 

2. Would you rather be stuck in the past or the future?
Oh my.  I guess I'll have to choose the past on this one as I have experience there and know what I'm getting myself into.  However, neither choice is very nice.  *pouts*  Because I doesn't want to be stuck in either of those places, thank you very much.  Stickiness is all very well in a...well in a deliciously sweet piece of chocolate fudge or something...but in life?  Neh.  Not so comfortable to be stucked. 

3. Have you ever had dream re-runs? (In other words, the same dream twice. XD)
I know I've felt as though I was having a dream re-run before, but I can never quite decide whether it really is one or not. 

I could swear, I've been here before. 
At least...I think I have.

4. What is your favorite vacation you've ever taken?
Oh, I don't know.  There's so many good ones.  Too many to choose from. 

5. Do you like to chew gum? If so, what is your favorite flavor?
I do like to chew gum, but I don't do it often enough to have any sort of opinion on flavors.  I think I don't like the bubble gum flavor as much as I used to though.  At any rate, that last piece of bubble gum I had lost it's flavor far too quickly.  It was really quite scandalous.  And I payed 25 cents to get it, too!  (It was a gumball.  A purple one.  From a gumball machine.  I got to put the coin in all myself and watch the gumball go spiraling down to the opening.  A childhood thrill, you know?  At the age of twenty-five.) 

Okay, so sometimes childhood thrills come later in life.  What of that?  (And childhood disappointments, too, apparently because...where's the flavor gone?  I've only had this thing in my mouth for like TWO minutes!!  LIFE IS SO NOT FAIR!)

"Thought you were going to get something tasty?
Mwahaha!  Jokes on you!"
6. If you found the entrance to Narnia, would you tell anybody? Who would you take with you if you did?
I would definitely tell my sixteen-year-old brother, and take him along with me.  He's the Narnia geek in our family.  Once he read the entire series seven times in the space of a year.  So yeah, leaving him out of such a discovery would be unthinkable!

7. Waffles, pancakes, or neither?
Is that the only choice for breakfast, or are there donuts hanging around somewhere for one lucky person?  Because to be honest, I never was a huge waffle or pancake person.  However, if it's a choice between that and eating nothing...

Just tell me there are donuts, and I'll go away happy.

8. Do you use the Shift key or the Caps Lock key every time you capitalize something? (Odd question, but it's something I always wonder, haha.)
The shift key.  All the time.  Unless I'm doing a whole string of capitals, then I'll use Caps Lock.  (Oh.  And another tidbit.  I never use the Shift key on the right side of the keyboard.  I only ever use the left-handed one.  Don't ask me why.   I've just always done it that way.)

9. What is one smell that never fails to make you happy?
The smell of a newborn baby!  Best smell in the world.

10. Have you ever been rollerskating?
Yes.  A few times.  Usually I choose rollerblades over rollerskates though.

11. You've gone into hiding and have to conceal your identity. What new alias would you adopt?
I have no idea.  Sorry, people.  I guess I'm just not creative enough today.

Jem Jones' Questions:
1. Is there a story that you've always wanted to write, but haven't yet?
Yeah, like all the stories my little brain has ever invented.  Take your pick.  Not one of them has made it much past the thinking stage as yet. 

2. What tv show/movie have you binge-watched the worst?
Oh goodness, I don't know.  I sort of binge-watch to the same degree for whichever show I'm currently into.  There's not one that stands out from the rest really.

3. You know those innocent little mistakes we make that are so. embarrassing. they keep you up at night. five years later. Those. Tell me about one of them? (I promise I won't tell.) (I might put it in a story though?)}
Oh, I never make embarrassing mistakes.  My goodness.  I'm far too in control of myself for that! 
Just kidding.  I know there have been some.  I just can't think of a particular one at the moment.
Sorry, Jem.  Guess I failed you for story material this time around.
4. What's your biggest NOTP?
NOTP?  What is that?  
Okay, I looked it up.  So, basically you're asking, which couple in a movie or book do I think should not be a couple?  Do I have that right?
Okay, so I don't know that this is my biggest NOTP, but with limited time to think about it I'm going to just go with Miss Lane and Gabriel Cochrane from Lark Rise to Candleford.  I think theirs is a rather lame relationship and I think Miss Lane could have done much better.  Not that I really care.  I mean, if she wants to go and marry a grump that's her problem.  All I'm saying is, if I'd been writing the script for that show...things would have been different.
5. Would you rather be attacked by one horse-sized duck or a hundred duck-sized horses? (seriously I want to know)
You get first prize for most creative question!  Wow.  This one is nuts!!  Really, Jem!  How in the world am I supposed to choose??  *shivers*  Both options sound extremely freaky.  A horse-sized duck could bite my head off...and a hundred duck-sized horses??  Okay, I'm going with a hundred duck-sized horses.  At least with that they're smaller than me...and they can't fly...and maybe I can kick them away or escape up a tree or just...scream for HEEEEEELP!!!

6. Is there a song you've been listening to on repeat?
Not within the past few days, but several weeks ago these were the two most popular for traveling to and from work.  Give 'em a listen if you have the time and tell me what you think.  I'm curious to know if any of the rest of you like this style of music, or if it really wouldn't be your thing.  (It's 50's music by the way.  Very fun, in my opinion.)

7. Who is the first person that pops into your head when you think "weird"?
Haha.  My oldest brother maybe?  He's definitely an odd one.  (In a good sort of way of course.)  Oh! and my sixteen-year-old brother, too!  Can't forget about him.  Very, very strange.  *concerned shake of the head*

8. What's your biggest pet peeve?
When someone tries to turn a book into a movie and DOES IT ALL WRONG!!  Also, bad acting in movies.  Bad script.  Cheesy lines.  You name it.  (I have this thing for critiquing movies.  Did you ever notice?)

9. Oxford comma or no?
Oxford comma, yes.

(Had to look that one up, too.  Man, but my
intelligence level is through the roof today.)

10. If you could pick a name for yourself, what would it be?
Hepsibah Magnolia Lajinski. 
Oh, come on now.  Don't you think that has a nice ring to it?

11. Why did you start a blog?
I thought it would be a fun outlet for my writing and I also very much wanted to make some friends and be a part of the little blogging community I had discovered.  Turned out rather well on the whole.  :)

Well that just about wraps this post up.  I hope you all enjoyed this and now I have just one question for you.
 Do you choose the horse-sized duck attack or the hundred duck-sized horses attack?  I must know.


  1. Now I don't feel so bad if I don't get to tags until six months after the fact....

    Gahh, I can't stand it when bubble gum loses it's flavor after 2 minutes. Cause it usually tastes TERRIBLE afterwards....

    Me? I'd rather have a 100 duck sized horses. At least their hoofs will be a lot lighter than real life ones....

    Wonderful post, Miss March!


    1. Hey! Catherine! How are you? It's so good to hear from you. :)

      Yes indeed. You need never feel bad again for waiting six months to fill out a tag. Six months? That's nothing! Haha. ;)

      I know right? It's like "why am I even chewing this thing? It tastes awful!"

      Hey, good point. Yeah, little tiny horses shouldn't be able to hurt us too bad, right?

      Thank you!! :D

  2. Jolly interesting, Miss March, jolly interesting!

    I definitely prefer rollerblades over rollerskates, also! Do you ever go ice skating? I've done it in an ice skating rink several times, but I'm AWFUL at it! And yet I can handle rollerblades alright?

    Those songs are very fun. I'd have them as background music. :D

    Oh, I shall have to address you as Hepsibah Magnolia Lajinski in my next email. I'm sure it would just make your day!

    I think I might choose the horse sized duck, because I feel a duck would inflict less pain than a horse, no matter it's size. The worst it can do is peck... and who says the horse's size might not be that of a Shetland pony's? ;) (Imagine if it was a friendly horse sized duck, wouldn't that be so cute? You could give it cuddles and put your head on it's back and wrap your arms around its soft neck. Awww.)

    I think you win the award for the most belated tag answer, haha! A year later. You do make me laugh, dear. ;) (It's really a smart thing, though - because if you answered it at the same time as everyone else, then people reading it might be bored of the questions, since they're all going around at the time. But waiting a year means the questions haven't been read for so long they're basically new and fresh, and thus can be enjoyed more and read with increased interest. Just say you planned it that way all along and we shall all nod our heads with a "Ahh! Clever Miss March!" next time you answer a tag a year late. ;))

    1. Thank you, dear! :)

      I actually have never gone ice skating. I have a feeling I wouldn't be very good at it either.

      Aren't they though? Glad you liked them. And can I just say, you're so sweet for always listening to the songs I post. Videos and songs and such are really easy to skip over, for me at least, so it's always fun when someone actually wants to listen to the ones I'm excited about. :)

      True, but what LARGE peck. Wouldn't that hurt? I'm conflicted. I really don't know what would be the safest route. (Great minds think a like! A Shetland Pony crossed my mind as well! Let's just say it's a Shetland Pony. I like that. :)) Awww, when you put it that way...yes, definitely the horse sized duck. Except...the question is would you rather be "ATTACKED" by a horse size duck so...I'm still a little bit scared. :P

      Gotta win some sort of award. Why not for being late? Haha! (Gabby! Wow. I like the way you think! That makes so much sense! I'm gonna have to remember that for next time! ;))

  3. I echo Gabby: "Jolly interesting!" ;)

    Haha. Your picture under the Oxford comma question. #relatable

    I'm with you on the horse-sized duck or duck-sized horses thing. *nods*

    Uck, I hate having to think about questions like #2. Time travel freaks me out.

    Fun post, m'dear! :D

    1. Thanks, dear! :)

      Heehee. ;)

      Such a ridiculously tough decision, right??? Like HOW does one even begin to choose between those two things??

      I hear ya. It does that to me sometimes, too.

      Thank you!